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Activating the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Author : David Ireland
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Receive Supernatural Power! God’s plan for you is that the gifts He has given you become evident in every area of your life. In this dynamic book, David Ireland shows how you can activate the power of the Holy Spirit in your everyday walk with God. Discover how you can… Understand what the gifts of the Spirit are Hear the voice of the Holy Spirit Know God’s heart in every spiritual matter Be miraculously used by God Have authority over Satan’s tricks and deceptions Conquer fear, doubt, and unbelief. Possess the power of the early church God has destined you to move in the gifts of the Spirit with ease and ability. Learn how you can experience the fullness of God’s power by operating in the realm of the supernatural!

Smith Wigglesworth on Spiritual Gifts

Author : Smith Wigglesworth
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As Smith Wigglesworth explains the role and function of spiritual gifts, he provides important safeguards for the proper exercise of these manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Through his simple yet inspiring words, you will find out how to… Deal with evil powers Use your spiritual gifts wisely Minister healing to others Guard against false words of guidance Receive God’s wisdom for your life Serve others in Christ’s love Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit Learn from Smith Wigglesworth’s personal experiences in ministering to thousands through the power of the Holy Spirit! By discovering how to receive and operate in the gifts of the Spirit, you can be the instrument God uses to transmit His love and miracles to others.

A Gift of the Spirit

Author : Eugene Victor Wolfenstein
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In A Gift of the Spirit, Eugene Victor Wolfenstein offers a reading of W. E. B. Du Bois's The Souls of Black Folk aimed at demonstrating its organic unity and coherence. He takes as his interpretive key the experience of the color line with which Du Bois's narrative begins—the incident from his youth in which a white girl refused his offer of a visiting card. Wolfenstein contends that this instance of misrecognition makes visible an aesthetic and affective configuration involving insult and injury, both racial and personal; anger as the immediate response to the humiliating wound; and, when that anger is suppressed, a melancholy retreat from the site of injury. As Wolfenstein reconstructs it, Souls tells the story of Du Bois's twofold approach to waging the battle for recognition: proud and disciplined resistance to the impositions and injustices of white supremacy; and the development of an intellectual station above the field of battle, where it could be surveyed from on high. With its serious and respectful approach to this canonical work in African American social theory, A Gift of the Spirit is a fitting tribute to the enduring relevance of Du Bois's singular achievement.

The Healing Gifts of the Spirit

Author : Agnes Sanford
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This practical guide to spiritual healing blends insightful spiritual reflection and the wisdom of hard-won experience in a reliable and inspiring handbook for developing our innate capacity for richer living and richer giving through the healing gifts of the Spirit. Many years ago, Agnes Sanford was cured of acute depression by a minister who believed in the healing power of prayer. Subsequently, she herself became very active and successful in healing others of mental and physical ailments by drawing upon the same resources for inner well-being. In The Healing Gifts of the Spirit, she shares the simple, practicable ways of self-help she discovered, and gives step-by-step advice on how to help others. She discusses not only her own cure but also the gift of healing in general and its growing recognition in the contemporary church. She devotes a chapter to the gift of miracles, and another -- especially interesting -- to the gift of tongues. Her exploration of these topics is richly inspiring, offering readers one of the most detailed, informative discussions of the nature, dynamics, and potential rewards of these unique manifestations of God's presence. At the same time, she demonstrates how anyone can draw upon this healing power for good in the world. As evidence of how these gifts can -- and do -- reveal themselves, the author cites many examples from observation and personal encounters with the healing power of the Spirit.

Questions and Answers on Spiritual Gifts

Author : Howard Carter
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"The importance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the essential functioning of the Church of Jesus Christ cannot be over-estimated. Without them, the Church lacks the spiritual equipment so necessary for an aggressive conflict with the powers of darkness; she is also deprived of that edifying enrichment derived from the manifestation of the Holy Spirit's presence and power in her midst. If a person is 'called' to be a son of God, that person is also a prospective recipient of the gifts of the Holy Spirit." - Howard Carter Howard Carter pioneered a quest for revelation of this supernatural subject and was regarded as an authority on the gifts of the Spirit. He founded England's first Pentecostal Bible School and helped to establish a major denomination in that country. Questions and Answers on Spiritual Gifts was taken from a series of discussions at Hampstead Bible College in London, England. Howard Carter answered a broad range of questions like: How do you explain the visions of Daniel? If someone has the gift of healing, does it mean that he can heal anyone? Do the gift of discernment and the word of wisdom sometimes overlap? The questions and answers in this book provide and eye-opening, easy-to-understand education on spiritual gifts. "If we ignore the gifts of the Holy Spirit we despise the heritage which is granted to us in Christ." Prepare to receive and to move in the gifts and callings God placed in your life!

Heavenly Secrets to Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts

Author : Tracy Cooke
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Start moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit today. There are supernatural gifts that God has placed inside of you just waiting to be opened and activated. So, why wait a day longer? Heavenly Secrets to Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts helps you identify the gifts of the Holy Spirit and teaches you how to start accessing them now. It’s never too early or too late to start. The first step is developing a powerful, intimate and dynamic relationship with the Gift-Giver: the Holy Spirit! Tracy Cooke is a respected prophet who trains and empowers everyday Christians to move in the extraordinary supernatural power the Bible claims is available today! It’s not reserved for special people or prophets; the gifts of the Holy Spirit are readily accessible to every single follower of Jesus. In this powerful book, Tracy will provide you heavenly keys to operate in these supernatural gifts. In this book you will learn how to: Increase your relationship with the Holy Spirit and learn His signature characteristics. Depend on the Holy’s Spirit’s leading as you flow in the gifts. Position yourself for the Glory of God to manifest and to release through your life. Also included are powerful prayers for healing, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the anointing for miracles, and more! Learn the Bible secrets to walking in the gifts of the Spirit and releasing His power wherever you go!

The Gifts and Ministries of the Holy Spirit

Author : Lester Sumrall
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You Can Have the Power of the Holy Spirit The gifts of the Spirit can destroy any force the devil might use against Christians. You are a candidate for the gifts of revelation, power, and inspiration. They will function anywhere—right where you are now! Dr. Sumrall discusses subjects including: The charismatic renewal The weapons of our warfare How you can receive the gifts The devil's counterfeit The purpose of ministry gifts You can be included in the great outpouring of God's Spirit!

Gift and Giver

Author : Craig S. Keener
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Affirms the validity of spiritual gifts while seeking to restore a biblical emphasis on why the gifts are given.

The Spiritual Gifts Challenge

Author : Rachel Linkswiler
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Discover what the Bible says about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. God provides everyone with spirit-given abilities for their walk of faith. Learn about those gifts and put that knowledge to action in the Spiritual Gifts Challenge.

Revelations Gifts from the Holy Spirit Recognizing and Understanding the Holy Spirit in Your Life

Author : Lisa D. Lewis
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We’ll be discovering the gifts of the Holy Spirit, what each of those gifts mean and how to recognize his promptings for proper use of these gifts. You’ll discover that we all have gifts in various portions and most are recognizable in our individual personalities. There are also other gifts that are not so visible and are more concentrated for a specific purpose that we’ll be learning more about too. What gifts do you have? Let’s find out!

Know Your Spiritual Gifts

Author : Mark Stibbe
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Here is a new edition of this important book from one of the most influential charismatic churches in the UK. Many Christians hunger for the gifts of the Holy Spirit described in the new Testament, but don't know how to discern their validity or fully use their potential. In this book, Mark Stibbe examines the biblical presentation of these gifts, and applies it for Christians to use in all areas of their life and service today. He helps us discern true authenticity in the realm of spiritual power, and exercise the responsibility which accompanies the Spirit's gifting. Most importantly, he helps us to become more faithful and fruitful disciples of Christ.

Your Gift Teaching

Author : Douglas Porter
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You love teaching…and maybe you have discovered that your dominant spiritual gift is the gift of teaching. What now? Use this book to learn more about what the Bible says regarding teaching, gain a better understanding of your role in the body of Christ, discover ways to sharpen your skills, find ideas for using your gift, and even receive a 2-year plan for thinking like a teacher. Topics also include: What Is Teaching? Gathering Data for Effective Teaching, Taking Aim to Focus Your Teaching, Preparing Your Teaching Plan, Choosing Your Own Unique Teaching Style, Measuring Your Effectiveness in Teaching, Finding Your Place on the Ministry Team, and more.

A Gift of the Spirit

Author : Karel Rose
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The Gift of Spirit

Author : Prentice Mulford
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Prentice Mulford was once described as a thinking man, not a reading man. His insights into the mysteries surrounding humanity derived from firsthand thought and experience, not from books. On such age-old topics as reincarnation, the power of thought, the mystery of sleep, the value of prayer, and the occult (all found in this collection), Mulford's attempts to understand our transcendental nature were intuitive and sympathetic, not ordered and logical. This very human quality, along with an unrelenting optimism and faith in man's goodness, lend a freshness and vitality to his work that transcend era. This is self-help for the soul, mind, and body. American author PRENTICE MULFORD (1834-1891) is one of the oddest fixtures of 19th-century literature. After moving for years in the literary and Bohemian sets of San Francisco in the 1860s as a writer of humorous short stories, he lived as a hermit in New Jersey, where he wrote the books of modern spirituality that made him a pioneer of modern self-help philosophies, including Thoughts Are Things and The God in You.

Unwrapping the Gift of Mercy

Author : David Bennett
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As an internationally gifted speaker and author, David Bennett explains how God uses believers with the Gift of Mercy to benefit the Body of Christ. Using Biblical characters, great historical men of faith, and contemporary real-life people, David opens the heart and soul of Christians spiritually endowed with the Motivational Gift of Mercy. Beginning with Scripture, David defines and demonstrates the Gift of Mercy as it plays out in real life Christianity. Gleaning from the personal lives of past and present saints, David details how the believer with this Gift can be characterized, identified, motivated, and used in the Church of Jesus Christ today. David believes that for the body of Christ to function successfully each member must recognize his divine purpose and function for the health and growth of the body, and carry out his intended objectives and responsibilities in the power of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit and His Gifts

Author : Kenneth E. Hagin
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Read about the meaning and the Holy Spirt and His Gifts that Jesus well share and understand the Holy Spirt with you.

The Gift of the Holy Spirit

Author : John Reuther
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This book studies the Person and work of the Holy Spirit as He is revealed throughout redemptive history, where His ministries come into sharp focus. It begins with the personal promise of the gift for all who are regenerated, based on the promises of the Old Testament, John, and Jesus. It explores His nature as the third Person of the Trinity by looking into the meaning of His names, His properties, and His manifestations in history. The book explores the ministries of the Spirit in conversion and throughout the Christian life, looking at His personal ministries in regeneration, Spirit baptism, sealing, anointing, illumination, witness, leading, praying, filling, fruit, and spiritual gifts. The last part looks at how we are to live in the Spirit in this age, and what our expectations should be. The book deals with important issues in pneumatology, including the issue of cessation and continuation of spiritual gifts, but most importantly, safeguarding the love of the Spirit by not grieving or quenching Him.

The Holy Spirit Spiritual Gifts

Author : Susan Rohrer
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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THE HOLY SPIRIT - Spiritual Gifts: Amazing Power for Everyday People (Second Edition) Do You Want to Experience God's Power in Your Everday Life? We sit in our pews. We hear about the awesome power of God the Father. We marvel at the miracles of Jesus. Then off we go, never expecting those supernatural spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit to flow through us in the here and now. That's exactly what this author did, until one day she was confronted with a stunning possibility: that miracles of biblical proportions can and do still happen, even in the lives of the humblest among us. Even you. The challenge? It meant getting to know the Holy Spirit, that enigmatic Third Person of the Trinity she'd heard so little about in traditional teaching. It meant braving controversy about spiritual gifts, searching the Scriptures, and venturing into new waters in faith. Let's be honest. Even wading toward the depths of the Holy Spirit and the extraordinary spiritual gifts may seem scary. It may even sound kind of kooky or off-base. You don't want to get in over your head. You fear drowning in error or emotionalism. Still, you may long to deepen your experience with God. You may be asking: What happened to the power Jesus promised to believers? Why has the Holy Spirit become such a taboo subject? Are modern miracles of biblical proportions still happening? How can I access the supernatural power of God? Does the Holy Spirit have spiritual gifts for me? If so, which ones? THE HOLY SPIRIT - Spiritual Gifts: Amazing Power for Everyday People is a step-by-step guide for how to grow in dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit. It explores how even the most ordinary believer can experience the miracle working power of God in everyday life. This scripturally-referenced how to book with workbook-style applications is ideal for individual or group Bible Study, geared at building a highly accessible, scriptural foundation for the Person and supernatural spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit. Tackling tough questions with straight answers, this book tracks an everyday believer's journey into what may be Christianity's best kept secret. It dives deep into the often marginalized mysteries of the Holy Spirit, mingling scriptural examples with numerous contemporary anecdotes of the amazing power of God in the lives of everyday believers. CHAPTERS IN THIS BOOK: Father, Son, and Holy Who? Why I Hadn't Heard This in a Thousand Sermons The Holy Spirit for Newbies Sensing the Spirit without Getting Weird Getting Our Feet Wet in God's Powerful River Going Deeper without Going over the Deep End Passing the Spirit's Torch to You Would God Really Give Power Tools to Children? The Word of Wisdom The Word of Knowledge The Gift of Faith Gifts of Healing Effecting of Miracles Distinguishing of Spirits Various Kinds of Tongues Interpretation of Tongues Prophecy Prophetic Visions Prophetic Dreams Hearing Aids for All God's Sheep If your answer is "yes" to any of the questions below, this book is recommended for you. Ever wonder what you're not hearing about the Holy Spirit? Would you like to read inspirational stories of modern miracles? Do you want to experience the supernatural power of God in your life? Would you like to learn about how to discover your spiritual gifts? Do you wonder about charismatic renewal? Do you want to know more about gifts of healing and hearing God's voice? Are you intrigued by prophecy, visions, and dreams? Are you involved in prayer, Bible study, worship, and lay ministry? Click above to order your copy of The Holy Spirit - Spiritual Gifts: Amazing Power for Everyday People today!

The Discerning of Spirits

Author : Frank Hammond
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The gift of discerning of spirits is a powerful weapon in the Christian's arsenal! When God calls us into ministry, He equips us. God has called all of us into spiritual warfare and spiritual battle. His Church will be a militant Church, and the "gates of hell shall not prevail against her." The weapons God supplies us with are not carnal or fleshly weapons, but spiritual ones, they are "mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds." We are equipped by God for spiritual warfare through the gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12. God has said that these are the channels through which His power will flow, the avenues through which His Holy Spirit will operate. Chief among these gifts for the ministry of deliverance is the gift of discerning of spirits. We must rely upon the Holy Spirit for the ministry of deliverance and nothing else, not the arm of the flesh or the voice of demons. Frank Hammond explains the application of this gift to the believer, and provides examples of how it has worked in his own ministry. He concludes with a prayer of impartation for the reader to receive this gift and the gifts of knowledge, wisdom and faith.

Holy Spirit the Ultimate Gift

Author : Evang. Mrs. Ebere E. Okoroafor
File Size : 60.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Holy Spirit is The Spirit of God. He is our Anchor, Fire, Spirit, Strength, Breath, Helper, Companion, Teacher, Enabler and so on. He is the third Person in the Trinity and a very indispensable Person in our holistic life. Evang Ebere E. Okoroafor’s personal experiences, with Him gave her the background and entirety write up of this book, Holy Spirit- The Ultimate Gift. The Revelation that we are in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit and without Him we can not serve God well and be taking away with other saints have encouraged her to share The Most Important and Indispensable Helper so that the image of His importance will continue to be fresh in the way we Love Him, seek Him, and love one another always with the Ultimate goal of being with Christ Jesus in Eternity. What a Wonderful Companion!