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Collectibly Mad

Author : Grant Geissman
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Mad to be Saved

Author : David Sterritt
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Film critic David Sterritt presents an interdisciplinary exploration of the Beat Generation, its intersections with main-stream and experimental film, and the interactions of all of these with American society and the culture of the 1950s. Sterritt balances the Beat countercultural goal of rebellion through both artistic creation and everyday behavior against the mainstream values of conformity and conservatism, growing worry over cold-war hostilities, and the "rat race" toward material success. After an introductory overview of the Beat Generation, its history, its antecedents, and its influences, Sterritt shows the importance of "visual thinking" in the lives and works of major Beat authors, most notably Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and William S. Burroughs. He turns to Mikhail Bakhtin's dialogic theory to portray the Beat writers-who were inspired by jazz and other liberating influences-as carnivalesque rebels against what they perceived as a rigid and stifling social order. Showing the Beats as social critics, Sterritt looks at the work of 1950s photographers Robert Frank and William Klein; the attack against Beat culture in the pictures and prose of Life magazine; and the counterattack in Frank's film Pull My Daisy, featuring key Beat personalities. He further explores expressions of rebelliousness in film noir, the melodramas of director Douglas Sirk, and other Hollywood films. Finally, Sterritt shows the changing attitudes toward the Beat sensibility in Beat-related Hollywood movies like A Bucket of Blood and The Beat Generation; television programs like Route 66 and The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis; nonstudio films like John Cassavetes's improvisational Shadows and Shirley Clarke's experimental The Connection; and radically avant-garde works by such doggedly independent screen artists as Stan Brakhage, Ron Rice, Bruce Connor, and Ken Jacobs, drawing connections between their achievements and the most subversive products of their Beat contemporaries.

You Won t Believe Your Eyes A Front Row Look at the Science Fiction and Horror Films of the 1950s

Author : Mark Thomas McGee
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Walking out of the theater showing Viking Women and the Sea Serpent and The Astounding She-Monster, one disappointed lad was heard to say, "They might as well have mugged us in the parking lot." This was Science Fiction's Golden Age, when giant bugs, prehistoric left-overs and creatures from other planets filled the giant theater screens, movies that were usually made outside of the studio system on the cheap. Horror-hungry kids soon realized that nine times out of ten, the movie would be little more than a pale suggestion of what the posters promised. Nevertheless, we kept coming back, week after week, ever skeptical, ever hopeful, and then went home and read about the movies we just saw in Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. This revised and expanded "Monster-Kids" edition of You Won't Believe Your Eyes! is an affectionate and funny look at the movies your parents didn't want you to see. You will hear from he actors who were in them, the people who made them, the critics who reviewed them, the exhibitors who showed them, and the children who saw them back in the day. "McGee knows this genre upside down and backwards, and writes with real authority. He loves these movies, and celebrates them as much for their goofy failings as for their imagination and entertainment value. Best of all, McGee is a terrific colloquial writer of great wit; I laughed out loud as I revisited many of my favorite pictures. You will too." David J. Hogan, author of Dark Romance and Film Noir FAQ

The Diary of a Mad Chef

Author : Daniel DellaVecchia
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This family cookbook morphed into much more for me during the writing process. It began by contacting friends and family to collect recipes for what I thought would be a simple process. During those conversations and with my own memories, a flood of personal history evolved in my mind. What began as a repository of food recipes became much more to me, and I decided to collect the process in the form of this book, The Diary of a Mad Chef, to also include photos of those people and selected short stories. Food has always been the center of our familys common narrative thread, and I attempted to place the face and the stories of my friends and family with the recipes as I remember them. Along with the feedback and photos from my friends and family, it became a two-year-long effort to compile, edit, and publish this book. The journey has been a magnificent experience for me, and I am grateful to have had the time and opportunity to write this book.

Letters from the Ground to the Heart

Author : Anne Thomas
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Letters from the Ground to the Heart - Beauty Amid Destruction is a series of letters to friends & family by Anne Thomas, an English instructor and 22-year resident of Sendai, Japan, following the devastating earthquake & tsunami of March, 2011. Anne makes the stories of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances profound - capturing our collective, global empathy. Since going viral, her writings have been reprinted online and in newspapers throughout the world. This collaborative effort also includes writings by Pema Chodron and Miyazawa Kenji, responses from all over the globe, and much more. Best of all, PROCEEDS FROM SALES OF 'LETTERS' BENEFIT SURVIVORS of The Tohoku/Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami. Give yourself & others the gift of an extraordinary reading experience that won't soon be forgotten - while benefitting survivors in need. Hardcover Edition ALSO available. e-book & audio editions coming soon...Visit: to DONATE & learn more.

Animation Caricature and Gag and Political Cartoons in the United States and Canada

Author : John A. Lent
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Comics-study pioneer Maurice Horn introduces this comprehensive, cross-section of international literature dealing with the world of comic art in many of its forms.


Author : David Shayne
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Fans will thrill to journey through the very best of MAD's fifty-plus years of takeoffs, complete with hundreds of spoofs of legendary ad campaigns, plus hilarious behind-the-scenes interviews with the Usual Gang of Idiots. Original.

1950s Science Fiction Films and 9 11

Author : Melvin E. Matthews
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1950s Cold War-era monsters meet 21st century terrorists: this exploration of sci-fi movies examines the similarities and differences between the political environment and popular culture of two eras. This examination and appreciation of 1950s science fiction films includes behind-the-scenes tales about their production and many quotes from those who produced and starred in the films. The author draws parallels between the Cold War fears of the 1950s and 60s and the constant "terrorism alerts" of the September 11th era, exploring how the politics and the psychological climate of the times influences and is reflected in this vehicle of popular culture. This book is the first of its kind, studying the pop culture genre in the wake of the September 11th tragedy. It shows that, whatever the era and whatever the challenges and crises confronting America, many entertainment themes remain the same, reflecting their respective times and the relevant issues. For instance, Godzilla, the only Fifties-era monster to remain a "movie star" beyond that era, could be fashioned to reflect whatever issues dominate the times, be they nuclear war in the Fifties when Godzilla originated to a Seventies Godzilla film about environmental pollution. Conceivably a Godzilla for the age of terrorism is possible. "Them"! the 1954 atomic mutation classic, is the spiritual ancestor of the 2002 film "Eight Legged Freaks." The alien invaders of the Fifties signified a Russian invasion of America, while other films of the genre, such as "Invaders from Mars," depicted aliens utilizing mind control to manipulate humans to commit acts of sabotage, signifying Communist enslavement. If such a film were made now, such invaders could be seen as terrorist masterminds using human slaves to commit terrorist acts. Finally, several Fifties films depicted the end of the world at a time when Americans expected a nuclear war with Russia. The immediate pre-September 11th era witnessed films presenting galactic threats to mankind's existence ("Independence Day," "Deep Impact," "Armageddon"), while the early 2000s witnessed the popularity of the "Left Behind" Christian films dramatizing the Tribulation period in the Book of Revelation.

50 Ways to Leave your 50 s

Author : Scott Ludwig
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In my fourth book, In it for the Long Run, one of the most popular chapters with the readers was ‘You can call me Al.’ It was all about my good friend Al Barker, the only person I’ve ever met who brakes with his left foot. Wanting to capitalize on the popularity of using titles of Paul Simon songs, I reviewed his repertoire for an applicable title for this book. Since the book is about my last year on earth before turning 60 years of age, I initially considered ‘Slip Slidin’ Away’ but thought that might project a negative connotation towards getting older. Instead I chose one of Simon’s more popular songs and gave it my own slant as I wanted to do 50 things I’d never done before in the 12 months leading up to becoming a sexagenarian (don’t get the wrong idea--it just means a person between 60 and 69 years of age). On my 60th birthday (December 10, 2014) someone asked me how I felt. I said ‘just like I did when I was 59. Heck, it was only yesterday’ (although my grandson calls it ‘lasterday’ which if you really think about it makes a lot more sense). As for the 50 things I’d never done before. don’t expect anything outrageous (jumping out of an airplane), dangerous (wrestling an alligator) or spectacular (making a dinosaur appear--but if I could my grandson would be SO impressed). Just 50 things pretty much anyone could long as they have the right attitude. And by ‘right attitude’ I mean ‘sometimes you just have to say what the ___.’ Just because I turned 60 doesn’t mean I reached maturity overnight. After all, maturity is for old people.

Between Two Ages

Author : William Van Dusen Wishard
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"In Between Two Ages, Van Wishard has provided us with a masterful synthesis of the main currents of history, ranging over the centuries with an experts eye to identify the key trends in economics, technology and culture that have led us to this place in time. By itself, this would be an important contribution to our understanding. But the true significance of Between Two Ages lies in his placing this analysis within a profoundly moral and ethical framework. Van Wishard has not simply diagnosed the reasons for our spiritual malaise. He has also suggested how each of us can overcome this malaise and find a larger purpose or meaning to our lives. From the foreword by Dr. Mitchell B. Reiss Dean of International Affairs College of William & Mary Introduction Despite the stratospheric heights of the Dow in recent years, the allure of prosperity and the astounding possibilities opening up for human fulfillment, the next three decades could be the most decisive 30-year period in the history of mankind. Thus you and I are living in the midst of perhaps the most uncertain period America has ever known -- more difficult than World War II, the Depression or even the Civil War. With these earlier crises, an immediately identifiable, focused emergency existed, an emergency people could see and mobilize to combat. But the crisis today is of a different character and order. For America is at the vortex of a global cyclone of change so vast and deep that it is uprooting established institutions, altering centuries-old relationships, changing underlying mores and attitudes, and now, so the experts tell us, even threatening the continued existence of the human species. It is not simply change at the margins; it is change at the very core of life. Culture-smashing change. Identity-shattering change. Soul-crushing change. Prior generations faced change within a context of stable institutions that functioned more or less effectively. Earlier generations had a more stableif less comfortableframework, as well as more clearly defined reference points. Our era doesnt have such guides, for all of Americas institutions, from government to family, from business to religion, are in upheaval. The past century has seen civilized life increasingly ripped from its moorings. The immutable certainties that anchored our ancestors no longer seem to hold in a world where the tectonic plates of life are clashing, where human antagonisms obliterate tens of thousands of people in Africa, Bosnia or Chechnya in a matter of a few days or weeks, where a stray bullet ends the life of an elderly lady quietly walking home from church in Washington, D.C. In so many ways, a life that has lost its essential meaning has cut giant swaths across humanity. Clearly, we have been standing at a unique historical dividing line -- the end of the modern era, as well as the Industrial Age, the end of the colonial period, the end of the Atlantic-based economic, political and military global hegemony, the end of Americas culture being drawn primarily from European sources, the end of the masculine patriarchal/hierarchical epoch, and as Joseph Campbell suggests, the end of the Christian eon. Obviously, one era doesnt stop and a new one start in a week. Yearseven decades or generationsof overlap take place. The sense of an age ending and something new emerging was evident during the earliest years of the 20th century. In 1913, Harvard philosopher George Santayana noted: "The civilization characteristic of Christendom has not yet disappeared, yet another civilization has begun to take its place." In 1928, at the height of the "Roaring Twenties," historian Will Durant wrote, "Human conduct and belief are now undergoing transformations profounder and more disturbing than any since the appearance of wealth and philosophy put an end to the tradition

The Bone Collector

Author : Jeffery Deaver
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DON'T MISS THE NBC TELEVISION SERIES LINCOLN RHYME: HUNT FOR THE BONE COLLECTOR The first novel in the New York Times bestselling series featuring forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme—from the author of The Never Game. “Lightning-paced…a breakneck thrill ride.”—The Wall Street Journal Lincoln Rhyme was once a brilliant criminologist, a genius in the field of forensics—until an accident left him physically and emotionally shattered. But now a diabolical killer is challenging Rhyme to a terrifying and ingenious duel of wits. With police detective Amelia Sachs by his side, Rhyme must follow a labyrinth of clues that reaches back to a dark chapter in New York City’s past—and reach further into the darkness of the mind of a madman who won’t stop until he has stripped life down to the bone.

Paperbacks in Print

Author :
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Jan Wong s China

Author : Jan Wong
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As the fiftieth anniversary of the People's Republic of China approaches on October 1, 1999, Jan Wong reflects on her body of work as a foreign correspondent there. Despite the fact that everything is changing, she discovers that not much really changes, and what she wrote several years ago about love, work and living still holds, as do the conflicts over who rules, who survives, and who gets the bigger slice of Peking Duck. From a peasant tax revolt through the new consumerism (ads on television!) to the closeted world of Chinese gays, Jan Wong's China is a highly personal account of a country in transition. Its perspective is shaped by the author's six-year reporting stint, her life in Beijing in the '70s as a student and a Maoist, and her return visit to China in the spring of 1999. Employing humour and behind-the-scenes detail, Jan Wong brilliantly weaves her adventures into a rich journalistic tapestry.


Author : George Khoury
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Our Great Customer Service in Our Great United States

Author : Faye Mcghee
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As I have said so many times in my life Knowledge is power and when you know what is going to happen and you come to expect it you can deal with it a lot better. We cannot let the terrible customer service we get defi ne us though. I have found that when customers are rude, mean or demanding it is because they have allowed the customer service representatives to make them that way. Control your own life and do not allow the customer service representative to do it for you. I feel that if I have a lot of stress in my life and I can deal with the craziness of our terrible customer service representatives without going postal so can everyone else. As I said before control your own life. When the guy at the cash register stares blankly at you and ask you for your discount card and you just handed it to him just smile and point to it. You are on your way home at this point anyway.

Making a Monstrous Halloween

Author : Chris Kullstroem
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"Halloween is one of the most popular Western holidays, known for its fun and creativity for all ages. This work offers instructions and tips for Halloween-related activities and events for a variety of settings, from school to work to home to the local graveyard. History, crafts, decorations, games, costumes, and other seasonal activities are described"--Provided by publisher.

Totally MAD

Author : The Editors Of Mad Magazine
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For the past six decades (that's 60 years-we did the math so you don't have to) MAD Magazine has keenly observed the American landscape and promptly made fun of everything in sight. Unwavering in their commitment to high quality stupidity, MAD's legendary artists and writers, long known as "The Usual Gang of Idiots," have brilliantly satirized politics, celebrities, sports, media, cultural trends, and more. Totally MAD (originally titled The New American Cookbook until cooler heads prevailed) is the ultimate collection of MAD's most idiotic material, including such classics as Spy vs. Spy, The MAD Fold-in, A MAD Look At..., The Lighter Side of, Horrifying Clichés and The Shadow Knows, plus modern MAD classics including The MAD Strip Club and The Fundalini Pages. Whether you grew up with MAD in the 50s, 60s, or 70s, reading it with a flashlight under the covers so your parents wouldn't catch you, or in the 80s, 90s and beyond, reading it while watching the MADtv sketch comedy show or the more recent animated series on the Cartoon Network, this book will bring back fond memories and also provide a great introduction to MAD for new readers. Then again, maybe not. SPECIAL BONUS! Includes "The Soul of MAD," 12 classic cover prints, ten featuring Alfred E. Neuman, MAD's gap-toothed grinning idiot mascot. These beautiful reproductions are suitable for framing or wrapping fish.

Get Your Own Damn Beer I m Watching the Game

Author : Holly Robinson Peete
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A guide for women football fans explains each component of the game of football, describes the role of each position player, outlines common plays, and provides descriptions of some of the most memorable moments in NFL history.

Conspiracy Films

Author : Barna William Donovan
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For many years, conspiracy theories have been among the most popular story elements in Hollywood films. According to the “conspiracy culture,” Government, Big Business, the Church, even aliens—all of which, bundled together, comprise the ubiquitous “Them”—are concealing some of the biggest secrets in American and world history. From The Manchurian Candidate (1962) to JFK (1991), The Matrix (1999) to The Da Vinci Code (2006), this decade-by-decade history explores our fascination with paranoia. The work paints a vivid picture of several of the more prevalent conspiracy theories and the entertainment they have inspired, not only in theatrical films but also in such television series as The X-Files, Lost and V.

Bibliographic Guide to North American History

Author :
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