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Religion and the Philosophy of Life

Author : Gavin Flood
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Religion and the Philosophy of Life considers how religion as the source of civilization transforms the fundamental bio-sociology of humans through language and the somatic exploration of religious ritual and prayer. Gavin Flood offers an integrative account of the nature of the human, based on what contemporary scientists tell us, especially evolutionary science and social neuroscience, as well as through the history of civilizations. Part one contemplates fundamental questions and assumptions: what the current state of knowledge is concerning life itself; what the philosophical issues are in that understanding; and how we can explain religion as the driving force of civilizations in the context of human development within an evolutionary perspective. It also addresses the question of the emergence of religion and presents a related study of sacrifice as fundamental to religions' views about life and its transformation. Part two offers a reading of religions in three civilizational blocks—India, China, and Europe/the Middle East—particularly as they came to formation in the medieval period. It traces the history of how these civilizations have thematised the idea of life itself. Part three then takes up the idea of a life force in part three and traces the theme of the philosophy of life through to modern times. On the one hand, the book presents a narrative account of life itself through the history of civilizations, and on the other presents an explanation of that narrative in terms of life.

Learning for Life in the 21st Century

Author : Gordon Wells
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United by the belief that the most significant factor in shaping the minds of young people is the cultural setting in which learning takes place, the twenty eminent contributors to this volume present new thinking on education across the boundaries of school, home, work and community.

Transformation and Convergence in the Frame of Knowledge

Author : Thomas F. Torrance
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The essays which make up this volume arise out of the author's ongoing engagement with the tension between Christian theology and the general frame of thought that has dominated European culture for several hundred years. The early Christian Church set about not only to communicate the Gospel to the Greco-Roman world but also to transform the prevailing mode of thought and culture so that the Gospel could take deep root and develop within it. Therefore, in every age, says Thomas F. Torrance, "the Christian faith must be brought to bear transformingly upon the whole frame of human culture, science, and philosophy."


Author : Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
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Includes corrected 1818 text of the novel and seven essays about the novel.

The Therapeutic Frame in the Clinical Context

Author : Maria Luca
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How does the therapeutic frame help therapists in their practice? The Therapeutic Frame in the Clinical Context examines some of the key issues inherent in the intimate and very often intense therapeutic relationship. It addresses and clarifies perspectives on the creation of a therapeutic environment that is conducive to therapy. The book addresses specific aspects of the therapeutic frame. How does a client feel about unexpectedly meeting her psychotherapist's son or daughter? How does a psychotherapist or counsellor practice within a 'frameless', often intrusive environment, in acute hospital wards? How does a counsellor manage the frame in the face of a life-threatening illness? Using a wealth of examples from clinical practice, The Therapeutic Frame in the Clinical Context examines these issues and more, in a range of settings including the NHS, private practice, and the workplace, and provides valuable guidelines from a range of theoretical perspectives, including Jungian and psychoanalytic.

Towards a shared vision and action frame for community forestry in Liberia Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Community Forestry in Liberia Monrovia 12 15 December 2005

Author : Cifor
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Sovereignty of Death

Author : Rob Weatherill
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The Intention Economy

Author : Doc Searls
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Caveat venditor—let the seller beware While marketers look for more ways to get personal with customers, including new tricks with “big data,” customers are about to get personal in their own ways, with their own tools. Soon consumers will be able to: • Control the flow and use of personal data • Build their own loyalty programs • Dictate their own terms of service • Tell whole markets what they want, how they want it, where and when they should be able to get it, and how much it should cost And they will do all of this outside of any one vendor’s silo. This new landscape we’re entering is what Doc Searls calls The Intention Economy—one in which demand will drive supply far more directly, efficiently, and compellingly than ever before. In this book he describes an economy driven by consumer intent, where vendors must respond to the actual intentions of customers instead of vying for the attention of many. New customer tools will provide the engine, with VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) providing the consumer counterpart to vendors’ CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. For example, imagine being able to change your address once for every company you deal with, or combining services from multiple companies in real time, in your own ways—all while keeping an auditable accounting of every one of your interactions in the marketplace. These tantalizing possibilities and many others are introduced in this book. As customers become more independent and powerful, and the Intention Economy emerges, only vendors and organizations that are ready for the change will survive, and thrive. Where do you stand?

Literarisches und interkulturelles Verstehen

Author : Lothar Bredella
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Oak The Frame of Civilization

Author : William Bryant Logan
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The ultimate distance race is within your reach—a completely updated edition of the now-classic work. Professional arborist and award-winning nature writer William Bryant Logan deftly relates the delightful history of the reciprocal relationship between humans and oak trees since time immemorial—a profound link that has almost been forgotten. From the ink of Bach’s cantatas, to the first boat to reach the New World, to the wagon, the barrel, and the sword, oak trees have been a constant presence throughout our history. In fact, civilization prospered where oaks grew, and for centuries these supremely adaptable, generous trees have supported humankind in nearly every facet of life. “With an unabashed enthusiasm for his subject” (Carol Haggas, Booklist) Logan combines science, philosophy, spirituality, and history with a contagious curiosity about why the natural world works the way it does. At once humorous and reverent, “this splendid acknowledgment of a natural marvel” (Publishing News) reintroduces the oak tree so that we might see its vibrant presence throughout our history and our modern world.

The Victorian Frame of Mind 1830 1870

Author : Walter E. Houghton
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ôIt is now forty years,ö Walter Houghton writes, ôsince Lytton Strachey decided that we knew too much about the Victorian era to view its culture as a whole.öá Recently the tide has turned and the Victorians have been the subject of sympathetic ôperiod pieces,ö critical and biographical works, and extensive studies of their age, but the Victorian mind itself remains blurred for usùa bundle of various and often paradoxical ideas and attitudes.á Mr. Houghton explores these ideas and attitudes, studies their interrelationships, and traces their simultaneous existence to the general character of the age.á His inquiry is the more important because it demonstrates that to look into the Victorian mind is to see some of the primary sources of the modern mind.

Formal Descriptions of Developing Systems

Author : James Nation
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A cutting-edge survey of formal methods directed specifically at dealing with the deep mathematical problems engendered by the study of developing systems, in particular dealing with developing phase spaces, changing components, structures and functionalities, and the problem of emergence. Several papers deal with the modelling of particular experimental situations in population biology, economics and plant and muscle developments in addition to purely theoretical approaches. Novel approaches include differential inclusions and viability theory, growth tensors, archetypal dynamics, ensembles with variable structures, and complex system models. The papers represent the work of theoreticians and experimental biologists, psychologists and economists. The areas covered embrace complex systems, the development of artificial life, mathematics, computer science, biology and psychology.

The Man and Woman Manifesto

Author : Christopher Alan Anderson
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In The Man and Woman Manifesto: What We Believe!, the author gives an accounting of what this paradigm shift into man and woman balance is about, both individually and for the world at large. We are at a turning point in the conscious evolution of mankind on planet earth. We all feel the change, and turbulence, although we are not sure of which way to turn. We are being offered an empty sexual progressivism through L,G,B,T,Q, as well as an existential threat in Islamic radicalism. In the meantime, our own Constitutional system of governance with its Christian roots seems to comprise a history--what is the way forward? These are not easy questions. This is not an easy book. But if you can capture its essence your life will forevermore have purpose. This writing will forevermore change your life as well as the world at large. Keywords: Metaphysics, Spiritual, Sexual, Love, Man, Woman, Balance, Freedom, Life, Eternal

Food for Life

Author : Loyle Shannon Jung
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Food for Life draws on L. Shannon Jung's gifts as theologian, ethicist, pastor, and eater extraordinaire. In this deeply thoughtful but very lively book, he encourages us to see our humdrum habits of eating and drinking as a spiritual practice that can renew and transform us and our world. In a fascinating sequence that takes us from the personal to the global, Jung establishes the religious meaning of eating and shows how it dictates a healthy order of eating. He exposes Christians' complicity in the face of widespread eating disorders we experience personally, culturally, and globally, and he argues that these disorders can be reversed through faith, Christian practices, attention to habitual activities like cooking and gardening, the church's ministry, and transforming our cultural policies about food.

Rehearsing for Life

Author : Monica Mottin
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This work examines the production and performance of theatrical activities aimed at bringing about social change in both development and political intervention in Nepal. If everyday social problems can be both represented and challenged through drama-based performances, then what differentiates street theatre performed in planned development from street theatre performed within social and political movements? This multi-sited ethnography attempts to answer this question by following the works of Aarohan Theatre – a Kathmandu-based professional company, performing both loktantrik natak (theatre for democracy) in the context of the 2005–06 popular movement, and kachahari natak (forum theatre) for development projects. The analysis then extends to the forum theatre produced by one of Aarohan's partner groups, the Kamlari Natak Samuha – a Tharu grass-roots activist organization based in Deukhuri Valley (West Nepal) campaigning against indentured child labour.

Primed for Life

Author : Lorna Kalaw-Tirol
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Midlife crisis is very dreading, especially among men. Even though they mask their condition with masculine flippancy or bravura, they suffer from slings and arrows, too. In this collection of essays compiled by Lorna Kalaw-Tirol, delve deeper into some of midlife men’s inner lives. “Here are gems of glimpses into men’s inner lives that we will find nowhere else except in good fiction.” — From the Foreword by Mariel N. Francisco


Author :
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LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.

Rhythms for Life

Author : Alastair Sterne
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Spiritual transformation is not a one-size-fits-all journey—we each need distinct spiritual rhythms that align us with our unique identity and calling in Christ. In this practical book Alastair Sterne shows how we can craft a life of more intentionality, offering fourfold rhythms that point us upward to God, inward to self, withward in community, and outward in mission.

Performing Psychology

Author : Lois Holzman
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More than an academic critique, Performing Psychology offers a new methodology for understanding human life. Arguing that both psychological activity and its study are essentially performance, Neuman and his colleagues expose the myths of mainstream psychology and the limitations of its postmodern challengers.

Love is Stronger than Death

Author : Peter Kreeft
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In one of his most penetrating books, Kreeft ponders the meaning of a terminal illness we all have: death. The three vital questions of Life, Death, and God are approached through a variety of human experiences. Kreeft's book is a new statement of the Christian vision: the meaning of our existence, and of death, is the fulfillment of our deepest desire for the infinite joy and love of God.