Breaking the Rules

Women in Prison and Feminist Therapy


Author: Marcia Hill,Judith Harden

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317713052

Category: Law

Page: 190

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Breaking the Rules: Women in Prison and Feminist Therapy challenges therapists, public policymakers, voters, and those in the criminal justice system to find treatment options, empowerment strategies, viable resources, community support, and policies that can help women with problems such as drug abuse, domestic violence, poverty, and prostitution rather than perpetually punishing them. Breaking the Rules shows you how our society makes ‘other’of those among us who are most vulnerable, injured, and without resources. It digs under your skin and forces you to look at: the histories of abuse among women who have murdered their partners the impact of race and ethnicity on patterns of mothering and caretaking of children of women prisoners the lack of treatment options for addicted women prisoners how prison reawakens the feelings of powerlessness in women who have suffered childhood physical and sexual abuse helping women inmates develop marketable educational and vocational skills, support systems, and positive perceptions of themselves collaborative strategies that challenge the status quo of programs and support available to female offenders and their families a relational model of treatment that is based on the integration of three theoretical perspectives the strengths and limitations of twelve step programs for women Mapping the problems and offering solutions, Breaking the Rules walks you through treatment strategies and self-confirming experiences--such as feminist therapy, prisoner-led support groups, affirmative prison programming, and art therapy--that help women draw on their strengths, come to terms with their pasts, and meet future challenges head on.

Women in Prison

A Reference Handbook


Author: Cyndi Banks

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1576079295

Category: Social Science

Page: 227

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A concise survey of the treatment of jailed women in America since the early 1800s, their unique problems, the effect on their families, and the state of prisons today. * Includes an abundance of resources for further research including extensive statistics on the number of women in state and federal prisons by race, the proportion of women jailed for violent offenses, and characteristics of female state prison inmates * An annotated bibliography of print and nonprint resources such as Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, Corrections Today, and Women, Crime, and Justice

Women in Prison

Gender and Social Control


Author: Barbara H. Zaitzow,Jim Thomas

Publisher: Lynne Rienner Publishers

ISBN: 9781588262288

Category: Social Science

Page: 251

View: 3101

This title explores how the gender-based attitudes that women bring to prison frame how they respond to the prison environment - and how gender stereotypes continue to affect the treatment and opportunities of incarcerated women today.

Making It in the Free World

Women in Transition from Prison


Author: Patricia O'Brien

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791448618

Category: Social Science

Page: 201

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Explores how women inmates make the transition from prison back into society.

Under lock and key

a study of women in prison


Author: Xenia Field

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social Science

Page: 254

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Too much time

women in prison


Author: Jane Evelyn Atwood

Publisher: Phaidon Press


Category: Photography

Page: 191

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This is a documentary survey of the experience of women in prison by theward-winning photojournalist Jane Evelyn Atwood. Since 1980 the numbers ofomen in US prisons have increased tenfold. Similar statistics apply to theine other countries around the world where Atwood has succeeded inenetrating the prison systems - photographing, interviewing women prisonersnd their guards, gathering testimony. The result is a raw and moving accountn words and pictures of society's attitude to the issues of women, crime andncarceration.;The book raises questions about the relative treatment of mennd women in prison and about the links between women's crimes and maleiolence. But more than a campaigning photo story, the book assembles anxtraordinary body of experience. As Kathy Boudin, a teacher and writermprisoned since 1981, comments: "as women in prison, we tell stories to eachther - sitting in our cells, walking in the prison yard, in parenting groups but we urgently need our stories to be heard beyond the walls and the razorire. This book takes the reader into the lives of women in prison as they

Woman-to-woman Sexual Violence

Does She Call it Rape?


Author: Lori B. Girshick

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 9781555534677

Category: Social Science

Page: 201

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Solidly grounded in feminist research methodology, this important and original work offers a fresh perspective on both women prisoners and the administration of criminal justice.

Inner Lives

Voices of African American Women In Prison


Author: Paula Johnson

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814743854

Category: Law

Page: 356

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The rate of women entering prison has increased nearly 400 percent since 1980, with African American women constituting the largest percentage of this population. However, despite their extremely disproportional representation in correctional institutions, little attention has been paid to their experiences within the criminal justice system. Inner Lives provides readers the rare opportunity to intimately connect with African American women prisoners. By presenting the women's stories in their own voices, Paula C. Johnson captures the reality of those who are in the system, and those who are working to help them. Johnson offers a nuanced and compelling portrait of this fastest-growing prison population by blending legal history, ethnography, sociology, and criminology. These striking and vivid narratives are accompanied by equally compelling arguments by Johnson on how to reform our nation's laws and social policies, in order to eradicate existing inequalities. Her thorough and insightful analysis of the historical and legal background of contemporary criminal law doctrine, sentencing theories, and correctional policies sets the stage for understanding the current system.

I Hear Your Cry

Women in Prison


Author: Veronica Shaffer

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595405630

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 196

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I Hear Your Cry: Women in Prison shares the extraordinary process of how one woman took a dream, nurtured it into reality, and shared her inspirational message with women prisoners-never give up. Author Veronica A. Shaffer has always relied on her inner voice to lead her, but it was her perseverance and commitment to personal growth that eventually allowed her to share the benefits of yoga and meditation with women prisoners. In this poignant account, Shaffer compromises with prison officials who ask her to rename her program "Fit and Wellness," and begins her life-transforming work. Although her personal experiences differ from those of the female prisoners she educates, she is able to identify with their powerlessness and desperation-two demons she had personally battled as a young woman. Her years of teaching are complemented by the amazing lessons learned from women who struggle with addictions, obesity, physical handicaps, grief over separation from loved ones, anger at the men left behind, and loneliness without friends.

Disrupted Childhoods

Children of Women in Prison


Author: Jane A. Siegel

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813550106

Category: Social Science

Page: 233

View: 2656

Disrupted Childhoods explores the issues that arise from a mother's confinement and provides first-person accounts of the experiences of children with moms behind bars. Jane A. Siegel offers a perspective that recognizes differences over the long course of a family's interaction with the criminal justice system. Presenting an unparalleled view into the children's lives both before and after their mothers are imprisoned, this book reveals the many challenges they face from the moment such a critical caregiver is arrested to the time she returns home from prison.

Women in Prison

An Insight Into Captivity and Crime


Author: Suvarna Cherukuri

Publisher: Foundation Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 147

View: 4696

Study conducted at Chanchalguda Prison situated in Hyderabad city of Andhra Pradesh , India.

Orange Is the New Black

Mein Jahr im Frauenknast


Author: Piper Kerman

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644526214

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

View: 1743

Von der 5th Avenue in den Knast Das Buch zur US-Kultserie! Piper Kerman lebt glücklich mit ihrem Verlobten in Manhattan, als ihr eine Jugendsünde zum Verhängnis wird. Das Gericht verurteilt sie zu einer 15-monatigen Haftstrafe, und Piper tauscht Designeroutfits und Loft gegen orange Häftlingskleidung und eine Zelle in einem Frauengefängnis. Über die Zeit dort, über Schikanen, bösartige Attacken, aber auch über Freundschaften und vor allem ihre toughen und warmherzigen Mitgefangenen schreibt sie ohne Selbstmitleid, humorvoll und sehr unterhaltsam. «Ich liebe dieses Buch in einem Maße, das mich selbst überrascht hat. Eine wundervoll erzählte Geschichte darüber, wie unglaublich Frauen sein können.» Elizabeth Gilbert, Autorin von «Eat, Pray, Love» «Dies ist ein ernstes und großherziges Buch, das das Leben in einem Frauengefängnis sehr detailliert und – das ist entscheidend – mit Empathie und Respekt für Piper Kermans Mitinhaftierte schildert, von denen die wenigsten über ihre Möglichkeiten verfügten.» Dave Eggers «Dieses Buch können Sie nicht aus der Hand legen, weil Sie selbst in diese Situation hätten geraten können. Oder Ihre beste Freundin. Oder Ihre Tochter.» Los Angeles Times

Women in Prison


Author: Barbara Warny

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1466975148

Category: Social Science

Page: 430

View: 2794

My careers ranged from belly dancer to bricklayer with much “color” between. Then a friend surprised me with two black plastic bags of letters from a deceased girlfriend. He asked, “Please do something nice with these.” He was moving out of town and not taking them. I sat down and read for days, letters that reflected her time in prison, and I absorbed the feelings this woman dealt with and felt another career being born. My hope is that after reading this story, families and friends of the incarcerated will better understand their loved ones’ situation and their role. These women survived horrible, unspeakable violence, not always directly to them, but they were surrounded by it. Their medical and dental care was very lacking. Many will return home with symptoms of post-traumatic stress. They need to be welcomed home and afforded patience.

Women in prison

programs and alternatives : hearing before the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, One Hundred Third Congress, first session, on S. 1158, a bill to authorize the National Institute of Corrections to make grants to states to carry our family unity demonstration projects; and for other purposes, June 29, 1993


Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary

Publisher: Government Printing Office


Category: Law

Page: 145

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Staying Alive

Memories of Women in Prison


Author: Durgā Ghimire

Publisher: N.A


Category: Women social workers

Page: 148

View: 2502

Memoirs of Durgā Ghimire in different prisons of Nepal, women social worker from Nepal.

Women in Prison


Author: Joan Esherick

Publisher: Mason Crest

ISBN: 9781590849934

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 111

View: 4488

Uses statistics, accounts of prison life, and quotes from interviews to supply an overview of the issues surrounding women in prison.

A Tragedy of Lives

Women in Prison in Zimbabwe


Author: Chiedza Musengezi,Irene Staunton

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social Science

Page: 320

View: 3740

A collection of first-hand stories, based on interviews with former female prisoners, conducted by Zimbabwe Women's Writers. Each story is highly personal and particular. As a body, they document that women who find themselves in prison are often driven by circumstances into a situation where the emotional or material poverty of their lives makes breaking the law the only option. They illustrate how once in prison, women are subjected to punitive or demeaning action; and not infrequently, are regarded as pariahs by their families and friends, and society at large. The stories further shed light on the impact of imprisonment on the children of prisoners, who by virtue of the absence of their mothers, suffer deprivation, which limits their opportunities for a fulfilling life. The writers pose the challenges: how much responsibility should be borne by the culprits themselves; and how much are their failures an indictment against the whole society, outlining what might be done to prevent the so-called crime and create a more compassionate environment. The stories are supplemented with scholarly essays written by specialists in law, gender and prison reform, who raise some important general issues regarding women, criminal law and punishment regimes.