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A Peculiar Indifference

Author : Elliott Currie
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A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEAR From Pulitzer Prize finalist Elliott Currie comes a devastating exploration of the extreme levels of violence afflicting Black communities, and a blueprint for addressing the crisis About 170,000 Black Americans have died in homicides just since the year 2000. Violence takes more years of life from Black men than cancer, stroke, and diabetes combined; a young Black man in the United States has a fifteen times greater chance of dying from violence than his white counterpart. Even Black women suffer violent death at a higher rate than white men, despite homicide’s usual gender patterns. Yet while the country has been rightly outraged by the recent spate of police killings of Black Americans, the shocking amount of “everyday” violence that plagues African American communities receives far less attention, and has nearly disappeared as a target of public policy. As acclaimed criminologist Elliott Currie makes clear, this pervasive violence is a direct result of the continuing social and economic marginalization of many Black communities in America. Those conditions help perpetuate a level of preventable trauma and needless suffering that has no counterpart anywhere in the developed world. Compelling and accessible, drawing on a rich array of both classic and contemporary research, A Peculiar Indifference describes the dimensions and consequences of this enduring emergency, explains its causes, and offers an urgent plea for long-overdue social action to end it.

Sohn dieses Landes

Author : Richard Wright
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Bigger Thomas, ein junger Schwarzer, fühlt sich gefangen in einem Leben in Armut und Perspektivlosigkeit. Sein einziges Ventil ist Gewalt. Er war bereits in der Besserungsanstalt, ein weiteres Vergehen würde für ihn Gefängnis bedeuten. Doch dann gibt der wohlhabende Mr Dalton dem jungen Mann eine Chance und stellt ihn als Chauffeur an. Als Bigger die Tochter des Hauses spätnachts und betrunken auf ihr Zimmer bringt und ihre blinde Mutter, von dem Lärm geweckt, den Raum betritt, versucht Bigger aus Angst vor falschen Verdächtigungen, das Mädchen mit einem Kissen zum Schweigen zu bringen, und erstickt sie dabei. Davon überzeugt, dass man ihm Absicht unterstellen wird, verstrickt er sich in Lügen und weitere Gewalt, bis er schließlich gefasst und des Mordes und der Vergewaltigung angeklagt wird. Das ganze Land stellt sich gegen ihn, nur der Anwalt Max kämpft um Verständnis für Biggers Taten. Der literarische Durchbruch von Richard Wright war gleichzeitig der erste Bestseller eines afroamerikanischen Autors und liegt nun zum ersten Mal in vollständiger deutscher Übersetzung vor.

Text Book of Homoeopathy

Author : Eduard von Grauvogl
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Adam s Ancestors

Author : David N. Livingstone
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He reveals how what began as biblical criticism became a theological apologetic to reconcile religion with science—evolution in particular—and was later used to support arguments for white supremacy and segregation. From heresy to orthodoxy, from radicalism to conservatism, from humanitarianism to racism, Adam's Ancestors tells an intriguing tale of twists and turns in the cultural politics surrounding the age-old question, "Where did we come from?"

Political and Social Essays

Author : Louisa Susanna Cheves McCord
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This volume includes her essays on slavery, secession, women's role, and political economy, fully annotated, along with an Introduction by Michael O'Brien, Chair of the Editorial Board of the Southern Texts Society.

Manual of Homeopathic Veterinary Practice

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A Manual of Hom opathic Veterinary Practice

Author :
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Author : Günter Figal
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Appearing for the first time in English, Günter Figal’s groundbreaking book in the tradition of philosophical hermeneutics offers original perspectives on perennial philosophical problems.

A Manual of Hom opathic Veterinary Practice Designed for Horses All Kinds of Domestic Animals and Fowls

Author :
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Henry Elwood a Theological Novel

Author : Milton Robinson Scott
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