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A History of Georgia Railroads

Author : Robert C. Jones
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Before the start of the Civil War, Georgia had ten railroads, five of which figured significantly in General William T. Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign and March to the Sea. The number of rail lines in the state ballooned after the war. Many were founded by individual entrepreneurs like Henry Plant and Thomas Clyde, while the biggest railroad of them all (Southern Railway) was created out of whole cloth by New York financier J.P. Morgan. At the close of the nineteenth century, consolidation was already in process, and by the end of the next century, only three significant railroads remained in Georgia. Author and historian Robert C. Jones examines Georgia’s rail history over the past two centuries and today.

Central of Georgia Railway

Author : Jackson McQuigg
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Organized in 1833 by Savannah businessmen, the Central of Georgia Railway was chartered by the Georgia Legislature as the Central Rail Road & Canal Company. The line, connecting Savannah to the interior of the state, boosted the coastal city's seaport, which had lost business to Charleston because of the South Carolina Rail Road's inland reach. In 1843, the Central was extended from Savannah to the outskirts of Macon, and after nearly 120 years of successful operation, the Central of Georgia Railway was purchased by Southern Railway. By 1982, it became merely an accounting entry in the books of Norfolk Southern, a major transportation company.

Exam Prep for A History of Georgia Railroads

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A Short History of Florida Railroads

Author : Gregg Turner
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Florida's railroad heritage began in the 1830s amidst Native American upheaval and territorial colonization. Surpassing waterways as the primary mode of transport, the "Iron Horse" linked practically every town and city, carried tourists and locals, and ably conveyed the wealth of Florida's mines, factories, forests, groves, and farms. Nearly 175 years later, railroads still remain a dependable source of transport within the Sunshine State.

Rails Through the Wiregrass

Author : H. Roger Grant
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Insights into social and economic conditions in the South from the late nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century highlight an illustrated study of the Georgia & Florida Railroad, from its origins in 1906 to its bankruptcy during the Depression, and beyond, exploring its influence on the agricultural diversification and properity of the region.

The Railroads of the Confederacy

Author : Robert C. Black
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Originally published by UNC Press in 1952, The Railroads of the Confederacy tells the story of the first use of railroads on a major scale in a major war. Robert Black presents a complex and fascinating tale, with the railroads of the American Sout

Florida Railroads in the 1920s

Author : Gregg Turner
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Florida's railroads emerged in the 1830s amid Native American upheaval and territorial colonization. Many periods of development marked this fascinating heritage, but one era towers above the rest: the 1920s. It was then that Florida experienced a colossal land boom, one of the greatest migration and building stories in American history. People poured into the state as never before, real estate traded hands at breakneck speed, and the landscape added countless new homes, hotels, apartments, and commercial buildings. Florida's biggest railroads--the Atlantic Coast Line, Seaboard Air Line, and Florida East Coast--were unprepared for the tidal wave of traffic. Thus, the "Big Three" had to rapidly expand and increase capacity. Dozens of projects unfolded at great cost, by one estimate over $100 million. When the building frenzy ended, the railway map of the state stood at its greatest extent--some 5,700 miles. Further, the frequency of railway service within and to the Sunshine State reached an unprecedented level, never again to be repeated.

Seaboard Air Line Railway

Author : Richard E. Prince
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A thorough history of the Seaboard and its various predecessors and subsidiary lines.

When Atlanta Took the Train

Author : David H. Steinberg and The Southeastern Railway Museum
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Atlanta! The very name evokes a sense of grandeur and splendor and an aura of dominance. Indeed, today's Atlanta has no rival. It easily claims the title of the Southeast's leading commercial and transportation hub. Present-day Atlanta prides itself in having one of the largest and busiest airports in the world, and 100 years ago, it boasted of having the busiest railroad center in the South. At its peak, its passenger stations dispatched countless numbers of trains to every major city in the country. This book recalls the building of the many stations that faithfully served Atlanta and records, with the exception of one, their final reduction to piles of rubble when they were of no further use, only to be remembered on paper and in the memories of those fortunate enough to have witnessed them.

Western Atlantic Railroad

Author : Todd DeFeo
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The State of Georgia chartered the Western & Atlantic Railroad in 1836. The railroad aided in the development and growth of many communities between Atlanta and Chattanooga, Tennessee. In constructing the railroad, workers created a winding route that cut its way across the North Georgia landscape. During the Civil War, both armies used this vital artery, and it was the setting for one of the war's most iconic events, the Great Locomotive Chase. The state still owns the Western & Atlantic and has leased it since 1870. The line remains an essential part of North Georgia and is a backbone of the region's industry. As Atlanta ponders its transportation future, it is important to remember that without the Western & Atlantic, Atlanta would not be the city it is today.

The History of the State of Georgia from 1850 to 1881

Author : Isaac Wheeler Avery
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Railroads of Chattanooga

Author : Alan A. Walker
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Founded in 1803 at the site of Ross's Landing on the Tennessee River, Chattanooga was once a small settlement centered around a trading post run by John Ross, who was the leader of the Cherokee nation at the time. In 1836, the State of Georgia chartered the Western and Atlantic Railroad to connect the village of Marthasville (now Atlanta) with the river port at Chattanooga. Within the next twenty years, additional railroad companies would link Chattanooga with all of the major cities in the country. These connections would prove to be vital to the Confederate effort during the Civil War and would make Chattanooga the prime target of numerous military actions on both sides, the most famous being the Andrews Raid of 1862. Railroads of Chattanooga celebrates the history of Chattanooga as a major Southeastern railroad hub and the employees, engines, and events that have made it what it is today.

Poor s Manual of Railroads

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"With an appendix containing a full analysis of the debts of the United States, the several states, municipalities etc. Also statements of street railway and traction companies, industrial corporations, etc." (statement omitted on later vols.).

A History of the Legal Development of the Railroad System of Southern Railway Company

Author : Fairfax Harrison
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Frontier Link with the World

Author : David E. Paterson
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A Frontier Link with the World is the history of one small company which operated a track sixteen miles long and served essentially one community. This company shared significant characteristics with its much larger neighbors, and therefore serves as a microcosm depicting the interrelationships between the corporate activities of a Georgia railroad and the economic and social history of the community it served.A Frontier Link with the World balances discussions of government and corporate influences on railroad development with the activity and interest, collective and individual, of investors and customers in the local community. Paterson describes misconceptions about the railroad's purpose and potential which fostered a love-hate relationship between local people and the railroad. From an analysis of the local economy, David Paterson explores how much the railroad benefited the community, and who benefited most. Beyond scheduled freight and passenger services, the author details other railroad services which broadened the social and cultural horizons of the community.The book makes extensive use of manuscript sources, including the recently - available Central of Georgia Railway Collection at the Georgia Historical Society in Savannah. Significant depth is added by: (1) data on population and wealth for the local community compiled from local tax records for the period of the company's existence, illustrating how the railroad was funded, its profitability, and its effect on the growth of the community, and (2) sufficient biographical data on most of the railroad's employees showing who they were, where they were recruited, and how local amateur operators evolved into a careerrailroad workforce.

Manual of the Railroads of the United States

Author : Henry Varnum Poor
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Classic American Railroads

Author : Mike Schafer
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This book picks up where the previous two Classic American titles left off, focusing on the golden age of American railroading from 1945 to the early 1970s. It extends to the present day where applicable, providing a colorful look at locomotives, passenger and freight operations, development, and, in some cases, demise. Full color.

Tales of the Rails in Georgia

Author : Olin Jackson
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A captivating array of historic articles and period photographs involving the history of the railroads in Georgia over the past 175 years. Information collected from historic newspaper accounts, personal interviews, legal documents, court records, and first-person accounts. Includes full-name and subject indexes for reference purposes.

The History of the Medical College of Georgia

Author : Phinizy Spalding
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Phinizy Spalding traces the development of Georgia's oldest medical school from the initial plans of a small group of physicians to the five school complex found in Augusta in the late 1980s. Charting a course filled with great achievement and near-fatal adversity, Spalding shows how the life of the college has been intimately bound to the local community, state politics, and the national medical establishment. When the Medical Academy of Georgia opened its doors in 1828 to a class of seven students, the total number of degreed physicians in the state was fewer than one hundred. Spalding traces the history of the Academy through its early robust growth in the antebellum years; its slowed progress during the Civil War; its decline and hardships during the early half of the twentieth century; and finally its resurgence and a new era of optimism starting in the 1950s.

The Southern Railway

Author : C. Pat Cates
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Following on the heels of Images of Rail: The Southern Railway, this volume takes a more detailed look at a historic railroad that has served the South for over 100 years and continues to serve as the Norfolk Southern Railway. Included in these pages are stories of bravery in war and ingenuity in peace. From 1942 to 1945, the 727th Railway Operating Battalion—sponsored by the Southern Railway—served in North Africa and up the spine of Italy into Germany. The courageous unit received a citation from Gen. George S. Patton for its involvement in the Sicily Campaign.