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A Great Plains Reader

Author : Diane Dufva Quantic
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The Great Plains are as rich and integral a part of American literature as they are of the North American landscape. In this volume the stories, poems, and essays that have defined the region evoke the world of the American prairie from the days of Native history to the realities of life on a present-day reservation.

The Great Plains

Author : Walter Prescott Webb
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A study of the changes initiated into the systems and culture of the plain dwellers

Great Plains Quarterly

Author :
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Bad Land Pastoralism in Great Plains Fiction

Author : Matthew J. C. Cella
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At the core of this nuanced book is the question that ecocritics have been debating for decades: what is the relationship between aesthetics and activism, between art and community? By using a pastoral lens to examine ten fictional narratives that chronicle the dialogue between human culture and nonhuman nature on the Great Plains, Matthew Cella explores literary treatments of a succession of abrupt cultural transitions from the Euroamerican conquest of the “Indian wilderness” in the nineteenth century to the Buffalo Commons phenomenon in the twentieth. By charting the shifting meaning of land use and biocultural change in the region, he posits this bad land—the arid West—as a crucible for the development of the human imagination. Each chapter deals closely with two novels that chronicle the same crisis within the Plains community. Cella highlights, for example, how Willa Cather reconciles her persistent romanticism with a growing disillusionment about the future of rural Nebraska, how Tillie Olsen and Frederick Manfred approach the tragedy of the Dust Bowl with strikingly similar visions, and how Annie Proulx and Thomas King use the return of the buffalo as the centerpiece of a revised mythology of the Plains as a palimpsest defined by layers of change and response. By illuminating these fictional quests for wholeness on the Great Plains, Cella leads us to understand the intricate interdependency of people and the places they inhabit. Cella uses the term “pastoralism” in its broadest sense to mean a mode of thinking that probes the relationship between nature and culture: a discourse concerned with human engagement—material and nonmaterial—with the nonhuman community. In all ten novels discussed in this book, pastoral experience—the encounter with the Beautiful—leads to a renewed understanding of the integral connection between human and nonhuman communities. Propelling this tradition of bad land pastoralism are an underlying faith in the beauty of wholeness that comes from inhabiting a continuously changing biocultural landscape and a recognition of the inevitability of change. The power of story and language to shape the direction of that change gives literary pastoralism the potential to support an alternative series of ideals based not on escape but on stewardship: community, continuity, and commitment.

Harper s Fourth Reader

Author :
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Harper s First fourth Reader

Author : James Baldwin
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The Bible Reader s Guide

Author : Ferdinand Schureman Schenck
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The world as it is now a series of geographical readers

Author : Thomas Higman
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Western American Literature

Author :
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The Guyot Geographical Reader and Primer

Author : Mary Howe Smith Pratt
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The region of the great plains The great forest region of the temperate zone The arctic or polar zone The region of the great mountain ranges The great river systems

Author : John Madden
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Winter Weather Type Frequencies Northern Great Plains

Author : Quartermaster Research and Engineering Center (U.S.).
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The Great Plains Region

Author : Amanda Rees
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Provides alphabetically arranged entries on the architecture, art, ecology, folklore, food, religion, and recreation of each major United States region.

Reading Wonders Leveled Reader The Great Plains Approaching Unit 5 Week 5 Grade 5

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Harper s First sixth Reader

Author : Orville T. Bright
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Great Beasts of the Great Plains

Author : Kitty Higgins
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Sold only in sets of 6 copies each of 1 Reader's Theater Script with Teacher Guide. This Script contains 5 parts.

A Reader in Physical Geography for Beinners

Author : Richard Elwood Dodge
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Geographical reader

Author : Philip George and son, ltd
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First Sixth geographical reader With Home lesson book for Second Fourth geographical reader

Author : Blackwood William and sons
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Water Resources of a Portion of the Great Plains

Author : Robert Hay
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