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A Brief History of Thought

Author : Luc Ferry
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THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER From the timeless wisdom of ancient Greece through to Christianity, the Enlightenment, existentialism and postmodernism, A Brief History of Thought brilliantly and accessibly explains the enduring teachings of philosophy – including its profound relevance in today’s world as well as its essential role in achieving happiness and living a meaningful life. This lively journey through the great thinkers challenges every one of us to learn to think for ourselves and asks us the most important question of all: how can we live better?

A Brief History of Greek Philosophy

Author : Benjamin Chapman Burt
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A Brief History of Everything

Author : Ken Wilber
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A new edition of the best-selling work from one of the most forward-thinking and important philosophers of our time. Join one of the greatest contemporary philosophers on a breathtaking tour of time and the Kosmos—from the Big Bang right up to the eve of the twenty-first century. This accessible and entertaining summary of Ken Wilber’s great ideas has been expanding minds now for two decades, providing a kind of unified field theory of the universe and, along the way, treating a host of issues related to that universe, from gender roles, to multiculturalism, to environmentalism, and even the meaning of the Internet. This special anniversary edition contains as an afterword a dialogue between the author and Lana Wachowski, the award-winning writer-director of the Matrix film trilogy, in which we’re offered an intimate glimpse into the evolution of Ken’s thinking and where he stands today. A Brief History of Everything may well be the best introduction to the thought of this man who has been called the “Einstein of Consciousness” (John White).

A Brief History of Philosophy

Author : Derek Johnston
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Offering an introduction to the subject of philosophy, this book is suitable for teenagers and students coming to philosophy for the first time, and also for those who doesn't know where to start. It examines 18 key thinkers, from Socrates to Derrida, exploring their ideas in relation to each other and to their historical and cultural contexts.

A Brief History of the Verb To Be

Author : Andrea Moro
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A journey through linguistic time and space, from Aristotle through the twentieth century's “era of syntax,” in search of a dangerous verb and its significance. Beginning with the early works of Aristotle, the interpretation of the verb to be runs through Western linguistic thought like Ariadne's thread. As it unravels, it becomes intertwined with philosophy, metaphysics, logic, and even with mathematics—so much so that Bertrand Russell showed no hesitation in proclaiming that the verb to be was a disgrace to the human race. With the conviction that this verb penetrates modern linguistic thinking, creating scandal in its wake and, like a Trojan horse of linguistics, introducing disruptive elements that lead us to rethink radically the most basic structure of human language—the sentence—Andrea Moro reconstructs this history. From classical Greece to the dueling masters of medieval logic through the revolutionary geniuses from the seventeenth century to the Enlightenment, and finally to the twentieth century—when linguistics became a driving force and model for neuroscience—the plot unfolds like a detective story, culminating in the discovery of a formula that solves the problem even as it raises new questions—about language, evolution, and the nature and structure of the human mind. While Moro never resorts to easy shortcuts, A Brief History of the Verb To Be isn't burdened with inaccessible formulas and always refers to the broader picture of mind and language. In this way it serves as an engaging introduction to a new field of cutting-edge research.

A Brief History of Fascist Lies

Author : Federico Finchelstein
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In this short companion to his book From Fascism to Populism in History, world-renowned historian Federico Finchelstein explains why fascists regarded simple and often hateful lies as truth, and why so many of their followers believed the falsehoods. Throughout the history of the twentieth century, many supporters of fascist ideologies regarded political lies as truth incarnated in their leader. From Hitler to Mussolini, fascist leaders capitalized on lies as the base of their power and popular sovereignty. This history continues in the present, when lies again seem to increasingly replace empirical truth. Now that actual news is presented as "fake news" and false news becomes government policy, A Brief History of Fascist Lies urges us to remember that the current talk of "post-truth" has a long political and intellectual lineage that we cannot ignore.

A Brief History of Modern Philosophy

Author : Harald Høffding
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A Brief History of the Separation of Railroad Operating Expenses Between Freight and Passenger Services

Author :
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A Brief History of Butte Montana

Author : Harry Campbell Freeman
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A Brief History of the Rise and Progress of the Temperance Reform

Author : T. W. Johnson
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A Brief History of Justice

Author : David Johnston
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A Brief History of Justice traces the development of the idea of justice from the ancient world until the present day, with special attention to the emergence of the modern idea of social justice. An accessible introduction to the history of ideas about justice Shows how complex ideas are anchored in ordinary intuitions about justice Traces the emergence of the idea of social justice Identifies connections as well as differences between distributive and corrective justice Offers accessible, concise introductions to the thought of several leading figures and schools of thought in the history of philosophy

A Brief History of the North American Bee keepers Society

Author : North American bee-keepers' society
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A brief History of the Church of Christ

Author : William Thomas SATYANĀTHA
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Independency in Warwickshire a brief history of the Independent or Congregational Churches in that County containing biographical notices of their pastors with an illustrative map and vignette engravings

Author : John SIBREE (Independent Minister, and CASTON (Moses))
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A Brief History of Leicester Massachusetts

Author : Amos Hill Coolidge
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A Brief History of the Philosophy of Time

Author : Adrian Bardon
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Adrian Bardon's A Brief History of the Philosophy of Time is a short introduction to the history, philosophy, and science of the study of time-from the pre-Socratic philosophers through Einstein and beyond. A Brief History of the Philosophy of Time covers subjects such as time and change, the experience of time, physical and metaphysical approaches to the nature of time, the direction of time, time travel, time and freedom of the will, and scientific and philosophical approaches to eternity and the beginning of time. Bardon employs helpful illustrations and keeps technical language to a minimum in bringing the resources of over 2500 years of philosophy and science to bear on some of humanity's most fundamental and enduring questions.

The Natural History of Thought in Its Practical Aspect

Author : George Wall
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"Our object is to trace the birth and progress of the thinking faculty, and to learn the manner of its growth from its earliest dawn to the maturity of its powers, in order to ascertain the proper means by which it may be molded and directed during its plastic stage"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA, all rights reserved).

A Brief History of Economic Thought

Author : Alessandro Roncaglia
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The evolution of economic thought can be traced back from its beginnings in classical antiquity up to the present day. In this book, Professor Alessandro Roncaglia offers a clear, concise and updated version of his award-winning The Wealth of Ideas, studying the development of economic thought through perspectives and debates on the economy and society over time. With chapters on prominent economic theorists, including William Petty, Karl Marx, and John Maynard Keynes, as well as on other important figures and key debates of each period, Roncaglia critically evaluates the foundations of the marginalist–neoclassical (scarcity–utility) approach in comparison to the Classical–Keynes approach. A comprehensive guide to the history of economic thought, this book will be of value not only to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying economic thought, but also to any readers desiring to study how economics has evolved up to the present day.

A Brief History of the Paradox

Author : Roy Sorensen
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Can God create a stone too heavy for him to lift? Can time have a beginning? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Riddles, paradoxes, conundrums--for millennia the human mind has found such knotty logical problems both perplexing and irresistible. Now Roy Sorensen offers the first narrative history of paradoxes, a fascinating and eye-opening account that extends from the ancient Greeks, through the Middle Ages, the Enlightenment, and into the twentieth century. When Augustine asked what God was doing before He made the world, he was told: "Preparing hell for people who ask questions like that." A Brief History of the Paradox takes a close look at "questions like that" and the philosophers who have asked them, beginning with the folk riddles that inspired Anaximander to erect the first metaphysical system and ending with such thinkers as Lewis Carroll, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and W.V. Quine. Organized chronologically, the book is divided into twenty-four chapters, each of which pairs a philosopher with a major paradox, allowing for extended consideration and putting a human face on the strategies that have been taken toward these puzzles. Readers get to follow the minds of Zeno, Socrates, Aquinas, Ockham, Pascal, Kant, Hegel, and many other major philosophers deep inside the tangles of paradox, looking for, and sometimes finding, a way out. Filled with illuminating anecdotes and vividly written, A Brief History of the Paradox will appeal to anyone who finds trying to answer unanswerable questions a paradoxically pleasant endeavor.

An Illustrated Brief History of Western Philosophy

Author : Anthony Kenny
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This illustrated edition of Sir Anthony Kenny's acclaimed survey ofWestern philosophy offers the most concise and compelling story ofthe complete development of philosophy available. Spanning 2,500 years of thought, An Illustrated Brief History ofWestern Philosophy provides essential coverage of the mostinfluential philosophers of the Western world, among them Socrates,Plato, Aristotle, Jesus, Augustine, Aquinas, Machiavelli,Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza, Berkeley, Hume, Rousseau, Kant, Hegel,Marx, Mill, Nietzsche, Darwin, Freud, Frege, Russell, andWittgenstein. Replete with over 60 illustrations - ranging from Dufresnoy's TheDeath of Socrates, through to the title page of Thomas More'sUtopia, portraits of Hobbes and Rousseau, photographs of CharlesDarwin and Bertrand Russell, Freud's own sketch of the Ego and theId, and Wittgenstein's Austrian military identity card - this lucidand masterful work is ideal for anyone with an interest in Westernthought.