The New Female Antihero

Author : Sarah Hagelin
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For this reason, as we'll see, the female antihero who rebels against these values tends to be largely white and middle class. This understanding of womanhood means that the traditional heroine is supposed to display and promulgate ...

Authorship s Wake

Author : Philip Sayers
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46 Elaine Blair writes in The New Yorker: “Last year, Lena Dunham gave a copy to the singer-songwriter Lorde, who Instagrammed its distinctive white cover”; see Elaine Blair, “Chris Kraus, Female Antihero,” The New Yorker, November 21, ...

21st Century TV Dramas Exploring the New Golden Age

Author : Amy M. Damico
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and “Against Antiheroes: It's Time to Retire Television's Most Overused Buzzword” record a weariness with the antihero trope.80 At the same time, female antiheroes—or antiheroines—in contemporary dramas started to be noticed.

Hero or Villain

Author : Abigail G. Scheg
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“Netflix's Original Series House of Cards—From David Fincher and Kevin Spacey—May Be the New Face of Television.” IGN, 31 Jan. ... “Antiheroines Are the New Antiheroes: The Killer Women of 'Penny Dreadful,' 'Orphan Black' and More.

The Play in the System

Author : Anna Watkins Fisher
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“Chris Kraus, Female Antihero.” New Yorker, November 21, 2016. https://www.newyorker .com/magazine/2016/11/21/chris-kraus-female-antihero. Blas, Zach. “Informatic Opacity.” In “Tectonic Disobedience.” Special issue, edited by Marc ...

Imagining We in the Age of I

Author : Mary Harrod
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... Sarah Hagelin—The New Female Antihero: The Disruptive Women of Twenty-First-Century US Television is forthcoming from University of Chicago Press. Andrea Wood is Professor of Film and Media Studies at Winona State University, USA.

Television Antiheroines

Author : Milly Buonanno
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Interestingly enough, Nikolas mentioned a good number of potential candidates with female antihero status, ... This form of denial was never so directly addressed as in the article 'Difficult women' written by The New Yorker TV critic ...

Crime Uncovered Antihero

Author : Fiona Peters
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The antihero, regardless of gender, defrauds the idealism of feminist masculinity. Female antiheroes must sacrifice their traditional patriarchal roles in order to pursue traditionally masculine positions whereas male antiheroes fail to ...

Law and Justice on the Small Screen

Author : Peter Robson
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M Sharratt writes that 'Bitch Lit is a smart and subversive celebration of female anti-heroeswomen who take the law into their ... 35 Holt and Thompson, 'Man-of-Action Heroes' (n 16) 425 (citing M Kimmel, Manhood in America (New York, ...

Difficult Women on Television Drama

Author : Isabel C. Pinedo
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In the realm of media, the sexual and gender double standard leads to a lower bar for the transgressions of the female antihero than the male antihero, and a stricter policing of femininity than of (white) masculinity.