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A Course in Semantics

Author : Daniel Altshuler
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An introductory text in linguistic semantics, uniquely balancing empirical coverage and formalism with development of intuition and methodology. This introductory textbook in linguistic semantics for undergraduates features a unique balance between empirical coverage and formalism on the one hand and development of intuition and methodology on the other. It will equip students to form intuitions about a set of data, explain how well an analysis of the data accords with their intuitions, and extend the analysis or seek an alternative. No prior knowledge of linguistics is required. After mastering the material, students will be able to tackle some of the most difficult questions in the field even if they have never taken a linguistics course before. After introducing such concepts as truth conditions and compositionality, the book presents a basic symbolic logic with negation, conjunction, and generalized quantifiers, to serve as the basis for translation throughout the book. It then develops a detailed compositional semantics, covering quantification (scope and binding), adverbial modification, relative clauses, event semantics, tense and aspect, as well as pragmatic phenomena, notably deictic pronouns and narrative progression. A Course in Semantics offers a large and diverse set of exercises, interspersed throughout the text; those labeled "Important practice and looking ahead" prepare students for material to come; those labeled "Thinking about " invite students to think beyond the content of the book.


Author : James R. Hurford
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This practical coursebook introduces all the basics of semantics in a simple, step-by-step fashion. Each unit includes short sections of explanation with examples, followed by stimulating practice exercises to complete in the book. Feedback and comment sections follow each exercise to enable students to monitor their progress. No previous background in semantics is assumed, as students begin by discovering the value and fascination of the subject and then move through all key topics in the field, including sense and reference, simple logic, word meaning and interpersonal meaning. New study guides and exercises have been added to the end of each unit to help reinforce and test learning. A completely new unit on non-literal language and metaphor, plus updates throughout the text significantly expand the scope of the original edition to bring it up-to-date with modern teaching of semantics for introductory courses in linguistics as well as intermediate students.


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This compact and student-friendly text, now in its Third Edition, continues to cover in a single volume the diverse aspects of Linguistics, such as phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, historical linguistics, and language families. It also deals, in detail, with Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, and Stylistics. Written in a clear and easy-to-understand style, this book is thoroughly practical and should be of great help to students in understanding the basic concepts with ease. The third edition incorporates a new chapter on Cognitive Linguistics, an interdisciplinary branch which explains the mental processes involving language acquisition, storage, comprehension of speech, production of speech and writing. The book is intended as a text for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students [BA (Hons.) and MA] of English, and undergraduate and postgraduate students [BA (Hons.) and MA] of Linguistics. In addition, this book would be of great help to all those who wish to have a general knowledge of English linguistics. KEY FEATURES • All the concepts of linguistics are discussed in a single book. • Linguistic concepts are explained in detail, with examples, diagrams, and tables for better comprehension of the subject. TARGET AUDIENCE • BA (Hons.) English • MA English • BA (Hons.) Linguistics • MA Linguistics

Introductory Semantics and Pragmatics for Spanish Learners of English

Author : Brian Leonard Mott
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Esta obra pretende ser una introducción a la semántica y la pragmática para alumnos universitarios españoles de lingüística y de filología inglesa. Es un texto paralelo a English Phonetics and Phonology for Spanish Speakers, del mismo autor (UB, 2000). Sus características más importantes son:. Ofrece un curso completo de semántica y pragmática para estudiantes universitarios de lengua y literatura inglesa.. Incluye un primer capítulo que relaciona la semántica y pragmática entre sí y con las otras ramas de la lingüística.. Aporta ejemplificación de muchas variedades lingüísticas, aparte del inglés, español y catalán.. Contiene ejercicios variados al final de cada capítulo, con sugerencias para su solución al final de la obra


Author : Labor Standards Bureau
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From Semantics of Procedures to Instructional Design

Author : Stanley J. Kostyla
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Teaching General Semantics

Author : Mary S. Morain
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Lectures, outlines, and class exercises are collected from 16 experienced teachers of general semantics in colleges, adult education, and management training. Among the subject areas explored in the sample lessons are high-level abstractions, extensional-intensional meanings, the "is" of identity, listening, classification, labeling, general semantics and literature, inference-observation confusions, general semantics for the manager, language and culture, and relation of perception to verbal meaning, and the application of general semantics to reaction patterns. (Jmc).

Introducing English Semantics

Author : Charles W. Kreidler
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Introducing English Semantics, Second Edition is a practical introduction to understanding how meanings are expressed in the English language. Presenting the basic principles of the discipline of semantics, this newly revised edition explores the knowledge of language that speakers have which enables them to communicate - to express observations, opinions, intentions and the products of their imagination. The text emphasises pragmatic investigation with numerous illustrative examples of concepts and ample exercises to help students develop and improve their linguistic analysis skills. Introducing English Semantics: Discusses the nature of human language and how linguists categorise and examine it. Covers meanings expressed in English words, prefixes, suffixes and sentences. Examines such relations as synonymy, antonymy, hyponymy, ambiguity, implication, factivity, aspect, and modality Draws comparisons between English and other languages Illustrates the importance of 'tone of voice' and 'body language' in face-to-face exchanges and the role of context in any communication Contains a wealth of exercises and a glossary to clearly define all terminology This new edition includes expanded and updated textual exercises and a greater focus on compounds and other kinds of composite lexemes. Written in a clear and accessible style, Introducing English Semantics is an essential text for any student taking an introductory course in semantics.

Semantics and Translation for Spanish Learners of English

Author : Brian Leonard Mott
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Semantics and Common Sense

Author : Louis Bernard Salomon
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Through such topics as emotive association, taboo, vagueness, and euphemism, the author explains to the reader how language conveys ideas.

Natural Language Semantics

Author : Brendan S. Gillon
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An introduction to natural language semantics that offers an overview of the empirical domain and an explanation of the mathematical concepts that underpin the discipline. This textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of those approaches to natural language semantics that use the insights of logic. Many other texts on the subject focus on presenting a particular theory of natural language semantics. This text instead offers an overview of the empirical domain (drawn largely from standard descriptive grammars of English) as well as the mathematical tools that are applied to it. Readers are shown where the concepts of logic apply, where they fail to apply, and where they might apply, if suitably adjusted. The presentation of logic is completely self-contained, with concepts of logic used in the book presented in all the necessary detail. This includes propositional logic, first order predicate logic, generalized quantifier theory, and the Lambek and Lambda calculi. The chapters on logic are paired with chapters on English grammar. For example, the chapter on propositional logic is paired with a chapter on the grammar of coordination and subordination of English clauses; the chapter on predicate logic is paired with a chapter on the grammar of simple, independent English clauses; and so on. The book includes more than five hundred exercises, not only for the mathematical concepts introduced, but also for their application to the analysis of natural language. The latter exercises include some aimed at helping the reader to understand how to formulate and test hypotheses.

On Semantics

Author : Uriel Weinreich
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Uriel Weinreich was of the innovative and creative thinkers in the field of semantics in the twentieth century. This volume contains all of Weinreich's writings on semantics, including a number of papers that were not published in his lifetime. It includes the first paper on the universals of semantic theory, an analysis of the fundamental concepts of semantics and semiotics, and a critique of lexicography.

The Normal Course of Events

Author : Hagit Borer
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Structuring Sense explores the difference between words however defined and structures however constructed. It sets out to demonstrate over three volumes, of which this is the second, that the explanation of linguistic competence should be shifted from lexical entry to syntactic structure, from memory of words to manipulation of rules. Its reformulation of how grammar and lexicon interact has profound implications for linguistic, philosophical, and psychological theories about human mindand language. Hagit Borer departs from both language specific constructional approaches and lexicalist approaches to argue that universal hierarchical structures determine interpretation, and that language variation emerges from the morphological and phonological properties of inflectional material. The Normal Course of Events applies this radical approach to event structure. Integrating research results in syntax, semantics, and morphology, the author shows that argument structure isbased on the syntactic realization of semantic event units. The topics she addresses include the structure of internal arguments and of telic and atelic interpretations, accusative and partitive case, perfective and imperfective marking, the unaccusative-unergative distinction, existential interpretation and post-verbal subjects, and resultative constructions. The languages discussed include English, Catalan, Finnish, Hebrew, Czech, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

Semantics Volume 2

Author : John Lyons
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Anyone who writes an up-to-date textbook of semantics has to be au fait with an extremely wide range of contemporary academic activity. John Lyons' new book demonstrates a remarkable ability to achieve such catholicity of expertise...

Enriching Professional Skills Through General Semantics

Author : Mary S. Morain
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General Semantics Bulletin

Author :
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Division of Community Programs Report

Author :
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IMS 91

Author : Y. Kambayashi
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IMS 91, held in Kyoto, Japan, April 1991, was the first in a series of workshops on research issues in data engineering, each to precede the annual International Conference on Data Engineering. This proceedings volume contains 30 full length papers, 27 short papers, and two invited papers, one on the Interoperability Project carried out at Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation in Austin, Texas, and the other on the Japanese Project on Database Interoperability. No index. Acidic paper. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

Concurrency Graphs and Models

Author : Pierpaolo Degano
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This Festschrift volume, pubished in honor of Ugo Montanari on the occasion of his 65th birthday, contains 43 papers, written by friends and colleagues, all leading scientists in their own right, who congregated at a celebratory symposium held on June 12, 2008, in Pisa. The volume consists of seven sections, six of which are dedicated to the main research areas to which Ugo Montanari has contributed: Graph Transformation; Constraint and Logic Programming; Software Engineering; Concurrency; Models of Computation; and Software Verification. Each of these six sections starts with an introductory paper giving an account of Ugo Montanari’s contribution to the area and describing the papers in the section. The final section consists of a number of papers giving a laudation of Ugo Montanari’s numerous achievements.


Author : George Melville Bolling
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Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Society in v. 1-11, 1925-34. After 1934 they appear in Its Bulletin.