Word for Beginners


Author: M.L. Humphrey

Publisher: M.L. Humphrey


Category: Computers

Page: 75

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Microsoft Word is the go-to word processor in use today. From school papers to business reports, almost everyone will need to use it at some point in their life. And Word for Beginners provides the foundation you need to master Word. From basic navigation and how to input your text to formatting and printing, this guide covers everything you need to start using Word effectively. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started learning Word today. keywords: microsoft word, ms word, word for beginners, novices, introduction to word, formatting, printing

God's Word for Beginners of All Ages


Author: Mary Hinson

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781626975569

Category: Religion

Page: 130

View: 662

Mary Hinson has fond memories of learning the Bible stories with her mother and siblings before she went to bed at night and knows that each person's introduction to the Bible can start in a similar way. For some it is in childhood and for others as teenagers. Still others come to experience the Bible as adults. For anyone in his or her beginning stages, Mary has put together an exciting compilation of the amazing Bible heroes and their stories. With just the right amount of context she introduces each story and then lets readers know where they can find the rest in the pages of God's Holy Word. People of all ages will really find this book helpful as they make their first foray into the world of Hebrew and Christian history. They will meet people like Abraham, Moses and Joshua, learn about the pinnacles and pitfalls of the Israelite people, then move on into the gospels. There they will meet the most important person of all: their Savior Jesus Christ. They will read about his travels, his mission and his miracles, which will make them see how he changed the world and how he can change their lives. Join Mary Hinson on a journey into the beautiful new world of God's love message to all his children on earth.

German For Beginners: A Practical Guide to Learn the Basics of German in 10 Days!

Language Series


Author: Manuel De Cortes

Publisher: Lito Publishing

ISBN: 1533754136

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: N.A

View: 1761

Learn NOW the Basics of German in 10 Days This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to learn to speak the German language in less than two weeks. The German language is spoken by at least 130 million people around the world as of 2014. More than half of those people speak it as their native and language, with the rest having adopted it as a second language. My goal is to help you on having a new approach. This book lets you appreciate the beauty of the German culture as evidenced in their language. The chapters will give you appropriate examples that you will find useful once you learn to talk and converse in full German—all that, in a span of 10 days. Whatever reasons you have for desiring to learn German, choosing "German for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Learn the Basics of German in 10 Days!" offers you more than just an opportunity to learn the language; it is giving yourself a good headstart towards your goals.

Malagasy for Beginners


Author: James Richardson

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 5881130456

Category: History

Page: N.A

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Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

An introduction to AI concepts, algorithms, and their implementation


Author: Patrick D. Smith

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1788992261

Category: Computers

Page: 362

View: 4508

Grasp the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and build your own intelligent systems with ease Key Features Enter the world of AI with the help of solid concepts and real-world use cases Explore AI components to build real-world automated intelligence Become well versed with machine learning and deep learning concepts Book Description Virtual Assistants, such as Alexa and Siri, process our requests, Google's cars have started to read addresses, and Amazon's prices and Netflix's recommended videos are decided by AI. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most exciting technologies and is becoming increasingly significant in the modern world. Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for Beginners will teach you what Artificial Intelligence is and how to design and build intelligent applications. This book will teach you to harness packages such as TensorFlow in order to create powerful AI systems. You will begin with reviewing the recent changes in AI and learning how artificial neural networks (ANNs) have enabled more intelligent AI. You'll explore feedforward, recurrent, convolutional, and generative neural networks (FFNNs, RNNs, CNNs, and GNNs), as well as reinforcement learning methods. In the concluding chapters, you'll learn how to implement these methods for a variety of tasks, such as generating text for chatbots, and playing board and video games. By the end of this book, you will be able to understand exactly what you need to consider when optimizing ANNs and how to deploy and maintain AI applications. What you will learn Use TensorFlow packages to create AI systems Build feedforward, convolutional, and recurrent neural networks Implement generative models for text generation Build reinforcement learning algorithms to play games Assemble RNNs, CNNs, and decoders to create an intelligent assistant Utilize RNNs to predict stock market behavior Create and scale training pipelines and deployment architectures for AI systems Who this book is for This book is designed for beginners in AI, aspiring AI developers, as well as machine learning enthusiasts with an interest in leveraging various algorithms to build powerful AI applications.

Psalms for Beginners


Author: Mike Mazzalongo

Publisher: BibleTalk Books


Category: Religion

Page: 117

View: 4021

This book will examine the different types of psalms as well as the various literary devices used by the authors of the psalms.

Magic for Beginners



Author: Kelly Link

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1931520925

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 6699

Perfect for readers of George Saunders, Karen Russell, Neil Gaiman, and Aimee Bender, Magic for Beginners is an exquisite, dreamlike dispatch from a virtuoso storyteller who can do seemingly anything. Kelly Link reconstructs modern life through an intoxicating prism, conjuring up unforgettable worlds with humor and humanity. These stories are at once ingenious and deeply moving. They leave the reader astonished and exhilarated. Includes an exclusive conversation between Kelly Link and Joe Hill Praise for Magic for Beginners “A sorceress to be reckoned with.”—The New York Times Book Review “[Kelly] Link’s stories . . . play in a place few writers go, a netherworld between literature and fantasy, Alice Munro and J. K. Rowling, and Link finds truths there that most authors wouldn’t dare touch.”—Lev Grossman, Time “She is unique and should be declared a national treasure.”—Neil Gaiman “Funny, scary, surprising and powerfully moving within the span of a single story or even a single sentence.”—Karen Russell, The Miami Herald “This is what certain readers live for: fiction that makes the world instead of merely mimicking it.”—Audrey Niffenegger “[These] exquisite stories mix the aggravations and epiphanies of everyday life with the stuff that legends, dreams and nightmares are made of.”—Laura Miller, Salon, Best Books of the Decade “A major talent . . . Like George Saunders, [Link] can’t dismiss the hidden things that tap on our windows at night.”—The Boston Globe “The most darkly playful voice in American fiction.”—Michael Chabon “I think she is the most impressive writer of her generation.”—Peter Straub “Link’s world is one to savor. [Grade:] A”—Entertainment Weekly “Intricate, wildly imaginative and totally wonderful . . . will fill you with awe and joy.”—NPR From the Trade Paperback edition.

Word processing for beginners


Author: Elza Dinwiddie-Boyd

Publisher: Perigee

ISBN: 9780399516528

Category: Computers

Page: 96

View: 8998

Discusses terminology, equipment, care of disks, work at home, popular software, and other aspects, and provide advice on specific techniques such as saving, retrieving, editing, and formatting

Early Literacy Intervention Activities, Grades PK - K


Author: Sherrill B. Flora

Publisher: Key Education Publishing

ISBN: 1602689385

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 160

View: 9360

Facilitate literacy in special-education learners in grades PK–K using Early Literacy Intervention Activities. This 160-page book provides teachers with activities that boost 11 proven literacy skills and intervention strategies. In addition, the book dis

Korean for Beginners

Mastering Conversational Korean (Downloadable Material Included)


Author: Henry J. Amen IV,Kyubyong Park

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 1462901034

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 176

View: 9135

Have you ever considered learning Korean, but been put off by the unusual look of the characters? Don't let yourself be scared away! Korean has been called "the most logical language there is," and with this friendly and thorough introduction you will soon see why. The best way to learn Korean—this book uses a lighthearted, humorous approach. Korean for Beginners starts by showing you just how reasoned and logical the Korean alphabet, hangeul, actually is, and helps you master it faster than you learned the English alphabet. Realistic situations you might encounter in Korea in Korean-speaking environments are described, and new words are explained in terms of how you'll find them useful to communicate. Numerous illustrations enliven the text, downloadable audio lets you listen and repeat phrases in the book. Soon you'll be able to say with pride, "I know Korean!" Features of Korean for Beginners are: Learn to read Korean writing with ease. Practical phrases help you converse with confidence. A lighthearted "guide" walks you through, bringing the language to life. Downloadable audio with native Korean speakers help you to speak Korean like a pro. As the more than 1 million Americans who speak Korean can attest, the Korean language is here to stay, and generations of young (and older) adults are determined to learn it. This book is for people who want a grasp of how to speak, write and understand Korean—and who want to enjoy things while they're at it!

Cantonese for beginners

learning Cantonese through self-taught word-for-word method, with characters, pronunciation, tones and combinations


Author: 蔣克秋

Publisher: N.A


Category: Cantonese dialects

Page: N.A

View: 2543

Tagalog for Beginners

An Introduction to Filipino, the National Language of the Philippines (Downloadable MP3 Audio Included)


Author: Joi Barrios

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 1462910394

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 384

View: 3209

This is a straight–forward and user–friendly guide to the Tagalog language. Tagalog for Beginners is the book to help you learn Tagalog (Filipino) on your own, easily and accurately—whether you're traveling to the Philippines for a vacation or a business trip, or you have ties to the large Tagalog-speaking community in the U.S., or you're simply a language lover. From the fascinating history of Philippines' language to how you speak it, join skilled teacher Barrios on a guided introduction—with a practical focus. After journeying through the carefully-paced explanations, conversations, cultural info, and activities in Tagalog for Beginners, learners will be able to use Tagalog (Filipino) in a wide range of common situations. From shopping for food to asking directions, from telling time to expressing how you feel, this book gives you the communication skills you need. The downloadable audio helps reinforce pronunciation and improve listening comprehension. Helpful suggestions guide heritage learners (those of Filipino descent but born outside the Philippines) on how to use the book most effectively for their needs. Key features include:: Accompanying downloadable audio audio. Realistic dialogues to bring the language to life. Activities and exercises to help you read, write, speak and understand. Notes on the Tagalog language and history. A special section guides native (heritage) learners and instructors on how to use the book most effectively for their needs.

The Art of War for Beginners


Author: Vincent Gagliano

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462025307

Category: Philosophy

Page: 108

View: 4524

The Art of War is one of the oldest and most widely read books on tactics and strategy ever written, but it can also be one of the most mystifying for modern readers to tackle. In order to complete this book, author Vincent Gagliano studied several different translations of The Art of War, in addition to books on business, leadership, and military history. Here, he takes Sun Tzu’s ideas and concepts and expresses them in a simplified form for first-time readers. He also describes how he came to write the book, and how new readers can study the text, helping them learn the concepts and apply them to everyday life. Whether you are facing struggles on the literal battlefield, in the boardroom, or in the arena, the ideas first expressed by Sun Tzu 2,500 years ago are still relevant today. Mastering the concepts of combat in any situation can give you the edge up on your competition, starting today!

Word Building Activities for Beginners of English


Author: Susan E. Boyer

Publisher: Boyer Educational Resources

ISBN: 1877074284

Category: English language

Page: 122

View: 6014

'Word Building Activities for Beginners' is a resource that provides material to establish a repertoire of words and simple sentences from which beginner students can build and extend their English.