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A Life Like Mine

Author : Lisa Magloff
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Looks at what life is like for children of different countries and how each child can fulfill his or her hopes and ambitions no matter how little or much their human rights are infringed.

A Life Like Mine

Author : Shirley Flynn
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As I have recalled my life in order to create this memoir, I've wondered what physical traits and abilities will be passed down to future generations of this family. I've also wondered if my love of the visual arts is a family inheritance I've received through some unknown ancestor in the distant past. We're all part of something larger than our individual lives--although there are clearly more questions than answers as far as that is concerned.

A Life Like Mine

Author : E. Baird
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Thousands of people each year leave behind their family, friends, and jobs to depart their home country in search of a more fulfilling life. Have you honestly ever wondered, what it would be like to do just that? E. L. Baird and her husband were unhappy living in the United Kingdom and decided to change their future for the better.As they prepared for their eventual emigration to Canada, they spent hours reading, researching, calling, and e-mailing in order to organize their journey. Baird shares both the positive and negative experiences they encountered while dealing with red tape, finding work, and learning school rules. She also includes entertaining anecdotes about camping in grizzly bear country in Canada and their first Christmas in New Zealand, where they all sat miserably hot around the dinner table, stripped down to their underwear with the electric fan on full speed. Experience the intriguing world of emigration from the comfort of your home and share their journey.A Life Like Mine provides an honest portrayal of the heartfelt and lengthy journey a family of five is willing to take to find true happiness.

I Don t Wish Nobody to Have a Life Like Mine

Author : David Chura
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Profiles juvenile prisoners, sharing deeply personal stories of young men and women who are drug barons and reading tutors, foster children and poets, repeat offenders and animal lovers.

I Live a Life Like Yours

Author : Jan Grue
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‘Superb... up-ends received wisdom about disability... Humbling, dark, bright, defiant, generous... revolutionary’ David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas A profoundly beautiful memoir about disability, difference, and living as a vulnerable body Jan Grue had just become a father when he inherited a stack of his childhood medical records. Following a diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy at the age of three, the raft of doctors’ notes, clinical descriptions and case histories defined his body as defective and his future as bleak and limited. They conjured a childhood nothing like the one he remembered, that failed to anticipate the life he lived now. I Live a Life Like Yours is Grue’s beautiful, groundbreaking search for a literary language that could better tell his story. Writing with clear-eyed wisdom and bracing frankness, Grue folds insights from art, film and literature into an expansive account of who he was expected to be, and who he became. If it is a story of frustration with negligent institutions and the pain of stigma, it is also a story of the potential of acceptance and the gift of family. Unflinching, yet always compassionate, I Live a Life Like Yours is a fierce and tender reckoning with what it means to live as a vulnerable body.

Every Book is a Social Studies Book

Author : Andrea S. Libresco
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This text offers a teacher and student-friendly collection of lessons and activities that help educators use picture books to engage younger students in meaningful social studies activities and bring this critical subject back in elementary schools. * Includes excerpts of primary source materials for student activities * Contains various photographs, illustrations, charts, and graphs throughout the text * Extensive annotated bibliography of picture books for each chapter that includes a discussion question for each book * Appendixes include invaluable planning templates, reproducible handouts, and other teacher resources

Teaching with Purpose

Author : John E. Penick
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Science for English Language Learners brings you the best practices from different but complementary fields of science education and English language teaching, integrating the two. The book is designed so you can easily dip in and out of the topics you want. It’s organized into four sections.

Teaching Green The Elementary Years

Author : Tim Grant
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A complete resource for teaching green to young people from kindergarten through grade five.

A Life APart

Author : Cynthia Strauff
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Claire Mueller is of the generation of Abzug, Friedan, and Steinem. She will tell you, if you ask, that her career presented itself without plan, strategy. Chance, she will say. It was chance, and taking advantage of opportunities that presented themselves, a solid work ethic, and a vocabulary that leads people to think that she is smarter than she really is. That is what she believes. A Life, APart tells Claire’s story, her journey from naïve daughter to world-damaged adult. It chronicles her career, her friendship with Naomi, an unconventional, drug-dealing free-spirit who provides support and inspiration, and her unconventional love affair with Viktor, the soul-damaged, East European war refugee, who accompanies her on her final journey. Grounded in historical fact, Claire’s story is that of one woman working in the man’s world of the 1950s and 1960s, before feminism became a byword. It is a character study, of Claire, and those flawed, authentic individuals who helped shape her life.

The Life and Works of William Cowper

Author : William Cowper
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