Women Behind Bars

The Crisis of Women in the U.S. Prison System


Author: Silja J. A. Talvi

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0786750790

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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More and more women—mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters, and sisters—are doing hard prison time all across the United States. Many of them are facing the prospect of years, decades, even lifetimes behind bars. Oddly, there’s been little public discussion about the dramatic increase of women in the prison system. What exactly is happening here, and why? The answers are in Women Behind Bars, in which investigative journalist Silja Talvi sheds light on why American girls and women are being locked up at such unprecedented rates. Talvi travels across the country to weave together interviews with inmates, correctional officers, and administrators, providing readers with a glance at the impact incarceration has on our society. With a combination of compassion and critical analysis, Talvi delivers a timely, in-depth analysis of a growing and extremely complicated issue.


Finding the Safety Net for Women behind Bars


Author: Carolyn Sufrin

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520963555

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

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Thousands of pregnant women pass through our nation’s jails every year. What happens to them as they carry their pregnancies in a space of punishment? In this time when the public safety net is frayed, incarceration has become a central and racialized strategy for managing the poor. Using her ethnographic fieldwork and clinical work as an ob-gyn in a women’s jail, Carolyn Sufrin explores how jail has, paradoxically, become a place where women can find care. Focusing on the experiences of incarcerated pregnant women as well as on the practices of the jail guards and health providers who care for them, Jailcare describes the contradictory ways that care and maternal identity emerge within a punitive space presumed to be devoid of care. Sufrin argues that jail is not simply a disciplinary institution that serves to punish. Rather, when understood in the context of the poverty, addiction, violence, and racial oppression that characterize these women’s lives and their reproduction, jail can become a safety net for women on the margins of society.

Women Behind Bars

Chile's Abortion Laws : a Human Rights Analysis


Author: Center for Reproductive Law & Policy

Publisher: N.A


Category: Abortion

Page: 98

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This publication highlights numerous violations made on women who have undergone abortion in Chile, and examines the legal framework of Chile's abortion law, as well as the criminal procedure involved in these prosecutions. Chapter 1 describes the evolution of the protection of reproductive rights and how the prohibition constituted to violations on health-related and other human rights. Chapter 2 discusses Chilean health policy and abortion as the cause of public health problem. Chapter 3 provides analysis of domestic legislation and court records of women who were prosecuted for abortion, with discussions of actual individuals prosecuted for abortion. Chapter 4 summarizes the social and economic data on the women prosecuted for abortion, as well as on the abortion providers, which includes all women who had abortions, even those who were not prosecuted because they were minors or victims of abortion. Lastly, chapter 5 presents several recommendations at the national and international levels in the cessation of prosecution of women who have undergone abortion, with emphasis on the roles of international donors and the universal and regional human rights systems.

Women Behind Bars


Author: Deborah Jiang-Stein

Publisher: Shebooks

ISBN: 1940838673

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: N.A

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As a young girl, Deborah Jiang-Stein discovered a shattering secret—she was born in prison and her birth mother, a heroin addict, kept her inside for the first year of her life. This book is the story of how Jiang-Stein came to terms with these traumatic facts and eventually began to dedicate herself to working with women in prisons. By enabling readers to hear the voices of the women she met, she hopes to “shed light on a universal truth: that if we look at someone long enough, we discover their humanity.”

Women Behind Bars

Finding Freedom from Emotional Bondage


Author: Jeanie Mollett

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449795447

Category: Religion

Page: 116

View: 709

You dont really know what goes on behind prison bars unless you live there. You can visit someone in prison and still not have a clue as to the emotions and torments they experience on a daily basis. There are many different kinds of bars. Some are physical, and some are spiritual. Some are emotional, and some are literal. No matter what kind they are, they will keep you bound and feeling powerless. Are you the kind of person who lives your life behind bars? Although sometimes there is no escaping from the bars we live behind, there is a way to live a victorious life. You need to remember that the bars that surround you do not define you. There is a woman in the Bible who lived her entire life behind bars of one kind or another. We can learn a lot from her experiences. Her name is Michal, the first wife of King David. Her father was King Saul. You would think the daughter of a king would have an almost perfect life. After all, she is a princess. Sometimes we judge things from an outward perspective without taking the time to look into the heart. I want to dig deep into the bars that held this woman captive most of her life.

Women Behind Bars in Romania


Author: Annie Samuelli

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135210705

Category: Political Science

Page: 248

View: 2566

In 1949, Annie Samuelli and her sister were seized by the Communists in a mass arrest of Romanians working for US and British legations. After nearly 12 years in separate prisons, they were released into exile on payment by a relative in the United States. This is her story.

Women behind bars


Author: Neera Kuckreja Sohoni

Publisher: Stosius Inc/Advent Books Division


Category: Social Science

Page: 258

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Woman Behind Bars in Romania


Author: Annie Samuelli

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780714642178

Category: History

Page: 227

View: 3480

This work describes how, in a mass arrest of Romanians working for US and British legations in 1949, Annie Samuelli and her sister were seized by the Communists and imprisoned for nearly 12 years in separate prisons .

Blood on her hands

Women behind bars


Author: Carla van der Spuy

Publisher: LAPA Uitgewers

ISBN: 0799376663

Category: True Crime

Page: 183

View: 6649

What makes a woman kill? And how does it feel to share a cell with these murderers? Carla van der Spuy visits four female correctional facilities across South Africa and gets inside the heads of women who committed violent crimes. She visits the babies born behind bars, celebrates Christmas with the inmates and chats face to face with women who killed with knives, guns and hit men, as well as a kleptomaniac and a prostitute. Women with blood on their hands. What went so terribly wrong in their lives? And is there a person behind the criminal?

Sacred Women Behind Bars


Author: Betty Lenora

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1452543623

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 120

View: 5891

We are sacred. Everything on earth is sacred. This truth has been forgotten. Hunger and sorrow are visiting the earth because of this forgotten knowledge-it will only cease when we remember. The only lesson worthy of remembering is how to love and care for the earth. It is written on the hearts of the women of this planet. The earth mother is waiting for her daughters to bring balance, once more, to the physical world, and your feminine energy is needed. Women are the key that unlocks the door to the evolutionary leap that will dance and awaken the golden dream on earth.

Women Behind Bars

Gender and Race in US Prisons


Author: Vernetta D. Young,Rebecca Reviere

Publisher: Lynne Rienner Pub

ISBN: 9781588263711

Category: Social Science

Page: 219

View: 9733

?The integration of race into the discussion of women and corrections is important, particularly in the classroom. This book, unlike most, does not address the issue of race as an afterthought, but instead shows its relevance by integrating it throughout.? ?Stephanie Bush-Baskette, Rutgers University?This comprehensive text is a strong contribution to the study of women and incarceration. Particularly effective in terms of its focus on race, gender, and imprisonment, it should be required reading in a wide range of courses.? ?Barbara Bloom, Sonoma State UniversityToday?s prisons are increasingly filled with poor, dark-skinned, single mothers locked up for low-level drug involvement?with serious ramifications for the corrections system. Women Behind Bars offers the first comprehensive exploration of the challenges faced by incarcerated women in the United States.Young and Reviere show conclusively that serving time in prisons designed by and for men not only does little to address what landed women, particularly women of color, there in the first place, but also undermines their prospects for an improved life on the outside. Using a multifaceted race/class/gender lens, the authors make a convincing argument that women in prison are punished twice: first by their sentences, and again because the policies that govern time behind bars were not designed to address women?s unique problems and responsibilities.Vernetta D. Young is associate professor of sociology at Howard University. She is coeditor of African American Classics in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Rebecca Reviere is associate professor of sociology at Howard University. Contents: Equal Rights or Lost Opportunities? Women in the Prison System. A Brief History of Women in Prison. The Changing Face of Female Prisoners. Women Prisoners: Special Issues. Drug Use and Drug Treatment. Mental and Physical Health Care. Women and Children First. Death and Dying. We Want You Back: The Return to Society. Conclusion. Still More Problems Than Solutions.

Women Behind Bars

A New Play


Author: Tom Eyen

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

ISBN: 9780573618130

Category: Drama

Page: 71

View: 4554

"In this hilarious satire on B-movies of the 1950's, Mary Eleanor, an innocent duped into crime, lands in the Greenwich Village Woman's House of Detention, presided over by a massive matron with a taste for sadism and female flesh as our heroine, now Caged in the Big House, learns about life The Hard Way." -- Publisher's description

Resistance Behind Bars

The Struggles of Incarcerated Women (Large Print 16pt)


Author: Victoria Law

Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com

ISBN: 1458784819


Page: 336

View: 7505

In 1974, women imprisoned at New York's maximum-security prison at Bedford Hills staged what is known as the August Rebellion. Protesting the brutal beating of a fellow prisoner, the women fought off guards, holding seven of them hostage, and took over sections of the prison. While many have heard of the 1971 Attica prison uprising, the August Rebellion remains relatively unknown even in activist circles. Resistance Behind Bars is determined to challenge and change such oversights. As it examines daily struggles against appalling prison conditions and injustices, Resistance documents both collective organizing and individual resistance among women incarcerated in the U.S. Emphasizing women's agency in resisting the conditions of their confinement through forming peer education groups, clandestinely arranging ways for children to visit mothers in distant prisons and raising public awareness about their lives, Resistance seeks to spark further discussion and research into the lives of incarcerated women and galvanize much-needed outside support for their struggles.

Women Behind Bars


Author: Raymond G. Wojda,Judy Rowse

Publisher: Amer Correctional Assn


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 75

View: 7800

A balanced account of life inside a prison for women, Women Behind Bars includes the personal stories of the incarcerated women, along with the observations and reflections of the correctional staff. Women from all walks of life, who are serving time for everything from theft to premeditated murder, talk openly about drugs, sex, discipline and rehabilitation behind bars. Through photographs taken by award-winning photographer Grace L. Wojda and first-person accounts, this book serves as a tour of the Ohio Reformatory for Women.

"Second Chance"

"Women Behind Bars"


Author: Holly Clayton

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1466992387

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 188

View: 6639

HOLLY CLAYTON is a business major, and has a B.S. degree in Teaching. She taught children and adults for many years. She is a widow, and has two children, one son and one daughter, and five grandchildren. She wrote a book on Marys life in prison, and why Mary went to prison. Holly believes everyone deserves a second chance. Mary didnt get a second chance Act, and believed she was treated wrong by the justice system and the prison she went too. She also wrote about her life with her husband and the love they shared together, and the way the end came for her husband and her not being there for him when he needed her the most. Holly also talks about how the justice system is so unfair for the first time non-violet crimes on taxes. Compassion is what the justice system needs, and to look into a persons file and life, before sentencing to prison. Hollys concerned with equal justice for all!

A World Apart

Women, Prison, and Life Behind Bars


Author: Cristina Rathbone

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0307430553

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 5493

“Life in a women’s prison is full of surprises,” writes Cristina Rathbone in her landmark account of life at MCI-Framingham. And so it is. After two intense court battles with prison officials, Rathbone gained unprecedented access to the otherwise invisible women of the oldest running women’s prison in America. The picture that emerges is both astounding and enraging. Women reveal the agonies of separation from family, and the prevalence of depression, and of sexual predation, and institutional malaise behind bars. But they also share their more personal hopes and concerns. There is horror in prison for sure, but Rathbone insists there is also humor and romance and downright bloody-mindedness. Getting beyond the political to the personal, A World Apart is both a triumph of empathy and a searing indictment of a system that has overlooked the plight of women in prison for far too long. At the center of the book is Denise, a mother serving five years for a first-time, nonviolent drug offense. Denise’s son is nine and obsessed with Beanie Babies when she first arrives in prison. He is fourteen and in prison himself by the time she is finally released. As Denise struggles to reconcile life in prison with the realities of her son’s excessive freedom on the outside, we meet women like Julie, who gets through her time by distracting herself with flirtatious, often salacious relationships with male correctional officers; Louise, who keeps herself going by selling makeup and personalized food packages on the prison black market; Chris, whose mental illness leads her to kill herself in prison; and Susan, who, after thirteen years of intermittent incarceration, has come to think of MCI-Framingham as home. Fearlessly truthful and revelatory, A World Apart is a major work of investigative journalism and social justice. From the Hardcover edition.

Women Behind Bars


Author: Wensley Clarkson

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 0312981112

Category: True Crime

Page: 256

View: 2989

From their illicit love affairs to race relations, prostitution, protection rackets, and drug smuggling, this shocking account reveals the true story of America's most dangerous and imprisoned female criminals. Originally published as Caged Heat. Reissue.

Women Behind Bars

An Organizing Tool


Author: Resources for Community Change

Publisher: N.A


Category: Women prisoners

Page: 56

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Shakespeare Behind Bars

The Power of Drama In A Women's Prison


Author: Jean Trounstine

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1466874155

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 1706

A deeply stirring account of one woman's experience teaching drama to women in prison. I began to understand that female prisoners are not "damaged goods" and to recognize that most of these women had toughed it out in a society that favors others-- by gender, class, or race. They are Desdemonas suffering because of jealous men, Lady Macbeths craving the power of their spouses, Portias disguised as men in order to get ahead, and Shylocks who, being betrayed, take the law into their own hands. So writes Jean Trounstine in Shakespeare Behind Bars. In this gripping account, Trounstine, who spent ten years teaching at Framingham Women's Prison in Massachusetts, focuses on six inmates who, each in her own way, discover in the power of great drama a way to transcend the painful constraints of incarceration. We meet: * Dolly, a fiftyish grandmother who brings her knitting to classes and starts a battered-women's group in prison *Bertie, a Jamaican beauty estranged from her homeland, torn with guilt, and shunned for her crime * Kit, a tough, wisecracking con who stirs up trouble whenever she can-- until she's threatened with losing her kids * Rose, an outsider in the prison community who lives with HIV and eventually gains acceptance through drama * Rhonda, a college-educated leader whose life falls apart when her father dies and who struggles in prison to reestablish her roots * Mamie, a nurse in the free world, now the prison gardener who makes cards with poetry and dried flowers and battles her own illness behind bars Shakespeare Behind Bars is a uniquely powerful work that gives voice to forgotten women, sheds a compassionate light on a dark world, and proves the redemptive power of art and education.