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642 Things About You That I Love

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From Me to We

Author : Jason Griffith
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With this practical book, you’ll learn effective ways to engage students in reading and writing by teaching them narrative nonfiction. By engaging adolescents in narrative, literary, or creative nonfiction, they can cultivate a greater understanding of themselves, the world around them, and what it means to feel empathy for others. This book will guide you to first structure a reading unit around a narrative nonfiction text, and then develop lessons and activities for students to craft their own personal essays. Topics include: Engaging your students in the reading of a nonfiction narrative with collaborative chapter notes, empathy check-ins, and a mini-research paper to deepen students’ understanding; Helping your students identify meaningful life events, recount their experiences creatively, and construct effective opening and closing lines for their personal essays; Encouraging your students to use dialogue, outside research, and a clear plot structure to make their narrative nonfiction more compelling and polished. The strategies in this book are supplemented by examples of student work and snapshots from the author’s own classroom. The book also includes interviews with narrative nonfiction writers MK Asante and Johanna Bear. The appendices offer additional tips for using narrative nonfiction in English class, text and online resources for teaching narrative nonfiction, and a correlation chart between the activities in this book and the Common Core Standards.

1 000 Ideas by 100 Manga Artists

Author : Cristian Campos
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One hundred artists, including professional manga creators and other manga-influenced illustrators and fine artists, provide answers to interview questions, with an illustration selected by the artist to accompany each answer.

You Should Be Writing

Author : Brenda Knight
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Write Like an Expert From famous all-time-great poets like T.S. Eliot to modern creatives like Roxane Gay, the selected writing quotes in this journal aim to instruct and inspire you to become a better writer. Writing Inspiration from Incredible Authors. Gathered by Brenda Knight and writing coach Nita Sweeney, author of Depression Hates a Moving Target, You Should Be Writing provides you with writing wisdom from a variety of accomplished authors. Writing Practice on Every Page. This journal is a must-have for writers everywhere. With quotes from a diverse group of historical and modern authors to use as creative prompts on every page, you’ll be able to bring your writing inspiration with you wherever you go. You’ll find plenty of great advice, such as Toni Morrison’s encouragement, “As a writer, a failure is just information. It’s something that I’ve done wrong in writing, or is inaccurate or unclear. I recognize failure―which is important; some people don’t―and fix it.” Creative Writing Practice for Every Genre. This writing journal with prompts helps you practice a wide variety of writing skills. The excerpts and prompts include: • General advice: “Protect the time and space in which you write. Keep everybody away from it, even the people who are most important to you.” - Zadie Smith • Helpful instructions: “If you scribble your thoughts any which way, your reader will surely feel that you care nothing about them.” - Kurt Vonnegut • Genre-specific writing ideas and tips for particular areas of writing, such as poetry or storytelling: “For those whose bucket-list entails seeing their name on the spine of a book, it boils down to the power of persistence.” - Marlene Wagman-Geller If you were inspired by the creative writing prompts and advice in 642 Things to Write About, Complete the Story Journal, or Piccadilly 300 Writing Prompts, you’ll love Brenda's and Nita's You Should Be Writing: A Journal of Inspiration & Instruction to Keep Your Pen Moving.

Familiar Quotations

Author : John Bartlett
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An Index to the Remarkable Passages and Words Made Use of by Shakspeare

Author : Samuel Ayscough
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Project 642

Author : Mark Pogeler
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Christmas Eve, ten year old Reese Porter decides to surprise Santa, but instead he finds himself as prey, hunted by seasoned mercenaries. His father, Marine Major James Porter has a past that puts his son directly in the sights of a ruthless killer, and the diabolical woman that hired him. Now Reese is being targeted, his family is in peril, and his life as he knew it is over. His only chance at survival lies at the hands of a few select Marines, the San Diego P.D., and his own will to survive.

God Loves You Infinitely

Author : Andrew Keogh
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This book may be said to approach the conveying of the truth of the Catholic faith to newcomers on the basis of the Creeds that have stood the test of time. In the final analysis conviction and conversion are the work of the Holy Spirit, the spirit of Divine Love! Therein lies a process of growth in which the goal is to be "an aroma of Christ for God's sake" (St. Paul). Conversion is like the growth of a flower in which we rejoice when we see it in full bloom. However without being rooted in good soil and nourished it will die. Therein lies the importance and value of a catechesis and the emphasis on the Creed which has survived the onslaughts of two millennia.

The Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations

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How I Feel

Author : Horace Harun Arrad
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The Wig Diaries

Author : Mary Ladd
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The Wig Diaries is Mary Ladd's debut disrespectful cancer book. Delivered with bold gallows humor, it intimately address the gravity of cancer and invites the reader to bear witness to both the horror and the joke(s). Armed with creative sensibility, Ladd robs her diagnosis of its dour weightiness. Refusing to tiptoe around the gnarlier elements of treatment and recovery, the narrative is powerful in its unvarnished honesty and contagious lust for life exemplified by hilarious anecdotes. A uniquely fresh modern and black comedy take on cancer Covers and pokes fun at everything from diagnosis to treatment to medical bills Illustrated by San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist Don Asmussen, who has cancer for the second time "I love this book."--Mary Roach, author of the books Grunt, Stiff, Spook, and Bonk "This looks like a hoot and a half. I want more."--Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket), author of A Series of Unfortunate Events "Clear-eyed, fun, and reassuring, it's the perfect guide!"--Vanessa Hua, author of A River of Stars and Deceit and Other Possibilities Fans of F*ck Cancer, Cancer is Funny and Healing Through Humor will love this book This book is perfect for Anyone diagnosed with cancer or going through cancer treatment Well-meaning friends and family of anyone diagnosed with cancer Medical professionals who deal with cancer patients Mary Ladd's writing has appeared in Playboy, Time Magazine/Extra Crispy, Health, the San Francisco Chronicle, and in five anthologies, including Lit Starts: Writing Humor from Abrams and the best-selling 642 Things series. You may have seen her onstage at the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley, Breast Cancer Action, Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS) and reading her first place essay for a Litquake contest. She is a Writers Grotto member who collaborated with Anthony Bourdain on his Bay Area episodes of No Reservations. Don Asmussen is the creator of Bad Reporter, a twice-weekly political comic strip in the San Francisco Chronicle that is syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate and the author of Dog vs. Cat: A Nation Divided and The San Francisco Comic Strip Book of Big-Ass Mocha.

365 Awesome Situations to Draw

Author : Thomas Media
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USING THIS BOOK "365 Awesome Situations to Draw" provides the creative platform to enhance both your creative mind, general knowledge and drawing skills. Throughout this book you will be presented with 365 prompts pertaining to different situations to draw which include places, events, famous landmarks. Imagine yourself as a tourist, a participant or observer in these real life situations and let your imagination run free. Each page contains prompts with a location or situation to get you started. Drawings prompts are divided into full page, half page and quarter page exercises. Each prompts allows you to challenge your own ability across various elements such as space, detail and time. Doodle, scribble, draw, twist or turn your way to a new more relaxed and creative you in no time. Start by choosing a drawing of your choice from anywhere in the book. Interpret the prompt, visualize the situation, develop a concept and decide on your approach to the drawing. Next, take a pen or pencil and begin. It's that simple.

Courage to Love

Author : Carole Halston
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Daisy in a Gun Barrel

Author : Penelope Fox
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DAISY IN A GUN BARREL PEACE AND FREEDOM, LOVE AND WAR, ROCK AND ROLL THE 1960s ~ Penelope Fox If you happen to be an American Idol fan, recognize Eric Clapton or Bob Dylan in television commercials, listen to classic rock, or follow the clash of conservatives and liberals in Congress, you know that the 1960s remain with us, even fifty years after the impact of the era. The dilemmas of that decade continue to confound us as we grapple with the ideologies that entered the consciousness of the nation during those years. A cascade of front page news marks the period: the election of youthful, progressive, President John F. Kennedy and the fear-mongering, strangle-hold of the CIA and FBI; peace movements versus military efforts; marijuana-smoking, long haired Hippies in loose fashions clashing with strait-laced, buttoned up, conservative law enforcement; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and civil rights, followed by womens rights, workers rights and everyone wondering what was right. More incongruities arose from international oil production and giant factory output clashing with breakthrough biological science and environmental concerns. Satellite communication battled with censorship in broadcasting. Youthful interest in the Third World, especially Asia, was shattered by a horrific, undeclared war that lasted for fifteen years and created a generational divide that has never been breached. A background of iconic music continues to remind us of the colorful history of the 60s. But what about the everyday lives of young people thrust into that psychedelic and political maelstrom? What was it like for the individuals trying to be heard over the roar of questionable politics? One answer lies in the collective voice of music that framed a lyrical diary of their experiences. Daisy in a Gun Barrel is the story of Dianna, a teacher, and Randall, a musician, who find romance in college, and shortly thereafter are torn apart by war and circumstances. It is a story of people coming to terms with personal and political beliefs, only to find that society clashes with their viewpoints at every turn. Theirs is a generation determined to change the world into a better, kinder, more democratic place. Little did they know the impact of their ideals, or the real and metaphorical ammunition that would be leveled against the beliefs they viewed as right, moral, and constitutional. Rock and roll with Dianna and Randall through the tumultuous and exciting years of 1962 through 1970, and consider the impact of their generation. Smile at their optimism, weep with their losses, and celebrate the memorable songs that grace the years. Join the characters as they encounter turning points and question authority. This is history, alive and kicking, with a strong appeal to the curious young, who were not there, and to the post flower children who would like to remember. Light the incense, slip into something tie-dyed, and revel in the events that illuminate this carefully researched and truly American story, before time and historians erase the vibrant, human essence of this powerful decade. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The Hollywood Musical

Author : John Russell Taylor
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In addition to a survey of the Hollywood musical's development, the authors provide an index to the major personalities and films which have contributed to this medium of entertainment.

Imaginary conversations

Author : Walter Savage Landor
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The Works of Walter Savage Landor

Author : Walter Savage Landor
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Harper s New Monthly Magazine

Author : Henry Mills Alden
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Harper's informs a diverse body of readers of cultural, business, political, literary and scientific affairs.

Harper s Magazine

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The Complete Encyclopedia of Popular Music and Jazz 1900 1950 Indexes appendices

Author : Roger D. Kinkle
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