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A Guide to Merit Systems Protection Board Law Practice 1979 1990

Author : Peter B. Broida
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1979 1990

Author : Henryk Sawoniak
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French for Communication 1979 1990

Author : Roy Dunning
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This book sets out the background to the communicative language teaching project pioneered in Leicestershire, bringing together LEAs, examination boards, advisers, teachers and researchers. The author contrasts the integrated language approach of the project with the discrete skills basis of the National Criteria and the GCSE.

Organization and Management in China 1979 1990

Author : Oded Shenkar
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Over the last decade China has engaged in one of the most comprehensive management reforms ever undertaken. These reforms are expected to determine China's ability to modernize and become a major world economic power. At the same time, the reforms touch on major political and social issues within the PRC, thereby affecting the structure and control of Chinese society. The contributors to this volume analyze Chinese management and organizations in seven chapters that assess the impact of the reforms on domestic Chinese enterprises across such diverse issues as decision-making, work values and managerial behaviour, three chapters on foreign joint ventures and three chapters on trade and trade organizations.

Operational And Strategic Lessons Of The War In Afghanistan 1979 1990

Author : Dr Stephen J. Blank
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The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan at the end of 1979 was, in many respects, a milestone in Soviet history. On the one hand it represented the high-water mark of Soviet intervention in Third World states and thus served as the archetypical example and justification for the intensification of the cold war in the early 1980s. On the other hand, the ultimate defeat and poor performance by this military in Afghanistan was one of the key forces that triggered the drive for a comprehensive reform of the entire Soviet national security system and its decision-making structures. Thus this war had profound domestic and foreign repercussions. This analysis focuses on the purely operational and strategic lessons of the war. It insists that lessons of these kinds were present and that they offer significant insights both for such wars in general and for the course of Soviet military developments in the 1980s and 1990s. These lessons also offer important clues concerning the reforms required in order to preserve democratic civilian control over the military. It should also alert analysts everywhere as to the nature of local wars in the Third World in the 1990s, a phenomenon that shows little sign of abating. Though in many ways like all wars, this war was unique; it was not merely a series of random tactical exercises that were ultimately futile. Rather, like all wars, it shows us something of the shape of our present and future, if we are only insightful enough to understand it correctly.

Harvesting Change

Author : Laura J. Enriquez
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One of the principal aims of the Sandinista government in Nicaragua was to end the exploitation of the rural poor. But its attempts to promote balanced economic development and redistribute agricultural resources created labor shortages that threatened the country's economic lifeline. New employment opportunities created through agrarian reform upset the delicate balance developed in pre-revolution years to meet the labor requirements of Nicaragua's two key crops, cotton and coffee. Laura Enriquez studied this problem extensively while working in Nicaragua between 1982 and 1989, and in Harvesting Change she provides a unique analysis of the dilemmas of reform in an agrarian society. Enriquez describes the traditional labor relations of Nicaragua's agroexport production and outlines their breakdown as agrarian reform advanced. She also assesses the alternatives adopted by the Sandinista government as it attempted to address the crisis. Her book is based on participant observation and on formal and informal interviews with a broad cross section of people involved in agricultural production, including officials involved in agrarian reform, planning, and labor; producers; workers; and representatives from associations of growers, workers, and peasants. By presenting agrarian reform in its broad social context, Enriquez makes and important contribution to our understanding of the problems associated with the transition to socialism in the Third World. Originally published in 1991. A UNC Press Enduring Edition -- UNC Press Enduring Editions use the latest in digital technology to make available again books from our distinguished backlist that were previously out of print. These editions are published unaltered from the original, and are presented in affordable paperback formats, bringing readers both historical and cultural value.

Thinking 1979 1990

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The Eternal Act of Creation

Author : Northrop Frye
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"... twelve essays in which this visionary literary critic speaks specifically to the eternal act of creation, addressing the incessant need for literary revisioning." —Studies in Religion These essays, four of which are published here for the first time, reveal one of the most extraordinary minds of our time engaging a wide range of literary, cultural, and religious issues. Frye gave these addresses during the last decade of his life, and they reveal this distinguished critic speaking with wit and wisdom about the permanent forms of human civilization and engaging in the eternal act of creation.

Aesthetics and Revolution

Author : Greg Dawes
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Not a primer in aesthetics and revolution nor in Nicaraguan poetry, but rather a theoretical and sociohistorical intervention on aesthetics, revolution, and Marxism revised from its presentation as the author's doctoral dissertation (U. of Washington, 1990). Assumes some familiarity with the histori

Architekturen 1970 1990

Author : Hans Dieter Schaal
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Crustal Dynamics Project Data Analysis 1991

Author : C. Ma
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1979 1990

Author :
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State Society and Privatization in Turkey 1979 1990

Author : Sallama Shaker
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This work analyzes the Turkish effort at privatization from 1979 to 1990, shedding light on the obstacles that arose in a country with a 50-year tradition of economic paternalism. From the creation of Turkey after World War I, state control, complete with state-owned firms and government financial institutions, was integral to the state and enshrined as a principle in the 1937 constitution. But with the oil shocks of the 1970s, major adjustments became necessary, and by 1979 a programme of privatization was begun.

Iowa Public Library Statistics

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SUMMARY: Financial information, material acquisitions, materials holdings/circulation, additional statistics, personnel and salary ranges.

The Economy Under Mrs Thatcher 1979 1990

Author : Christopher Johnson
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The economical situation of England is discussed while Mrs. Thatcher was ruling the land during the period 1979 - 1990.

The Soviet Union

Author : Richard Eric Ericson
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Tilapia Culture January 1979 September 1990

Author : Ann Townsend Young
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The Protection of Cucurbits 1979 April 1990

Author : Charles N. Bebee
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Cultural and Mechanical Weed Control January 1979 January 1990

Author : Jayne T. MacLean
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Telecommunications Systems Market in Black African Countries for the Period 1978 1990

Author : Frost & Sullivan
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