auf den Spuren des Propheten


Author: Tariq Ramadan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783424350203


Page: 283

View: 7516

Transitional Justice and the Arab Spring


Author: Kirsten J. Fisher,Robert Stewart

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135984956

Category: Law

Page: 256

View: 1666

This book presents a varied and critical picture of how the Arab Spring demands a re-examination and re-conceptualization of issues of transitional justice. It demonstrates how unique features of this wave of revolutions and popular protests that have swept the Arab world since December 2010 give rise to distinctive concerns and problems relative to transitional justice. The contributors explore how these issues in turn add fresh perspective and nuance to the field more generally. In so doing, it explores fundamental questions of social justice, reconstruction and healing in the context of the Arab Spring. Including the perspectives of academics and practitioners, Transitional Justice and the Arab Spring will be of considerable interest to those working on the politics of the Middle East, normative political theory, transitional justice, international law, international relations and human rights.

Research Methods in International Relations


Author: Christopher Lamont

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1473927781

Category: Political Science

Page: 200

View: 6492

This book guides you through the entirety of the research process in International Relations, from selecting a research question and reviewing the literature to field research and writing up. Covering both qualitative and quantitative methods in IR, it offers a balanced assessment of the key methodological debates and research methods within the discipline. The book: Is specifically focussed on research methods used in International Relations. Spans the entire research process from choosing a research question to writing up. Provides practical research methods guidance. Introduces you to broader methodological debates and brings together contemporary research from empirical and interpretive traditions. Is packed with examples and suggestions for further reading. Research Methods in International Relations is essential reading for both undergraduate and postgraduate students taking Research Methods courses in International Relations, Politics, Security and Strategic Studies.

UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees

From Relief and Works to Human Development


Author: Sari Hanafi,Leila Hilal,Lex Takkenberg

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134704291

Category: Political Science

Page: 318

View: 6829

Exploring the evolution of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), this book fills a lacuna in literature on the agency. UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees employs recent fieldwork in order to analyse challenges in programmes and service delivery, protection, camp governance, community participation, and camp improvement and reconstruction. The chapters examine the way UNRWA is adapting to a changing social, political and economic context, mostly within urban settings – a paradigmatic shift from understanding the Agency’s role as simply a provider of relief and services to one comprehensively supporting the human development of Palestinian refugees. Examining the refugee debate using new disciplines and research frameworks, this collection aims to emphasise the centrality of the Palestinian refugee issue for Middle East peace-making and to contribute a better understanding of a unique agency. This book will be a useful aid for students and researchers with an interest in Middle East Studies, Politics, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Transitional Justice in the Twenty-First Century

Beyond Truth versus Justice


Author: Naomi Roht-Arriaza,Javier Mariezcurrena

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139458655

Category: Social Science

Page: N.A

View: 5807

Dealing with the aftermath of civil conflict or the fall of a repressive government continues to trouble countries throughout the world. Whereas much of the 1990s was occupied with debates concerning the relative merits of criminal prosecutions and truth commissions, by the end of the decade a consensus emerged that this either/or approach was inappropriate and unnecessary. A second generation of transitional justice experiences have stressed both truth and justice and recognize that a single method may inadequately serve societies rebuilding after conflict or dictatorship. Based on studies in ten countries, this book analyzes how some combine multiple institutions, others experiment with community-level initiatives that draw on traditional law and culture, whilst others combine internal actions with transnational or international ones. The authors argue that transitional justice efforts must also consider the challenges to legitimacy and local ownership emerging after external military intervention or occupation.

Transitional Justice and Human Rights in Morocco

Negotiating the Years of Lead


Author: Fadoua Loudiy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131792956X

Category: Political Science

Page: 160

View: 7981

This book examines the Moroccan experience of transitional justice, more specifically the negotiation of the legacy of the period commonly referred to as the Years of Lead. This period of Moroccan history roughly spans from the early 1960s to 1999 during which thousands of citizens were arbitrarily detained, tortured and killed because of their political opinions. Through an analysis of testimonies, public documents and personal interviews, Transitional Justice and Human Rights in Morocco seeks to shed light on Moroccan citizens’ struggle for recognition and reparation in the aftermath of a long history of grave human rights violations, ranging from arbitrary arrest and torture to state sponsored disappearances and murders. While Morocco’s experience is often presented within a historical global context, this book offers a comparative analysis, discussing other national examples to situate the Moroccan experience within the relatively recent history of political transitions. Seeking to advance a rhetoric of symbolic justice that privileges the voice of the victims and offers hope for the renewal of a community’s ethos through public discourse and ethico-political practices, this book will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars with an interest in Human Rights and Middle East Politics.

Communication Yearbook 34


Author: Charles T. Salmon

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136933131

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 496

View: 5943

Communication Yearbook 34 continues the tradition of publishing rich, state-of-the-discipline literature reviews. This volume offers insightful descriptions of communication research as well as reflections on the implications of those findings for other areas of the discipline. Editor Charles T. Salmon presents a volume with diverse chapters from scholars across the globe. Chapters cover a wide range of topics, including nanotechnology, deception, terror management theory, and the rhetorical aftermath of genocide. Commentaries from senior scholars round out the contents, providing insights on the groundbreaking work presented here. As a whole, this volume will be valuable to scholars and researchers across the communication discipline and around the world.

Mein Iran

Ein Leben zwischen Hoffnung und Revolution


Author: Shirin Ebadi

Publisher: Piper ebooks

ISBN: 3492975437

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

View: 953

Seit Jahrzehnten setzt sich Shirin Ebadi für Menschenrechte und eine Reform der iranischen Gesellschaft ein. In »Mein Iran« erzählt die Friedensnobelpreisträgerin von den frühen Jahren ihres politischen Engagements, ihrer Zeit als Richterin, den Demütigungen und Schikanen durch die islamische Revolution bis hin zu ihrer Verhaftung und ihrem dennoch fortwährenden Kampf. Ein beeindruckendes Zeugnis politischen Muts und ein tiefer Einblick in die Strukturen eines gespaltenen Landes.

The Persistent Power of Human Rights

From Commitment to Compliance


Author: Thomas Risse,Stephen C. Ropp,Kathryn Sikkink

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107311241

Category: Political Science

Page: N.A

View: 6636

The Power of Human Rights (published in 1999) was an innovative and influential contribution to the study of international human rights. At its center was a 'spiral model' of human rights change which described the various socialization processes through which international norms were internalized into the domestic practices of various authoritarian states during the Cold War years. The Persistent Power of Human Rights builds on these insights, extending its reach and analysis. It updates our understanding of the various causal mechanisms and conditions which produce behavioural compliance, and expands the range of rights-violating actors examined to include democratic and authoritarian Great Powers, corporations, guerrilla groups, and private actors. Using a unique blend of quantitative and qualitative research and theory, this book yields not only important new academic insights but also a host of useful lessons for policy-makers and practitioners.

Truth and Transitional Justice

Localising the International Legal Framework in Muslim Majority Legal Systems


Author: Alice Panepinto

Publisher: Hart Publishing

ISBN: 9781509921263


Page: 224

View: 2501

The Arab uprisings and new and old conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa have sparked an interest in transitional justice in Muslim-majority legal systems, and its potential to uncover the truth about past abuse and ensure accountability for widespread human rights violations. This raises the pressing question of how toimplement and adapt the international paradigm of transitional justice, and in particular its truth-seeking aims, to local settings characterised by Muslim majority populations. This book offers a critical analysis of the relocation of transitional justice from the international paradigm to the legal systems of Muslim-majority societies in light of the inherently pluralistic realities of these contexts; it also investigates synergies between international law and Islamic law in furthering the transitional aims of accountability, justice and reconciliation through truth-seeking. In particular, this project explores truth-seeking, the formation of collective memories and the victims' right to know the truth, as key aims of the international paradigm of transitional justice, in relation to Islamic jurisprudence and practices. This monograph will provide a useful reference for scholars, practitioners and policymakers seeking to analyse and design transitional truth-seeking processes in the legal systems of Muslim-majority societies.

Handbuch Frieden


Author: Hans J. Gießmann,Bernhard Rinke

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3658236442

Category: Political Science

Page: 803

View: 1880

Dieses Handbuch beinhaltet das aktuelle Wissen zu Frieden, Friedenspolitik und zur Friedens- und Konfliktforschung. Die Beiträge behandeln den Friedensbegriff systematisch aus wissenschaftlicher und politischer Perspektive. Dabei werden die vielfältigen inhaltlichen Dimensionen und Bezüge des Begriffsfeldes Frieden verdeutlicht. Die Befunde der insgesamt 51 AutorInnen bieten ein umfassendes Bild der aktuellen und künftigen Herausforderungen von Friedensforschung und Friedenspolitik und beziehen die Praxis der Friedensarbeit ein. Das Handbuch Frieden ist somit unverzichtbar für alle Lehrenden und Forschenden an einschlägigen universitären und außeruniversitären Einrichtungen, für Studierende, SchülerInnen sowie in der Erwachsenenbildung. Es richtet sich zugleich an friedenspraktisch Tätige, SoldatInnen sowie an eine allgemein an friedenspolitischen Themen interessierte Öffentlichkeit.

Diskursive Interaktionsmuster des Libanonkonflikts

Legitime Interventionen und unrechtmäßige Einmischungen


Author: Mitra Moussa Nabo

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3658079762

Category: Political Science

Page: 306

View: 3235

Mitra Moussa Nabo präsentiert eine systematische Analyse des libanesischen Konflikts in den Jahren 2005 bis 2008. Darin ist die Konfliktdynamik als das Zusammenspiel der regionalen, nationalen sowie lokalen Ebenen zu verstehen. In der Untersuchung gilt der Libanon als integraler Bestandteil der Region des Nahen und Mittleren Osten, sodass der libanesische (Identitäts-)Konflikt als Teil der regionalen (Un-)Sicherheitsstruktur zu verstehen ist. Die libanesischen und regionalen Konfliktsysteme interagieren und ergänzen sich. Iranische, saudische und syrische Einmischungen sind so ein Teil dieses Interaktionsmusters, das zum einen aufgrund des Zusammenspiels von libanesischen und externen Akteuren vollzogen und zum anderen strukturell durch die Wechselbeziehung unterschiedlicher normativer Ordnungsgrundsätze ermöglicht wird. Dieses Analysemuster kann prinzipiell zur Beleuchtung anderer Konflikte in der Region herangezogen werden.

Ich will nicht mehr schweigen

Der Islam, der Westen und die Menschenrechte


Author: Elham Manea

Publisher: Verlag Herder GmbH

ISBN: 345133433X

Category: Political Science

Page: 208

View: 2741

*Mutiges Plädoyer einer jungen Muslimin für einen modernen Islam Dürfen muslimische Mädchen aus religiösen Gründen von Klassenfahrten ausgeschlossen werden? Ist es in Ordnung, wenn schon Sechsjährige verschleiert sind, weil Muslime "nun mal anders" sind? Nein, denn Menschenrechte sind wichtiger als Religion. Der Westen muss sie klar vertreten und dort, wo sie in Frage gestellt werden, energisch verteidigen. Falsch verstandene Toleranz führt zu Gleichgültigkeit und fördert Parallelgesellschaften, zementiert Vorurteile und arbeitet den Extremisten in die Hände. Mit ihrem Plädoyer für eine Toleranz, die Grenzen kennt, gibt Elham Manea der schweigenden Mehrheit der Muslime eine Stimme.

Routledge Handbook on Human Rights and the Middle East and North Africa


Author: Anthony Tirado Chase

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317613767

Category: Social Science

Page: 522

View: 7262

Recent events such as ‘Iran’s Green Revolution’ and the ‘Arab Uprisings’ have exploded notions that human rights are irrelevant to Middle Eastern and North African politics. Increasingly seen as a global concern, human rights are at the fulcrum of the region’s on-the-ground politics, transnational intellectual debates, and global political intersections. The Routledge Handbook on Human Rights and the Middle East and North Africa: emphasises the need to consider human rights in all their dimensions, rather than solely focusing on the political dimension, in order to understand the structural reasons behind the persistence of human rights violations; explores the various frameworks in which to consider human rights—conceptual, political and transnational/international; discusses issue areas subject to particularly intense debate—gender, religion, sexuality, transitions and accountability; contains contributions from perspectives that span from global theory to grassroots reflections, emphasising the need for academic work on human rights to seriously engage with the thoughts and practices of those working on the ground. A multidisciplinary approach from scholars with a wide range of expertise allows the book to capture the complex dynamics by which human rights have had, or could have, an impact on Middle Eastern and North African politics. This book will therefore be a key resource for students and scholars of Middle Eastern and North African politics and society, as well as anyone with a concern for Human Rights across the globe.

Social Movements, Mobilization, and Contestation in the Middle East and North Africa


Author: Joel Beinin,Frédéric Vairel

Publisher: Stanford Univ Pr


Category: History

Page: 328

View: 675

The Middle East has become a place that almost everyone "knows" something about. The region is rarely considered a site for socially conscious activism, and is frequently written off as culturally defined by Islam, strongly anti-Western, and uniquely susceptible to irrational political radicalism, authoritarianism, and terrorism. However, as this new volume reveals, the region is rich with political mobilizations that neither inexorably lead toward democratization nor degenerate into violence. The authors present case studies of Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey inspired by Social Movement Theory (SMT). However, they also critique and expand the horizons of SMT's classical concepts of political opportunity structure and collective action frames, and mobilize structures and repertoires of contention based on intensive fieldwork. This strong empirical base allows for a nuanced understanding of contexts, culturally conditioned rationality, the strengths and weaknesses of local networks, and innovation in contentious action in the enduring authoritarian regimes of the region where, with the exception of Turkey, there is little sign of democratization.

Georg Eckert

Grenzgänger zwischen Wissenschaft und Politik


Author: Dieter Dowe,Eckhardt Fuchs,Heike Christina Mätzing,Steffen Sammler

Publisher: V&R unipress GmbH

ISBN: 3737007616

Category: Education

Page: 330

View: 2025

Der Pädagoge und Historiker Georg Eckert gehörte zu den Persönlichkeiten, die nach den Erfahrungen des Zweiten Weltkriegs einen wesentlichen Beitrag zum demokratischen Neuanfang in der Lehrerbildung und der völkerverbindenden Bildungs- und Kulturpolitik der Bundesrepublik Deutschland geleistet haben. Sein Name ist nicht zuletzt mit dem von ihm 1951 gegründeten Georg-Eckert-Institut – Leibniz Institut für internationale Schulbuchforschung verbunden. Dieser Band versammelt die Beiträge einer Tagung, die anlässlich seines 100. Geburtstages von denjenigen Institutionen organisiert worden ist, die durch sein Engagement geprägt wurden: das GEI, die Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, die Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission und die TU Braunschweig. Die Autoren beleuchten wichtige Stationen aus Eckerts Leben und Wirken sowie dessen facettenreiches, international einflussreiches Werk. This publication is the result of a conference commemorating Georg Eckert’s 100th birthday in 2012. It highlights Eckert’s many achievements, the most notable being the establishment of the textbook research institute that bears his name. The book opens with a chapter reviewing Eckert’s life; further contributions then discuss his activities in the field of international understanding, such as his work in bilateral textbook commissions and in the German UNESCO commission. The volume also explores his outstanding work researching the history of social democracy: he founded the ‘Archiv für Sozialgeschichte’ (Social History Archive), an important forum for social history research. The academic contributions are supplemented by contemporary accounts which provide a more detailed and personal exploration of Georg Eckert himself.

The International Criminal Court in Search of its Purpose and Identity


Author: Triestino Mariniello

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317703081

Category: Law

Page: 288

View: 8952

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is the first permanent international criminal tribunal, which has jurisdiction over the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crime of aggression. This book critically analyses the law and practice of the ICC and its contribution to the development of international criminal law and policy. The book focuses on the key procedural and substantive challenges faced by the ICC since its establishment. The critical analysis of the normative framework aims to elaborate ways in which the Court may resolve difficulties, which prevent it from reaching its declared objectives in particularly complex situations. Contributors to the book include leading experts in international criminal justice, and cover a range of topics including, inter alia, terrorism, modes of liability, ne bis in idem, victims reparations, the evidentiary threshold for the confirmation of charges, and sentencing. The book also considers the relationship between the ICC and States, and explores the impact that the new regime of international criminal justice has had on countries where the most serious crimes have been committed. In drawing together these discussions, the book provides a significant contribution in assessing how the ICC’s practice could be refined or improved in future cases. The book will be of great use and interest to international criminal law and public international law.

Global Civil Society 2012

Ten Years of Critical Reflection


Author: Hertie School of

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 023036943X

Category: Political Science

Page: 224

View: 9719

Activists and academics look back over ten years of 'politics from below', and ask whether it is merely the critical gaze upon the concept that has changed – or whether there is something genuinely new about the way in which civil society is now operating.