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A Forger s Tale

Author : Shaun Greenhalgh
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In 2007, Bolton Crown Court sentenced Shaun Greenhalgh to four years and eight months in prison for the crime of producing artistic forgeries. Working out of a shed in his parents' garden, Greenhalgh had successfully fooled some of the world's greatest museums. During the court case, the breadth of his forgeries shocked the art world and tantalised the media. What no one realised was how much more of the story there was to tell. Written in prison, A Forger's Tale details Shaun's notorious career and the extraordinary circumstances that led to it. From Leonardo drawings to L.S. Lowry paintings, from busts of American presidents to Anglo-Saxon brooches, from cutting-edge Modernism to the ancient art of the Stone Age, Greenhalgh could - and did - copy it all. Told with great wit and charm, this is the definitive account of Britain's most successful and infamous forger, a man whose love for art saturates every page of this extraordinary memoir.

A Forger s Tale

Author : Michael Saint
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Michael Saint was convicted at an East London Court for printing the largest amount of foreign currency ever found in Britain. The currency was Spanish pesetas and he was sentenced to six years imprisonment. In the dock with him stood John Dean, Sylvia Smith and a Grass. Born into a poor East London Family, Michael Saint became the most successful forger in British history. Michael manages to laugh at himself and you will laugh along with him. Humour has replaced mindless violence and foul language usually to be found in True Crime books. This is the story of his early life, the events leading up to the printing of the money, his arrest and subsequent life in prison.

The Forger s Tale

Author : Rod Howard
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Delve into the many lives of Henry Savery, Australia's first novelist, described by Tom Keneally as 'a man whose own story is as picaresque as anything inside the covers of the novel'. Born to fortune but spurned by fate, a single act of folly launches young Henry into an extraordinary spiral of calamity. Banished to the end of the earth, bankrupt and betrayed, denied even the sanctuary of death, he surveys the gothic ruins of his past from an empty Hobart Town gaol cell and begins pouring out the story of his tortured journey - conjuring a thinly veiled autobiography that will become Australia’s first published novel. Henry had long considered literature the best employment for a man of his talents and education. His catastrophic failings in every other endeavour confirmed it. But the final twist is yet to come. The facts of Henry Savery’s tumultuous life are the equal of any fiction. Rod Howard’s rollercoaster tale - epic in scale and rich in historical insight - is the untold story of a life cruelled by misjudgement and misfortune, and the educated felon who played a part in the birth of Australia’s free press.

The Forger s Tale

Author : Stephanie Newell
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'The Forger's Tale' charts the story of the English novelist and poet, John Moray Stuart-Young (1881-1939) as he traveled from the slums of Manchester to West Africa in order to escape the homophobic prejudices of late-Victorian society.

The Forger

Author : Cioma Schönhaus
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In Nazi Germany, 20-year-old graphic artist Cioma Schönhaus found a unique outlet for his talent: he forged documents for people fleeing the Reich, ultimately helping to save hundreds of lives. Yet, even as the Gestapo posted his photo in public, he lived a daringly adventurous life, replete with fine restaurants and beautiful women, all the while managing to elude the Nazis. Breathtakingly bold, Schönhaus talked his way out of an arrest, defended Jewish diners being harassed by the police, and ultimately fled Germany by bicycling to Switzerland. Schönhaus's story-his courageous exploits that saved so many, as many others around him were deported, one by one, to the concentration camps-is an astonishing tale of wartime heroism and survival.

The Royal Dictionary French and English and English and French

Author : Abel Boyer
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The Forger

Author : Paul Watkins
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Paris, 1939. Europe is on the brink of a second World War. David Halifax, a young American art student, is arrested for forgery. Unbeknownst to Halifax, an unscrupulous art dealer has put some of his paintings on the market, attempting to pass them off as Old Masters. When the ruse is uncovered, it is Halifax who is arrested, and charged with forgery. Then, as the Nazis converge upon Paris, Halifax is press-ganged into service by the Resistance: he must forge a number of great paintings, so that the originals don't fall into the hands of the invaders. Halifax is painfully aware that this unwanted commission could cost him his life.

Australian Business Law 2012

Author : Paul Latimer
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Includes a clear and concise discussion of key topic areas, points of law illustrated by case examples, references to legislation and links to relevant government and statutory body websites.

A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary and Expositor of the English Language

Author : John Walker
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World Literature Today

Author :
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