Second Treatise of Government


Author: John Locke,C. B. Macpherson

Publisher: Hackett Publishing

ISBN: 9781603844963

Category: Political science

Page: 148

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The Second Treatise is one of the most important political treatises ever written and one of the most far-reaching in its influence. In his provocative 15-page introduction to this edition, the late eminent political theorist C. B. Macpherson examines Locke's arguments for limited, conditional government, private property, and right of revolution and suggests reasons for the appeal of these arguments in Locke's time and since.

Design for Liberty

Private Property, Public Administration, and the Rule of Law


Author: Richard A. Epstein

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674063058

Category: Law

Page: 248

View: 9023

The noted legal scholar Richard Epstein advocates a much smaller federal government, arguing that our over-regulated state gives too much discretion to regulators, which results in arbitrary, unfair decisions and other abuses. Epstein bases his classical liberalism on the twin pillars of the rule of law and of private contracts and property rights.



Author: Thomas Hobbes

Publisher: Felix Meiner Verlag

ISBN: 3787332391

Category: Philosophy

Page: 674

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Vom "Leviathan", einem der bedeutendsten theoretischen Werke über die Ursprünge und Grundlagen der Idee des Staates und der bürgerlichen Gesellschaft, liegt nun erstmalig eine deutschsprachige Ausgabe vor, die den Text der englischen Erstausgabe von 1651 vollständig und nach den allgemein anerkannten philologischen Kriterien textgetreu darbietet. Die Ausgabe enthält die umfangreichen Marginalien der Erstausgabe und ist quellenkritisch kommentiert. Mit einer Einführung, Chronologie, Literaturverzeichnis, Register und umfangreiche Anmerkungen.

Der Gesellschaftsvertrag


Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

ISBN: 3849679365

Category: Philosophy

Page: 112

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Der Gesellschaftsvertrag gilt als das Hauptwerk des Philosophen Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Es erschien erstmals 1762 in Amsterdam und wurde daraufhin in Frankreich, den Niederlanden, in Genf und Bern sofort verboten. Das Buch ist ein Schlüsselwerk der Aufklärungsphilosophie und ein großer Wegbereiter moderner Demokratie und Demokratietheorie.

Print Technology in Scotland and America, 1740–1800


Author: Louis Kirk McAuley

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 1611485444

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 326

View: 9108

This book investigates the mediation of popular-political culture in Scotland and America, from the transatlantic religious revivals known as the Great Awakening to the U.S. presidential election of 1800. By focusing on Scotland and America, this book aims to increase our understanding of how tensions (ethnic, racial, economic, political, aesthetic, and religious) within these corresponding political and cultural arenas altered print’s meaning and power as an instrument of empire and nation building.

Green Liberalism

The Free And The Green Society


Author: Marcel Wissenburg University of Nijmengen, The Netherlands.,Wissenburg, Marcel

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134228228

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 4518

This is an agenda-setting exploration of the relationship between green politics and liberal ideology. Ecological problems provide unique challenges for liberal democracies.; This challenge is examined by the author who aims to fill the gap between short-term ecological modernization and the politically infeasible longer term utopian approaches.

Books in Print


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: American literature

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The Liberty Option


Author: Tibor R. Machan

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 1845403622

Category: Philosophy

Page: 135

View: 1861

The Liberty Option advances the idea that for compelling moral as well as practical reasons it is the free society - with the rule of law founded on the principles of private property rights, its complete respect for individual sovereignty and properly limited legal authorities - not one or another version of statism that serves justice best, is most prosperous and encourages the greatest measure of individual virtue on the part of the citizenry. The work shows why this is so and lays out some of the most crucial implications of the idea. While the book presents a principled approach to politics, it is firmly grounded in the best and most up to date understanding of human community life and history as well as many of its complications, challenges, adversities and prospects.

A Treatise on Church Government

Formerly Called Anarchy of the Ranters, &c., Being a Two-fold Apology for the Church and People of God, Called in Derision Quakers. To which is Added An Epistle to the National Meeting of Friends in Dublin, Concerning Good Order and Discipline in the Church


Author: Robert Barclay

Publisher: N.A


Category: Society of Friends

Page: 124

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The End of Satisfaction

Drama and Repentance in the Age of Shakespeare


Author: Heather Hirschfeld

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 0801470625

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

View: 4085

In The End of Satisfaction, Heather Hirschfeld recovers the historical specificity and the conceptual vigor of the term “satisfaction” during the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Focusing on the term’s significance as an organizing principle of Christian repentance, she examines the ways in which Shakespeare and his contemporaries dramatized the consequences of its re- or de-valuation in the process of Reformation doctrinal change. The Protestant theology of repentance, Hirschfeld suggests, underwrote a variety of theatrical plots “to set things right” in a world shorn of the prospect of “making enough” (satisfacere). Hirschfeld’s semantic history traces today’s use of “satisfaction”—as an unexamined measure of inward gratification rather than a finely nuanced standard of relational exchange—to the pressures on legal, economic, and marital discourses wrought by the Protestant rejection of the Catholic sacrament of penance (contrition, confession, satisfaction) and represented imaginatively on the stage. In so doing, it offers fresh readings of the penitential economies of canonical plays including Dr. Faustus, The Revenger’s Tragedy, The Merchant of Venice, and Othello; considers the doctrinal and generic importance of lesser-known plays including Enough Is as Good as a Feast and Love’s Pilgrimage; and opens new avenues into the study of literature and repentance in early modern England.

Sovereigns Peacefully Take Charge

An Agenda for Liberty and Justice


Author: Allan Matthews

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465332561

Category: Political Science

Page: 203

View: 862

Reviewing how we the people became sovereigns, this book encourages citizens to become peaceful activists to supplement representative government. The author declares seventy-five grievances against the United States government. He proposes or endorses remedies in the forms of constitutional amendments or ordinary statutory law, some of them of popular initiative and referendum. Much of this entails transfer of powers from the national government back to the people or to local, state, or transnational governments. The proposals include reforms at the United Nations and measures to end world poverty, spread health care and education, and manage resources for a sustainable environment.

Princes and Peoples

France and the British Isles, 1620-1714: An Anthology of Primary Sources


Author: Margaret Lucille Kekewich

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719045738

Category: History

Page: 257

View: 2994

This innovative anthology is the first comparative primary source collection of focus on France and the British Isles in a period critical to their development as great powers. It takes a fresh approach to the history of these two pre-industrial states, with the emphasis being on the regions and nations of which they were composed rather than the monolithic states.