When the Magisterium Intervenes

The Magisterium and Theologians in Today's Church : Includes a Case Study on the Doctrinal Investigation of Elizabeth Johnson


Author: Richard R. Gaillardetz

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 0814680542

Category: Religion

Page: 295

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Catholicism has always recognized the need for a normative doctrinal teaching authority. Yet the character, scope, and exercise of that authority, what has come to be called the magisterium, has changed significantly over two millennia. This book gathers contributions from leading Catholic scholars in considering new factors that must be taken into account as we consider the church's official teaching authority in today's postmodern context. Noted experts in their fields cover many intriguing topics here, including the investigation of theologians that has occurred in recent years, canonical perspectives on such investigations, the role that women religious have played in these issues, the place of the media when problems arise, and possible future ways forward The book concludes with "The Elizabeth Johnson Dossier," a selection of documents essential to understanding the case of Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, whose work was recently the subject of severe criticism by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.Contributors include Bradford Hinze, James Coriden, Colleen Mallon, Ormond Rush, Gerard Mannion, Anthony Godzieba, Vincent Miller, Richard Gaillardetz, and Elizabeth Johnson.

Gender and Theology


Author: Elaine Wainwright,Lisa Sowle Cahill,Diego Irarrazaval

Publisher: SCM Press

ISBN: 0334031206

Category: Religion

Page: 144

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Concilium has long been a household-name for cutting-edge critical and constructive theological thinking. Past contributors include leading Catholic scholars such as Hans Küng, Gregory Baum and Edward Schillebeeckx, and the editors of the review belong to the international "who's who" in the world of contemporary theology. Published five times a year, each issue reflects a deep knowledge and scholarship presented in a highly readable style, and each issue offers a wide variety of viewpoints from leading thinkers from all over the world.

The Magisterium-theology Relationship

Contemporary Theological Conceptions in the Light of Universal Church Teaching Since 1835 and the Pronouncements of the Bishops of the United States


Author: Anthony J. Figueiredo

Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop

ISBN: 9788876528934

Category: Religion

Page: 530

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The author offers an historical and systematic analysis of magisterial documents from 1835 to the present day, addressing such important issues as the relationship between theological reasoning and magisterial statement, dissent, the natural moral law, the “grades” of Church teaching and the “conditioning” of dogma. He identifies areas of difficulty, points out contradictions, offers solutions, calls for further reflection and determines the definitive foundation for a correct rapport between magisterium and theologians.

The Encyclicals of John Paul II


Author: Pope John Paul II

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor (IN)


Category: Christian sociology

Page: 1008

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A study of Pope John Paul II's encyclicals reveals the vision and strategy of his pontificate. It is a vis-ion which at once recalls the mysteries of faith and appeals to all men and women of good will to build the future on a firm spiritual and ethical foundation.

The Splendor of Truth

Veritatis Splendor, Encyclical Letter


Author: Catholic Church. Pope (1978-2005 : John Paul II),Pope John Paul II

Publisher: Pauline Books & Media


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 154

View: 8373

Addressed by the Supreme Pontiff Pope John Paul II to all the Bishops of the Catholic Church, regarding certain fundamental questions of the Church's Moral Teaching

People of passion

what the churches teach about sex


Author: Elizabeth Stuart,Adrian Thatcher

Publisher: Burns & Oates

ISBN: 9780264673622

Category: Psychology

Page: 295

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People of Passion deals with what Christians are saying now, and have said in the past, about sex. It provides a basic theological resource for those who want to explore issues to do with sex and sexuality from a Christian point of view but feel they need to acquire a broader, more informal perspective on the historical background and contemporary developments. First, it enables clergy, ministers and priests to deal with pastoral situations related to sexuality. Second, with Christianity and sexuality appearing regularly on the curriculum in universities, colleges, seminaries and schools throughout the world, it provides an indispensable, easy-to-read guidebook mapping out the terrain and sketching the contours of current controversies. Third, it is an authoritative source for professional people outside the churches who need to keep in touch with Christian teaching about sex and sexuality.

Aiming at happiness

the moral teaching in the Catechism of the Catholic Church : an analysis and commentary


Author: Frans Vosman,Karl-Wilhelm Merks

Publisher: Peeters Pub & Booksellers


Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 5700

(Peeters 1996)

Do dogmas change?


Author: Henri Rondet

Publisher: N.A


Category: Dogma, Development of

Page: 125

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Morality in Social Life


Author: Sergio Bastianel

Publisher: Convivium PressInc


Category: Philosophy

Page: 357

View: 6184

Bastianel views moral personal life as more than a private and individual reality. Indeed, one's relationship with the other is basic to the moral experience, and it constitutes part of the inner unity of a free and conscious responsible person. Human beings live out their relationships within the historic concreteness of life in commonality with others. The historical expression of that which is morally wrong takes the form of scattered and dividing relationships with the intention of possession, domination, fighting and division. On the other hand, history shows us that the human quality of relationships effecting that which is good is expressed through acceptance and the capability of creating shared forms of life. The Christian interpretation of history, with its goal of community, asks in each situation about the human quality of relationships and the structures of social life. This book addresses the interconnections between personal morals and social justice, raising fundamental questions about political life and economics, about hunger and development, about common good and institutions.

The Pope Speaks


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Religion

Page: N.A

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Includes recent papal letters, addresses and other major Church documents.

Understanding Veritatis Splendor

The Encyclical Letter of Pope John Paul II on the Church's Moral Teaching


Author: John Wilkins

Publisher: N.A


Category: Christian ethics

Page: 182

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Poverty and the Church in Igboland, Nigeria


Author: Anthony Okwudili Achunonu

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 147973215X

Category: Social Science

Page: 241

View: 5963

The main objective of this book is to re-evaluate the true meaning of the term poverty in the world as a whole and in Nigeria in particular. From a sociological point of view, poverty is the natural consequence of economic inequity amongst social groups, a type of inequity often generated by the inability of the political class to provide and maintain basic amenities in the society. This book highlights so many complex reasons that are responsible for this type of inability, prominent amongst them being mismanagement of funds in most political setups. Our investigation from this book shows that theres a great difference between the various forms of poverty in western countries and in other countries of the world. Poverty may be caused by individual, social, cultural, ethical and moral issues. These various causes of poverty are often correlated. In Nigeria, poverty is mainly caused by lack of moral sensitivities amongst political leaders and by lack of initiatives for cultural, social and economic empowerment of the less privileged. Most striking is the fact that there is no basic well-established governmental structure meant to assist those who languish in poverty. This book discusses the real-life situation of those who suffer and are living in abject poverty. The book also discusses proposals that can help improve their condition. In line with this, the effective contributions the church can make in order to fight poverty will be taken into consideration. In fact, it is not enough for the church to know that the situation of long-term injustice in Nigeria is crippling the country; rather, she has also to live up to her mission vis--vis the poor and the marginalised who are living in the country.