The Paradise Room

Author : Belinda Jones
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When Amber Pepper's jeweller boyfriend Hugh asks her to join him on a business trip to the paradise islands of Tahiti she's not keen - Amber loves big jumpers and rain.

The Paradise Mystery

Author : J. S. Fletcher
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Room. *. In the midst of all her perplexity at that moment, Mary Bewery was
certain of one fact about which she had no perplexity nor any doubt—it would not
be long before the rumours of which Bryce and Mr. Folliot had spoken. Although
she ...

The Walk to the Paradise Garden

Author : Leon Arden
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room to room, snapping an assortment of frail patients, shy nuns, pretty nurses,
magisterial doctors and a pleased bursar who posed with a wart on his nose the
size of a walnut. I was even allowed access to the emergency room when two
lads ...

The Paradise Key

Author : Hanes Segler
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CHAPTER 24 Y Ann was ushered into the back room of Simms' temporary
headquarters in Presidio by Delores May. A long table took up most of the space,
with ten chairs crammed around it for meetings like the one scheduled to start in
five ...

The Land We Live in The Midland counties and the East coast of England

Author :
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It is probably the better suited to bed - room , called the paradise room , are the
great points its denizens , and these must be remembered . Besides of attraction .
They are well preserved , and contain the deer — which are numerous , - - there

Explorer s Guide Vermont Fourteenth Edition

Author : Christina Tree
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The floors are wide honeycolored pine, and each of the five rooms has a full bath
and climatecontrolled heat, radio/CD player, ... Pets are welcome—as are young
children—in the Paradise Room (with a 360degree view) above the garage.

What a Paradise

Author : Smita Kale
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She took him into her room at the backof the house. Kashiram looked rather
pleased with himself and asked how long everybody wasgoing to be away. “They
will returnon Tuesday, but you don't have to stay beyond the weekend.” Arti
saidto ...

The Ladies Paradise

Author : Émile Zola
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'You have a room to let, sir?' asked Denise, obeying an instinctive urge. He
raised his large eyes under bushy eyebrows, surprised to see her. He knew all
the girls at the Ladies' Paradise. And after looking at her clean little dress and
decent ...

The Mansions of England in the Olden Time

Author : Joseph Nash
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Near is a chamber called the Paradise - room , from a bed , the curtains , etc . , of
which contain an entire history of the Fall , worked in worsted by Dame Dorothy
Davenport , whose hands appear to have laboured on it for several years , in the

A Visitation of the Seats and Arms of the Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain

Author : Bernard Burke
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Contiguous to the plaster - room is a bed - chamber that had once been
appropriated to Dame Dorothy , and which is called the paradise - room from the
tapestry of the bed representing the history of the Fall . It was worked by the
hands of the ...

In the Memorial Room

Author : Janet Frame
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I shan't describe my voyage on that famous ship of the Paradise Line that was
overpopulated with anxiety-ridden immigrants returning with their families from
the Pacific lands to their former dreamed-of homes in Holland, France, Germany,

Handbook for Shropshire Cheshire and Lancashire

Author : Anonymous
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The Paradise room is so called from its being adorned by some of Dame
Dorothy's tapestry representing the history of the Fall. The inscription round the
fringe is as follows:– “Feare God and sleepe in peace, that thou in
Chrystemayeste reste, ...