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A Field Guide to Buying Organic

Author : Luddene Perry
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The definitive guide to healthful, affordable food shopping in the Organic Age—from a pioneer in the organic movement What does it really mean when a food is labeled organic? While many of us believe there are good reasons to buy organic, what exactly are they? The authors of this indispensable handbook sift fact from fiction to help you make informed decisions that are right for you. Here is everything you need to know, including when paying more for organic is worth it—and when it’s not. A Field Guide to Buying Organic provides you with: ·Self-tests to determine your current organic-shopping habits—and the type of organic shopper you want to become ·A primer on organic food standards, labels, and seals ·Health and quality comparisons of organically grown versus conventionally grown produce ·An aisle-by-aisle supermarket guide to information about the most popular organic produce, dairy, meat and poultry, baked goods, nuts, seeds, grains, convenience foods, and drinks ·The truth about pesticides, hormones, genetically modified foods (GMOs), toxins, and bacteria …Plus illustrations featuring product logos and contact information, and a fascinating overview of the evolution of organics

Going Organic Without Going Broke

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A Field Guide to Men s Health

Author : Jesse Mills
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A fresh, friendly, comprehensive guide to men’s health from Dr. Jesse Mills, founder of the Men’s Clinic at UCLA, and a leading men’s health, sexual, and reproductive specialist.

Big Green Purse

Author : Diane Maceachern
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Read Diane McEachern's posts on the Penguin Blog. Protecting our environment is one of the biggest issues facing our planet today. But how do we solve a problem that can seem overwhelming-even hopeless? As Diane MacEachern argues in Big Green Purse, the best way to fight the industries that pollute the planet, thereby changing the marketplace forever, is to mobilize the most powerful consumer force in the world-women. MacEachern's message is simple but revolutionary. If women harness the "power of their purse" and intentionally shift their spending money to commodities that have the greatest environmental benefit, they can create a cleaner, greener world. Spirited and informative, this book: - targets twenty commodities-cars, cosmetics, coffee, food, paper products, appliances, cleansers, and more-where women's dollars can make a dramatic difference; - provides easy-to-follow guidelines and lists so women can choose the greenest option regardless of what they're buying, along with recommended companies they should support; - encourages women to spend wisely by explaining what's worth the premium price some green products cost, what's not, and when they shouldn't spend money at all; and - differentiates between products that are actually "green" and those that are simply marketed as "ecofriendly." Whether readers want to start with small changes or are ready to devote the majority of their budget to green products, MacEachern offers concrete and immediate ways that women can take action and make a difference. Empowering and enlightening, Big Green Purse will become the "green shopping bible" for women everywhere who are asking, "What can I do?"

Anna Getty s Easy Green Organic

Author : Anna Getty
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Explains how to shop for organic, seasonal, and local ingredients; details how to create an eco-friendly kitchen; and includes one hundred recipes for dishes including roasted tomato and goat cheese toasts and double lemon chicken breast with fresh tomato basil salsa.

The Intrepid Parent s Field Guide to the Baby Kingdom

Author : Jennifer Byrne
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Welcome to the jungle! Caring for your baby can be scary. He smells weird, he squirms, he burps, he cries... and cries... and cries. She runs amok through your lovely family nest and shows you who the leader of the pack really is. The Intrepid Parent's Field Guide to the Baby Kingdom understands the tumultuous terrain you're currently facing. Sometimes handling your infant feels like you're encountering a new species--an adorable little creature that should be approached with caution. Inside this book, you'll find all the valuable information you need to get out of this brave new world in one piece, including the meaning behind each yelp, growl, and step, and how to handle close encounters. With these critical observations and instructions, you'll be able to nurture the mysterious little being that has taken up residence in your home--and allow peace to once again reign throughout the kingdom.

Edible Memory

Author : Jennifer A. Jordan
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Jordan begins with the heirloom tomato, inquiring into its botanical origins in South America and its culinary beginnings in Aztec cooking to show how the homely and homegrown tomato has since grown to be an object of wealth and taste, as well as a popular symbol of the farm-to-table and heritage foods movements. She shows how a shift in the 1940s away from open pollination resulted in a narrow range of hybrid tomato crops. But memory and the pursuit of flavor led to intense seed-saving efforts increasing in the 1970s, as local produce and seeds began to be recognized as living windows to the past.

A Field Guide to Buying Organic

Author : Luddene Perry
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A consumer's guide to purchasing organic foods furnishes guidelines, ratings, comparisons, and information on organic produce, dairy products, meat, baked goods, packaged and processed foods, and beverages available at local markets.

How Do I Tax Thee

Author : Kristin Tate
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Libertarian journalist Kristin Tate provides a look into the wild world of frivolous taxation, aimed at educating members of her own generation in the evils of big government. In How Do I Tax Thee?, libertarian commentator and rising media star Kristin Tate takes us on a tour of the ways the government bleeds us dry in innumerable daily transactions and at various stages of life. We all know the government taxes our pay: federal, state, and local taxes are withheld by employers, as are social security payments. But what about the many other ways the government drains money from our wallets? Have you studied your cell phone bill? Customers in New York State pay an average of 24.36% in federal, state and local taxes on their wireless bills. They’re also charged for obscure services they didn’t ask for and don’t understand like a universal service fund fee, an FCC compliance fee, a line service fee, and an emergency services fee. These aren’t taxes, strictly speaking. The government imposes these administrative and regulatory costs, and your wireless provider passes them along to you. But the effect is exactly the same. What about your cable bill? Your power bill? Your water bill? The cost of a gallon of gas, a cab ride, a hotel stay and a movie ticket are all inflated by hidden fees. How much of what you pay at the pump, the box office, or the airport is really an indirect tax? In a series of short, pointed, fact-laden, humorous chapters, Tate exposes the vast government shakedown that consumes up to half of your income—and also explains where these hidden fees and taxes come from.

Tips for Going Green

Author : Alicia Marie Smith
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The news is out and it is not good. If we do not get serious about the environment, about going green and protecting the world in which we live, the consequences are dire. Oh, you say, you cannot do much about this huge problem-you are just one person. The government and big business needs to take on this responsibility. Well, that is bunk and every thinking person knows it, says author and environmentalist Alicia Marie Smith. What it does take is a bit of time, commitment and some thoughtful decisions about the products you buy, what you do with them when they are used up and how you think and feel about the entire process of going green. If whole cities are doing it, surely each person can make small efforts in this crucial battle with junk, bad environmental policies and the so-called inconveniences of going and staying green. Get involved; get committed; get educated. Join the most important movement of the 21st century-and become a citizen of the world in your own little way. Fifty plus one Tips for Going Green is easy, accessible and fun!