Women, power and politics


Author: Anne Stevens

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan

ISBN: 9780230507807

Category: Political Science

Page: 266

View: 5392

A major new introduction to women's political involvement and role in the liberal democratic world drawing examples from a wide range of countries to illustrate key common features and divergences. Anne Stevens not only assesses the extent of women's participation and representation in government, and in parliaments but also in grass roots politics. The central focus throughout is on the issue of whether and how gender makes a difference.

Women, Power, and Politics

The Fight for Gender Equality in the United States


Author: Lori Cox Han,Caroline Heldman

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190620240

Category: Feminism

Page: 352

View: 3342

This textbook provides a comprehensive assessment of women in American politics as participants, candidates, and office holders, as well as important public policies that affect women in their daily lives. Firmly grounded in current Political Science research, this textbook also providescutting-edge analysis of current topics such as gender, feminism, social media, and issues within the current gender justice movement, to name a few, in its coverage. This textbook will be timely and relevant to undergraduate students in its coverage of important topics, and will provide a strongoverview of important research in the field of women and politics for graduate students. In addition, the pedagogical features included throughout the textbook will help students develop critical thinking skills as well as provide resources to become lifelong learners on this topic.

Women, Power and Politics



Author: Joy Wilkinson,Zinnie Harris,Bola Agbaje

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781848421172

Category: Drama

Page: 127

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Women, Power and Politics: Now includes Joy Wilkinson's Acting Leader, in which a woman leads the Labor Party; Bola Agbaje's Playing the Game, about student politics today; Zinnie Harris' The Panel, about an appointments board's secret agenda; Sam Holcroft's Pink, in which a self-made millionaire thinks again, and Sue Townsend's You, Me and Wii, in which a doorstep canvasser arrives.

Women and Politics

Paths to Power and Political Influence


Author: Julie Dolan,Melissa M. Deckman,Michele L. Swers

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1538100762

Category: Political Science

Page: 376

View: 1044

Women and Politics: Paths to Power and Political Influence examines the role of women in politics from the early women’s movement to the female politicians in power today. Following the historic 2016 presidential election, this timely edition includes analysis of the challenges of navigating gender in seeking the presidency. It examines how both Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina were forced to “perform gender” on the campaign trail, and tasked to at once prove their masculine capability and feminine likability in order to be considered competent for the job.

Women, Politics, and Power

A Global Perspective


Author: Pamela Paxton,Melanie M. Hughes

Publisher: CQ Press

ISBN: 1483377016

Category: Political Science

Page: 520

View: 3984

Women, Politics, and Power: A Global Perspective, Third Edition provides a clear, detailed introduction to women’s political participation and representation across a wide range of countries and regions. Through broad statistical overviews and detailed case-study accounts, authors Pamela Paxton and Melanie M. Hughes document both historical trends and the contemporary state of women’s political strength. Readers see the cultural, structural, political, and international influences on women’s access to political power, and the difference women make once in political office. The text acknowledges differences among women through attention to intersectionality and women from marginalized groups.

Power and Politics in the Book of Judges

Men and Women of Valor


Author: John C. Yoder

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 1451496621

Category: Religion

Page: 288

View: 9187

John C. Yoder examines political culture and behavior in the book of Judges. Although the Deuteronomistic editor portrayed the "judges" as moral champions, the men and women of valor were preoccupied with the problem of gaining and maintaining political power. They were ambitious, at times ruthless; they might be labeled chiefs, strongmen, or even warlords in today's world, using violence, patronage, and the control of the labor and reproductive capacity of subordinates, as well as other strategies that did not require the constant exercise of force.

Women, Power and Politics in 21st Century Iran


Author: Tara Povey

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134779968

Category: Social Science

Page: 218

View: 3737

This book examines the women's movement in Iran and its role in contesting gender relations since the 1979 revolution. Looking at examples from politics, law, employment, environment, media and religion and the struggle for democracy, this book demonstrates how material conditions have important social and political consequences for the lives of women in Iran and exposes the need to challenge the dominant theoretical perspectives on gender and Islam. A truly fascinating insider's look at the experiences of Iranian women as academics, political and civil society activists, this book counters the often inaccurate and misleading stereotyping of Iranian women to present a vibrant and diverse picture of these women's lives. A welcome and unique addition to the vibrant and growing literature on women, Islam, development, democracy and feminisms.

Beyond Identity Politics

Feminism, Power and Politics


Author: Moya Lloyd

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780803978850

Category: Social Science

Page: 198

View: 6419

This book engages with key contemporary issues such as difference, identity and subjectivity, and their relation to power and politics. Moya Lloyd explores feminist conceptions of power, patriarchy, agency, critique and the political relating to subjectivity.

French Women in Politics

Writing Power, Paternal Legitimization, and Maternal Legacies


Author: Raylene L. Ramsay

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781571810816

Category: Political Science

Page: 318

View: 4496

Although more women in France have entered political life than ever before, the fact remains that there are fewer women representatives in the French parliament than there were after the Second World War. In a new and original approach, the author presents an overview and analysis of the emerging body of text by or on women who have held high political office in France. The argument is that writing about women and politics has not just described or reflected women's slow but now substantial entry into political life; it has played a major part in shaping the parity debate and its outcomes. Interviews with political women, such as Huguette Bouchardeau, Simone Veil or Edith Cresson, inserted in the text, demonstrate the emergence and circulation of a new common discourse focused on the issue of whether women in politics make or should make a difference. A close reading of the various texts examined in this book and their connection to new public counter-discourses in France suggest that a re-writing of power is indeed occurring.

Points of Resistance

Women, Power & Politics in the New York Avant-garde Cinema, 1943-71


Author: Lauren Rabinovitz

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252071249

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 252

View: 3943

In detailing the relationship of three women filmmakers' lives and films to the changing institutions of the post-World War II era, Lauren Rabinovitz has created the first feminist social history of the North American avant-garde cinema. At a time when there were few women directors in commercial films, the postwar avant-garde movement offered an opportunity. Rabinovitz argues that avant-garde cinema, open to women because of its marginal status in the art world, included women as filmmakers, organizers, and critics. Focusing on Maya Deren, Shirley Clarke, and Joyce Wieland, Rabinovitz illustrates how women used bold physical images to enhance their work and how each provided entry to her subversive art while remaining culturally acceptable. She combines archival materials with her own interviews to show how the women's labor and films, even their identities as women filmmakers, were produced, disseminated, and understood. With a new preface and an updated bibliography, Points of Resistance simultaneously demonstrates the avant-garde's importance as an organizational network for women filmmakers and the processes by which women remained marginal figures within that network. patriarchal, resistant film making practice. Rabinovitz convinces us that, in the case of Deren, Clarke, and Wieland, this practice has been articulated strongly since the 1940s - Donald Crafton, author of Emile Cohl, Caricature and Film.

Women in Politics

Gender, Power and Development


Author: Mariz Tadros

Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.

ISBN: 1783600551

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 4101

Women the world over are being prevented from engaging in politics. Women’s political leadership of any sort is a rarity and a career in politics rarer still. We have, however, begun to understand what it takes to create an enabling environment for women’s political participation. In this exciting and pioneering collection, writers from Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East are brought together for the first time to talk explicitly about women’s participation in the political scene across the global South. Answering such questions as how women can get political apprenticeship opportunities, how these opportunities translate into the pursuit of a political career, and how these pursuits then influence the kind of political platform women advocate once in power, Women in Politics is essential reading for anyone interested in what it means to engage politically.

Women and Politics of Peace

South Asia Narratives on Militarization, Power, and Justice


Author: Rita Manchanda

Publisher: Sage Publications Pvt. Limited

ISBN: 9789386062628

Category: Transitional justice

Page: 320

View: 6461

This book discusses the experiences of women negotiating conflict and post-conflict situations to deliver transformative peace Inspired by the vision and values of women of the South Asian Peace Network, this volume fills a critical gap in the global Women Peace and Security (WPS) discourse. The chapters focus on the region's multifaceted experiences and feminist expertise on women negotiating post-war-post-conflict situations structured around interlinked themes--women, participation and peacebuilding;militarization and violent peace and justice, impunity, and accountability. This volume looks at the efforts of women trying to deliver a transformative peace that questions gendered power relations while confronting the socio-cultural barriers that prevent them from participating in rebuilding conflict-affected societies to bring about just peace.

Confederate Reckoning


Author: Stephanie McCurry

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674056655

Category: History

Page: 456

View: 6385

Stephanie McCurry tells a very different tale of the Confederate experience. When the grandiosity of Southerners’ national ambitions met the harsh realities of wartime crises, unintended consequences ensued. Although Southern statesmen and generals had built the most powerful slave regime in the Western world, they had excluded the majority of their own people—white women and slaves—and thereby sowed the seeds of their demise.

A Flag Worth Dying For

The Power and Politics of National Symbols


Author: Tim Marshall

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501168339

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 8731

First published in Great Britain in 2016 by Elliott and Thompson Limited as: Worth dying for: the power and politics of flags.

Politics, Gender and Conceptual Metaphors


Author: K. Ahrens

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230245234

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 275

View: 7485

Distinguished researchers from around the world examine the interplay between gender and metaphor in political language in Great Britain, the United States, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, and Singapore. They draw on a wide variety of corpus data to determine to what extent metaphors used by women in political power differ with, or remain the same as that of men. They also examine what effect metaphor use has on women's power in the political arena. This wide-ranging collection of language-based studies will interest students and researchers in discourse analysis, political communication, gender studies, journalism, and media studies.

Women & Power

A Manifesto


Author: Mary Beard

Publisher: Profile Books

ISBN: 1782834532

Category: Social Science

Page: 74

View: 2386

Number One Sunday Times Bestseller Why the popular resonance of 'mansplaining' (despite the intense dislike of the term felt by many men)? It hits home for us because it points straight to what it feels like not to be taken seriously: a bit like when I get lectured on Roman history on Twitter. Britain's best-known classicist Mary Beard, is also a committed and vocal feminist. With wry wit, she revisits the gender agenda and shows how history has treated powerful women. Her examples range from the classical world to the modern day, from Medusa and Athena to Theresa May and Hillary Clinton. Beard explores the cultural underpinnings of misogyny, considering the public voice of women, our cultural assumptions about women's relationship with power, and how powerful women resist being packaged into a male template. With personal reflections on her own experiences of the sexism and gendered aggression she has endured online, Mary asks: if women aren't perceived to be within the structures of power, isn't it power that we need to redefine? From the author of international bestseller SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome.

Women and Politics

The Pursuit of Equality


Author: Lynne Ford

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 042998264X

Category: Political Science

Page: 466

View: 1676

Women and Politics is a comprehensive examination of women's use of politics in pursuit of gender equality. How can demands for gender equality be reconciled with sex differences? Resolving this paradoxical question has proceeded along two paths: the legal equality doctrine, which emphasizes gender neutrality, and the fairness doctrine, which recognizes differences between men and women. The text's clear analysis and presentation of theory and history helps students to think critically about the difficulties faced by women in politics, and about how public policies in education, labour and the economy, and family and fertility, impact gender equality. The fully-revised fourth edition explores new critical perspectives, recent political events, and current challenges to gender equality, including the 2016 presidential election and Hillary Clinton's candidacy, the fight for equal pay and paid leave, and the debate over reproductive rights and campus sexual assault. It also includes current scholarship on the intersections of race, class, and gender, and expanded coverage of minority women, women in the military, and conservative women. This text, and its two-path framework, is essential to understanding women's pursuit of equality via the political system.

Sex, Power, and Politics

Exploring the Femme Fatale's Mastery of the Political Throughout History


Author: Tiffiany Howard

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781137363688


Page: N.A

View: 4052