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Christmas A Gift for Every Heart

Author : Charles F. Stanley
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Beloved pastor Dr. Charles Stanley takes us back to our truest and best reason for celebration—the birth of Christ. By revisiting the people and events of that first Christmas, Dr. Stanley reveals the unique lessons that long-ago starry night offers to each of us today. Such timeless truths as . . . true peace and joy are found only in Christ, not in the things of this world; Christmas itself is undeniable evidence that God always keeps His promises; the Lord God not only lives and reigns, but He is intimately involved in every circumstance of our lives; and the perfect gift for us to give Jesus is the gift of our own heart. Christmas is a gift to everyone on earth. That gift has different meaning to God—Christ’s birth was His perfect plan that unfolded in His perfect time. This message is followed by a celebration of who Jesus is—God came down, reigning King, suffering Servant, Savior of the world—and the lessons learned through His birth from the perspectives of: Mary, the virgin mother Joseph, faithful and obedient servant of God the innkeeper who had no vacancy the townspeople who were indifferent to what was happening around them the wise men who, by faith, followed the star and brought gifts of genuine worship and adoration and Isaiah, looking for the wonderful counselor Christmas: A Gift for Every Heart is a highly designed Christmas gift book with beautiful callouts, Dr. Stanley’s own personal thoughts and memories, Scripture, and four-color photography. This will be a treasured gift for Advent and Christmas that will be read again and again.

Gift for a Great Man

Author : Dennis Cory
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In the mid Eighteen Hundreds, over a decade before the Civil War, a precious Christian Grandma was raising her orphaned grandson. They lived in a township in Northwestern Kentucky where most of the people had abolitionist leanings. She was a saintly, matriarchal woman loved and respected by everyone in the immediate area; known and revered by most of the population of the county. She was one of those great ladies of the faith who had especially endeared herself to the young people of the local church and even to those outside of the church who were friends of her grandson and his girlfriend. She was endowed by God in Jesus Christ with His love, mercy, grace and forgiveness for family friends and neighbors. One night she had a dream which was unmistakably from the Spirit of God. She was told that she and her grandson had been chosen to bless a great man at a future time. She was to keep this to herself for the time being; she was told they would both be instructed in Gods specific purpose, but also in His time. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ This Grandmother is modeled after my childrens two Grandmothers; my mother, Etta Cory, and my mother-in-law, Dorothy Shelton, who are both now resting in Heaven with our LORD. If there is anything which could be said in common about both of these great ladies, it would be to say that they prayed. They knew to pray fervently in Jesus Name and in faith believing, not allowing circumstances or even what they saw in the natural to discourage their prayers to God. Lives were changed for the better and rooted down in Jesus Christ because these women prayed and believed never giving up hope or giving place to the enemy. Their Love and Faith has caused the foundation of countless lives to be built upon the Rock of Ages.

A Gift for All Seasons

Author : Karen Templeton
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CHRISTMAS PRESENT Hiring Patrick Shaughnessy to landscape her new inn was strictly a business arrangement. Until April Ross got to know the war-scarred single father...and his irrepressible little girl. Patrick made it clear he wasn't looking for romance. Neither was April. But could she make him see that some risks were worth taking? The lively, widowed blonde might be the most tempting woman Patrick had ever known, but the returning vet knew a happy ending wasn't in the cards. Still, that was before April started working her magic on his daughter...and on him. Maybe this Christmas was a time for new beginnings-if Patrick had the courage to go with the powerful feelings April had awakened in him....

A Gift for My Sister

Author : Ann Pearlman
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Sisters Tara and Sky, different in every way, must come together in the wake of a series of tragedies and try to understand each other.

GIFT GIVING for Mommies

Author : Mommies Line
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"GIFT GIVING for Mommies" helps you overcome the dilemmas and to enjoy the art and practice of gift giving; becoming "gifted" in the art of selection, presentation, and reception of gifts. In the first Chapter, "Gift Selection," the quandaries in choosing and giving the right gift are unraveled. Surprisingly, "re-gifting" can be done with a lot of class. In the second chapter, "Gift Presentation," the reader is shown how to make exactly the right presentation of the gift. Cultures dictate that gifts must be presented in a particular manner to avoid offending the receiver. Knowing the protocol can mean the difference between making or breaking a personal or business relationship. In the third chapter, "Gift Reception," the author enlightens the reader about the complications associated with being on the receiving end of a gift. We don't always receive a gift properly. Knowing how and when to decline a gift is as important as knowing how to select and properly present a gift.

Business in Blue Jeans

Author : Susan Baroncini-Moe
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The world no longer defines successful businesspeople by their suit and ties. Today we live in a world where any entrepreneur can create a successful, profitable, enjoyable business in whatever style suits him or her the best. And hey, if putting on a suit and heading for your corporate office is what works best for you, that's great. But if throwing on your favorite pair of blue jeans and heading for the beach works better, that's cool too. In Business in Blue Jeans: How to Have a Successful Business on Your Own Terms, in Your Own Style, you'll learn how to create and grow a business that works for you. More than just a "how to" guide, Business in Blue Jeans, contains actionable, practical that show you how to: Break through the "brain junk" that's been getting in your way to starting a business. Develop a business idea (or hone the one you already have) with real potential for success. Package your idea to attract the people who want what you have to offer and will pay for it. Become visible to your potential customers and clients so that they think of you first. Stand head and shoulders above your competitors without spending an extra dime. Build a community and network that includes the support and the connections you need, drawing people in instead of pushing them away. Hire, train, and manage a team as your business grows so that it's never out of control (and so you can hit the beach!). We live in an ever-changing economy and that can make starting and growing a business seem daunting. But with the right guidance, you, too, can have successful business that makes everything else that you want in life possible.

The Unseen Gifts of Alzheimer s Disease and Dementia

Author : Wendy Chanampa
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SELF IMPROVEMENT Learn how to see the joy and love as we assist people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating diagnosis. How can we, as caregivers, walk through this journey, assisting our loved ones to live life fully? There is a rainbow in the storm, and we, the caregivers, are often the ones that need to be able to look upward. The person with dementia is still the same person that you know; yet he or she is different and unable at times to comprehend what is happening. How can we prepare and embrace these individuals as they travel this road? The frequency of this disease is increasing and now is the time to view it as we do other diseases. People can live fulfilling lives with this disability. We, the caregivers, are the solution as we learn to embrace and enjoy the journey. There is no easy route, and there will be setbacks and crises. I offer this book as simply another tool to assist you along the way. * Discover how you can make a difference through acceptance and gratitude. * Understand the changes that are taking place. * Learn how to take care of yourself. * Find the gifts along the journey.

Winning Gifts

Author : Thomas C. Wilson
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The secret to getting gifts and making donors feel like winners. Know the best approaches to people-centered fundraising. Understand the role of executive director, fundraisers, program managers, and volunteers in the win-win framework, the importance of listening, the case for a donor-centered approach, and the direct ways these concepts can be applied in a variety of fundraising settings. Includes numerous real-world examples taken from the author's own experience as chief philanthropy officer in nonprofits and as a leader in a well-known national nonprofit consulting company. Thomas D. Wilson is the vice president and western regional manager for Campbell & Company. His career in fundraising spans more than 25 years and includes building successful campaigns from inception, reinvigorating stalled initiatives, and board/staff training.

Your Federal Income Tax for Individuals

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A Selection of Internal Revenue Service Tax Information Publications

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