Author: Georg Buchner

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

ISBN: 9781848426368


Page: 96

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'People like us are unhappy in this world and in the next: if we made it to heaven, we'd have to help make it thunder.' The multi-award-winning Jack Thorne, the playwright behind Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, breathes new life into Georg B�chner's Woyzeck, one of the most extraordinary plays ever written. It's 1980s Berlin. The Cold War rages and the world sits at a crossroads between Capitalism and Communism. On the border between East and West, a young soldier and the love of his life are desperately trying to build a better future for their child. But the cost of escaping poverty is high, and its tragic consequences unfold in this searing tale of the people society leaves behind. Jack Thorne's new version of Woyzeck premieres at the Old Vic Theatre, London, in May 2017, starring John Boyega.

Woyzeck: A Play


Author: Neil LaBute

Publisher: The Overlook Press

ISBN: 1468314033

Category: Drama

Page: 96

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Georg Büchner’s unfinished play about the poor soldier Woyzeck, subject of a medical experiment and tormented by hallucinations from a diet of only peas. Georg Büchner’s unfinished play about the poor soldier Woyzeck, subject of a medical experiment and tormented by hallucinations from a diet of only peas. His girlfriend, Marie, by whom he’s fathered a child; Marie’s overpowering desire for the alluring Drum- Major; and the murderous outcome of this oppressive admixture of circumstances is without a doubt one of the bleakest works of world literature. It is also considered by many to mark the beginning of modern drama. In this powerful adaption, Neil LaBute embraces the glittering darkness of Woyzeck's violent, erotic, inhumane world and uncompromisingly makes it his own. From his opening in an operating theatre and then scene by macabre scene, LaBute imbues this classic with his singular intensity and moral vision, as he takes it to its nightmarish conclusion. Included in this volume is Neil LaBute’s provocative new monologue “Kandahar,” in which a soldier back from Afghanistan calmly explains his devastating actions of the day before. A gripping stand-alone piece, this short work is also a trenchant modern-day exploration of the potent and enduring themes of Woyzeck.

Georg Büchner's Woyzeck

A History of Its Criticism


Author: David G. Richards

Publisher: Camden House

ISBN: 9781571132208

Category: Drama

Page: 167

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A study of the literary criticism of the famous and influential German play fragment Woyzeck.

Büchner: Woyzeck


Author: Georg Buchner

Publisher: Bristol Classical Press

ISBN: 9781853993749

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 95

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Georg Büchner is regularly considered the father of modern German drama, and "Woyzeck" was his most influential work. Beneath the utter simplicity of its basic story, there are complex themes of human motivation, victimisation, guilt, class structure, and the meaning and nature of existence. This edition incorporates the recent research on the text, and provides full Introduction and Notes.

A History of Modern Drama


Author: David Krasner

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444343742

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 528

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Covering the period 1879 to 1959, and taking in everything from Ibsen to Beckett, this book is volume one of a two-part comprehensive examination of the plays, dramatists, and movements that comprise modern world drama. Contains detailed analysis of plays and playwrights, connecting themes and offering original interpretations Includes coverage of non-English works and traditions to create a global view of modern drama Considers the influence of modernism in art, music, literature, architecture, society, and politics on the formation of modern dramatic literature Takes an interpretative and analytical approach to modern dramatic texts rather than focusing on production history Includes coverage of the ways in which staging practices, design concepts, and acting styles informed the construction of the dramas

Complete Plays, Lenz and Other Writings


Author: Georg Buchner

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141935499

Category: Drama

Page: 336

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Collected in this volume are powerful dramas and psychological fiction by the nineteenth-century iconoclast now recognized as a major figure of world literature. Also included are selections from Büchner's letters and philosophical writings.

Replay: Classic Modern Drama Reimagined


Author: Toby Zinman

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 140818270X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

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Replay: Classic Modern Drama Reimagined spans over a century of great theatre to explore how iconic plays have been adapted and versioned by later writers to reflect or dissect the contemporary zeitgeist. Starting with A Doll's House, Ibsen's much-reprised masterpiece of marital relations from 1879, Toby Zinman explores what made the play so controversial and shocking in its day before tracing how later reimaginings have reworked Ibsen's original. The spine of plays then includes such landmark works as Strindberg's Miss Julie, Oscar Wilde's comic The Importance of Being Earnest, Chekhov's Three Sisters and Uncle Vanya, Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun, the Rattigan centenary revivals, Thornton Wilder's Our Town, ultimately arriving at Beckett's Waiting for Godot. Taking each modern play as the starting point, Zinman explores the diverse renderings and reworkings by subsequent playwrights and artists Â?including prominent directors and their controversial productions as well as acknowledging reworkings in film, opera and ballet.Through the course of this groundbreaking study we discover not only how theatrical styles have changed but how society's attitude towards politics, religion, money, gender, sexuality and race have radically altered over the course of the century. In turn Replay reveals how theatre can serve as both a reflection of our times and a provocation to them.

Reimagining American Theatre


Author: Robert Brustein

Publisher: Hill and Wang

ISBN: 1466805412

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 307

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In his collection of essays and reviews, Robert Brustein makes the argument that the American Theatre is enjoying a renaissance that has not been unacknowledged.

Lysistrata and Other Plays


Author: Aristophanes

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141907010

Category: Drama

Page: 304

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Writing at a time when Athens was undergoing a crisis in its social attitudes, Aristophanes was an eloquent opponent of the demagogue and the sophist. This collection includes Lysistrata, the hilariously bawdy anti-war fantasy; The Acharnians, a plea for peace set against the background of the long war with Sparta; and The Clouds, a satire on contemporary philosophy.

The Making of Modern Drama

A Study of Büchner, Ibsen, Strindberg, Chekhov, Pirandello, Brecht, Handke


Author: Richard Gilman

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300079029

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 292

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This critical exploration of modern drama begins with Büchner and Ibsen and then discusses the major playwrights who have shaped modern theater. A new introduction by the author assesses developments of recent years.

Danton's death


Author: Georg Büchner

Publisher: N.A


Category: Drama

Page: 83

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Mad Forest

A Play from Romania


Author: Caryl Churchill

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

ISBN: 9780573693328

Category: Romania

Page: 103

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The Funfair


Author: Simon Stephens

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1474265863

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 80

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I kept telling myself I wanted something more out of my life, something brighter. I had all these ideas in my head. Thing is, I had to go down so low just to try to lift my life up a little bit higher. Simon Stephens's exciting new adaptation of the twentieth-century classic Kasimir and Karoline is a dark, political and hilarious play that sets two young lovers in the throes of a break-up against the hypnotic whirl and bright lights of a funfair. The Funfair takes us on a ride through the loops, dips and highs of one night at a fairground, exploring a crisis of capitalism set to the soundtrack of a rock and roll love song. The play received its world premiere at Manchester's Home Theatre on 14 May 2015 and was the theatre's first-ever production.

The complete plays


Author: Georg Büchner,Michael Patterson

Publisher: Methuen Drama


Category: Drama

Page: 306

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Buchner was acknowledged by figures as divergent as Antonin ARtaud and Bertolt Brecht to be the forefather of modern theatre.

The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents


Author: Lukas Bärfuss

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

ISBN: 9781854595799

Category: Drama

Page: 56

View: 1987

The provocative story of a modern family consumed by fear and hope, by the Swiss-born Lukas Bärfuss, a rising star of contemporary German theatre. When Dora's parents release her from her tranquillisers, they're not prepared for her potent sexual awakening.