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A Promise of Sweet Tea

Author : Pinchas Blitt
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A memoir about a childhood in a small village in Eastern Europe and its destruction by the Nazis.

Sweet Tea for the Soul

Author : Melody McGowan
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How To Write A Dirty Book and Other Stories is Bruce Kimmel's first collection of short fiction. In these wonderful and evocative tales you'll find the warmth, humor, and emotion of his acclaimed Benjamin Kritzer trilogy (Benjamin Kritzer, Kritzerland, and Kritzer Time), the biting, acerbic wit of his two mysteries (Writer's Block and Rewind), and a new element the world of fantasy. All but one of the stories takes place in Mr. Kimmel's favorite world Los Angeles, both then and now. In I'll See You In My Dreams, a depressed, miserable man longs to escape to the world of a recurring dream, where the perfect woman is waiting for him. In How To Write A Dirty Book, a down-on-his-luck screenwriter in 1959 Hollywood takes on the challenge of writing a naughty novel as a way to supplement his meager income with surprising results! In Opening Out of Town, a bickering vacationing couple lose their way and stumble onto an all-singing, all-dancing small town. In Your Worst Nightmare, a seventy-two-year-old man seeks revenge against an Internet tormentor. With these and other stories, Mr. Kimmel takes you on a wild ride, a ride filled with nostalgia, longing, laugh-out-loud humor, fear, retribution, and love.

Coffee Sweet Tea or Lemonade Me

Author : Bobbie Hazelton
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Coffee, Sweet Tea or Lemonade & Me? By: Bobbie Hazelton It is New Year’s Eve in Natchez, Mississippi. Mattie and her two cousins, Anne and Abby, are trying to decide on their New Year’s resolutions. Their final decision: attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana. However, while attending one of the zany Mardi Gras parades, Mattie and her cousins become separated. As prearranged Mattie goes to one of the more popular pubs to wait for the cousins to show up. There, she meets Marc LaBlanc, a handsome rancher from Lafayette. A short time lapses and the “I do’s” between Marc and Mattie are said. Thus begins this love story: one with happiness, caring, and sharing. Then along comes trouble. Big trouble! After seeing Mattie’s husband at a Fourth of July barbecue, Mattie’s ex-sister-in-law—who was a well-known stripper at Billy Rocket’s Club for Southern Gentlemen—decides she wants Marc for her own. Trouble in paradise? Most assuredly. However, Mattie isn’t ready to give Marc up just yet. Bring it on, Lilly Sue. Or should we call you… Pepper?

Sweet Tea Revenge

Author : Laura Childs
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In the latest novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Agony of the Leaves, Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning may always be a bridesmaid, never a bride, but this groom is never going to make it to the altar… Theodosia Browning’s dear friend Delaine Dish has asked her to be a bridesmaid for her wedding. But when the big day arrives, everything seems to be going wrong. First, a massive storm is brewing over Charleston. A bad omen? Second, Delaine’s sister is late for the ceremony. And finally, the groom not only has cold feet—his whole body is cold. A murderer has crashed the wedding. As Theodosia comforts a devastated Delaine, she needs to sort out the suspects on the groom’s side from the suspects on the bride’s side. One thing soon becomes apparent—revenge won’t be the only dish served cold at this wedding. And if Theodosia doesn’t watch her step, a cold-blooded killer may have a rude reception in store for her…

Sweet Tea and Spirits

Author : Angie Fox
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Sweet Tea for Two

Author : Genell Dellin
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Welcome to Rock Springs, Texas, a quaint town where everybody knows everybody—and everybody's talking! Meri Briscoe hoped her big city problems were over after moving back to Rock Springs. The former lawyer opened up a café to save her grandmother Lilah’s farm from foreclosure and found love in the comforting arms of handsome rancher Caleb Burkett. But who knew being happy could be so complicated? Everyone thinks that Meri and Caleb are meant to be husband and wife, but when it comes to their business partnership, the two couldn’t be more wrong for each other. There’s more conflict coming out of their kitchen than there are cookies. But there's more at stake than a café, and Meri and Caleb just need to agree on the right ingredients to make their future as sweet as their tea…

Sweet Tea and Sympathy

Author : Molly Harper
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From beloved author Molly Harper comes the first novel in the contemporary romance series, Southern Eclectic, about a big-city party planner who finds true love in a small Georgia town. Nestled on the shore of Lake Sackett, Georgia is the McCready Family Funeral Home and Bait Shop. (What, you have a problem with one-stop shopping?) Two McCready brothers started two separate businesses in the same building back in 1928, and now it’s become one big family affair. And true to form in small Southern towns, family business becomes everybody’s business. Margot Cary has spent her life immersed in everything Lake Sackett is not. As an elite event planner, Margot’s rubbed elbows with the cream of Chicago society, and made elegance and glamour her business. She’s riding high until one event goes tragically, spectacularly wrong. Now she’s blackballed by the gala set and in dire need of a fresh start—and apparently the McCreadys are in need of an event planner with a tarnished reputation. As Margot finds her footing in a town where everybody knows not only your name, but what you had for dinner last Saturday night and what you’ll wear to church on Sunday morning, she grudgingly has to admit that there are some things Lake Sackett does better than Chicago—including the dating prospects. Elementary school principal Kyle Archer is a fellow fish-out-of-water who volunteers to show Margot the picture-postcard side of Southern living. The two of them hit it off, but not everybody is happy to see an outsider snapping up one of the town's most eligible gentleman. Will Margot reel in her handsome fish, or will she have to release her latest catch?

More Sweet Tea

Author : Deborah Smith
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Settle back into that comfortable chair and enjoy a second helping of poignant, humorous and nostalgic tales about how things used to be in the legendary South. From vindictive mules and small town marriage rituals that include a pig, to Grandma's story of how a quilt square got her a husband and a home remedy of the hemorrhoidal variety that goes awry, More Sweet Tea delivers what readers have been thirsting for since the first in the Sweet Tea series, Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes. Other books in the series: On Grandma's Porch and Sweeter Than Tea

Murder and Sweet Tea

Author : Janet Lane Walters
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Lars is Katherine's new husband. He loves her but doesn’t understand why she’s always trying to protect her near and dear. Even though she saved his life while visiting him in Santa Fe, he often questions her involvement in other people’ lives. Into their lives arrives a new neighbor, Sabrina Gates. Sabrina bought the house next door. She has had a phenomenal success as a new author but moes from her past and present threaten her peace and ability to write. There is the blogger who posts snide and not so nice posts about other authors. Sabrina’s former agent wants a share of the huge amount of money Sabrina has received for a trilogy. And there is her ex-husband, a needy greedy coward who wants money. Above all there is Robespierre who makes his presence known.

Sour Lemon and Sweet Tea

Author : Julane Fisher
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Eleven-year-old Lillie Mae Liles plans to play baseball all summer, and why not, since she has a baseball diamond in her front yard and enough brothers and sisters to form a team. But Lillie’s twin sister, bent on following the rules, thinks it is time for Lillie to grow up. As hard times hit Triple Gap, Georgia, Lillie finds herself feeding chickens that peck at her legs, growing vegetables she hates eating, and dodging insults from the richest and snobbiest girl in middle school. When Lillie spies on her parents and discovers a buried family secret, she turns her habit of spying into serious detective work. Believing that someone is trying to steal the farm, Lillie gets herself in one tangled mess after another. Can she untangle the mess she created in time to save her home? Rich in Southern humor, Sour Lemon and Sweet Tea is an irresistible journey of self-discovery, overcoming rejection, and the power of forgiveness.

Secrets over Sweet Tea

Author : Denise Hildreth Jones
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Secrets can be funny things. We think they keep us safe, but more often than not, they spill out when we least expect and make a mess out of everything. It’s a truth Scarlett Jo Newberry knows all too well—a truth Grace Shepherd and Zach Craig are about to learn the hard way. As the lives of this boisterous pastor’s wife, polished news anchor, and beleaguered divorce attorney intersect in the tree-lined streets of Franklin, Tennessee, scandal threatens to topple their carefully constructed worlds. Grasping at survival, they embark on a journey of friendship and courage, desperate to find a way back to laughter, love, and life.

Screen Doors and Sweet Tea

Author : Martha Hall Foose
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Gifted chef and storyteller Martha Hall Foose invites you into her kitchen to share recipes that bring alive the landscape, people, and traditions that make Southern cuisine an American favorite. Born and raised in Mississippi, Foose cooks Southern food with a contemporary flair: Sweet Potato Soup is enhanced with coconut milk and curry powder; Blackberry Limeade gets a lift from a secret ingredient–cardamom; and her much-ballyhooed Sweet Tea Pie combines two great Southern staples–sweet tea and pie, of course–to make one phenomenal signature dessert. The more than 150 original recipes are not only full of flavor, but also rich with local color and characters. As the executive chef of the Viking Cooking School, teaching thousands of home cooks each year, Foose crafts recipes that are the perfect combination of delicious, creative, and accessible. Filled with humorous and touching tales as well as useful information on ingredients, techniques, storage, shortcuts, variations, and substitutions, Screen Doors and Sweet Tea is a must-have for the American home cook–and a must-read for anyone who craves a return to what cooking is all about: comfort, company, and good eating.

Sweet Tea Second Chances

Author : Dylann Crush
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The boy next door is about to rock her world... again. Robbie: I fell in love with Cassie Belmont when we were five years old. She was my first and I always thought she'd be my last. Then fate stepped in and ripped her away. Now she's back, and I'm not going to let her go. Cassie: The only way to claim my big city future is by cutting ties with my small-town past. At least that's what I've been telling myself until I get caught between a rock of regret and the hard planes of Robbie Jordan's chest. I only need to survive until he fixes up my grandparents' house and I can cash out. But he's got a truck full of tools and has always known exactly how to use them. Not to mention the things that man can do with a hammer... If you love steamy banter, small-town charm, and laughing so hard you spit out your sweet tea, snag your copy of Sweet Tea & Second Chances today and relax into Swallow Springs, Missouri.

The Promise

Author : Craig Timothy Michaels
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Every man desires to be a hero for the woman he loves; however, very few are presented the opportunity. Col. James P. Gordon is one of those men. Early on, the younger Air Force captain, Jim Gordon, met and fell in love with Samantha Marissen, the woman who brought him to Jesus Christ and the daughter of Edward Marissen, CEO of Marissen AeroSpace. After more than twenty years, the now retired Air Force pilot is thrust into such a position as personal and world events collide, crossing the paths of the lost loves once again. Recently divorced from an emotionally and physically abusive man, Samantha Marissen fled the country as a means of escape and relief from the horrors of the legal destruction of her character but is arrested in an unstable foreign land and charged as a spy in an unwarranted retaliatory act against the United States. She is held captive for trial far from her estranged family with only the protection of a sympathetic soldier and her love of God. James Gordon, a man with no family, yet still strong in his faith, lays his life on the line to bring Samantha home. Her time of captivity and his period of training prove their love still strong as both overcome serious obstacles to remain alive. Unknown to Samantha is the love and concern of friends she thought long-forgotten who pray for her safe return with James Gordon.

A Promise of Grace

Author : Lynette Sowell
File Size : 33.45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Rochelle Keim has lived in Pinecraft for almost twenty years among her Mennonite brethren and the Amish of Sarasota. Unlike the snowbirds who visit Pinecraft from the north, Rochelle is a year-round resident of the unique Plain community. She's quiet, content, and keenly adept at keeping her past firmly tucked away. Feeling unsettled as she nears her fortieth birthday, she decides to return to nursing school, a dream she gave up long ago during a painful time she dares not remember. Her past decides to make itself present when Silas Fry, Rochelle's former love, moves to Pinecraft. Silas spent the past two decades working as a missionary pilot, but that all changed with the sudden loss of his wife, Belinda—Rochelle's childhood best friend. Now both Rochelle and Silas are on a collision course with their past, and the reunited couple must decide if they're trying to resurrect a dead romance, or if the two very different people whose paths have crossed can make a new life together.

Revenge With Benefits Mills Boon Desire Sweet Tea and Scandal Book 3

Author : Cat Schield
File Size : 34.96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Will she reap the benefits of betrayal...?

Sex Lies Sweet Tea

Author : Kris Calvert
File Size : 62.11 MB
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Hotter than hell and half of Alabama, FBI Agent, Mac Callahan is thirsty for everything except love. Coming home to bust a white-collar crime ring, Mac intends to execute his usual practice with work and women¬ – get in, get it on and get out. Instead, he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to the legacy of his family, his plantation, and the charms of a Southern girl. Samantha Peterson possesses everything he needs in a woman, including the evidence to wrap his case. As the investigation heats up, so does their passion and a dangerous game ignites. But, then again, everything’s hotter in the South.

Sweet Tea

Author : Piper Huguley
File Size : 34.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Southern traditions, history, and hope come together in author Piper Huguley’s heartfelt romance from Hallmark Publishing. Althea Dailey has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams: she’s about to make partner at her prestigious law firm in New York. So why doesn’t she feel more excited about it? When she has to travel South for a case, she pays a long-overdue visit back home to Milford, Georgia. To her surprise, a white man she’s never met has befriended her grandmother. Jack Darwent wasn’t interested in the definition of success dictated by Southern high society. His passion for cooking led him to his current project: a documentary and cookbook about authentic Southern food. Althea’s grandmother is famous for her cooking at Milford College, a historically Black institution. But Althea suspects Jack of trying to steal her grandmother’s recipes. Despite Althea and Jack’s first impressions of one another, they discover they have more in common than they’d guessed…and even as they learn about one another’s pasts, they both see glimmers of a better future. This Southern small-town romance includes a free Hallmark original recipe for Grandma’s Biscuits and Gravy.

The Promise of the Witch

Author : Steve Oates
File Size : 83.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Promise of the Witch is a tragic, yet comic tale, of a grandmother and her granddaughter, fated to honour a centuries old blood oath, that ties their clan to the masts of the Royal Navy. From an ancient line of witch-mothers, these women fulfil their promise to defend the shores of Albion from invaders and defend themselves from old adversaries that would emasculate them - this clan of sea-witches, the Britanni.

The Promise of Rainbows

Author : Ava Miles
File Size : 73.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Millions of readers have fallen in love with Ava's bestselling books...come join the family. International Bestselling Author Ava Miles presents an inspiring and emotional tale about a hero willing to go to any lengths to recapture his belief in the sweetness of love. Jake Lassiter was a bona fide hero in the military before a tragedy in war changed his life forever. Now he’s a rising country music star, intent on healing the world and himself through his music. But his past still haunts him… When Jake hires girl-next-door interior decorator Susannah McGuiness, he sees a kindred spirit and a woman who pulls at his soul. The first sparks of hope fire in him, the kind that can heal all the wounds he still carries inside. For a man resigned to never having a happily ever after, Susannah sure has him dreaming about one. Susannah has always believed in the promise of rainbows, even when times are tough. She’s known some hard times herself and connects with Jake on a level she’s never known. In this hero, she doesn’t see a broken man, but one who’s risen again and again to life’s challenges. But Jake must heal his secret wounds to claim the love of his dreams PRAISE: "Ava's story is witty and charming." Barbara Freethy #1 New York Times Bestselling Author on Nora Roberts Land "On par with Nicholas Sparks' love stories." Jennifer's Corner Blog “The constant love, and the tasteful sexual interludes, bring a sensual, dynamic tension to this appealing story.” Publisher’s Weekly "I am adding Ava Miles to my list of always reads like Susan Mallery, Jill Shalvis, Kristen Ashley, and NORA ROBERTS." Marjay's Reading Blog "Miles' story savvy, sense of humor, respect for her readers and empathy for her characters shine through..." USA Today on The Gate to Everything