Statistics at Square Two

Author : Michael J. Campbell
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Understanding Modern Statistical Applications in Medicine Michael J. Campbell. statistics at Square two MICHAEL J CAMPBELL second edition. Front Cover.

Statistics at Square One

Author : Michael J. Campbell
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... because the overall type I error rate a will be bigger than the conventional level set for each individual test. A method of controlling for this is to use a one way analysis of variance and is discussed in Statistics at Square Two.

Statistics at Square Two

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Presenting Medical Statistics from Proposal to Publication

Author : Janet L. Peacock
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Practical statistics for medical research. 1st ed. London: Chapman and Hall; 1991. ... Statistics with confidence. 2nd ed. ... Statistics at square two: understanding modern statistical applications in medicine. 2nd ed.

A Surgeon s Guide to Writing and Publishing

Author : M Schein,
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Statistics at Square Two. BMJ Books, London, 2001. Altman DG, Machin D, Bryant TN, Gardner MJ. Statistics with Confidence, 2nd Edition. BMJ Books, London, 2000. ... Statistical guidelines for The British Journal of Surgery.

Essentials of Statistics for Criminology and Criminal Justice

Author : Raymond Paternoster
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In this chapter, you will learn about the chi-square statistic and how it is used to test whether there is a relationship between two categorical variables—variables measured at the nominal or ordinal level. When we have two categorical ...

Business Research Methods and Statistics Using SPSS

Author : Robert B. Burns
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If N is small and consequently the expected frequency in any cell is small, the sample statistic may not approximate the theoretical chi square distribution very closely. A rule-of-thumb which one may follow is that in a two-by-two chi ...

Statistics for Criminology and Criminal Justice

Author : Jacinta M. Gau
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TWO. CATEGORICAL. VARIABLES. CHI-SQUARE. : LEARNING. OBJECTIVES. Identify the levels of measurement of variables used with a chi-square test of independence. Explain the difference between parametric and nonparametric statistics.

Quarterly Reports of the Chief of the Bureau of Statistics

Author : United States. Dept. of the Treasury. Bureau of Statistics
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Also Embracing Other Statistical Tables Relative to the Trade of this and Foreign Countries for Various Periods United ... Cylinder and crown glass , polished , not exceeding ten by fifteen inches square , two and one half cents per ...

Statistics Using SPSS

Author : Sharon Lawner Weinberg
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R 2 Consider the following two equations, the first with only and the second with both and : X2 X1 X1 . ... Adjusted R Square Std. Error of the Estimate R Square Change Change Statistics Sig. Model R R Square F Change df1 df2 F Change 1 ...