What's Great about Hawaii?


Author: Mary Meinking

Publisher: Lerner Publications

ISBN: 1467791407

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 3288

What's so great about Hawaii? Find out the top ten sites to see or things to do in the Aloha State! We'll explore Hawaii's popular beaches, whale-watching adventures, gorgeous parks, and unique history. The Hawaii by Map feature shows where you'll find all the places covered in the book. A special section provides quick state facts such as the state motto, capital, population, animals, foods, and more. Take a fun-filled tour of all there is to discover in Hawaii.

The Great Lei Race

Story about Hawaii


Author: Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

Publisher: ABDO

ISBN: 9781617145773

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

View: 7368

Take a trip through Hawaii as Hannah, the humpback whale and Millie, the monk seal race around the islands. Along the way Hannah and Millie have to solve clues about Hawaii and learn about the animals, plants, geography, and culture that make Hawaii a great state!

My First Book About Hawaii


Author: Carole Marsh

Publisher: Gallopade International

ISBN: 9780793398812

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 3417

My First Book About Hawaii. An 'early bird' intro to basic state facts. Covers state basics such as the state's nickname, seal, song, bird, motto, flag, regions, industries, neighbors, and weather, plus an intro to history, people, and more. Excellent for grades 2, 3, and 4. Basic state information is presented in a non-intimidating way. Twenty-three activities reinforce basic state facts. Great for easy reproducible activities, centers, a-page-a-day handouts, simple homework assignments and more. Includes glossary, bibliography and index. It's never too early to study your great state!


Islands Under the Influence


Author: Noel J. Kent

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824815523

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 231

View: 3362

Reprint of the Monthly Review edition of 1983, with a new epilogue, and foreword by Dan Boylan. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Life in Hawaii

An Autobiographic Sketch of Mission Life and Labors (1835-1881); Revised 2nd Edition


Author: Titus Coan

Publisher: Scriptoria Books

ISBN: 0615880061

Category: Religion

Page: 244

View: 4648

Life in Hawaii is a brief overview of the life and times of Titus Coan (1801-1882), an extraordinary man who lived during the early days of the colonization of Hawaii. He was born and raised in rural Connecticut, graduated from Auburn Theological Seminary and was ordained in 1833. In 1834 he sailed with his new wife, Fidelia Church, to Hilo, where he was to remain and make his life’s work for the next 48 years. After learning and mastering the Hawaiian language, he won the confidence of the Hawaiians and converted thousands to Christianity. He set up schools, as did his wife, and provided medical assistance and comfort to a rapidly changing culture. He later established churches and trained native converts to act as missionaries among their own people. He traveled extensively, and at times with great peril, throughout his island home and later to the Marquesas Islands. His adventures and descriptions of first-time encounters with both the environment and the people are quite remarkable. This was a time of great excitement and great despair. Foreign interests in Hawaii, military engagements, visitors of renown, and Hawaiian Kings all provide a rather colorful backdrop against which his story is told. In addition to his missionary labors, Titus Coan added a great deal to our knowledge of volcanic eruptions. He corresponded and worked with geologist James Dwight Dana, performed many observations, and published with the American Journal of Science. For decades he explored and recorded the volcanic activity on the island of Hawaii.

"The Good War"

An Oral History of World War II


Author: Studs Terkel

Publisher: New Press/ORIM

ISBN: 1595587594

Category: History

Page: 608

View: 6472

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize: “The richest and most powerful single document of the American experience in World War II” (The Boston Globe). “The Good War” is a testament not only to the experience of war but to the extraordinary skill of Studs Terkel as an interviewer and oral historian. From a pipe fitter’s apprentice at Pearl Harbor to a crew member of the flight that dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, his subjects are open and unrelenting in their analyses of themselves and their experiences, producing what People magazine has called “a splendid epic history” of WWII. With this volume Terkel expanded his scope to the global and the historical, and the result is a masterpiece of oral history. “Tremendously compelling, somehow dramatic and intimate at the same time, as if one has stumbled on private accounts in letters locked in attic trunks . . . In terms of plain human interest, Mr. Terkel may well have put together the most vivid collection of World War II sketches ever gathered between covers.” —The New York Times Book Review “I promise you will remember your war years, if you were alive then, with extraordinary vividness as you go through Studs Terkel’s book. Or, if you are too young to remember, this is the best place to get a sense of what people were feeling.” —Chicago Tribune “A powerful book, repeatedly moving and profoundly disturbing.” —People

How to Buy a Home in Hawaii

Eight Basic Steps to Buying a Home in Hawaii


Author: Jon S. Mann

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477124829

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 134

View: 6519

Everyone wants to own a little piece of Paradise . . . . and Hawaii is truly a paradise for those who can appreciate its physical beauty, cultural diversity and Aloha spirit. How To Buy A Home In Hawaii E-Book, by Jon S. Mann, is a unique, one of a kind, publication for the Hawaiian islands that informs, educates and instructs potential Hawaii homebuyers on the Hawaii home buying process. The book clearly identifies the eight basic steps to buying a home in Hawaii and then explains in detail how each step is performed to achieve your Hawaii real estate goals. Along the way, valuable, straight-forward advice is provided in order to save you time and money in your home search and purchase efforts. This E-book is designed to consolidate and leverage the information resources available in our high-tech society and help educate individuals on the Home buying process in Hawaii. The E-book contains over 225 resource links to additional information available on the internet to assist in your real estate activities. The easy-to-understand question and answer format of the E-book allows the information to flow smoothly and effectively answers over 45 of the most commonly asked questions by Hawaii home buyers. Simply follow the How-To steps in this E-book and before you know it, you will have successfully navigated the ocean of information at your fingertips and achieve your dream of owning a little piece of Paradise.

Three Theological Mistakes

How to Correct Enlightenment Assumptions about God, Miracles, and Free Will


Author: Ric Machuga

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630877778

Category: Religion

Page: 294

View: 1150

- Is the existence of God a matter of faith or knowledge? - Does God sometimes act miraculously or are there physical causes for everything? - Is morality absolute or relative? - Are humans truly free or does God's sovereignty determine everything? - When bad things happen, is God the cause or are they the fault of humans? Too frequently Christians answer these questions with a Yes to one side and a No to the other side. Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth answer Yes to both. Following their model, Machuga defends a "third way" which transcends the Enlightenment dichotomies of fideism vs. rationalism, supernaturalism vs. naturalism, relativism vs. absolutism, free will vs. predestination, and God's justice vs. his mercy. Machuga begins by showing how these false dichotomies grew out of the Enlightenment assumptions of mechanism, universal quantification, and mono-causation. He then corrects these demonstrably dubious assumptions by articulating a theory of dual-causation. The result is a thoroughly biblical understanding of God, miracles, and free will that can withstand the contemporary criticisms of both science and philosophy.

Tropical Bob's Where to Eat in Hawaii


Author: Bob Kasher

Publisher: Perpetual Summer Press

ISBN: 9780973433326

Category: Travel

Page: 151

View: 2396

A guide to what's ethnic, what's unique, and what's great in cuisine in the Hawaiian Islands. Unique in its scope it covers restaurants, cafes, bakeries, markets, even street vendors on all the islands giving you a comprehensive range of culinary delights to enjoy. A true insider's guide written by a Native Hawaiian.

Place Names of Hawaii


Author: Mary Kawena Pukui,Samuel H. Elbert,Esther T. Mookini

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824805241

Category: Travel

Page: 289

View: 7168

How many place names are there in the Hawaiian Islands? Even a rough estimate is impossible. Hawaiians named taro patches, rocks, trees, canoe landings, resting places in the forests, and the tiniest spots where miraculous events are believed to have taken place. And place names are far from static--names are constantly being given to new houses and buildings, streets and towns, and old names are replaced by new ones. It is essential, then, to record the names and the lore associated with them now, while Hawaiians are here to lend us their knowledge. And, whatever the fate of the Hawaiian language, the place names will endure. The first edition of Place Names of Hawaii contained only 1,125 entries. The coverage is expanded in the present edition to include about 4,000 entries, including names in English. Also, approximately 800 more names are included in this volume than appear in the second edition of the Atlas of Hawaii.

Aloha Joe in Hawaii

A guided journey of self discovery and Hawaiian adventure


Author: Joe Holt

Publisher: Joe Holt

ISBN: 1909392472

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 94

View: 9302

Aloha Joe in Hawaii is one mans account of his journey of self discovery and Hawaiian adventure, on the Big Island of Hawaii. What started as a personal experiment to become a better human being, turned into a lifestyle. This book will help you to understand yourself better, through Joe's own mishaps, adventures, and mousiness about life and consciousness. It also has 20 color photos that Joe took, of the Big Island of Hawaii, for those that just want to look at the pictures and imagine themselves on the island in their own grand adventures. The book only delves briefly on Joe's troubled past, and instead focuses on his positive life changes. His message throughout is clear. Once you find yourself living in a place that makes your body happy, your life will work itself out for the better. All you need is your own personal thoughts of happiness and well being, and positive actions. Go. Now. Seriously, the best time to start feel better is now! Aloha.

Larry Cohen

The Radical Allegories of an Independent Filmmaker, rev. ed.


Author: Tony Williams

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476618194

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 380

View: 8554

Now in a revised edition, this book is the only published study devoted to Larry Cohen and his significance as a great American filmmaker. The first edition is long out of print and often sought after. This edition covers all the director’s films, television work and screenplays, and contains an updated interview with the director as well as interviews with his colleagues Janelle Webb Cohen, Michael Moriarty and James Dixon. The filmography and bibliography are also updated.

Backroads & Byways of Hawaii: Drives, Day Trips & Weekend Excursions (Backroads & Byways)


Author: Michele Bigley

Publisher: The Countryman Press

ISBN: 1581577249

Category: Travel

Page: 224

View: 869

Hawaiians pride themselves on being the most generous hosts in the Pacific. Find out what Aloha really means here, especially on the back roads, the less traveled parts of each island, in Backroads & Byways Hawaii. Unique itineraries, complete with lodging and dining suggestions, will make your trip truly unforgettable. Michelle Bigley, author of Explorer’s Guide Kauai, has really gone out of her way in Backroads & Byways Hawaii, taking on Hawaii as a whole. Exploring the little-known sides of all the islands, she provides out-of-the-ordinary itineraries, all including lodging and dining highlights, to make your trip memorable. Each chapter offers itineraries focused on themes,among them Historic Big Island; Under-the-Radar Oahu; Maui for Foodies; and Haute and Haunted Lanai. Chapters cover not only the must-see destinations for each island but also the less-traveled roads, like the back road from Hana to Haleakala on Maui, or routes through the Windward side of Oahu. With expert advice on inter-island hopping to keep the budget reasonable, like economical direct ferry routes that also have far more local appeal. See the real Hawaii!

Hawaii to Da Max


Author: Douglas Simonson,Ken Sakata,Pat Sasaki

Publisher: Bess Press

ISBN: 9781880188316

Category: Travel

Page: 64

View: 9014

A "local style" guide for visitors and newcomers.

State of Hawaii Coloring Book


Author: Wren

Publisher: Bess Press

ISBN: 9781573060585

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 3653

Fun and educational coloring books explore many beautiful and unique aspects of Hawai'i, including nature and culture.

Adventures in Hawaii


Author: Shereen Pickering

Publisher: Paragon Publishing

ISBN: 1899820876


Page: 58

View: 5357

Charlize and her friends take off on an adventure to Hawaii. Working on a cruise liner called Archer II is not always easy. But her job, as part of the crew in the vessel's restaurant, involves many culinary delights. Nothing prepares Charlize for meeting Captain Millbury, who takes her on a jet-skiiing adventure. It's a story about love and romance and adventures as they cruise into a storm. Will they make it back home with a story to tell?

It's Hotter In Hawaii


Author: HelenKay Dimon

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 0758240724

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 7042

Aloha, Gorgeous. . . Cassie Montgomery was in no mood for messing around--until she got an eyeful of the sizzling-hot miscreant breaking into her half-brother Dan's Hawaii home. Turns out he's not a criminal, but a friend who's just as suspicious of Dan's "accidental" death as she is. Cassie's beyond tired of bashing heads with thick-skulled local law enforcement, so there's only one thing for it: team up with Caleb Wilson, and try to keep her secrets--and hands--to herself. . . Having a gun trained on him is nothing new for Cal. But when said gun is brandished by a goddess sporting short-shorts, a bad attitude, and a hidden agenda? A man should consider his choices very carefully. Option one: Seduce first, ask questions later. Option two: Find out why she's in his Air Force buddy's torn-up house, then seduce her. Option three: Let the islands do their work and let the woman behind the weapon seduce him. . .

Native Use of Fish in Hawaii


Author: Margaret Titcomb

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824805920

Category: Nature

Page: 175

View: 9074

This book provides a lot of information on the importance of fishing in ancient Hawaiian society. It includes drawings of fish with both Hawaiian and scientific names.