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Scenes and Monologues for Young Actors

Author : Kent R. Brown
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Provides a variety of monologues, scenes, and audition pieces along with tips on interpreting a scene and character portrayal.

70 Scenes for Actors

Author : Toni Bull Bua
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(ACTING SCENES FOR MAN/WOMAN VARIETY) Bua Acting For Life has changed the course of thousands, in their art...and in their lives. Over the thirty years of teaching, Toni Bull Bua has produced and directed many award-winning musicals, two features, and seven hundred scripts for the fabulous actors in the AFL classes. Here is a collection of those scenes for others to enjoy - dramas, comedies, dramadies - all with underlying depths for the artist to discover.

New Theatre Quarterly 42 Volume 11

Author : Clive Barker
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New Theatre Quarterly provides a valuable international forum where theatrical scholarship and practice can meet, and where prevailing dramatic assumptions can be subjected to vigorous critical questioning. It shows that theatre history has a contemporary relevance.

Acting Antics

Author : Cindy Schneider
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`The ideas are excellent and well laid out... This is an innovative approach to social skills training for students with Asperger's Syndrome who will tolerate acting, and for a group leader with energy and commitment to drama.' -Speech and Language Therapy in Practice `Schneider's enthusiasm for the subject and her passion to improve life skills of young people is very evident and encourages the reader to progress...As a catalogue of practical ideas with built-in resources, this is a useful book for support groups and families wishing to create a theatre group. Acting Antics has an easy-to-read format and includes activities that can be initiated with minimum preparation and resources.' -Children Now Magazine, 2007 This fun and inspiring step-by-step program provides the full set of tools for developing social understanding in children with Asperger Syndrome (AS) through drama. Cindy B. Schneider explains how the central processes in acting - including making and interpreting inferences from non-verbal cues, taking another's perspective, and formulating language - can be highly effective ways of addressing social cognition deficits in children with AS. Acting Antics contains a wide repertoire of activities and ideas for immediate application at home, in the classroom, in therapy workshops or social groups, ranging from initial warm up techniques, through paired activities, to larger group scenes and staging a show. Helpful appendices provide questionnaire forms to enable both the child and the program leader to assess and monitor the child's understanding of their roles, along with reproducible scripts and suitable scene designs. This complete, practical program provides a wealth of enjoyable educational ideas for parents, teachers, and therapists of children with Asperger Syndrome.

Scenes for Student Actors

Author : Frances Cosgrove
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Baker s Plays

Author :
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The Actor s Career Bible

Author : Rob Ostlere
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The Actor's Career Bible is a practical guide to building an acting career. Based on a huge range of interviews with actors of all backgrounds at every level of the profession, industry experts, key organisations, casting directors, agents, producers, directors and many others, this guide covers all the essentials as well as sharing exclusive inside knowledge. Whether you're a recent graduate, a young actor or an experienced professional, The Actor's Career Bible will help you kick-start or reinvigorate your career in an industry famous for its high levels of competition. This in-depth guide will show you how to cope with the pressures and strains of being an actor and offers easy-to-follow advice on how to improve your chances of success.

Action Making Movies

Author : Sarah Garza
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Read Along or Enhanced eBook: Action! It's time to enter the world of movie magic! Readers are taken behind the scenes to find out what is needed to make a film. From the director to the actor, the director of photography to the costume designer, children will be fascinated to learn about the various aspects that go into motion pictures. With its vivid images, informational text, and impressive facts, this nonfiction title will have readers engaged through the entire book as they discover amazing facts about their favorite genre--whether it be comedy, drama, action, or horror!

The Book of Scenes for Aspiring Actors Student Edition

Author : Marsh Cassady
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Offers a collection of scripts featuring adolescent to young adult characters, analyzes the characters and the scene, and provides information for actors and directors on diagraming the set and blocking the action.

Script Supervising and Film Continuity

Author : Pat P. Miller
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Miller's book on script supervision covers in detail hundreds of tasks a good script supervisor must perform: the recording of how the director is shooting the scene; how he breaks it up; a description of each shot, including who is in it, etc.; where there are changes in the dialogue or action that would affect the story line; how the characters are dressed; how the characters are positioned; and in what direction they were looking; the points at which the characters sit, stand, or otherwise move; the times at which characters enter and exit; and so on. ISBN 0-240-80018-4 (pbk.): $17.95.

Scenes from the Life of an Actor

Author : George Handel Hill (known as Yankee Hill)
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Styles of Acting

Author : Elaine Adams Novak
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Gathers more than thirty practice scenes which represent different acting styles, describes the history of theater, and covers scene preparation, character analysis, and original production techniques

Transactions of the American Philological Association

Author : American Philological Association
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Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association

Author : American Philological Association
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Bibliographical record of works published by members of the Association, in v. 28- 1897-

Statistical History of Acting Editions of Shakespeare

Author : William Perdue Halstead
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Greek and Roman Actors

Author : Pat Easterling
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Collection of essays exploring all aspects of the actor in the Greek and Roman worlds.

The Art of Film Acting

Author : Jeremiah Comey
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This guide for actors and directors develops a valid method for training performers to act from their core--whether they are cold reading, auditioning, or performing for film or television. This book teaches actors how to achieve and respond to believable and honest emotions before the camera, and it maintains that the key to a successful performance lies in how the actors relate to one another and to the circumstances. Exercises, including script examples, throughout the book give readers an easy resource for practicing the principles outlined. The Art of Film Acting applies a classic stage acting method (Stanislavsky) to the more intimate medium of performing before a camera, teaching readers to experience an emotion rather than to indicate it.

Actors of the Spaghetti Westerns

Author : James Prickette
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Musical accompaniment were jazzed up renditions that basically fit the art form like a glove with a stylish beat that usually pounded out the action as the story unfolded. The music set the mood and the audiences followed. Most of these films would never reach America during the era, even though they were generally aimed at the American film goers. The Actors who went to Italy and got involved in these lucrative new genre spinoffs all enjoyed star status, recognition and glow of the limelight that came with it. These are the Actors were talking about here.

Basic Catalogue of Plays and Musicals

Author : Samuel French, Inc
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Format : PDF, ePub
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204 Short Monologues and Scenes for Kids and Teens

Author : Dave Kilgore
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204 Short Monologues and Scenes for Kids and Teens is a compilation of Dave Kilgore's four previous books, 51 Short Monologues and Scenes for Kids, Volumes 1 and 2, and 51 Short Monologues and Scenes for Teens, Volumes 1 and 2. This book is designed for kid and teen actors to use in practice, in class, for auditions or just for fun. This book was also created to fill the void for acting teachers looking for positive and entertaining very short monologues and scenes for their younger student actors. The majority of the pieces here are under one minute, allowing for easy memorization and comprehension, while still telling brief stories with entertaining plot twists and allowing the younger actor to delve into character, history, relationships and environment. Talent agents and casting directors want to see what the actor can do in a short amount of time. Thirty to sixty second pieces, like most of the ones in this book, are ideal for that specific reason. Also, this allows the acting student to spend more time focusing on story and character. In this book are many fun pieces you'll be happy to see your own kids and teens performing, knowing they're not just learning to act, but also to tell stories and interact in positive ways. Some of the pieces in this book are more serious, and allow the younger actor to dig deeper and understand the character's journey. Many of these can be used for boys or girls by simply changing the names, and many can cross into different age ranges by using different scene and character direction. Included in this book... Tips on memorization. Tips on character development. Tips on character interaction. 56 Monologues for kids. 46 Scenes for kids. 60 Monologues for teens. 42 Scenes for teens. The author, Dave Kilgore, is an actor, pianist, film composer, music playwright, novelist, and lover of all the arts. He has written musical plays for kids, short and feature length screenplays and more. A career spanning decades in music, theater, and film, has given him the opportunity to view these crafts from many angles and write short monologues and scenes as clever and concise stories for young actors. Enjoy the journey!"