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A Paper Life

Author : Mayling Simpson-Herbert
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This book is based on interviews with over 200 scavengers, to reveal in their own words, their everyday life, the types of waste they collect, the dangers they are exposed to, the harassments they endure, as well as their desires for a cleaner and more orderly way of life. Hundreds of Thousands of people scavenge in cities throughout Serbia and the Balkans.

The Life of Paper

Author : Sharon Luk
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The Life of Paper offers a wholly original and inspiring analysis of how people facing systematic social dismantling have engaged letter correspondence to remake themselves—from bodily integrity to subjectivity and collective and spiritual being. Exploring the evolution of racism and confinement in California history, this ambitious investigation disrupts common understandings of the early detention of Chinese migrants (1880s–1920s), the internment of Japanese Americans (1930s–1940s), and the mass incarceration of African Americans (1960s–present) in its meditation on modern development and imprisonment as a way of life. Situating letters within global capitalist movements, racial logics, and overlapping modes of social control, Sharon Luk demonstrates how correspondence becomes a poetic act of reinvention and a way to live for those who are incarcerated.

The Paper The Life and Death of the New York Herald Tribune

Author : Richard Kluger
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Few American newspapers, perhaps none, have matched the New York Herald Tribune in the crispness of its writing and editing, the bite of its commentators, the range of its coverage and the clarity of its typography. The “Trib”, as it was affectionately called, raised newspapering to an art form. It had an influence and importance out of all proportion to its circulation. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln went to great lengths to retain the support of its co-founder, Horace Greeley. President Eisenhower felt it was such an important institution and Republican organ that he helped broker its sale to its last owner, multimillionaire John Hay Whitney. The Trib’s spectacularly distinguished staffers and contributors included Karl Marx, Tom Wolfe, Walter Lippmann, Dorothy Thompson, Virgil Thomson, Eugenia Sheppard, Red Smith, Heywood Broun, Walter Kerr, Homer Bigart, and brothers Joseph and Stewart Alsop. At the close of World War II, the Herald Tribune, the marriage of two newspapers that had done more than any others to create modern daily journalism, was at its apex of power and prestige. Yet just twenty-one years later, its influence still palpable in every newsroom across the nation, the Trib was gone. This is the story The Paper, a 1986 finalist of the National Book Award for Nonfiction and winner of the George Polk Prize, tells. “Probably the best book ever written about an American newspaper. But it is more than that — a brilliant piece of social history that recounts in vivid and telling detail the changing conception of ‘news’ in America... The book is chockablock with marvelous yarns... And what a cast of characters Kluger has to work with... Some of the most vivid pages in The Paper are Kluger’s portraits of these arresting personalities.” — J. Anthony Lukas, The Boston Globe “Monumental... with a narrative sweep that is always absorbing and sometimes breathtaking... What invigorates this history is Mr. Kluger’s enthusiasm for his subject, which is apparent everywhere in the loving detail with which he tells the story... and in the liveliness of the prose with which he profiles some of the Tribune’s more unusual personalities.” — Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times “Engrossing... if there is a better book about an American newspaper, I am unaware of it... It is loaded to the gunnels with newspaper anecdotes, but at its core The Paper is a book about the relationship between the press and the powerful, the press and the wealthy.” — Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post Book World “The romance of The Front Page, genteel anti-Semitism, the disaster of newspaper labor relations, and the rise and fall of newspaper fortunes. All are there in The Paper. It is irresistible.” — Anthony Lewis “Compelling... most delightfully so when Mr. Kluger is limning the words and deeds of the people who made The Paper crackle with vitality for more than a century... He does a remarkable job of bringing these people to life on the printed page.” — David Shaw, The New York Times Book Review “Remarkable... a fascinating account of a greatness that once was... This book will hold you in its narrative grip as you revel in a story of a grand venture and epic characters... Here the history of a newspaper is a graphic presentation of a nation’s life.” — Kirkus Reviews “Richard Kluger is uniquely qualified to tell this tale... He brings a novelist’s imagination to some vivid material.” — Paul Gray, Time Magazine “Fascinating from start to finish, the best book about American journalism since Swanberg’s Citizen Hearst. Huge and engrossing.” — Larry Lee, San Francisco Chronicle “A magnificently romantic history not only of the ill-fated New York Herald Tribune but of New York newspapering generally... peopled with unforgettable heroes and knaves.” — Robert Sherrill, Chicago Sun-Times

The Life Cycle of Paper

Author : Meredith Costain
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This fascinating volume explains the process by which paper is made and reused. Readers will learn the history of papermaking and the many ways paper is used in our society. The recycling process is explained, and readers are guided toward activities to get their school or community involved in making a difference.

The Life of the Late John Elwes First Published in the Paper of The World Etc

Author : Edward TOPHAM (Major.)
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A Life on Paper

Author : Ollie Jensen Theisen
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John Thomas Biggers (1924-2001) was a major African American artist who inspired countless others through his teaching, murals, paintings, and drawings. After receiving conventional art training at Hampton Institute and Pennsylvania State, he had his personal and artistic breakthrough in 1957 when he spent six months in the newly independent country of Ghana. From this time forward, he integrated African abstract elements with his rural Southern images to create a personal iconography. His new approach made him famous, as his personal discovery of African heritage fit in well with the growing U.S. civil rights movement. He is best known for his murals at Hampton University, Winston-Salem University, and Texas Southern, but the drawings and lithographs that lie behind the murals have received scant attention--until now. Theisen interviewed Dr. Biggers during the last thirteen years of his life, and was welcomed into his studio innumerable times. Together, they selected representative works for this volume, some of which have not been previously published for a general audience. After his death in 2001, his widow continued to work closely with Theisen, resulting in a book that is intimate and informative for both the scholar and the student

The Paper Solution

Author : Lisa Woodruff
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From the "Marie Kondo of paper" comes a simple and accessible guide to paper management. Americans are drowning in paper. We keep stacks of it on the kitchen counter, stash it in drawers, and store file cabinets full of documents that we never even look at. Studies show that fully 85 percent of the paper in our lives can be tossed--but which 85 percent? And how do we organize and manage the 15 percent that remains? With The Paper Solution, founder of Organize365 Lisa Woodruff delivers a proven, step-by-step guide for what to shred, what to save, and how to sort what's left behind. With her method, you'll learn: * What documents you must absolutely hold on to * Which papers you can dispose of today * How to ditch your bulky filing cabinets and make your vital documents accessible and portable And at the heart of it all is the Sunday Basket: a box that sits on your counter and corrals those stray bills, forms, coupons, and scraps into an easy-to-use paper-management system. The Sunday Basket will become your new weekly habit--one that leads to less paper, less stress, and more time to spend on the things (and people) that matter most.


Author : Association of Life Insurance Counsel
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Life Extension and Assessment of Fossil Power Plants

Author : Barry Dooley
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Journal of the Royal Society of Arts

Author : Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain)
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ASME Technical Papers

Author :
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Sustainability and University Life

Author : Walter Leal Filho
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American Pulp

Author : Paula Rabinowitz
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A richly illustrated cultural history of the midcentury pulp paperback "There is real hope for a culture that makes it as easy to buy a book as it does a pack of cigarettes."—a civic leader quoted in a New American Library ad (1951) American Pulp tells the story of the midcentury golden age of pulp paperbacks and how they brought modernism to Main Street, democratized literature and ideas, spurred social mobility, and helped readers fashion new identities. Drawing on extensive original research, Paula Rabinowitz unearths the far-reaching political, social, and aesthetic impact of the pulps between the late 1930s and early 1960s. Published in vast numbers of titles, available everywhere, and sometimes selling in the millions, pulps were throwaway objects accessible to anyone with a quarter. Conventionally associated with romance, crime, and science fiction, the pulps in fact came in every genre and subject. American Pulp tells how these books ingeniously repackaged highbrow fiction and nonfiction for a mass audience, drawing in readers of every kind with promises of entertainment, enlightenment, and titillation. Focusing on important episodes in pulp history, Rabinowitz looks at the wide-ranging effects of free paperbacks distributed to World War II servicemen and women; how pulps prompted important censorship and First Amendment cases; how some gay women read pulp lesbian novels as how-to-dress manuals; the unlikely appearance in pulp science fiction of early representations of the Holocaust; how writers and artists appropriated pulp as a literary and visual style; and much more. Examining their often-lurid packaging as well as their content, American Pulp is richly illustrated with reproductions of dozens of pulp paperback covers, many in color. A fascinating cultural history, American Pulp will change the way we look at these ephemeral yet enduringly intriguing books.

One Day in the Life of a Paper Maker

Author : James Lamar Weygand
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The Publishers Trade List Annual

Author :
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The Life of Florence Nightingale v 2

Author : Sir Edward Tyas Cook
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Quality of Life

Author :
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Thomas Hardy Materials for a Study of His Life Times and Works

Author : James Stevens-Cox
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History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences

Author :
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The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties Wisconsin

Author :
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