A Brief History of Britain 1066 - 1485


Author: Nicholas Vincent

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1849012148

Category: History

Page: 160

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From the Battle of Hastings to the Battle of Bosworth Field, Nicholas Vincent tells the story of how Britain was born. When William, Duke of Normandy, killed King Harold and seized the throne of England, England's language, culture, politics and law were transformed. Over the next four hundred years, under royal dynasties that looked principally to France for inspiration and ideas, an English identity was born, based in part upon struggle for control over the other parts of the British Isles (Scotland, Wales and Ireland), in part upon rivalry with the kings of France. From these struggles emerged English law and an English Parliament, the English language, English humour and England's first overseas empires. In this thrilling and accessible account, Nicholas Vincent not only tells the story of the rise and fall of dynasties, but investigates the lives and obsessions of a host of lesser men and women, from archbishops to peasants, and from soldiers to scholars, upon whose enterprise the social and intellectual foundations of Englishness now rest. This the first book in the four volume Brief History of Britain which brings together some of the leading historians to tell our nation's story from the Norman Conquest of 1066 to the present-day. Combining the latest research with accessible and entertaining story telling, it is the ideal introduction for students and general readers.

A Brief History of Britain 1485-1660

The Tudor and Stuart Dynasties


Author: Ronald Hutton

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1849012156

Category: History

Page: 160

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From the death of Richard III on Bosworth Field in 1485 to the execution of Charles I, after the Civil Wars of 1642-48, England was transformed by two Dynasties. Firstly the Tudors, who won the crown on the battlefield and changed both the nature of kingship but also the nation itself. England became a Protestant nation and began to establishment itself as a trading power; facing down impossible odds it defeated its enemies on land and sea. Yet after a century Elizabeth I died with no heir and the crown was passed to the Stuarts, who were keen to remould the kingdom in their own image. Leading Historian, Ronald Hutton brilliantly recreates the political landscape over this early modern period and shows how the modern nation was forged in these anxious, transformative years. Combining skilful pen portraits of the leading figures, culture, economics and accounts of everyday life, he reveals insights in this key era in our nation's story. This the second book in the four volume Brief History of Britain which brings together some of the leading historians to tell our nation's story from the Norman Conquest of 1066 to the present-day. Combining the latest research with accessible and entertaining story telling, it is the ideal introduction for students and general readers.

History of William the Conqueror


Author: Jacob Abbott

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1620877538

Category: History

Page: 176

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The remarkable life of William the Conqueror, the first Norman King of England, chronicled by one of America’s most respected historians. William the Conqueror’s reign transformed England forever. Born in Normandy and promised the throne of England by King Edward, William invaded the country after another contender, King Harold II, took the throne instead. William vanquished Harold at the famous Battle of Hastings, but his new subjects resented being ruled by a foreigner who relied on military might to hold power—and suppress their many revolts. Jack Abbott was one of the most popular and prolific American writers of history in the nineteenth century. First published in 1849 as part of his Illustrated Histories series, this comprehensive volume chronicles William’s life from his illegitimate birth to his calamitous burial. Abbott also delves deep into the Battle of Hastings, with an enthralling narrative that captures the young conqueror’s struggles, ambition, and aspirations. Including a brief history of the Saxon and Danish kings of England and the dukes of Normandy, as well as many original engravings, Abbott’s enduring work will fascinate anyone interested in the political struggles of the Middle Ages.

Magna Carta: A Very Short Introduction


Author: Nicholas Vincent

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199582874

Category: History

Page: 136

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Magna Carta has long been considered the foundation stone of the British Constitution, yet few people today understand either its contents or its context. With a full English translation of the 1215 charter, Nicholas Vincent introduces the document to a modern audience; explaining its origins and tracing the significance of its role in our history.

Conquests, Catastrophe and Recovery

Britain and Ireland 1066–1485


Author: John Gillingham

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473522331

Category: History

Page: 368

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Beginning with the Norman Conquest of England, these tumultuous centuries and their invasions shaped the languages and political geography of present-day Britain and Ireland. The Irish, Scots and Welsh fought their battles against the English with varying success - struggles which, like the events of 1066 in England, produced spectacular upheavals and left enduring national memories. But there was still a common enemy: the Black Death - still the greatest catastrophe in their history. There were significant advances, too. Hundreds of new towns were founded; slavery, still prevalent until the twelfth century, died out; magnificent cathedrals built, schools and universities established; clocks, gunpowder and the printing press. Magna Carta set new standards for holding governments to account and trial by jury won a central place in the legal systems of England and Scotland. Tracing the political, religious and material cultures of the period, as well as what might have been, John Gillingham seeks to define the ways in which lives changed during these turbulent times. With the words of contemporaries to guide us, we can understand more than ever before about national identities and the differences which came to define and ultimately untie these islands.

Invasion, Plague and Murder Britain 1066-1485


Author: Aaron Wilkes

Publisher: Folens Limited

ISBN: 9781843034056


Page: 109

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A new approach to studying Britain from 1066 to 1485 with this lively and informative history text book for 11 to 14-year olds. Suitable for mixed abilities, it provides the knowledge and skills combined with an entertaining style to learn and build history skills. Contains clear objectives for students and includes taskwork that develops literacy, numeracy and thinking skills. History was never so entertaining!

A Short History of Costume & Armour

Two Volumes Bound as One


Author: Francis M. Kelly,Randolph Schwabe

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 048614612X

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 272

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DIVMeticulously researched, well-illustrated history of fashion covers 800 years of style: civilian and military clothing of English upper classes for both sexes, 11th–19th centuries, plus accessories. 342 black-and-white illustrations. /div

King John

An Underrated King


Author: Graham E. Seel

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 0857282395

Category: History

Page: 244

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Through contextual analysis and by reassessing the chronicle evidence, ‘King John: An Underrated King’ presents a compelling reevaluation of the reign of King John, England’s most maligned sovereign. With its thought-provoking analysis of the key issues of John’s reign, such as the loss of the French territories, British achievement, Magna Carta, relations with the church, and civil war, the volume presents an engaging argument for rehabilitating King John’s reputation. Each chapter features both narrative and contextual analysis, and is prefaced by a timeline outlining the key events of the period. The volume also contains an array of maps and diagrams, as well as a collection of useful study questions.

English Historical Documents, 1189-1327


Author: David Charles Douglas,Harry Rothwell

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415143683

Category: History

Page: 1032

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"English Historical Documents is the most comprehensive, annotated collection of documents on British (not in reality just English) history ever compiled. Conceived during the Second World War with a view to ensuring the most important historical documents remained available and accessible in perpetuity, the first volume came out in 1953, and the most recent volume almost sixty years later. The print series, edited by David C. Douglas, is a magisterial survey of British history, covering the years 500 to 1914 and including around 5,500 primary sources, all selected by leading historians Editors. It has over the years become an indispensable resource for generations of students, researchers and lecturers. EHD is now available in its entirety online. Bringing EHD into the digital age has been a long and complex process. To provide you with first-rate, intelligent searchability, Routledge have teamed up with the Institute of Historical Research (one of the research institutes that make up the School of Advanced Study, University of London http://www.history.ac.uk) to produce EHD Online. The IHR's team of experts have fully indexed the documents, using an exhaustive historical thesaurus developed by the Royal Historical Society for its Bibliography of British and Irish History. The sources include treaties, statutes, declarations, government and cabinet proceedings, military dispatches, orders, acts, sermons, newspaper articles, pamphlets, personal and official letters, diaries and more. Each section of documents and many of the documents themselves are accompanied by editorial commentary. The sources cover a wide spectrum of topics, from political and constitutional issues to social, economic, religious as well as cultural history."--[Résumé de l'éditeur].