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A Handbook of Modern Spoken Breton

Author : Malachy McKenna
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Variation typology

Author : Thorsten Roelcke
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Der Band verbindet erstmals eine sprachtypologische und eine variationslinguistische Betrachtung von 34 europäischen Sprachen in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Die einzelnen Sprachen werden dabei jeweils zunächst im Hinblick auf ihre sprachtypologischen Grundzüge auf drei Ebenen charakterisiert: Lautung (Bestand an Vokalen und Konsonanten, Prosodik und weitere Erscheinungen), Morphologie (Inventar an grammatischen Kategorien, Verhältnis zwischen synthetischem und analytischem Sprachbau sowie Repräsentation morphologischer Haupttypen) und Syntax (Wort- und Satzgliedstellung, Einordnung aus Sicht der relationalen Typologie sowie prominenztypologische Einordnung). Im Anschluss hieran werden jeweils die lautliche, morphologische und syntaktische Variation dieser Sprachen in historischer, regionaler, sozialer und funktionaler Hinsicht sprachtypologisch interpretiert sowie auf Konstanten und Tendenzen hin analysiert. Auf diese Weise trägt der Band einerseits zu einem tieferen und breiteren Verständnis der strukturellen Variation europäischer Sprachen bei und eröffnet andererseits neue Perspektiven für die allgemeine und vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft.

A Handbook of Modern Spoken Breton

Author : George Broderick
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Form und Struktur in der Sprache

Author : Armin R. Bachmann
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A Source Book for Irish English

Author : Raymond Hickey
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Accompanying CD-ROM contains ... "all the bibliographical items in this book ... along with self-installing software necessary to process the databases and tha annotations on a personal computer." -- p. [535].

The Celtic Languages

Author : Donald MacAulay
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The only modern account to describe all surviving Celtic languages in detail.


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Concise Encyclopedia of Languages of the World

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Concise Encyclopedia of Languages of the World is an authoritative single-volume reference resource comprehensively describing the major languages and language families of the world. It will provide full descriptions of the phonology, semantics, morphology, and syntax of the world’s major languages, giving insights into their structure, history and development, sounds, meaning, structure, and language family, thereby both highlighting their diversity for comparative study, and contextualizing them according to their genetic relationships and regional distribution. Based on the highly acclaimed and award-winning Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, this volume will provide an edited collection of almost 400 articles throughout which a representative subset of the world's major languages are unfolded and explained in up-to-date terminology and authoritative interpretation, by the leading scholars in linguistics. In highlighting the diversity of the world’s languages — from the thriving to the endangered and extinct — this work will be the first point of call to any language expert interested in this huge area. No other single volume will match the extent of language coverage or the authority of the contributors of Concise Encyclopedia of Languages of the World. * Extraordinary breadth of coverage: a comprehensive selection of just under 400 articles covering the world's major languages, language families, and classification structures, issues and disputes * Peerless quality: based on 20 years of academic development on two editions of the leading reference resource in linguistics, Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics * Unique authorship: 350 of the world's leading experts brought together for one purpose * Exceptional editorial selection, review and validation process: Keith Brown and Sarah Ogilvie act as first-tier guarantors for article quality and coverage * Compact and affordable: one-volume format makes this suitable for personal study at any institution interested in areal, descriptive, or comparative language study - and at a fraction of the cost of the full encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics

Author :
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The first edition of ELL (1993, Ron Asher, Editor) was hailed as "the field's standard reference work for a generation". Now the all-new second edition matches ELL's comprehensiveness and high quality, expanded for a new generation, while being the first encyclopedia to really exploit the multimedia potential of linguistics. * The most authoritative, up-to-date, comprehensive, and international reference source in its field * An entirely new work, with new editors, new authors, new topics and newly commissioned articles with a handful of classic articles * The first Encyclopedia to exploit the multimedia potential of linguistics through the online edition * Ground-breaking and International in scope and approach * Alphabetically arranged with extensive cross-referencing * Available in print and online, priced separately. The online version will include updates as subjects develop ELL2 includes: * c. 7,500,000 words * c. 11,000 pages * c. 3,000 articles * c. 1,500 figures: 130 halftones and 150 colour * Supplementary audio, video and text files online * c. 3,500 glossary definitions * c. 39,000 references * Extensive list of commonly used abbreviations * List of languages of the world (including information on no. of speakers, language family, etc.) * Approximately 700 biographical entries (now includes contemporary linguists) * 200 language maps in print and online Also available online via ScienceDirect – featuring extensive browsing, searching, and internal cross-referencing between articles in the work, plus dynamic linking to journal articles and abstract databases, making navigation flexible and easy. For more information, pricing options and availability visit The first Encyclopedia to exploit the multimedia potential of linguistics Ground-breaking in scope - wider than any predecessor An invaluable resource for researchers, academics, students and professionals in the fields of: linguistics, anthropology, education, psychology, language acquisition, language pathology, cognitive science, sociology, the law, the media, medicine & computer science. The most authoritative, up-to-date, comprehensive, and international reference source in its field

The Sound Structure of Modern Irish

Author : Raymond Hickey
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The Sound Structure of Modern Irish contains a comprehensive description of the phonology of Irish. Based on the main forms of the language, it offers an analysis of the segments and the processes in its sound system. Each section begins with a description of the area of phonology which is the subject - such as stress patterns, phonotactics, epenthesis or metathesis - and then proceeds to consider the special aspects of this subject from a theoretical and typological perspective. The book pays particular attention to key processes in the sound system of modern Irish. The two most important of these are palatalisation and initial mutation, phenomena which are central to Irish and the analysis of which has consequences for general phonological theory. The other main emphasis in the book is on a typological comparison of several different languages, all of which show palatalisation and/or initial mutation as part of their systems. The different forms of Celtic, Slavic languages, Romance dialects and languages along with languages such as Finnish, Fula, Nivkh and Southern Paiute are considered to find out how processes which are phonetic in origin (external sandhi) can become functionalised and integrated into the morphosyntactic system of a language.