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A Masterly Murder

Author : Susanna Gregory
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The sixth chronicle in the Matthew Bartholomew series. Michaelhouse is in uproar: Kenyngham the saintly but ageing Master has announced his retirement and with unseemly haste Runham arranges his own 'election' as his successor. Within days he has dismissed several members of staff, including the redoubtable laundress Agatha, and is making life so unpleasant for the scholars that even Matthew Bartholomew believes his future as physician and teacher at the college is untenable. But Matthew has many patients to divert his attention and Brother Michael, Proctor of the fledgling university, has some suspicious deaths to investigate, although they cannot help but notice that the new Master has commissioned a flurry of building work. Then Runham himself is murdered and, although mourned by none, Matthew and Michael know they have to solve the mystery before any more damage is done to their beloved Michaelhouse. 'A first-rate treat for mystery lovers' (Historical Novels Review) 'Susanna Gregory has an extraordinary ability to conjure up a strong sense of time and place' (Choice)

Death of a Scholar

Author : Susanna Gregory
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The twentieth chronicle in the Matthew Bartholomew series. In the summer of 1358 the physician Matthew Bartholomew returns to Cambridge to learn that his beloved sister is in mourning after the unexpected death of her husband, Oswald Stanmore. Aware that his son has no interest in the cloth trade that made his fortune and reputation, Oswald has left the business to his widow, but a spate of burglaries in the town distracts Matthew from supporting Edith in her grief and attempting to keep the peace between her and her wayward son. As well as the theft of irreplaceable items from Michaelhouse, which threatens its very survival, a new foundation, Winwick Hall, is causing consternation amongst Matthew's colleagues. The founder is an impatient man determined that his name will grace the University's most prestigious college. He has used his wealth to rush the construction of the hall, and his appointed Fellows have infiltrated the charitable Guild founded by Stanmore, in order to gain the support of Cambridge's most influential citizens on Winwick's behalf. A perfect storm between the older establishments and the brash newcomers is brewing when the murder of a leading member of the Guild is soon followed by the death of one of Winwick's senior Fellows. Assisting Brother Michael in investigating these fatalities leads Matthew into a web of suspicion, where conspiracy theories are rife but facts are scarce and where the pressure from the problems of his college and his family sets him on a path that could endanger his own future... 'A first-rate treat for mystery lovers' (Historical Novels Review) 'Susanna Gregory has an extraordinary ability to conjure up a strong sense of time and place' (Choice)

A Grave Concern

Author : Susanna Gregory
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For the twentieth anniversary of the start of the Matthew Bartholomew series, Sphere is delighted to reissue all of the medieval monk's cases with beautiful new series-style covers. ------------------------------------ The twenty second chronicle of Matthew Bartholomew. Identifying the murderer of the Chancellor of the University is not the only challenge facing physician Matthew Bartholomew. Many of his patients have been made worse by the ministrations of a 'surgeon' recently arrived from Nottingham, his sister is being rooked by the mason she has commissioned to build her husband's tomb, and his friend, Brother Michael, has been offered a Bishopric which will cause him to leave Cambridge. Brother Michael, keen to leave the University in good order, is determined that the new Chancellor will be a man of his choosing. The number of contenders putting themselves forward for election threatens to get out of control, then more deaths in mysterious circumstances make it appear that someone is taking extreme measures to manipulate the competition. With passions running high and a bold killer at large, both Bartholomew and Brother Michael fear the very future of the University is at stake. 'A first-rate treat for mystery lovers' (Historical Novels Review) 'Susanna Gregory has an extraordinary ability to conjure up a strong sense of time and place' (Choice)

Murder in Retrospect

Author : Michael Burgess
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Build your fiction collection, advise readers, and find answers to questions about one of today's most dynamic genres with this important work, the first guide to historical mysteries.


Author : Mac Kelly Obison
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When Pete Williams, son of Senator Samson Williams, heard an eardrum bursting scream from his bedroom upstairs, little did he know it was the scream of a horrified maid who had just seen his fiancée in a pool of blood. She lay dead with a bullet hole through her ear on the night before their wedding. Pete finds himself making funeral arrangements instead of icing the cake on their wedding preparations. Disconcerted with the impractical approach of the cops in cracking the case, Pete hires Tony Justice, an ex-cop with a reputation to expedite the investigation. Tony soon realizes he is not only on the trail of a cold blooded murderer, but also of a ruthless kidnapper. The son of Pete’s late fiancée disappears in mysterious circumstances. It seems a battle of wits between a skillful criminal and a detective with phenomenal potential. Only, the detective doesn’t have the luxury of time in his hands. How it plays out, is a mind blower!

How Not to Murder Your Mother

Author : Stephanie Calman
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Stephanie Calman moves on from bad motherhood, failed grown-upness to the ultimate in tricky relationships: that of mother and daughter. In typically candid Calman style she serves up a painfully acute examination of the human condition, softened by the bellylaugh of recognition that will seize all who read her. As a generation finds itself parenting its parents while still trying to haul up its children, she has – once again – hit the zeitgeist firmly over the head.

Discovering the Rommel Murder

Author : Charles F. Marshall
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Marshall recounts how he learned the facts from Rommel's widow while delving into the great general's background and death.

Memoir of the Assassination of Henry Rives Pollard

Author : Edward Alfred Pollard
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The Sword of Welleran and Other Stori

Author : Lord Dunsany
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The Sword of Welleran -- The Fall of Bubbulkund -- The Kith of the Elf-Folk -- The Highwayman -- In the Twilight -- The Ghosts -- The Whirlpool -- The Hurricane -- The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save for Sacnoth -- The Lord of Cities -- The Doom of La Traviata -- On the Dry Land

A Death in the Delta

Author : Stephen J. Whitfield
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Looks at racial attitudes in the 1950s, and discuss the impact of Till's murder on the federal government and the Civil Rights movement

Minute for Murder

Author : Nicholas Blake
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A VINTAGE MURDER MYSTERY The Second World War has just finished and amateur detective and poet Nigel Strangeways is working at the Ministry of Morale in London, in the Visual Propaganda Division.With war over, life seems to be calm again, that is until the Director's beautiful secretary is poisoned in full view of seven members of the division, including Nigel himself. Who could have killed her? And how? A Nigel Strangeways murder mystery - the perfect introduction to the most charming and erudite detective in Golden Age crime fiction.

Murder on the Ten Yard Line

Author : John Stephen Strange
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The Murder of Maxim Gorky

Author : Arkadi Vaksberg
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A fascinating view of the Soviet system at the beginning of the Stalin Terror among intellectuals.

The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories

Author : Lord Dunsany
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Thank you for checking out this book by Theophania Publishing. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you soon. We have thousands of titles available, and we invite you to search for us by name, contact us via our website, or download our most recent catalogues. Where the great plain of Tarphet runs up, as the sea in estuaries, among the Cyresian mountains, there stood long since the city of Merimna well-nigh among the shadows of the crags. I have never seen a city in the world so beautiful as Merimna seemed to me when first I dreamed of it. It was a marvel of spires and figures of bronze, and marble fountains, and trophies of fabulous wars, and broad streets given over wholly to the Beautiful. Right through the centre of the city there went an avenue fifty strides in width, and along each side of it stood likenesses in bronze of the Kings of all the countries that the people of Merimna had ever known. At the end of that avenue was a colossal chariot with three bronze horses driven by the winged figure of Fame, and behind her in the chariot the huge form of Welleran, Merimna's ancient hero, standing with extended sword. So urgent was the mien and attitude of Fame, and so swift the pose of the horses, that you had sworn that the chariot was instantly upon you, and that its dust already veiled the faces of the Kings. And in the city was a mighty hall wherein were stored the trophies of Merimna's heroes. Sculptured it was and domed, the glory of the art of masons a long while dead, and on the summit of the dome the image of Rollory sat gazing across the Cyresian mountains towards the wide lands beyond, the lands that knew his sword. And beside Rollory, like an old nurse, the figure of Victory sat, hammering into a golden wreath of laurels for his head the crowns of fallen Kings.

Political Murder in Northern Ireland

Author : Martin Dillon
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A "Grand Contest" gives the pie-making Roller family of Danby Dale a chance to reclaim the family honor after their pie for the king has failed.

Absolution by Murder Sister Fidelma Mysteries Book 1

Author : Peter Tremayne
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ABSOLUTION BY MURDER is the brilliant and evocative first novel in Peter Tremayne's Sister Fidelma series, bringing 7th-century Ireland vividly to life. PRAISE FOR ABSOLUTION BY MURDER: 'In the simultaneously sharp-tongued and full womanly figure of Sister Fidelma, Tremayne has created a heroine whom many readers will willingly follow. Even Brother Cadfael might have tolerated her' Kirkus Reviews As the leading churchmen and women gather at the Synod of Whitby in 664AD to debate the rival merits of the Celtic and Roman Churches, tempers begin to fray. Conspirators plot an assassination, while mysterious, violent death stalks the shadowy cloisters of the Abbey of St Hilda. When the Abbess Etain, a leading speaker for the Celtic Church, is found murdered suspicion inevitably rests on the Roman faction. Attending the Synod is Fidelma, of the community of St Brigid of Kildare. As an advocate of the Brehon Court, she is called on to investigate the murder with Brother Eadulf, of the Roman faction. However, the two are so unlike that their partnership is described as that of a wolf and a fox - but which is which? More gruesome deaths follow and the friction among the clerics could end in civil war. Can the solution to the mysteries avert such a conflict? What readers are saying about ABSOLUTION OF MURDER: 'Superb storytelling from a usually neglected era. Read this and you will certainly want to read the rest of this excellent series' 'I was transported back in time; Peter Tremayne brought the location and characters to life' 'The story moves forward with Fidelma weaving her way through to the end with skill and intelligence. Well worth reading'

The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Modern Crime Fiction

Author : Michael Ashley
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A reference and overview of the genre of crime fiction, primarily covering the 1950s onwards, although major earlier writers, such as Agatha Christie and Raymond Chandler, also have entries.

The Wigwam Murder

Author : M. J. Trow
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The Scarlet Button

Author : Anthony Gilbert
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Blackmail leads to murder - but which of the blackmailer's victims is guilty of such a brutal crime? Classic crime from one of the greats of the Detection Club James Chigwell is a blackmailer, a human spider who fattens on the blood of other men - on their misfortunes and on their mistakes. But retribution comes to Chigwell when one of his victims at last rebels against his maliciousness and bludgeons him to death. But who among Chigwell's final victims has the courage of despair to slay his tormentor? The Scarlet Button is at once grim and entertaining and, of course, features the celebrated detective Arthur Crook.

The Sea Kingdoms

Author : Alistair Moffat
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The most powerful representation yet of the race which has repeatedly changed history as we know it' - The Scotsman 'Brimming with interesting facts ... instructive and wide-ranging' - Cal McCrystal, Independent on Sunday 'The best picture of the Celtic race yet written' - South Wales Echo 'Lovingly traces the remnants of a once-powerful people through language, ancient place names, farms, fortresses, harbours and, most of all, through their connection to the sea' - Irish Times Alistair Moffat's journey, from the Scottish islands and Scotland, to the English coast, Wales, Cornwall and Ireland, ignores national boundaries to reveal the rich fabric of culture and history of Celtic Britain which still survives today. This is a vividly told, dramatic and enlightening account of the oral history, legends and battles of a people whose past stretches back many hundred of years. The Sea Kingdoms is a story of great tragedies, ancient myths and spectacular beauty.