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A History of South Carolina Lighthouses

Author : John Hairr
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Before radar, depth finders and satellite-guided navigation, long before the seafloor was charted with scientific precision, mariners relied on lighthouses to approach a coastline safely. South Carolina's history with lighthouses goes back nearly two and a half centuries. At Cape Romain, a windmill was converted into a lighthouse. St. Philip's Church in Charleston was converted into a beacon for seafarers to aid navigation to the Holy City. With such a long and storied past, the story of South Carolina's lighthouses is inseparable from its maritime history. Join author John Hairr as he recounts the fascinating history of these beacons that have shone above the shores of the Palmetto State.

South Carolina Lighthouses

Author : Margie Willis Clary
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Boasting one of the oldest lighthouses in North America and the most working lighthouses today, South Carolina has a long seafaring history. In 1767, the Morris Island Lighthouse was built at the entrance to Charleston Harbor, and before 1860, there were lighthouses in Georgetown, Cape Romain, Bull's Bay, and Hunting Island. During the Civil War, all lighthouses on the eastern coast were darkened. Many were destroyed. After the war, towers that had been damaged were repaired, and additional lights were erected on Daufuskie and Hilton Head Islands. In 1962, the new Charleston Light on Sullivan's Island replaced the Morris Island Lighthouse, which was suffering from erosion by the ever-encroaching sea. The new light contained an elevator and two rotating beacons capable of producing 28 million candlepower, a light that can be seen 26 miles out to sea. At that time, it was considered one of the most powerful lights in the Western Hemisphere.

Brilliant Beacons A History of the American Lighthouse

Author : Eric Jay Dolin
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"What Moby-Dick is to whales, Brilliant Beacons is to lighthouses—a transformative account of a familiar yet mystical subject." —Laurence Bergreen, author of Columbus: The Four Voyages In this "magnificent compendium" (New Republic), best-selling author Eric Jay Dolin presents the definitive history of American lighthouses, and in so doing "illuminate[s] the history of America itself" (Entertainment Weekly). Treating readers to a memorable cast of characters and "fascinating anecdotes" (New York Review of Books), Dolin shows how the story of the nation, from a regional backwater colony to global industrial power, can be illustrated through its lighthouses—from New England to the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes, the Pacific Coast, and all the way to Alaska and Hawaii. A Captain and Classic Boat Best Nautical Book of 2016

Georgetown s North Island

Author : Robert McAlister
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North Island has always been the beacon from the sea leading toward Georgetown, South Carolina. It was an island of exploration for the Spanish in 1526 and the first landing place of Lafayette, France's hero of the American Revolution, in 1777. It was a summer resort for aristocratic rice planters and their slaves from Georgetown and Waccamaw Neck until 1861. North Island's lighthouse, built in 1812, led thousands of sailing ships from all over the world past massive stone jetties and through Winyah Bay to Georgetown. Today, North Island is a sanctuary and laboratory for the study of nature's effects on this unique barrier island. Join historian Robert McAlister as he recounts the island's storied past.

Lighthouses of the Carolinas

Author : Terrance Zepke
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The author presents historical and contemporary photographs of the lighthouses of the Carolinas, stories of how they were built and of the people who lived and worked there, and information concerning visits to the surrounding areas.

Historic Lighthouse Preservation Handbook

Author : Candace Clifford
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The Fyddeye Guide to America s Maritime History

Author : Joe Follansbee
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The Fyddeye Guide to America's Maritime History is a one-of-a-kind directory for tall ships, lighthouses, historic warships, maritime museums, and other attractions you can visit today that preserve, protect, and interpret our nation's maritime history. Use the Guide to plan a family trip, map out a heritage travel experience, research your local history, or find a heritage organization to help you discover the sea captain in your family tree. The Guide covers maritime history attractions in the Lower 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. More than 200 authentic tall ships, many offering travel excursions and educational experiences lasting from an hour to several weeks. More than 300 historic commercial vessels, such as ferries, tugs, and steamboats, as well as warships, including battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and small craft dating from the 18th century to the middle 20th century that you can visit. More than 750 photogenic lighthouses and lightships grouped by East Coast, West Coast, the Gulf Coast, and the Great Lakes. More than 260 family-friendly maritime museums in 37 states and the District of Columbia. Three maps with suggested itineraries for discovering lighthouses in New England, California, and Michigan. Special articles on the tall ship Lady Washington, forgotten steamboats on the Okanogan River, the best lighthouse books, and major maritime festivals. Twenty-five professional photos of key ships and other attractions. The Fyddeye Guide to America's Maritime History complements Fyddeye, http: //, the Internet's most comprehensive website dedicated to maritime history and heritage. Fyddeye also features an online community that discusses news about maritime history and current issues, including preservation of historic ships. You can also share photos and vote in polls on current events. Visit Fyddeye's pages on Facebook and follow Fyddeye on Twitter.

Lighthouses of the Carolinas for Kids

Author : Terrance Zepke
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• What lighthouse is the farthest north in North Carolina? • Is the Bodie Island Lighthouse on an island? • What's a shoal and why is it dangerous for ships? • What pirate used to hide out on Ocracoke Island? • Which South Carolina lighthouse is called “The Leaning Lighthouse”? • What lighthouse was the last one built in South Carolina? • What North Carolina lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in America? • Which lighthouse was moved 1600 feet inland? • Which lighthouse was designed like a puzzle—in pieces, so that it could be taken apart and put back together? • Where was the very first lighthouse in the world? • Where was the very first lighthouse in America? • What is a “Texas tower”? • How many lighthouses are on the Outer Banks? • How many steps do you have to climb to get to the top of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse? • How do range lights show boat captains how to enter a channel? Lighthouses of the Carolina for Kids answers these questions and many more. A lively text, rich in pictures, tells the history and lore of the lighthouses along the Carolina shores—from Currituck Lighthouse at the top of North Carolina to the Haig Point Lighthouses at the bottom of South Carolina. Learn about the people who designed and built them. Meet some of the keepers who braved storms and suffered loneliness while tending their beacons. Learn how lighthouses operated in the early days and how they operate now.

The North Carolina Historical Review

Author :
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The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine

Author :
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The South Carolina Encyclopedia

Author : Walter B. Edgar
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With nearly 2,000 entries and 520 illustrations, this comprehensive reference surveys the history and culture of the Palmetto State from A to Z, mountains to coast, and prehistory to the present.

States at War Volume 4

Author : Richard F. Miller
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While many Civil War reference books exist, there is no single compendium that contains important details about the combatant states (and territories) that Civil War researchers can readily access for their work. People looking for information about the organizations, activities, economies, demographics, and prominent personalities of Civil War States and state governments must assemble data from a variety of sources, with many key sources remaining unavailable online. This crucial reference book, the fourth in the States at War series, provides vital information on the organization, activities, economies, demographics, and prominent personalities of Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey during the Civil War. Its principal sources include the Official Records, state adjutant-general reports, legislative journals, state and federal legislation, federal and state executive speeches and proclamations, and the general and special orders issued by the military authorities of both governments, North and South. Designed and organized for easy use by professional historians and amateurs, this book can be read in two ways: by individual state, with each chapter offering a stand-alone history of an individual stateÕs war years; or across states, comparing reactions to the same event or solutions to the same problems.

Historic South Carolina

Author : Eric Dabney
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Explorer s Guide Myrtle Beach South Carolina s Grand Strand A Great Destination Includes Wilmington and the North Carolina Low Country

Author : Renee Wright
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"Consistently rated the best guides to the regions covered...Readable, tasteful, appealingly designed. Strong on dining, lodging, and history."—National Geographic Traveler This new guide covers both Myrtle Beach and its neighbors over the North Carolina border, including the fascinating seaports of Wilmington and Southport, a compact area that takes under three hours to drive from end to end but offers a wealth of different vacation options and activities. Distinctive for their accuracy, simplicity, and conversational tone, the diverse travel guides in our Explorer's Great Destinations series meet the conflicting demands of the modern traveler. They're packed full of up-to-date information to help plan the perfect getaway. And they're compact and light enough to come along for the ride. A tool you'll turn to before, during, and after your trip, these guides include chapters on lodging, dining, transportation, history, shopping, recreation, and more; a section packed with practical information, such as lists of banks, hospitals, post offices, laundromats, numbers for police, fire, and rescue, and other relevant information; maps of regions and locales, and more.

America History and Life

Author :
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Article abstracts and citations of reviews and dissertations covering the United States and Canada.

To the Lighthouse

Author : Virginia Woolf
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'I am making up "To the Lighthouse" - the sea is to be heard all through it' Inspired by the lost bliss of her childhood summers in Cornwall, Virginia Woolf produced one of the masterworks of English literature in To the Lighthouse. It concerns the Ramsay family and their summer guests on the Isle of Skye before and after the First World War. As children play and adults paint, talk, muse and explore, relationships shift and mutate. A captivating fusion of elegy, autobiography, socio-political critique and visionary thrust, it is the most accomplished of all Woolf's novels. On completing it, she thought she had exorcised the ghosts of her imposing parents, but she had also brought form to a book every bit as vivid and intense as the work of Lily Briscoe, the indomitable artist at the centre of the novel. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

The Earth Around Us

Author : Jill Schneiderman
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Soil contamination...public lands...surface and groundwater pollution...coastal warming. Have we reached the limits of this planet's ability to provide for us? If so, what can we do about it? These vital questions are addressed by Jill Schneiderman in The Earth Around Us, a unique collection of thirty-one essays by a diverse array of today's foremost scientist-writers. Sharing an ability to communicate science in a clear and engaging fashion, the contributors explore Earth's history and processes--especially in relation to today's environmental issues--and show how we, as members of a global community, can help maintain a livable planet. The narratives in this collection are organized into seven parts that describe: - Earth's time and history and the place of people in it - Views of nature and the ethics behind our conduct on Earth - Resources for the twenty-first century, such as public lands, healthy forests and soils, clean ground and surface waters, and fluctuating coastlines - Ill-informed local manipulations of landscapes across the United States - Innovative solutions to environmental problems that arise from knowledge of the interactions between living things and the Earth's air, water, and soil - Natural and human-induced global scale perturbations to the earth system - Our responsibility to people and all other organisms that live on Earth Never before has such a widely experienced group of prominent earth scientists been brought together to help readers understand how earth systems function to produce our physical and biological environment. Driven by the belief that earth science is, and should be, an integral part of everyday life, The Earth Around Us empowers all of us to play a more educated and active part in the search for a sustainable future for people and other living things on our planet.

Guide to Florida Lighthouses

Author : Elinor De Wire
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Florida's lighthouses guide shipping south from the St. Marys River to the tip of the Keys, then north to Pensacola Bay. See some of Florida's oldest and most historic structures, with diverse styles of architecture and daymark designs, including the black-and-white bands of the St. Augustine Lighthouse and the spider-legged iron structures along the Florida Reef. This guide has been revised and updated from previous edition, with new photos of renovated lighthouses. It discusses four lighthouses not included in first edition.

The history of Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Author : Frank A. Perry
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The Proceedings of the South Carolina Historical Association

Author : South Carolina Historical Association
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