Author: Pepetela

Publisher: Heinemann Educational Publishers


Category: Fiction

Page: 307

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Yaka gives a panoramic view of the events that shaped Angola from 1890 through the next century as reflected in the life of the Semedo family.

Yakada Yaka


Author: Carl Muller

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 8184751109

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

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Yakada Yaka is the second part of the Burgher trilogy that began with The Jam Fruit Tree When the conquering British roll out the first railway steam-driven locomotive in Sri Lanka, it causes quite a stir. The smoke-spewing, banshee-wailing, fearsome black thing hisses like a thousand cobras... and the villagers declare that this Thing is an Iron Demon—a yakada yaka. The Burghers who drive these Iron Demons have a penchant for challenging authority and courting trouble, sometimes just to liven things up in the railway outposts... and so it is that Sonnaboy and Meerwald chase a large group of villagers all across Anuradhapura, mother-naked but not much bothered by it, Ben Godlieb conjures up a corpse in his cowcatcher, Dickie Byrd single-handedly demolishes a Pentecostal Mission and is hailed as the messiah of the Railway fraternity, and Basil Van der Smaght filches a human heart and feeds it to the Nawalapitiya railway staff ...and to cap it all, Sonnaboy takes French Leave to act in The Bridge on the River Kwai! '(Muller) tells his tale with a gentle humour often bordering on tenderness, but couched in the vigorous rugged localese. Almost immediately we find ourselves empathizing with Muller's roistering band that sins and prays with equal zest.' —Business Standard '... The Burghers ...believed in living life to the hilt. Every situation occasioned wild revels, and there was nothing that could not be solved through a brawl.' —India Today.


Power Figures


Author: Henricus Simonis

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783960984900

Category: Fetishes (Ceremonial objects)

Page: 168

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This African ethnographic art book presents the entire range of Yaka ritual sculptures.The Yaka people live in the south-western Congo in Africa. These objects played a significant role in the daily life of Yaka society after they were ritually charged with power substances.Moreover, these sculptures provided direct access to the supernatural powers of important ancestors and spirits. Every statue exhibits full force, monumentality, expressivity and originality as well as admirable abundance of shapes and forms.English and German text.Co-published with Simonis.

The Chinook Jargon and How to Use It - A Complete and Exhaustive Lexicon of the Oldest Trade Language of the American Continent


Author: George C. Shaw

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0359090079

Category: Chinook jargon

Page: 65

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A ready lexicon of interest to students and scholars of Indian languages. The work is the most comprehensive and exhaustive study of the Chinook jargon in existence to-day, comprising a complete grammar and dictionary, with nearly three thousand specimens of colloquial and narrative phrases, with English translations, etc. It is intended to afford a complete lexicon for the use of students and scholars, as well as an attractive and characteristic souvenir of the Alaskan-Yukon-Pacific Exposition. The Chinook jargon is the prevailing medium of intercourse between the whites and the natives, and is spoken by about thirty thousand people in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, and in some parts of Alaska. It is one of the most curious specimens of a ""mixed language"" which philologists have had the opportunity of analyzing, and has been termed a genuine "international speech...".. --Publishers Weekly, Vol. 75

African Divination Systems

Ways of Knowing


Author: Philip M. Peek

Publisher: Georgetown University Press

ISBN: 9780253343093

Category: Philosophy

Page: 230

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"This volume of finely crafted case studies is also the vehicle for an important general theory of divination.... this is a book overflowing with ideas that will powerfully stimulate further research." -- Journal of Ritual Studies "The essays in this collection provide a very useful overview of both the diversity of African divination systems and of recent approaches to their study." -- Choice This unique collection of essays by an exceptional international group of Africanists demonstrates the central role that divination continues to play throughout Africa in maintaining cultural systems and in guiding human action. African Divination Systems offers insights for current discussions in comparative epistemology, cross-cultural psychology, cognition studies, semiotics, ethnoscience, religious studies, and anthropology.

The Coalition

A Complete Trilogy


Author: Bob Avis

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465333592

Category: Fiction

Page: 548

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Tuebor was the most advanced civilization in our sector of the galaxy and they willingly shared their technology with most of the civilizations they encountered during their space explorations. This led to the formation of the Hocage Alliance. The Vate decided that the Tuebor led Alliance would be an easy acquisition and started a war. However, they underestimated the resistance of the other members of the Alliance and found themselves in a vicious stalemate. The Balekian Empire engaged the Vate during their conquest of all civilizations they encountered. The Vate realized that they could not defeat the Empire, therefore, asked the Alliance to join them in an effort to defeat a enemy who eventually would consume the Alliance. After thousands of years of war, a truce was finally signed which eventually led to the formation of THE COALITION. Tueborian influence within THE COALITION began to erode and they sought help from the remnants of the genetically related colony established on Earth 66 million years ago. This led to the 12.3 light-year separation of a teenage girl and her parents. Jackie and Bob Cavish were supposedly killed in a car crash. After the initial shock of her parents deaths, Denise Cavish questions police about several incidents surrounding the accident that doesnt make sense including the unauthorized cremation of the bodies. The disappearance of Denises best friend Kim Longley seems to be unrelated to the Cavishs apparent deaths. Acting on her own, Denise follows a lead that takes her to a remote fishing cabin in Montana where she almost kills the man responsible for reuniting the family. Once together the family helps the Tueborians and THE COALITION in dealing with the Genigans and Ammonoids in Book I; the Imini, Esortians, and Reptilians in Book II; and the United Reptilian Systems, the Plasma People and the Cosmic Creature in Book III. The Genigans and especially the Reptilians tend to settle any disputes with war. The Imini are always in constant flight for survival but will fight to eat. The Esortians chase the Imini throughout the galaxy and multi- dimensions while attacking anyone who helps their foe. The Ammonoids are reluctant to share and prefer to control situations through the non-confrontational use of their technology. The Plasma People and the Cosmic Creature arewell far out. Book III concludes with the Day Of Truth and the final chance for Earth to join THE COALITION. The story gives an awesome sense of appreciation for each species own very special but trivial place in this magnificent mysterious multidimensional ever-evolving universe. They learned to face issues far greater than their own personal needs. As a group they gradually learned that they must bind together for mutual protection and prosperity. THE COALITION provides adventure, mystery, humor and a touch of love all developed by the gradual blending of characters and species. It also provides some thoughts concerning the following questions: Did you ever wonder why the Chicxulub impact was so amazingly effective in wiping out all dinosaurs on Earth? Why Earth has humanoids of various colors? Which, if any, humanoids are indigenous to Earth? Why media exposure to science fiction has dramatically increased during the past 25 years?



Author: Roland Littlewood

Publisher: Left Coast Press

ISBN: 1598742752

Category: Medical

Page: 225

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This provocative volume considers the theoretical, methodological, and ethnographic implications of the fact that medical knowledge is frequently dynamic, incoherent, and contradictory, and that and our understanding of it is necessarily incomplete and partial

The Law of the Lifegivers

The Domestication of Desire


Author: Renaat Devisch,Claude Brodeur

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9789057024221

Category: Social Science

Page: 268

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African societies are gifted with a rich creativity, often expressed in intimate corporeal terms. For the Yaka people of southwestern Congo, such manifestations can have individual, social, or even cosmic significance. The Law of the Lifegivers investigates the importance among the Yaka of body and space in their daily life, exercise of power, and initiatic traditions. Through this analysis, Devisch and Brodeur show that body, desire, and symbol are intertwined, so that bodily expression can act as sensuous and powerful symbol. The domestication of passion and the institutionalizing of a subject are all expressed in bodily terms, particularly during initiations; the ethical order of law rests on many bodily symbols, including the importance of maternal and paternal lifegivers. The authors vividly describe the different life-giving or life-threatening roles which function in this society, such as sorcerer, diviner, therapist, and chief, as well as the funeral drama which shapes the passage to the afterlife with the ancestors, as experienced by the dying subject and his community. Through their dialogue and correspondence, Devisch and Brodeur (an anthropologist and a psychoanalyst, respectively) bring together two, sometimes conflicting, intellectual approaches. They aim to unravel a truth which is freed, as much as possible, from the presumption that only the West possesses the knowledge of objective discourse and science. Through the interaction, the authors reveal the semantic threads, located at the very heart of the most vital, life-giving processes, which weave the fabric of the practice and thought of a riveting, passionate Africa.

Proverbes yaka du Zaïre


Author: Alain van der Beken

Publisher: KARTHALA Editions

ISBN: 9782865374014

Category: Proverbes yaka

Page: 351

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Se Recréer Femme


Author: Renaat Devisch

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226143620

Category: Medical

Page: 334

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For the Yaka of Southwestern Zaire, infertility is a tear in the fabric of life, and the Khita fertility ritual is a trusted way of reweaving the damaged strands. In Weaving the Threads of Life Rene Devisch offers an extended analysis of the Khita cult, which leads to an original account of the workings of ritual healing. Drawing on many years among urban and rural Yaka, Devisch analyzes their understanding of existence as a fabric of firmly but delicately interwoven threads of nature, body, and society. The fertility healing ritual calls forth forces, feelings, and meanings that allow women to rejoin themselves to the complex pattern of social and cosmic life. These elaborate rites—whether simulating mortal agony and rebirth, gestation and delivery, or flowering and decay; using music and dance, steambath or massage, dream messages or scarification—are not based on symbols of traditional beliefs. Rather, Devisch shows, the rites themselves generate forces and meaning, creating and shaping the cosmic, physical, and social world of their participants. In contrast to current theoretical methods such as postmodern or symbolical interpretation, Devisch's praxiological approach is unique in also using phenomenological insights into the intent and results of anthropological fieldwork. This innovative work will have ramifications beyond African studies, reaching into the anthropology of medicine and the body, comparative religious history, and women's studies.

Divination and Healing

Potent Vision


Author: Michael Winkelman,Philip M. Peek

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816523771

Category: Social Science

Page: 295

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Divination is an important feature of cultures all over the world. While some may still question the efficacy of divination systems, they continue to serve their communities by diagnosing ailments, prescribing healing treatments, and solving problems. Yet despite their universality, there are relatively few comprehensive studies of divination systems. This volume seeks to fill this gap regarding the use of divination in healing. Here some of the worldÕs leading authorities draw on their own fieldwork and participation in ritual to present detailed case studies, demonstrating that divination rituals can have therapeutic effects. As the contributors examine the systems of knowledge that divination articulates and survey the varieties of divinatory experience, they seek to analyze divination as an epistemological system, as a social process, and as a therapeutic endeavor. While some of their findings reinforce traditional assumptions about the importance of social control, spirit relations, and community support in the divination process, the authors place these considerations within new epistemological frameworks that emphasize the use of alternative modes of knowing. In this wide-ranging volume, readers will find coverage of classic Ifa systems; Buddhist-influenced shamanic practices in the former Soviet Union; the reconciliation of Muslim beliefs and divinatory practices in Thailand; Native American divination used in diagnosis; Maya calendrical divination in Guatemala; mediumistic and chicken oracle divination among the Sukuma of Tanzania; Ndembu divination, focusing on the process of collective healing; and divination among the Samburu (Maasai) of Kenya, featuring dialogues from actual healing sessions. Together, these contributions argue for new perspectives on the study of divination that emphasize not only the epistemological roots of these systems but also their multifaceted therapeutic functions. Divination and Healing is a rich source of both data and insight for scholars of ritual, religion, medical anthropology, and the psychology of altered states of consciousness.

Islam ́i Rüya Tabirleri


Author: Erhan Kilic

Publisher: epubli

ISBN: 3844222324

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

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Imam Nablusinin yorumundan İslami Rüya Tabirleri.



Author: Pepetela

Publisher: Mihály Flandorffer Peniche



Page: 397

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Visions of Africa Series


Author: Arthur Bourgeois

Publisher: 5Continents

ISBN: 9788874395156

Category: Art

Page: 132

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"For over a century, the Yaka, who live in the southwestern corner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, have produced figurative statuettes, masks, and other objects that have fascinated explorers, merchants and traders, colonial officials, missionaries, and collectors of African art. This book brings together some of the earliest as well as some of the most visually striking examples with a view toward their context in ceremony and curative rituals, namely, their use in chiefly installations, "institutions of affliction," and n-khanda initiation to manhood. Also explored is their interplay with primary artifacts and overarching concepts within Yaka society such as leadership, divination, and sorcery. Moreover, art objects are embedded in the history of a people with earlier and later examples and nuanced changes that occur in society, not the least of which include colonial influences and "anti-fetish" religious movements." -- Publisher's description.