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A Carer s Chaos

Author : Julie Nancy Wiltshire
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'When a person with cancer has a partner, it is not “I have cancer", it is “we have cancer.”' When Julie Wiltshire’s husband, David, was diagnosed with cancer twice, he faced a series of treatments made all the more difficult by multiple complications. In A Carer’s Chaos, Julie records the details of David’s long journey of cancer treatment, but also offers a unique perspective into life as a carer to a loved one, exploring the love, hate, anger, loneliness and fear experienced on a daily basis by a carer. The book explores how a person’s life can be turned upside down when their partner’s life is threatened, and how the chaos a carer experiences can be frightening and exhausting as they attempt to swim through a sea of complications. Written with the intention of highlighting the carer’s experience, Julie offers readers the chance to glimpse into the emotions experienced by a carer as they try to maintain their own individuality whilst caring for a loved one. She demonstrates through her own experience how often a carer is overlooked and experiences isolation as much of the attention and care is focused on the ill patient. Inspired and informed by Julie’s recent experiences, A Carer’s Chaos is a unique memoir that will appeal to readers facing a similar situation.

Care in Chaos

Author : Roger Hadley
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This text-book examines the policy and organizational context for community care, and consists of interviews and case studies, showing how community care is (or is not) working within the areas of care for the elderly, learning disabilities, mental health and physical disabilities.

Community Chaos

Author : Louise Stokes
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Description 1. THE ORDER OF DISORDER Through the use of dialogue, soliloquy, physical theatre, imagery, and some moments of stark humour, the 'Order of Disorder' presents a woman's attempts to examine her eating difficulties and explore the possible reasons behind her illness, making extensive use of stylised theatre with a poetical thread running through. "This is a sensitive and moving account of a young woman's problems with anorexia. I can see it being used to great effect in drama therapy work. It rang very true, particularly the 'lunch' monologue. In fact, I'd imagine that that would stand alone very effectively. The rest of the play is also convincing and I'm sure that it could be staged so that it made its point. You have a fascinating story to tell - full of drama and conflict." Stagecoach Report Form, The Rep, Birmingham developed and performed as part of the author's final project during her HND in Community Theatre, the piece has since been commissioned for several other performances, both as a performance of the complete play, and 'Lunch' as a stand alone monologue. MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES COVERED: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Dysmorphia 2. BODYBUILDING AN OUTLINE FOR A DIFFERENT IDEA FOR THEATRE This play aims to challenge societal perceptions, attitudes and expectations of what women today are supposed to yearn for or feel they should attempt to attain. Using caricatured, larger-than-life characters whose behaviours at times verge on 'theatre of the absurd', this darkly humorous piece incorporates satire, fantasy, music and song, along with strong visuals to accompany dialogue which makes social comment on themes prevalent in Western culture today. The ludicrous and bizarre nature of the piece is juxtaposed with a serious look at how many women in modern society believe that success and happiness lie in the moulding of ourselves into a perceived acceptable or even perfect physical form....a form which we can pay for, if we have the means. For this reason, the surreal theatrical style of the piece is intended to reflect the ridiculous assumptions we make about how we can attain happiness in this way; a dogged, superficial, plastic, insincere cheeriness about getting what we want by whatever methods we can...whilst not far beneath the surface lurks the dark despair that arrives once we find that money and plastic surgery and the perfect body do not in themselves necessarily bring the happiness and perfection that myriad members of today's society seem to crave ...for others as much for themselves. The use of comedy, both zany, and at times dark, is used in this piece as a vehicle to quickly engage an audience and draw them into the content of the play. Thus one hopes that they will be given the opportunity to ask themselves some questions about serious issues whilst remaining entertained and inspired by means of a refreshing approach to an innovative piece of theatre. MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES COVERED: Body Image, low self-esteem and poor sense of self 3. SEPARATIONS A mother and her grown up daughter, having experienced bonding difficulties at birth, now continue to have communication difficulties and an uncomfortable relationship. The daughter's own childhood experiences of parenting have left her feeling unprepared and reluctant about having a baby of her own. This play explores some of the immediate and consequent longer-term effects of mother and baby bonding difficulties through the conversations between mother and daughter and the monologues they, and the nurse present at the birth, address directly to the audience. MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES COVERED: Mother/child bonding issues, dysfunctional family relationships, post-natal depression 4. GROWING PAINS Developed from a piece originally commissioned by Dudley Health Promoting Schools, 'Growing Pains' explores some of the attitudes, beliefs and myths around healthy eating and it's effects on physical and mental health and well be

Managing Mental Health in the Community

Author : Angela Foster
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Managing Mental Health in the Community is a guide to best practice in the management of community care for people with mental health problems. A major theme is how to balance the 'triangle of care' that represents the needs and concerns of the user, carer (professional or family) and community. Rather than focusing on the mechanics of the task, this book aims to encourage reflective practice amongst staff, managers and policy-makers. The experienced practitioners who contribute not only challenge some of the assumptions prevalent in the field, but also present some tried and tested interventions used to enable users, staff and managers to function more effectively in community settings. They consider: * how community care has developed * the fundamental concepts of community care * how management is affected by practice * how care systems are designed. Managing Mental Health in the Community should be essential reading for Mental Health Practitioners, Managers, Social Workers, Policy-Makers, Organizational Consultants and all those professionals who are committed to improving the quality of mental health services provided in the community.

One Day at a Time

Author : Dorothy M. Stewart
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This book of brief Bible readings, meditations, prayers and self-help suggestions has been written especially for those who have very little time for themselves. Both realistic and upbeat, it will strengthen carers to face squarely the many challenges and struggles of their role -- one day at a time.

Journey Out of Chaos

Author : Sister Clare (S.N.D.)
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Embracing the Chaos

Author : James Woodward
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embracing the chaos is intended as a helpful theological and pastoral resource for all who are affected by HIV / AIDS, whether as carers or sufferers. with that in mind, the ten main essays are interspersed with short reflections by men and women who have been diagnosed hiv positive, and who have been invited to speak for themselves about personal struggle to live fully and creatively in the face of chaos and the prospect of death.

Criminal Chaos

Author : Paul O'Mahony
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Ireland's crime scene has experienced a drastic disimprovement. The political establishment and state institutions, such as the police, the courts, and the penal system, have failed to rise to the challenge. Unrelenting media focus on the growth of crime and violence in Irish society has helped generate a climate of exaggerated public fear, promoting a 'get tough' political agenda. This book dicusses the multiple crises in the social and criminal justice system responses to crime and its causes. It provides an in-depth examination of: . The 'hardline' consensus between politicians, the media and the 'moral majority' resulting in draconian legislation and incursions on traditional civil liberties. Violent crime. Drug-related crime. Sexual offending, including child sexual abuse. Demoralisation in the suggested structural and policy changes. Malaise in the Garda Siochana, the Irish national police force, and suggested structural and policy changes. The 'culture of non-accountability' in Irish public life


Author :
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Order Out of Chaos

Author : Lewis Elton Weeks
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Continuity Amid Chaos

Author : Robin Gauld
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Robin Gauld brings together health-care practitioners from the New Zealand health sector in order to provide a ground floor view of how the island nation's health care is managed and delivered. The material primarily consists of case studies of institutions and programs with which the authors have firsthand experience. The studies address topics such as the management of information systems, the use waiting lists, the impact of hospital restructuring on nursing, and managing a rural community health trust. A few of the papers are broader in scope, offering overviews of particular health sectors or critiquing existing policy assumptions.

Dimensions of Community Mental Health Care

Author : Malcolm Weller
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As a comprehensive review of the current status of community care, this book provides an overview and practical guidance on the provision of community based services. All recent trends are included and discussed and there is also a chapter written from the user's perspective.

Cultures of Care

Author : Prue Chamberlayne
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This book explores the experiences of informal home carers in the different welfare systems of the former West Germany and East Germany, and Britain. It is innovative in using a biographical case study approach to compare caring situations and caring strategies in the three different societies. The detail and variety of the case studies show how particular social and welfare patterns give rise to recognisable 'cultures of care'.The authors: show how the social relations of caring are structured within and outside the home environment offer a research tool to take into account the significance of informal networksuse separate analysis of 'lived' and 'told' life stories to highlight personal processes of continuity and change in meeting the challenge of caringlink individual caring strategies to the structural features of welfare societies. . vbTab]European comparative research creates opportunities for fresh thinking about social policy, showing best practice and piecing together the strengths of each system. The findings of this book underline the significance of caring within social policy agendas and the need to extend and change the parameters of comparative social policy beyond a fixation on social insurance. Cultures of care makes an important contribution to debates about the need to 'strengthen the social' and to build a creative sense of moral agency in welfare systems. It provides a valuable new resource for both academic teaching and the training of social professionals.

Parliamentary Debates Hansard

Author : Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives
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Parliamentary Debates Hansard

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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Contains the 4th session of the 28th Parliament through the session of the Parliament.

Growing Old and Needing Care

Author : Tom Chapman
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This book employs an innovative theoretical framework using the concept of 'needs auditing', to investigate the health and social care needs of a particular client group, the elderly, within a locality, Formby in North-West England and to evaluate service provision in the light of the lived experience and perspectives of users.


Author : Félix Guattari
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The final work by the author before his death in 1992, Chaosmosis is a radical and challenging work concerned with the reinvention and resingularization of subjectivity. It attempts to embody affective change, the short-circuiting of signification and the proliferation of sense necessary to engage with non-discursive, artistic, poetic and pathic intensities. It includes critical reflections on Lacanian psychoanalysis, structuralism, information theory, postmodernism, and the thought of Heidegger, Bakhtin, Barthes, and others.

The Wasmann Journal of Biology

Author :
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Palliative Care Nursing

Author : Sanchia Aranda
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Short stay Residential Care for the Elderly

Author : Isobel Allen
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