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The 400 Calorie Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

Author : Peter Minaki
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Enjoy the amazing flavors and health benefits of the Mediterranean diet while effectively managing your weight with 100 recipes—all 400 calories or less. Doctors, nutritionists, and health experts all agree that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest way to eat. The Mediterranean diet not only reduces inflammation but also protects against chronic disease, lowers cholesterol, and can aid in weight loss making it one of the most popular diets out there. In The 400-Calorie Mediterranean Diet Cookbook you can enjoy all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet without sacrificing the delicious flavors that you love. These 100 healthy recipes are all under 400 calories so you can lose weight while enjoying satisfying portion sizes. With photos throughout and recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus good-for-you snacks and low-calorie desserts, you will find everything you need to manage your calorie intake while enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, seafood, and lean meats and nuts. This healthy cookbook makes losing weight and improving your health easier and quicker than ever!

500 400 Calorie Recipes

Author : Dick Logue
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For people looking to shed pounds and live more healthfully, eating meals in the 400-calorie range is your secret weapon to weight loss success. Not only do these meals fuel your energy, rev metabolism, and keep you feeling full longer, but they also help you stick to a daily caloric range of 1200 to 1500 total calories, which is ideal for tipping the scales in your favor. Whether you’re on a weight loss plan already, or looking to begin anew, 500 400-Calorie Recipes is your one-stop shop for healthy, deliciously comforting meals that won’t bust your fitness goals, but rather boost you to them! The book works by expertly focusing on nutrient-dense, low-calorie ingredients that you can eat in abundance—such as leafy greens, artichokes, and berries—and combining them with smaller portions of equally filling foods like whole grains, beans, eggs, and poultry. The result? Four hundred mega-satisfying meals that cover your every craving and desire, from wholesomely hearty breakfasts to decadent treats that won’t break the (calorie) bank. Start losing weight—by filling your plate!—with 500 400-Calorie Recipes.

Essential Quick 400 Calorie Favourites

Author : Canadian Living
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At Canadian Living, we believe that healthy, calorie-conscious eating doesn’t mean giving up delicious meals or leaving the table feeling hungry. The trusted experts in the Canadian Living Test Kitchen have created a new collection of more than 90 flavour-packed, satisfying recipes for dinners you’ll enjoy cooking and eating – all under 400 calories. How did we do it? A simple substitution here, a clever cooking technique there, and sometimes leaving out a high-calorie ingredient the dish just doesn’t need. But we never cut back on great taste. Whether you’re watching your diet carefully or simply want to eat better more often, you’ll find satisfying pasta dishes and stir-fries, easy meal-in-a-bowl soups and stews, and dinner salads that will fill you up. For times when you’d like a guilt-free treat to round off dinner, we’ve even included our favourite new desserts that are 200 calories or less per serving. All of our recipes are Tested-Till-Perfect, so you can be confident they will always taste as good on your plate as they did in the Canadian Living Test Kitchen. More 400-Calorie Dinners is a companion volume to 2015’s best-selling 400-Calorie Dinners, with all-new recipes in a compact, budget-friendly edition. The cookbook, part of Canadian Living’s Essentials Collection, features mouthwatering colour photographs throughout, created by some of Canada’s top food photographers and food stylists. Synopsis • Dinner recipes grouped into 6 categories to help readers navigate quickly • Special section of 200-calorie desserts • Includes family-friendly favourites in 400-calorie versions, including lasagna, chili, tacos and mac and cheese • Low-calorie side dishes to fill out a meal • 50+ professionally shot colour photographs • Helpful tips for cooking, shopping and preparing, plus make-ahead instructions and recipe variations • Comprehensive index that groups recipes into helpful categories; search by type of recipe (such as soup or stir-fry), ingredient (such as pork tenderloin or pasta) or recipe name • Full nutrient analysis of recipes

Good Housekeeping 400 Calorie Meals

Author : Good Housekeeping Magazine
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Offers a collection of four hundred low-calorie recipes, including main courses, appetizers, side dishes, and desserts.

400 Calorie Dinners

Author : CQ Products (Firm)
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400 Calorie Fix

Author : Liz Vaccariello
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The latest research shows that controlling calories is consistently the most successful weight loss method. Of course, counting calories is nothing new. But only 15 percent of us know how many calories we should eat to maintain a healthy weight. Most of us don't know how many calories are in the foods we eat. And most of us don't really want to have to count calories. Now from Flat Belly Diet! author Liz Vaccariello comes 400 Calorie Fix, which makes it easy to spot and control calories. 400 Calorie Fix has no banned ingredients, no magic foods, and no complicated rules. You'll learn how to eat with the 400 calorie "lens"—the essential tool they need to assess portion sizes for all types of food at a glance. The book makes calorie control easy and delicious with 400 tasty 400-calorie recipes, quick-fix (nocook) meals, and options that make it easy to dine out, whether you're chowing down on a fast- food burger or hosting a family cookout.

400 Calorie Fix Cookbook

Author : Liz Vaccariello
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This is a cookbook that reaches far beyond listing ingredients and directions. It actually trains you how to divide your plate into perfect portions for your body and weight loss plan, spy hidden calories on the shelves at grocery stores, and equip yourself with the fundamental 400 Calorie Fix knowledge needed to maintain healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. Even if you're on a tight schedule, you'll be able to find quick menu items such as: • A breakfast of Crêpes with Strawberries, Bananas, and Nutella or Mexican Eggs Benedict • Delectable lunchtime dishes like Turkey Chili Verde or Thai Beef Salad • Exquisite entrées such as Steamed Mussels with White Wine and Garlic, Shrimp Arrabbiata, or Golden Roast Chicken with Lemon, Garlic, and Rosemary Get control of your calorie intake and get control of your life with the help of the 400 Calorie Fix Cook-book! "Treat others the way you want to be treated" has always been the golden rule—a philosophy that should apply to your body, too! So treat it nicely and keep all of your meals at about 400 calories, and a happy, healthy weight is yours. Together with registered dietitian Mindy Hermann, coauthor of the bestselling Flat Belly Diet! series, Liz Vaccariello has come up with this super simple-to-follow weight loss plan that helps you eat satisfying—though smart—meals whenever you want and wherever you are. "I never really felt like I was on a diet. I always felt satisfied, and it didn't feel like I was making too many sacrifices."—Sandi Hill, who lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks Whether you are pinched for time or you have all the time in the world and want to create a flavor-ful feast for your family, the 400 Calorie Fix Cookbook will guide you in making all of the most nutri-tious and delicious decisions. From the Persian Herb Omelet to the Sicilian Pizza "Squares," you'll learn what proteins are best served with what fruits and veggies or good-for-you fats, and you'll turn your kitchen into a five-star restaurant. Before you know it, you'll not only have mastered the recipes in this book, but will have discovered the best way to mix and match them in a way that works for you, your body, and your tastebuds! "I know I'm moving in the right direction; I'm so much more motivated now to get healthier, both for myself and my family." —Janet Sartorius, who lost 10 1/4 pounds in 2 weeks Best of all, the 400 Calorie Fix Cookbook lets you have your cake and eat it, too, as long as you follow the savory dessert recipes outlined in these pages. From Frozen Whoopie Pies to Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti, there's something for everyone's sweet tooth to top off a day's worth of other delicious 400-calorie fixes. "I have a much greater sense of control, and it's spilling into other areas of my life—work, home. I feel like I can do almost anything now!" —Melody Rubie, who lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks Armed with this cookbook, you'll be able to sharpen your 400 Calorie Lens, with easy visual cues and shortcuts to spot calories in the kitchen and grocery store, create customized 400-calorie meals, and jump-start a healthy-eating lifestyle! So what're you waiting for?

The Complete Idiot s Guide to 200 300 400 Calorie Meals

Author : Ed Jackson
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Enjoy your meals-and lose weight! People who want to lose weight are faced with a dizzying array of options: low-fat, low-carb, gluten-free ... the list is endless. But the truth behind them all is that the only real way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in. Those who have rediscovered calorie counting want calorie-controlled options that take the guesswork out of dieting. But they also want food they can enjoy and feel good about. And for many, that means going light on the artificial sweeteners. The Complete Idiot's Guide to 200-300-400 Calorie Meals helps readers put together a meal plan that keeps them to their calorie goals and helps them lose weight safely-and keep it off. This book features: A system for calculating a calorie budget based on current weight, activity levels, and weight-loss goals. How to keep track of calories consumed and estimate calorie content of meals on the go. Two weeks of meal plans for various calorie-budget levels. Eating schedules to keep people feeling full and satisfied between meals. Recipes for 300 and 400-calorie meals that taste great. Recipes for 200-calorie snacks and light meals to satisfy hunger without blowing the diet. Ways to satisfy a sweet tooth without overdosing on artificial sweeteners, which often make people crave more sugar.

The Every Other Day Diet

Author : Krista Varady
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"The Every-Other-Day Diet is the perfect diet for me." That's the satisfied declaration of a dieter who lost 41 pounds on the Every-Other-Day Diet. (And kept it off!) You too can expect dramatic results with this revolutionary approach to weight loss that is incredibly simple, easy, and effective. Created by Dr. Krista Varady, an associate professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois, the Every-Other-Day Diet will change the way you think of dieting forever. Among its many benefits: It's science-tested, science-proven. Dr. Varady has conducted many scientific studies on the Every-Other-Day Diet, involving hundreds of people, with consistently positive results published in top medical journals such as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Obesity. Unlike most other diets, the Every-Other-Day Diet is proven to work. It's remarkably simple-and effective. On Diet Day, you limit calories. On Feast Day, you eat anything you want and as much as you want. You alternate Diet Day and Feast Day. And you lose weight, steadily and reliably. There's no constant deprivation. The Every-Other-Day Diet doesn't involve day after day of dietary deprivation--because you can still indulge every-other day. It's easy to keep the weight off. With other diets, you lose weight only to regain it, the frustrating fate of most dieters. But The Every-Other-Day Diet includes the Every-Other-Day Success Plan--an approach to weight maintenance proven to work in a study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. This book offers all of the research, strategies, tips, and tools you need to believe in the Every-Other-Day Diet and easily implement it in your life. It also includes more than 80 quick and delicious recipes for Diet Day, as well as a list of tasty prepared foods that make meals as easy as 1-2-3. The Every-Other-Day Diet is perfect for anyone who wants to shed pounds and feel great, without hunger and defeat.

Healthy Meals

Author : Pamela James
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Delicious and Easy Healthy Recipes That Are All Under 400 Calories!This book contains 30 ridiculously simple and tasty low calorie recipes which are easy to make.Each recipe comes with nutritional information.