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A Storybook Life

Author : Philip-Lorca DiCorcia
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The disparate photographs assembled here were made over the course of twenty years. None of them were originally intended to be used in this book. By ordering and shaping them I tried to investigate the possibilities of narrative both within a single image and especially in relation to the other photographs. A Storybook Life is an attempt to discover the possibilities of meaning in the interaction of seemingly unrelated images in the hope that content can constantly mutate according to both the external and internal condition of the viewer, but remain meaningful because of it's inherent, but latent content. The conscious and subconscious decisions made in editing the photographs is the real work of A Storybook Life. Phillip-Lorca diCorcia "Phillip-Lorca diCorcia's pictures remind us, among other things, that we are each our own little universe of secrets, and vulnerable. Good art makes you see the world differently..." wrote Michael Kimmelman in the New York Times. In the seventy odd pictures collected here by the artist the veracity of Mr. Kimmelman's observations is clearly apparent. We find ourselves landing somewhere in the story when we view these pictures, each of which is a clue and a cipher to the method and madness of A Storybook Life.

A Storybook

Author : J. P. George
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Once upon a time that exists beyond time, in a place that is not a place, there was a great and prosperous kingdom with an ailing king and a lost princess. When the People of the Kingdom fall into complacency about their fate, a young man from circumstances of no particular account sets out to find the knowledge that will secure their future. A chance encounter with a young woman who is actually the missing Princess sends the Man on a quest to find her again that takes him across his world, to heights high above the sky, and depths deep below the earth to the very lair of the Great Old Dragon, Fear itself. From his journey, he must return with an understanding of the nature of Truth, Love, and Reality before the fall of the Long Dark Night that threatens to consume the Kingdom. Told in simple language and rendered with broad archetypical strokes, A StoryBook is both a traditional tale filled with familiar characters and settings, and also a unique exploration of our own humanity and existence in the very real world, with unexpected twists that will challenge everything you thought a fairy tale could be.

A Storybook Marriage

Author : Forrest Pollock
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'You really love her, don't you?' Almost without fail the husband looks astonished and asks, 'How could you tell?' Easy. The anger has revealed his heart. There's hope for such a man or woman. He or she still cares enough to be emotionally involved and to want the relationship to be better. Have you ever wondered what to do if your marriage isn't looking like happy ever after? How does one handle the difficulties that can arise? Husbands will laugh and wives will feel this non-threatening presentation of practical considerations in preparing for marriage. Forrest Pollock's "A Storybook Marriage" is biblically based and interestingly presented to help keep any marriage relationship alive. Exciting in a challenging and thought-provoking way, each chapter contains a wealth of information for reading, laughing, contemplating, and changing lives to ensure that every couple's lifelong commitment stays lifelong. Full of humorous and practical truths that are a must-read for couples getting married and for those already married. Whether experiencing difficulties or not, readers will find this book entertaining, meaningful, and full of information to help create "A Storybook Marriage." God raises up, from time to time, a man and places an undeniable touch of the Lord Jesus upon his life. Forrest Pollock was such a man. With a lovely wife, six beautiful children, and one dynamic ministry, he lived life so intentionally and cared for others so deeply. A Story Book Marriage will become a best-read book among many. I can hardly wait to get my hands on it Johnny Hunt President, Southern Baptist Convention

A Storybook for Children

Author : Shyam Mehta
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Children need to know lots of things. In this book, Shyam Mehta talks lightly about love, happiness, unkindness and other things, all of the utmost importance for a child's education.

Something Like a Storybook

Author : Sumantra Chattopadhyay
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The king is returning after making vast conquests. The procession is passing through the city. People lined up on both sides are hailing the king and his soldiers. Beautiful ladies standing in rows on both sides of the road are showering the winners with flowers. The master novelist seated in a chariot is eagerly noting down all the details. He has accompanied the army throughout the campaign observing and recording everything. Now he will settle down to write the saga of conquests which will go down in history and make him immortal. The author of short stories is not interested in all the pomp and grandeur. He is just nobody standing in the crowd and observing the boy standing at the top of a roof looking at the procession with fear and hope. The boy has been told that his father has lost his life in a battle. But he hopes that the news may be wrong. With every passing contingent his hopes are dying down and he is finding it harder and harder to hold back his tears. He had been comforting his mother so long. The author of short stories will write the mere mortal tale of the little boy and her mother.

The Created A Storybook

Author : Freddy Robinson
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Honorworld was run by a humble‑hearted King who treated everyone fairly. However, his trusted servant Tippy learned of some news the day of the King=s wedding, following an encounter with everyday yet special animals. These special animals, along with magical flowers from the King=s forbidden garden would soon serve the King=s eternal purpose upon hearing news of betrayal. AThis dust for us as we must be, make this a better world for you and me,@ is the magical phrase that would end all‑-only to create a new beginning. ADare to [email protected]

The Story for Children a Storybook Bible

Author : Max Lucado
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Bestselling author Max Lucado presents The Story for Children storybook Bible, written with Randy Frazee as part of The Story campaign. Geared for children 4-7, this storybook Bible includes over 60 stories that allow readers to discover that God’s story is not just a collection of random adventures—it’s a complete story that tells about God’s great love for his people.

A Storybook for Children French Edition

Author : Shyam Mehta
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Mac Information Detective in The Curious Kids Digging for Answers A Storybook Approach to Introducing Research Skills

Author :
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Alexander and the Moon A Storybook

Author : Max Ritvo
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A Storybook from Tomi Ungerer

Author : Tomi Ungerer
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A collection of classic tales, as well as new stories, including Tomi Ungerer's own version of "Little Red Riding Hood."

Dominance and Individuation in Teaching a Storybook

Author : Beatrice Caesar
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A Storybook Hero

Author : Shanna Swendson
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Jotham s Journey

Author : Arnold Ytreeide
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In this widely popular, exciting story for the advent season, readers follow ten-year-old Jotham across Israel as he searches for his family. Though he faces thieves, robbers, and kidnappers, Jotham also encounters the wise men, shepherds, and innkeepers until at last he finds his way to the Savior born in Bethlehem.

Ever After High The Storybook of Legends

Author : Shannon Hale
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At Ever After High, a boarding school for the sons and daughters of famous fairy-tale characters, students Apple White and Raven Queen face the moment when they must choose whether to follow their destinies, or change them.


Author : Ann Digby
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Author : Kurt Tucholsky
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One summer before World War I, a young couple escapes on a romantic weekend getaway to the small German town of Rheinsberg, north of Berlin, in the midst of a rural landscape filled with country houses and castles, cobble-stone streets, lush forests, and dreamy lakes. The story of Wolfie and Claire, told with a fresh, new style of ironic humor, became Kurt Tucholsky s first literary success and the blueprint for love for an entire generation. This edition features an afterword by Dr. Peter Boethig, the director of the Kurt Tucholsky Museum in Rheinsberg."

Out of the Dark

Author : Steve Rasnic Tem
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Steve Rasnic Tem once said his writing was filtered through “a different lens to view the world.” With a style all his own, Tem has galvanized and thrilled fans of weird fiction worldwide. His efforts have earned him the Bram Stoker, World Fantasy and British Fantasy Awards. His métier is the monstrous secret, the unsettling darkness hidden within all of us. “Bedtime Story” opens with a line that defines Tem’s style: “I don’t know why bad things happen. There’s never a good reason. They just do.” The story introduces us to a nightmare conjured from the mind of a child, preparing to victimize her own father. “The Unmasking” takes us into the tortured psyche of a horribly deformed recluse obsessed with the intricacies of human skin. “Outside,” one of several homages to the great H.P. Lovecraft, melds Tem’s uniquely poetic style with the cosmic horror created by that twisted gentleman from Providence. “The Masque of Edgar Allan Poe” focuses on Tem’s fondness for mask imagery, and how the veneer we wear on the surface can become immobile, consuming our souls. “The Doll Thief” is a deeply disturbing exercise in pathos, perversion and psychosis. In “Pulled Down to Sleep,” a man fights to remain awake, knowing that sleep will doom him to a life of unspeakable nightmares. “Worms” is a frightening tale of vengeance that will literally leave your skin crawling. With “Mother Hag,” Tem gives us a “grim” fairy tale about monstrous motherly love, courtesy of a grotesque, carnivorous witch.

Storybook Parties

Author : Penny Warner
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Provides ideas for parties for children based on stories including "Curious George" and "Bunnicula", for children ages three to six, six to nine, and nine to twelve.

The Young Learner s Bible Storybook

Author : Mary Manz Simon
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A collection of Bible stories for young children accompanied by memory verses, games, songs, and activities related to the featured concepts.