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A New GeoComputation Pattern and Its Application in Dual Evaluation

Author : Wensheng Zhou
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This book introduces Document As System (DAS), a new GeoComputation pattern, which is also a new GIS application pattern. It uses the GeoComputation language (G language) to describe and execute complex spatial analysis model in the MS Word environment, which solves the bottleneck problem of GIS application, makes GIS become a popular tool for spatial data analysis from the spatial data visualization tool, and plays an important role in the wide application of GIS technology. This book systematically introduces the theory related to the new GeoComputation pattern and the application example in the “dual-evaluation” of territorial and spatial planning, which can be used as a learning and reference manual for GIS related professionals and business personnel engaged in the “dual-evaluation” of territorial and spatial planning.

GIS and GeoComputation

Author : Peter Atkinson
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Geographic Information Systems are computer-based systems for geographic analysis. They have been developed over the past twenty five years and are now widely used. A recent research direction has been the development of geocomputation , representing computer-based geographical analysis beyond the traditional bounds of GIS. In geocomputation, the computer is the research environment itself, not merely a tool. A key to geocomputation it that highly powered computing can be used with sufficient data to avaid traditional parametric approaches altogether. The term geocomputation includes the use of computer-based techniques such as artificial neural networks, genetic programming and fuzzy logic, but in a geographical context. This new book in the prestigious Innovations in GIS series, presents the latest research in geocomputational techniques as presented in the GIS UK Annual Conference.

Spatial Analysis and GeoComputation

Author : Manfred M. Fischer
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This volume contains selected essays of Manfred M. Fischer in the field of spatial analysis from the perspective of GeoComputation. The volume is structured in four parts, from broad issues in spatial analysis and the role of GIS to computational intelligence technologies such as neural networks. The third part provides the theoretical framework required for adaptive pattern classifiers in remote sensing environments. The final section outlines the latest in neural spatial interaction modeling.

Applied Spatial Statistics and Econometrics

Author : Katarzyna Kopczewska
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This textbook is a comprehensive introduction to applied spatial data analysis using R. Each chapter walks the reader through a different method, explaining how to interpret the results and what conclusions can be drawn. The author team showcases key topics, including unsupervised learning, causal inference, spatial weight matrices, spatial econometrics, heterogeneity and bootstrapping. It is accompanied by a suite of data and R code on Github to help readers practise techniques via replication and exercises. This text will be a valuable resource for advanced students of econometrics, spatial planning and regional science. It will also be suitable for researchers and data scientists working with spatial data.

GIS Environmental Modeling and Engineering

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Spatial dimensions need to be properly captured if modeling and engineering techniques are to be successfully applied in addressing environmental problems. The links between the geographical information systems (GIS) that capture this data, simulation modeling, and engineering offer tremendous possibilities for building versatile support systems fo

Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems

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Geographical Information Systems is a computer system used to capture, store, analyze and display information related to positions on the Earth’s surface. It has the ability to show multiple types of information on multiple geographical locations in a single map, enabling users to assess patterns and relationships between different information points, a crucial component for multiple aspects of modern life and industry. This 3-volumes reference provides an up-to date account of this growing discipline through in-depth reviews authored by leading experts in the field. VOLUME EDITORS Thomas J. Cova The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, United States Ming-Hsiang Tsou San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, United States Georg Bareth University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany Chunqiao Song University of California, Los Angeles, CA, United States Yan Song University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, United States Kai Cao National University of Singapore, Singapore Elisabete A. Silva University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom Covers a rapidly expanding discipline, providing readers with a detailed overview of all aspects of geographic information systems, principles and applications Emphasizes the practical, socioeconomic applications of GIS Provides readers with a reliable, one-stop comprehensive guide, saving them time in searching for the information they need from different sources

Cartography from Pole to Pole

Author : Manfred Buchroithner
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This volume comprehends a selection of papers presented during the 26th International Cartographic Conference held in Dresden from the 26th to the 30th of August 2013. It covers many fields of relevant Mapping and GIS research subjects, such as cartographic applications, cartographic tools, generalisation and update Propagation, higher dimensional visualisation and augmented reality, planetary mapping issues, cartography and environmental modelling, user generated content and spatial data infrastructure, use and usability as well as cartography and GIS in education.

Touch in Virtual Environments

Author : Margaret L. McLaughlin
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Haptics: The state-of-the-art in building touch-based interfaces for virtual environments. -- Key research issues: model acquisition, contact detection, force feedback, compression, capture, and collaboration. -- Understanding the role of human factors in haptic interfaces. -- Applications: medical training, telesurgery, biological and scientific interfaces, military applications, sign language, museum display, and more. Haptics -- "touch-based" interface design -- is the exciting new frontier in research on virtual and immersive environments. In Touch in Virtual Environments, the field's leading researchers bring together their most advanced work and applications. They identify the key challenges facing haptic interface developers, present today's best solutions, and outline a clear research agenda for the future. This book draws upon work first presented at the breakthrough haptics conference held recently at USC's Integrated Media Systems Center. The editors and contributors begins by reviewing key haptics applications and the challenges of effective haptic rendering, presenting new insights into model acquisition, contact detection, force feedback, compression, capture, collaboration, and other key issues. Next, they focus on the complex human factors associated with successful haptic interfaces, examining questions such as: How can we make haptic displays more usable for blind and visually impaired users? What are the differences between perceiving texture with the bare skin and with a probe? In the book's final section, several of today's leading haptic applications are introduced, including telesurgery and surgical simulation; scientific visualization.

Guide to Geography Programs in North America

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GIS in Verkehr und Transport

Author : Bernhard Zagel
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