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A Most Contrived World

Author : Jung Young-Moon
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Set in San Francisco, A Most Contrived World recounts the author s visit to the mythic Californian city. While the novel is based in this real experience, the narrator s imaginative reflections cause the narrative to balloon outward into the realms of fiction and fantasy. Each chance encounter provides an opportunity to unfurl a fictional world that simultaneously complements and compromises the real world. In this mirthful anti-novel, the ambiguous fusion of observation and invention disrupts the conventions of personal memoir and travel writing, resulting in a chronicle that sets fiction against experience."

Vaseline Buddha

Author : Jung Moon
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A tour-de-force in automatic writing from South Korea's eccentric, award-winning contemporary master delves into subconscious worlds blending reality and imagination.

Popular Perceptions and Political Economy in the Contrived World of Harry Potter

Author :
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From Text to Performance

Author : Kelly R. Iverson
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For the last two centuries biblical interpretation has been guided by perspectives that have largely ignored the oral context in which the gospels took shape. Only recently have scholars begun to explore how ancient media inform the interpretive process and an understanding of the Bible. This collection of essays, by authors who recognize that the Jesus tradition was a story heard and performed, seeks to reevaluate the constituent elements of narrative, including characters, structure, narrator, time, and intertextuality. In dialogue with traditional literary approaches, these essays demonstrate that an appreciation of performance yields fresh insights distinguishable in many respects from results of literary or narrative readings of the gospels.

Making Virtual Worlds

Author : Thomas Malaby
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The past decade has seen phenomenal growth in the development and use of virtual worlds. In one of the most notable, Second Life, millions of people have created online avatars in order to play games, take classes, socialize, and conduct business transactions. Second Life offers a gathering point and the tools for people to create a new world online. Too often neglected in popular and scholarly accounts of such groundbreaking new environments is the simple truth that, of necessity, such virtual worlds emerge from physical workplaces marked by negotiation, creation, and constant change. Thomas Malaby spent a year at Linden Lab, the real-world home of Second Life, observing those who develop and profit from the sprawling, self-generating system they have created. Some of the challenges created by Second Life for its developers were of a very traditional nature, such as how to cope with a business that is growing more quickly than existing staff can handle. Others are seemingly new: How, for instance, does one regulate something that is supposed to run on its own? Is it possible simply to create a space for people to use and then not govern its use? Can one apply these same free-range/free-market principles to the office environment in which the game is produced? "Lindens"—as the Linden Lab employees call themselves—found that their efforts to prompt user behavior of one sort or another were fraught with complexities, as a number of ongoing processes collided with their own interventions. Malaby thoughtfully describes the world of Linden Lab and the challenges faced while he was conducting his in-depth ethnographic research there. He shows how the workers of a very young but quickly growing company were themselves caught up in ideas about technology, games, and organizations, and struggled to manage not only their virtual world but also themselves in a nonhierarchical fashion. In exploring the practices the Lindens employed, he questions what was at stake in their virtual world, what a game really is (and how people participate), and the role of the unexpected in a product like Second Life and an organization like Linden Lab.

Individuality and Mass Democracy

Author : Alex Zakaras
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Alex Zakaras argues that we must develop an ideal of citizenship suitable for mass society. To do so, he turns to a pair of 19th-century philosophers - John Stuart Mill and Ralph Waldo Emerson - who were among the first to confront the specific challenge of making mass democracy work.

Seven Samurai Swept Away in a River

Author : Young Moon Jun
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In his inimitable, recursive, meditative style that reads like a comedic zen koan but contains universes, Seven Samurai Swept Away in a River recounts Korean cult writer's Jung Young Moon's time spent at an artist's and writers residency in small-town Texas. In an attempt to understand what a "true Texan should know," the author reflects on his outsider experiences in this most unique of places, learning to two-step, musing on cowboy hats and cowboy churches, blending his observations with a meditative rumination on the history of Texas and the events that shaped the state, from the first settlers to Jacky Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald. All the while, the author is asking what a novel is and must be, while accompanied by a fictional cast of seven samurai who the author invents and carries with him, silent companions in a pantomime of existential theater. Jung blends fact with imagination, humor with reflection, and meaning with meaninglessness, as his meanderings become an absorbing, engaging, quintessential novel of ideas.

Soccer in a Football World

Author : Dave Wangerin
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Deals with the history of soccer in the USA.

Creating Global Music in Turkey

Author : Koray Değirmenci
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Creating Global Music in Turkey mainly analyzes how the local and global interact in the very place that is defined as the “local” by the global cultural system. It examines the different music traditions in Turkey as they are incorporated into the world music markets.

Creating Career Success A Flexible Plan for the World of Work

Author : Francine Fabricant
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Today's workplace is a dynamic, ever-changing environment. Job security is a thing of the past, layoffs are common, and people change jobs and careers frequently. Students need to be prepared to adapt to the unexpected twists and turns they may face. CREATING CAREER SUCCESS helps students develop a self-directed, proactive, flexible plan to launch and manage their careers over the years to come, using the latest technological resources and job search strategies. Through a process of self-assessment, career exploration, and self-promotion students discover how to connect their skills, interests and values to a variety of possible careers, build relationships, and present themselves in the best possible light to potential employers. Most importantly, students are encouraged to keep their minds and options open, and to engage themselves fully in the career development process. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Method of Grace in Bringing Home the Eternal Redemption Contrived by the Father and Accomplished by the Son Through the Effectual Application of the Spirit Unto God s Elect Being the Second Part of Gospel Redemption Etc

Author : John FLAVELL
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Symbolic Landscapes

Author : Gary Backhaus
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Symbolic Landscapes presents a definitive collection of landscape/place studies that explores symbolic, cultural levels of geographical meanings. Essays written by philosophers, geographers, architects, social scientists, art historians, and literati, bring specific modes of expertise and perspectives to this transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary study of the symbolic level human existential spatiality. Placing emphasis on the pre-cognitive genesis of symbolic meaning, as well as embodied, experiential (lived) geography, the volume offers a fresh, quasi-phenomenological approach. The editors articulate the epistemological doctrine that perception and imagination form a continuum in which both are always implicated as complements. This approach makes a case for the interrelation of the geography of perception and the geography of imagination, which means that human/cultural geography offers only an abstraction if indeed an aesthetic geography is constituted merely as a sub-field. Human/cultural geography can only approach spatial reality through recognizing the intimate interrelative dialectic between the imaginative and perceptual meanings of our landscapes/place-worlds. This volume reinvigorates the importance of the topic of symbolism in human/cultural geography, landscape studies, philosophy of place, architecture and planning, and will stand among the classics in the field.

Energy and the Wealth of Nations

Author : Charles A. S. Hall
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For the past 150 years, economics has been treated as a social science in which economies are modeled as a circular flow of income between producers and consumers. In this “perpetual motion” of interactions between firms that produce and households that consume, little or no accounting is given of the flow of energy and materials from the environment and back again. In the standard economic model, energy and matter are completely recycled in these transactions, and economic activity is seemingly exempt from the Second Law of Thermodynamics. As we enter the second half of the age of oil, and as energy supplies and the environmental impacts of energy production and consumption become major issues on the world stage, this exemption appears illusory at best. In Energy and the Wealth of Nations, concepts such as energy return on investment (EROI) provide powerful insights into the real balance sheets that drive our “petroleum economy.” Hall and Klitgaard explore the relation between energy and the wealth explosion of the 20th century, the failure of markets to recognize or efficiently allocate diminishing resources, the economic consequences of peak oil, the EROI for finding and exploiting new oil fields, and whether alternative energy technologies such as wind and solar power meet the minimum EROI requirements needed to run our society as we know it. This book is an essential read for all scientists and economists who have recognized the urgent need for a more scientific, unified approach to economics in an energy-constrained world, and serves as an ideal teaching text for the growing number of courses, such as the authors’ own, on the role of energy in society.

English Mechanics and the World of Science

Author :
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Korea and the Imperialists

Author : Young Park
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KOREA AND THE IMPERIALISTS Until the Korean War in 1950, except for evangelist Christian missionaries, Americans were not interested in Korea or considered it important in the scheme of things. Many did not know Korea had existed as an independent kingdom for centuries and others thought Korea might be a part of China or Japan. Nationalism, geopolitics, and imperialism were the major determinants of international events in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Greed and racism were the prime motivators of imperialism and non-White societies of the world were the victims. Korea was one of many countries that was invaded and made a "sphere of influence." With the support of America and Britain, Japan destroyed Korea's traditional national identity and made Korea a colony in the Japanese Empire. It was the perfect example of how imperialism profoundly affected the social, economic, and political life of countries subjugated by imperialist powers. After World War II, Korea was not granted independence because the Americans did not believe Koreans were capable of self-government. Korea was divided into two military occupation zones, resulting in the creation of a Russian and an American satellite state. In an effort to unite Korea, North Korea invaded South Korea. The U.S., China, and the two Korean states fought a meaningless war and Korea remains divided. Who are the Koreans? Why are there two Koreas? What is Korea's national identity? What role does imperialism and racism play in the destruction of national identities? Hopefully, this brief history of Korea and the Imperialists will provide some answers.

The New Testament World

Author : Bruce J. Malina
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A classroom standard for two decades, The New Testament World: Insights from Cultural Anthropology has introduced students to both the New Testament and the social-scientific study of the New Testament. This revised and expanded third edition offers new chapters on envy and the Jesus movement, updates chapters from earlier editions, augments the bibliography, and offers student study questions.

A Strange and Distant Land

Author : Gay Fifer
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Dr. Callie McCord moves to DC. Walking on Manassas battlefield, she sees a badly injured man in uniform. Dead men are strewn across the field. Frightened, she asks the man the date. Bemused he answers, 'Why, July 21, 1861!'

Celts and the Classical World

Author : David Rankin
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To observe the Celts through the eyes of the Greeks and Romans is the first aim of this book.

What Washington Can Learn From the World of Sports

Author : George Allen
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Asserts that American sports award merit, action, improvement, and defense, while politicians flounder because of a lack of these virtues.

History of the World from the Earliest Period to the Present Time

Author : Evert Augustus Duyckinck
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