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A Camp Story The History of Lake of the Woods Greenwoods Camps

Author : David Himmel
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The Story of Camp Douglas Chicago s Forgotten Civil War Prison

Author : David L. Keller
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More Confederate soldiers died in Chicago's Camp Douglas than on any Civil War battlefield. Originally constructed in 1861 to train forty thousand Union soldiers from the northern third of Illinois, it was converted to a prison camp in 1862. Nearly thirty thousand Confederate prisoners were housed there until it was shut down in 1865. Today, the history of the camp ranges from unknown to deeply misunderstood. David Keller offers a modern perspective of Camp Douglas and a key piece of scholarship in reckoning with the legacy of other military prisons.

Camp Venture A Story of the Virginia Mountains

Author : George Cary Eggleston
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"I'm tired, and the other pack mules are tired, and from the way you move I imagine that the rest of you donkeys are tired!" called out Jack Ridsdale, as the last of the mules and their drivers scrambled up the bank and gained a secure foothold on the little plateau. "I move that we camp here for the night. All in favor say 'aye.' The motion's carried unanimously." With that the tall boy threw off the pack that burdened his shoulders, set his gun up against a friendly tree and proceeded in other ways to relieve himself of the restraints under which he had toiled up the steep mountain side since early morning, with only now and then a minute's pause for breath. "This is a good place to camp in," he presently added. "There's grazing for the mules, there's timber around for fire wood and I hear water trickling down from the cliff yonder. So 'Alabama,' which is Cherokee eloquence meaning 'here we rest.'" The party consisted of five sturdy boys and a man, the Doctor, not nearly so stalwart in appearance, who seemed about twenty-eight or thirty years old. Each member of the party carried a heavy pack upon his back and each had a gun slung over his shoulder and an axe hanging by his girdle. There were four packmules heavily laden and manifestly weary with the long climb up the mountain. As the boys were scarcely less weary than the mules they eagerly welcomed Jack Ridsdale's decision to go no farther that day, but rest where they were for the night. "Now then," Jack resumed as soon as he got his breath again—a thing requiring some effort in the rarefied atmosphere of the high mountain peak—"we're all starved. The first thing to do is to get a fire started and get the kettle on for supper. If some of you fellows will unload the mules and get out the necessary things I'll chop some wood and we'll have a fire going in next to no time." With that he swung his axe over his shoulder and stalked off into the nearby edge of the wood land. There with deft blows—for he was an expert with the axe—he quickly converted some fallen limbs and dead trees into a rude sort of fire wood which the other boys shouldered and carried to the glade where the Doctor had started a little fire that needed only feeding to become a great one. During their laborious climb up the steep mountain side the party had found the early November day rather too warm for comfort; but now that the sun had sunk behind the mountain, and evening was drawing near, there was a sharp feeling of coming frost in the atmosphere, and as it would be necessary to sleep out of doors that night with no shelter but the stars, Jack continued his chopping until a great pile of dry wood lay near the fire ready for use during the night.

Four in Camp A Story of Summer Adventures in the New Hampshire Woods

Author : Ralph Barbour
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Boys Camp Nate s Story

Author : Kitson Jazynka
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Nate has returned to Camp Wolf Trail, his own personal heaven for the past two summers, with a secret: he’s a Bird Nerd. At least, that’s what the kids at his school called him when they teased him about his newly found interest in birds—from observing birds to learning interesting facts to drawing them in his secret notebook. Nate confides in Vik, but can he trust his friend, the cabin jokester? Tension grows when before an overnight horse-riding trip Nate discovers that he has another secret. He is terrified of horses, even Herschel, the bony old horse assigned to Nate from the group of rescue horses that the campers ride. Nate shows honesty and bravery when he faces his fears—both of being laughed at for his hobby and of riding horses. But what will Nate do when a wildfire threatens the safety of his friends, the rescue horses, and himself while on a horseback trek deep in the forest? What will be the fate of homely Herschel, the horse no one wants to adopt? With profound admiration of nature, honesty, and above all, boy-friendly, lively humor, acclaimed author Kitson Jazynka and veteran illustrator Craig Orback catch and capture readers’ eager interest in this exciting book for boys. This paperback edition also boasts a bird ID card, perfect for outdoor exploration! Sky Pony Press, with our Good Books, Racehorse and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of books for young readers—picture books for small children, chapter books, books for middle grade readers, and novels for young adults. Our list includes bestsellers for children who love to play Minecraft; stories told with LEGO bricks; books that teach lessons about tolerance, patience, and the environment, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

The Story of a Camp Meeting

Author : Lilla Riley
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Paisano Story of a Cowboy and A Camp Meeting

Author : Katy Stokes
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The True Story of the Wooden Horse

Author : Robert J Laplander
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Whilst there have been many accounts from specific escapees who took part in the famed Wooden Horse escape from Stalag Luft III, there have been few objective historical studies of the camp as a whole. Many attempts at escape characterised its history, and the story of its establishment is a fascinating one. Now, historian Robert Laplander attempts to provide a comprehensive history of the camp and compound, framed around the ingenious Wooden Horse escape.??The author describes Eric Williams' classic book The Wooden Horse as merely an introduction to the escape, arguing that its creation was impeded by both a lack of necessary historical scope and regulations of the Crown. Today, however, there is much more material to take advantage of, including official documents that have been released and eye-witnesses that have spoken out Ð enough to justify this re-appraisal of the events at Stalag Luft III. The author's rigourous approach to the subject matter is evident from the outset. Supplemented throughout by a range of fascinating illustrations, including shots of a full scale replica of the vaulting horse used which the author constructed specifically for the purposes of understanding the logistics of the escape yet further, the book represents a competent and exhaustive account of the escape in its entirety, set solidly in context in order to provide an overview of the camps history from establishment to demise.

Asian American Short Story Writers

Author : Nelson O'Ceallaigh Ritschel
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Looks a the life and works of forty-nine Asian American short story writers.

Elizabeth s Coal Camp Stories

Author : Carrie D. Franklin Heck
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It takes on a setting of a coal camp; somewhere in West Virginia during the great depression days. Some of the book is fictitious. Most of the characters were names I had remembered as a child; whether they be real in character or of a fictitious nature, I used them out of due love for the families of yesteryears. Judge Henry S. Cato is a real character in this novel. I had cared for him as his private duty nurse for a period of five years. I feel like I got to know him as a nurse and as a special person. His life touched mine in a many ways, as well as the lives of others.

Welcome to Camp Fundo You Write the Story Book 5

Author : Chris Morningforest
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Come join the Happys as they play baseball and then go off to camp to swim and boat and hike and cook. Welcome to Camp Fundo is one in our series of "You Write the Story" books. Young authors will enjoy creating a story themselves as they enjoy each colorful page of adventures with these Happy characters. Pick one page and write a whole story around it, or go through the whole book and write the big story. With pencil and paper in hand, young authors will be inspired to show their skills. The book can be used over and over by several children. There is an extra page at the end, which has a few more pictures to write stories about. If you enjoy this one, look for our other books in this series as well as alphabet books, phonics books, and a variety of story books. Find them on many internet book selling sites by searching: Chris Morningforest. Keep coming back - we have many more that haven't been illustrated yet and we continue to write new ones about the adventures of the Happys.

Story of the Wild West and Camp fire Chats

Author : Buffalo Bill
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A Reminiscence of the First Battle of Manassas

Author : William Duff Telfer
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Includes Report of Henry P. Martin, and The Roll of Honor which lists officers and men killed and wounded in this action.

The Story of Two Jakes

Author : Merlin C. Williams
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Merlin C. Williams, a true outdoorsman whose love of hunting, fishing, canoeing, hiking, and a general love of being outside; led him to write a story based in the Rocky Mountains. Also known for his many travels to various countries such as Australia, Africa, Russia, and Europe for his work knowledge in Weather Modification (NOAA) and Program Managing (Ball Aerospace). He was also a dedicated Christian and family man to his 4 daughters and their families.

The True Story of U S Grant

Author : Elbridge Streeter Brooks
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The Story of Cuba

Author : Murat Halstead
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Serengeti Story

Author : Anthony Sinclair
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Serengeti is arguably the most well-known and highly treasured conservation area in the world. In 1972 the United Nations meeting on National Parks and Protected Areas agreed to set up World Heritage Sites, now supervised by UNESCO, and at that meeting they voted Serengeti top of the list. What makes this site outstanding? What happens in Serengeti biologically? How did it become a protected area? What are the historical events that have shaped its present dynamics? What will happen to it in future? How has it become relevant to human society and conservation? These are the questions that Anthony Sinclair answers. First arriving in Serengeti in 1961, he has worked as a scientist in this ecosystem since 1965, and continues to do so today. In the process he has documented not only the ecological events as the system has changed but also the political, economic, and social events that have driven these changes. Including personal accounts of the dramatic events brought about by the vicissitudes of political turmoil, he tells the story of Serengeti and its surrounding research. Providing the historical background - both the paleohistory going back 4 million years and the modern history of the region - he examines the future of conservation, considering the ominous threats facing the Serengeti today.

A Soldier s Story of the War

Author : Napier Bartlett
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Numbers 141-142 omitted in pagination.

The Last Story

Author : D. Wallberg
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The Last Story is the insight view of a collection of myths, legends, fables, prophecies, and facts of an object I discovered several years ago. I knew it had to be something of substantial importance to someone or had an origin beyond this world.

Ousmane s Story

Author :
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"When soldiers invaded Ousmane's village his life changed forever. This is the true story of one man's capture and escape."-Back cover.