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A Spiritual Approach to Astrology

Author : Myrna Lofthus
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In A Spiritual Approach to Astrology, Myrna Lofthus strives to re-awaken the conscious mind to the intentions and meaning of this lifetime of which the higher self was aware before birth. "Thus," she writes, "you are made aware of what you wished to accomplish and in what areas of life you need the most work and understanding." Drawing upon the universal teachings of reincarnation as expressed in Edgar Cayce's work, Myrna Lofthus illuminates the karmic patterns reflected in the birth chart. Dozens of charts and illustrations help the reader to understand the astronomical and the theoretical foundations of the birth chart. The lengthy section on aspects not only explains their karmic meaning but includes interpretations of the 40° ("nonagen" or "novile") and the 150° ("quincunx") aspects, as well as aspects to the Moon's nodes, Part of Fortune, Ascendant, and Midheaven, all of which are rarely found in other books. This comprehensive guide places astrology within a spiritual context and makes it accessible to novice students with no prior knowledge of astrology as well as advanced students seeking specialized information on the subtler implications of astrological configurations. Myrna Lofthus, a lifelong student of world religions and philosophies, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Pacific Lutheran University. Strongly influenced in her search for truth by the philosophy of Edgar Cayce and by the astrological concepts of Isabel Hickey, Myrna Lofthus has come to view astrology as a way an individual can find the main purpose of this incarnation.

The Universe in Our Body

Author : Marie-Louise Francke
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Going through the 12 astrological signs we learn how the structures of the astrological symbols are rediscoverd in the form and function of our organs and realize how connected we are with all of life. This book, with beautiful colour illustrations, will empower you to see who you truly are, a spark of the Divine in a human body (microcosm), resembling the universe (macrocosm). For the German translation, visit

The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology

Author : Per Henrik Gullfoss
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A Spiritual Approach to Male female Relations

Author : Scott Miners
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Your Recipe for Empowerment Through Spiritual Astrology

Author : Ashtara
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"A spiritual approach to astrology."--Provided by publisher.

Spiritual Metaphysical New Trends in Modern Astrology

Author : Joan McEvers
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Ten astrologers look at all aspects of spiritual and esoteric astrology. Discusses esoteric astrology, the feminine viewpoint, Alice Bailey's insights, black holes, Carl Payne Tobey, and more.

Spiritual Astrology

Author : Jan Spiller
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With more than 100,000 copies in print and now completely revised and updated, Spiritual Astrology is a simple yet complete astrological guide to understanding life’s higher purpose and finding the key to your personal • Self-expression • Self-worth and emotional security • Independence and freedom of spirit • Emotional ecstasy • Self-mastery and personal power Spiritual Astrology’s breakthrough—the startling rediscovery of the importance of the solar and lunar eclipses occurring just before one’s birth—reveals the lessons you came here for, and provides a revelation to anyone who has ever looked to the zodiac for guidance.

Claiming Your Power Through Astrology

Author : Emily Klintworth
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At birth, the stars were in perfect alignment, representing the essence of you: who you are, where you are going, and what you might expect to experience during your earthly incarnation. Using astrology, this do-it-yourself workbook guides you through spiritual concepts, showing you how to apply each of them to your natal/birth chart with easy-to-use (and understand!) directions and support along the way. Explore a power plan that includes wisdom, insight, and clarity, daring to answer the big questions: Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I best align with the cosmic forces of the unseen? As you complete 17 cosmic exercises (using your free Natal Chart Navigator from, you will begin to uncover the mysteries of your existence, including the predictive nature of astrology for career, marriage, children, and more. Step outside yourself to view your life through the lens of the cosmos!

Astrology in Modern Language

Author : Richard B. Vaughan
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Computers and Astrology

Author : Patricia L. Foreman
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Computers and Astrology - ISBN 0-9624648-1-3 Computers and Astrology is a unique keep-by-your-computer reference for astrologers. There is no other book of its kind that tells you in graphic detail the many options available in today's high-powered astrological computing programs. Here you can find answers to such questions as: what's the difference between the 20+ different house systems - and which one is best to use when? What are progressed angles and primary directions? What is the significance of planetary patterns such as kite, grand cross, yod, etc. How to read a 90? sort graphic ephemeris? The answers are all here - often graphically with over 100 diagrams and tables to clarify confusing concepts. Computers and Astrology is actually four books in one: (1) a Universal Software User's Guide that describes the many options available when electronically casting charts. This section includes examples of chart output types, house systems, coordinates, points, city databases, ephemeris, asteroids, uranians and more; (2) a software comparison methodology that explains how to assess commercially available astrology programs to find the most suitable one based upon your needs and budget, (3) an astrological dictionary that offers an encyclopedia presentation of hard to find astrology and astronomy related facts and definitions; (4) information useful for casting charts such as time zones, major life transits, and a listing of over 1,000 major world city coordinates. Software programs evolve daily, but almost all the information in this book remains timelessly current. You can find more about Computers and Astrology, including the table of contents,

The Astrology of Awakening

Author : Eric Meyers
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The Astrology of Awakening 2 The book is designed for students and practitioners of astrology interested in a thoroughly spiritual approach to the cosmic art. It provides a step by step breakdown of how we can understand an astrology chart as a journey of maturation and spiritual awakening. The Awakening approach weaves threads from developmental psychology, modern understandings of consciousness, ancient spiritual wisdom, the implications of quantum science, all held within today's knowledge of astronomy. It is the culmination of many years of practice in the counseling room. Highly accessible and readable, The Astrology of Awakening 2, is an ambitious and progressive book. The reader is invited to a whole other perspective or dimension, both in how to examine charts, and also how to connect with clients. Most astrology is understood and framed around personality concerns and preferences. In addition to the relevance of this level, a broader spiritual perspective is the underlying thread of this work. We are awakening into identifying in our connectedness, to see and experience how the external world is a vast canvas in which we project upon. At the soul level, life is a sacred reflection of our psyche. The astrological counselor can learn how to support a client in "meeting self" through all experiences and encounters, to see how the astrology chart itself is animated in our lives. The overarching theme is that we begin in a spiritual child and mature throughout the soul journey. Collectively, we are in a time of paradigm shift towards the inclusion of the metaphysical so we might create a more conscious existence. Astrology can serve as a beacon to light the way forward, and the Awakening approach is ideally suited to meet this goal.

The Astrological Magazine

Author :
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Astrology for Self Empowerment

Author : Dovid Strusiner
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What can you do with your astrological birth chart? If you're an astrologer, you learn amazing information about your personality and make predictions. If you're not an astrologer, you can puzzle over the circles and symbols--until now. Astrology for Self-Empowerment by Dovid Strusiner moves astrology to entirely new realms, making this a must for both the astrological expert and those unfamiliar with the science. It takes the basic information from the chart and shows you how to change your life so you can achieve your spiritual and worldly goals easily. The technique starts with the birth chart. If you are an astrologer, you can draw this yourself. If not, the book includes a coupon to receive a free natal chart. Even the postage is paid. The book describes the basic meanings of the sun signs, planets, and more--but that is just the start--Astrology for Self-Empowerment shows that you are not at the mercy of the planets and stars. Instead, you can use their archetypal power to: ·Create the future you want ·Overcome self-defeating subconscious programming ·Create a life that is richer in every way This book shows you how to do this with techniques of self-exploration, visualization, affirmation, invocation, breath work, and working with the gems and crystals associated with the planets and signs. These are tied together in a powerful and easy-to-use program for self-change and empowerment. Examples show you how to do this easily for yourself. Astrology for Self-Empowerment will empower you to change your universe and become what you want to be. You owe it to yourself to get this book. This is a Print-on-Demand title. Please allow an additional 2-3 days for delivery

Creative Meditation

Author : Richard Peterson
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Enhance your personal power through a unique approach to meditation, which explores the use of vibrational patterns and body rhythms to help you achieve self-guidance, self-healing and attunement. It provides information about meditation basics, as well as areas of self-realization. The text is a perfect balance between the technical background of meditation and its down-to-earth uses.


Author : David Levinson
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Collects essays that focus on the philosophies, dogma, and practices of major religions as well as the relationship different cultures have with the supernatural

Modern Astrology

Author :
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Small Press Record of Books in Print

Author :
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Spiritual Development through Astrology

Author : Lynne Conant
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This book sheds light on the many paths that are available to us and helps us to see how we can upgrade our destiny. It shows us that all of our choices are experienced on many different levels and that these choices affect us physically, psychologically and spiritually. The book reflects the underlying knowledge that is offered by astrology. It is the unfolding of the zodiac. It illuminates the astrological archetype that is vast and contemplative. By understanding the archetype, we can better navigate the many perils of daily living. It can simplify our lives by revealing the basic needs and drives that exist in all of us.

Astrologickal Magick

Author : Estelle Daniels
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Magickal workings and everyday life itself are significantly enhanced by astrological knowledge. In Astrological Magick, Estelle Daniels explains the language, symbolism and techniques to the student of magick. Ranging from the simple to the complex, the techniques presented do not require extensive math or natal chartsjust an astrological almanacmaking this book an easily accessible and useful took when choosing opportune times for magickal events or seeking to understand the magickal nature of your personal astrology. This is the first book to explain how people interested in the pagan way, in Wicca, and in magickal practices, can apply astrological indicators and energies to important timings and rituals.

The Filipino and the World

Author : Georgina Solina
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