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101 Dirty Jokes

Author : various authors
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101 Adult Jokes

Author : Jack Jokes
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Dirty Jokes and Bawdy Songs

Author : Susan Davis
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Collector of sexual folklore. Cataloger of erotica. Tireless social critic. Gershon Legman's singular, disreputable resume made him a counter-cultural touchstone during his forty-year exile in France. Despite his obscurity today, Legman’s prescient work and passion for the prurient laid the groundwork for our contemporary study of the forbidden.Susan G. Davis follows the life and times of the figure driven to share what he found in civilization's secret libraries. Self-taught and fiercely unaffiliated, Legman collected the risqué on street corners and in theaters and dug it out of little-known archives. If the sexual humor he uncovered often used laughter to disguise hostility and fear, he still believed it indispensable to the human experience. Davis reveals Legman in all his prickly, provocative complexity as an outrageous nonconformist thundering at a wrong-headed world while reveling in conflict, violating laws and boundaries with equal abandon, and pursuing love and improbable adventures. Through it all, he maintained a kaleidoscopic network of friends, fellow intellectuals, celebrity admirers, and like-minded obsessives.

101 Jokes

Author : Phillip McQueen
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There is nothing better than you have to tell a joke in a circle of friends. A good joke leaves a lot more cheerful and fun life. This book is recommended for anyone who likes to tell jokes, but it is also a book for anyone who likes to hear a good joke. Are 101 hilarious (dirty, sexual and adult's) jokes - ONLY THE BEST!Read unafraid to be happy, because the laughs are guaranteed!

Dirty Daves 101 X Rated Jokes

Author : David Shumaker
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The Little Book of Dirty Jokes

Author : Ed Cobham
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Like children playing in mud, we all like a bit of filth! This is a collection of new, classic and lairy laughs.

Real Russian 101

Author : Anton Loginov
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The goal of this book is to provide language learners with information which is going to serve them a good service in the way of mastering informal Russian as L2. In case with Russian every student must at least know obscene language. This book is going to help you with that. As far as "using obscene Russian" is concerned, we will leave it to the reader's discretion. Just one thing before we dive in: Most Russians are sure that they use obscene words only because these words help them express the meanings, emotions and connotations which are not available (or too lengthy) in literary Russian. And as you will see in this book, they might be right. 50 keywords to get to know150 phrases to learn45 exercises to practice16 reading blocks with dirty jokes in Russian4 tests to revise 1 Answer Key to check

Dirty Dave Does 2

Author :
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Jewish Humor

Author : Avner Ziv
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The thirteen chapters in this book are derived from the First International Conference on Jewish Humor held at Tel-Aviv University. The authors are scientists from the areas of literature, linguistics, sociology, psychology, history, communications, the theater, and Jewish studies. They all try to understand different aspects of Jewish humor, and they evoke associations, of a local-logical nature, with Jewish tradition. This compilation reflects the first interdisciplinary approach to Jewish humor. The chapters are arranged in four parts. The first section relates to humor as a way of coping with Jewish identity. Joseph Dorinson's chapter underscores the dilemma facing Jewish comedians in the United States. These comics try to assimilate into American culture, but without giving up their Jewish identity. The second section of the book deals with a central function of humor--aggression. Christie Davies makes a clear distinction between jokes that present the Jew as a victim of anti-Semitic attacks and those in which the approach is not aggressive. The third part focuses on humor in the Jewish tradition. Lawrence E. Mintz writes about jokes involving Jewish and Christian clergymen. The last part of the book deals with humor in Israel. David Alexander talks about the development of satire in Israel. Other chapters and contributors include: -Psycho-Social Aspects of Jewish Humor in Israel and in the Diaspora- by Avner Ziv; -Humor and Sexism: The Case of the Jewish Joke- by Esther Fuchs; -Halachic Issues as Satirical Elements in Nineteenth Century Hebrew Literature- by Yehuda Friedlander; -Do Jews in Israel still laugh at themselves?- by O. Nevo; and -Political Caricature as a Reflection of Israel's Development- by Kariel Gardosh. Each chapter in this volume paves the way for understanding the many facets of Jewish humor. This book will be immensely enjoyable and informative for sociologists, psychologists, and scholars of Judaic studies.

Rationale of the Dirty Joke

Author : G. Legman
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Why do people tell dirty jokes? And what is it about a joke's dirtiness that makes it funny? G. Legman was perhaps the foremost scholar of the dirty joke, and as legions of humor writers and comedians know, his Rationale of the Dirty Joke remains the most exhaustive and authoritative study of the subject. More than two thousand jokes and folktales are presented, covering such topics as The Female Fool, The Fortunate Fart, Mutual Mismatching, and The Sex Machine. These folk texts are authentically transcribed in their innocent and sometimes violent entirety. Legman studies each for its historical and socioanalytic significance, revealing what these jokes mean to the people who tell them and to the people who listen and laugh. Here -- back in print -- is the definitive text for comedians and humor writers, Freudian scholars and late night television enthusiasts. Rationale of the Dirty Joke will amuse you, offend you, challenge you, and disgust you, all while demonstrating the intelligence and hilarity of the dirty joke.