Transforming society?

Social work and sociology


Author: Simpson, Graeme,Price, Vicky

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 1447324293

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

View: 3652

Society is undergoing change, and, as a result, social welfare services – including social work – are being transformed. This book explores the sociological basis of contemporary society and shows how social workers experience tensions and contradictions in practice. The book uses case studies and self directed activities to enable students to relate sociology to daily lives. It explores key themes in turn, examining their relevance for social work and how they can be applied to practice, particularly in areas such as children and families, mental health, disability and older people. Relevant and accessible, the authors explore aspects of class, ethnicity and gender and conclude with suggestions of how sociology can inform practice and enable social work to engage with processes of transformation. The book provides essential material for students of social work and social care, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It will also be relevant to social policy and sociology undergraduates.

Social Work and Social Perspectives


Author: Ms Eileen Oak

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1137021691

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 427

This significant and distinctive text demonstrates the relationship between social work and sociological theory. It provides students with a strong knowledge base to support the development of critical social work practice. By integrating both theory and practice to cover a wide range of sociological material, the text: ■ Demonstrates how different sociological theories can inform social work practice with different service user groups ■ Addresses the complex sociological debate around globalisation and post-modernism and their social work implications ■ Compares social work on both national and international levels, incorporating a wealth of international practice examples ■ Offers both Eastern and Western perspectives on global trends affecting both sociology and social work Each chapter defines and explains the complex jargon associated with sociology and then illustrates their relevance to social work practice. Adopting a step-by-step approach, Oak provides social work students with the conceptual tools necessary for competent practice.

Social Work and Social Theory

Making Connections


Author: Paul Michael Garrett

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 1847429602

Category: Social Science

Page: 254

View: 1898

"In order to work effectively, social workers need to understand theoretical concepts and develop critical theory. In this unique book, Paul Michael Garrett seeks to bring the profession into the orbit of the anti-capitalist movement and encourages a new engagement with theorists, rarely explored in social work, such as Antonio Gramsci, Pierre Bourdieu and Nancy Fraser. The book also provides brief, insightful introductions to other important thinkers such as Antonio Negri, Alain Badiou, Luc Boltanski and Ève Chiapello. It provides an accessible and exhilarating introduction for practitioners, students, social work academics and other readers interested in social theory and critical social policy. The book will be a vital resource aiding those intent on creating a new, more radical, social work. It will also be a useful teaching tool to spark lively classroom discussion."--Publisher's website.

Social Work

An Introduction


Author: Joyce Lishman,Chris Yuill,Jillian Brannan,Alastair Gibson

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1473904331

Category: Social Science

Page: 536

View: 3430

Social Work: A Introduction is designed to help your students make the best start in their academic and professional careers. Mapped throughout to the most up-to-date professional standards, the book covers the full range of knowledge and skills students need to gain in the early stages of their social work course and as they prepare to go out on placement. Key Learning Features: Key Themes and Chapter Introductions – to set the scene and place each chapter in context. Case Studies and Practice Vignettes – illustrate how theory, knowledge and policy translate to real-life practice. Also help students consider the service-user’s experience and develop a holistic approach to care. Exercises, Activities and Reflective Questions - independent learning tasks to help students apply theory to their practice, and to develop their skills of critical reflection Critical Thinking Boxes – support your students in their journey towards becoming critically reflexive practitioners. Visit the companion website to access a range of resources to support both lecturers and students, including: Vodcasts and podcasts from students, lecturers, service users and authors to introduce key topics to audio and visual learners Activities and case studies from different fields and settings to show how theory translates into real life practice Selected SAGE journal articles to help take learning to the next level Up-to-date links to codes of ethics, frameworks and other useful resources.

Chinese Society - Change and Transformation


Author: Li Peilin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136300163

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

View: 9949

There is growing interest in social transformation in contemporary China, with much work published on the subject. This book is different from other books in that it presents an overview of the work of Chinese sociologists on how Chinese society is changing. It reports on a great deal of original research by leading, outstanding Chinese scholars, including extensive fieldwork and large-scale social change survey data, and covers comprehensively the full range of aspects of the subject. It assesses developments since the beginning of reform in China, and provides, overall, a comprehensive understanding of China’s social development and of the likely impact of future social changes on China.

Social Policy and Social Work

An Introduction


Author: Jo Cunningham,Steve Cunningham

Publisher: Learning Matters

ISBN: 1473933846

Category: Social Science

Page: 336

View: 4912

An understanding of social policy is crucial for social workers as it underpins and shapes the legislative framework that they work within. From safeguarding service users and enabling them to improve their lives, to protecting the most vulnerable in society, social policy also has a vital role to play within social work education. It is important therefore for students to engage critically with social policy. This book introduces policy and shows how it has changed and evolved over time, how it reflects changes in society and how it is applied to everyday practice.

Social networks and social trust in the transformation countries

ethnological and sociological studies


Author: Klaus Roth

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783825802479

Category: Social Science

Page: 332

View: 2415

Einige zentrale Probleme der EU-Integration der post-sozialistischen Lander grunden im geringen institutionellen Vertrauen. Da - als Folge des Sozialismus - gegenuber dem Staat und seinen Institutionen eine "Kultur des offentlichen Misstrauens" herrscht, wird Vertrauen weiterhin primar in informelle soziale Netzwerke investiert: In allen Lebensbereichen kommt der Familie und dem Kreis vertrauenswurdiger Freunde, Mitschuler, Kollegen und Nachbarn eine uberragende Bedeutung zu. 18 Volkskundler, Ethnologen, Soziologen und Historiker prasentieren hier ihre empirischen Studien in Bulgarien, Estland, Polen, Rumanien, Russland, Serbien, Tschechien und der Slowakei. Sie zeigen den graduellen Wandel der Netzwerke wie auch nationale Unterschiede im Ausmass an offentlichem und privatem Vertrauen auf.

Sociology and Social Work


Author: Jo Cunningham,Steve Cunningham

Publisher: Learning Matters

ISBN: 147390725X

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 6015

Sociological perspectives and their application to social work are an inherent part of the QAA benchmark statements in the social work degree. In addition, graduates must understand how sociological perspectives can be used to dissect societal and structural influences on human behaviour at individual, group and community levels. This fully-revised second edition includes a new chapter on social class and welfare and is mapped to the new Professional Capabilities Framework for Social Work.

Trust and Social Transformation

Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Findings from Russia


Author: Heiko Schrader

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783825878665

Category: Social Science

Page: 206

View: 1255

Literature on trust has experienced a continuous growth from the 1970s onward. The focus of sociological and political science theories is not so much on what trust is rather than what trust does (its function), where it comes from (its origin) and how it changes in course of time. Books on transformation in Eastem Europe, however, are mainly related to questions of system transfer and institutional change, rather than interpersonal relations within society that can constitute both an opportunity for, and an obstacle to social transformation. With this book German and Russian scholars intend to fill this gap. This collection includes theoretical papers, articles that link topics of trust and empirical/historical observations, and empirical research on trust and transformation.

Transforming Society

Strategies for Social Development from Singapore, Asia and Around the World


Author: Ngoh Tiong Tan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351794965

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 8003

Social change affects all quarters of life and human society whether in individual neighbourhoods, communities or nations, or in the world as a whole – encompassing many issues of gender, age, social class and ethnicity. This book examines both the conceptual as well as operational aspects of social transformation and social development. It examines societal transformation at the individual, group, community, national and international levels using a range of case studies from Singapore, Asia and around the world. The four parts of this book highlight the challenges of social development; issues concerning workforce and migration; welfare, women and social care; as well as, community development and capacity building. Social development and social transformation are presented as intertwined concepts that affect citizens in profound ways from social care to social well-being, construction of social relationship as well as community life, capacity building and nation building.

Practice Education in Social Work

A Handbook for Practice Teachers, Assessors and Educators


Author: Janet Walker,Karin Crawford,Jonathan Parker

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1844455742

Category: Social Science

Page: 203

View: 3380

Written specifically for practice educators, this book examines contemporary theories and knowledge in practice learning, teaching and education, with a clear emphasis on developing the skills and practice of the individual. Another key focus of the book is to help readers to reflect on the implications of this for their role as practice educators, giving them the time and space to make proactive and informed choices. The book is structured around the new Post-Qualifying Standards for Practice Education, making it an invaluable and thoroughly comprehensive guide.

Sociology in Perspective


Author: Mark Kirby

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 9780435331603

Category: Sociology

Page: 831

View: 7688

This text, specifically for AQA specifications, is designed to be easy and encouraging for students to use. The book contains updated material and activities together with a new chapter on study skills. It also indicates clearly where activities meet the new evidence requirements for key skills.

Service Sociology and Academic Engagement in Social Problems


Author: Dr Karen M McCormack,Professor A Javier Treviño

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1472421973

Category: Social Science

Page: 262

View: 1338

This book challenges sociologists and sociology students to think beyond the construction of social problems to tackle a central question: What do sociologists do with the analytic tools and academic skills afforded by their discipline to respond to social problems? Service Sociology posits that a central role of sociology is not simply to analyse and interpret social problems, but to act in the world in an informed manner to ameliorate suffering and address the structural causes of these problems. This volume provides a unique contribution to this approach to sociology, exploring the intersection between its role as an academic discipline and its practice in the service of communities and people. With both contemporary and historical analyses, the book traces the legacy, characteristics, contours, and goals of the sociology of service, shedding light on its roots in early American sociology and its deep connections to activism, before examining the social context that underlies the call for volunteerism, community involvement and non-profit organisations, as well as the strategies that have promise in remedying contemporary social problems. Presenting examples of concrete social problems from around the world, including issues of democratic participation, poverty and unemployment, student involvement in microlending, disaster miitigation, the organization and leadership of social movements, homelessness, activism around HIV/AIDS and service spring breaks, Service Sociology and Academic Engagement in Social Problems explores the utility of public teaching, participatory action research, and service learning in the classroom as a contribution to the community.

Transforming Gender and Development in East Asia


Author: Esther Ngan-ling Chow

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317795202

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

View: 6634

Transforming Gender and Development in East Asia brings together a collection of original essays from top scholars in the United States and Asia to explore the centrality of gender in the process of economic development in East Asia. Contributors demonstrate through ethnography, personal narratives, field observation, and in-depth interviews the essential parts women have played in the national growth, economic restructuring, and industrialization of East Asian countries, including South Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.

Sociology, Work and Industry

Fifth edition


Author: Tony Watson,Marek Korczynski

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134356196

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

View: 5149

In the fourth edition of this successful and popular text, Tony Watson explains how the discipline of sociology contributes to our wider understanding of the variety of work practices and institutions, which exist in modern society. The new edition outlines both what has been achieved historically and what is currently being achieved by the sociological study of work, as well presenting a range of concepts, models and other theoretical ideas that students and researchers can apply to the study of work. Subjects covered include: * how working patterns have changed, and continued to change since the industrial revolution * work organizations * innovations in the structuring of work activities at the enterprise level * the occupational aspects of the organization of work in changing societies * how people experience and cope with the pressures, insecurities and inequalities of a restructured world of work * how challenge and resistance influence the shaping of work in an ever-changing world. Fully updated throughout, this book includes an all-new chapter on the distinctiveness of the sociological perspective along with guidance on the research and analysis of work. It will be essential reading for anybody studying the sociology of work and organizations.

Transforming a Learning Society

The Case of Finland


Author: Ari Antikainen

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783039114498

Category: Education

Page: 402

View: 3607

What underlies the Finnish success in international comparisons of education? This book consists of a rich and stimulating collection of articles dealing with educational institutions, education policy and life histories of learners in a swiftly changing Nordic society. Educational contexts covered range from comprehensive school and special education to higher education and lifelong learning. The articles can be read as studies on the extent and form of the realization of a Finnish learning society within global, Nordic and national parameters.

Social Work with Disadvantaged and Marginalised People


Author: Jonathan Parker,Sara Ashencaen Crabtree

Publisher: Learning Matters

ISBN: 1526416646

Category: Social Science

Page: 216

View: 9876

Social workers, whatever their specialism, practise with people at the margins of society. It is therefore essential that all social work students not only understand the powers and processes that lead to disadvantage and marginalisation but develop the knowledge and skills needed to bring about change and uphold social justice in all aspects of their professional practice. Split into three parts, this book considers what is meant by disadvantage and marginalisation, how this can come about and the impact this may have on lives, before unpicking the key knowledge and skills needed to practice effectively with individuals and groups. It then goes on to show what good ethical and reflective practice looks like, going step-by-step through the ins and outs of using the law and policy to bring about change before considering key ethical dilemmas in practice.

European Social Policy and Social Work

Citizenship-Based Social Work


Author: Hans van Ewijk

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135198470

Category: Medical

Page: 200

View: 1577

European Social Policy and Social Work explores shifts in international social policies and how they affect national trends and thus the context for social work practice. The book discusses international and national social work strategies and practice and investigates the responsibilities for social welfare held by the state, the market and civil society. Hans van Ewijk then elaborates a new concept of citizenship-based social work which supports and encourages self-responsibility, social responsibility and the implementation of social rights. The main themes covered are: international social policy and social work from welfare to workfare citizenship essentials of citizenship based social work community policy and community work social work and alternative areas of activity such as youth care and social care. Integrating different roots and social professions in an overarching new concept, this book particularly looks at European Union countries. Hans van Ewijk examines debates regarding social work as an internationally recognised profession and science. This book is suitable for social work students, academics and professionals with an interest in social policy and international social work.

Social Policy and Social Work: An Introduction


Author: Jo Cunningham,Steve Cunningham

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781844457595

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

View: 3263

An understanding of social policy is crucial for social workers as it underpins and shapes the legislative framework that they work within. From safeguarding service users and enabling them to improve their lives, to protecting the most vulnerable in society, social policy also has a vital role to play within social work education. It is important therefore for students to engage critically with social policy. This book introduces policy and shows how it has changed and evolved over time, how it reflects changes in society, and how it is applied to everyday practice.

Sociological Theory


Author: Bert N. Adams,R. A. Sydie

Publisher: Pine Forge Press

ISBN: 9780761985570

Category: Social Science

Page: 612

View: 8932

This concise text, covers both classical and contemporary social thought. It traces the major schools of thought over the past 150 years as they appear and reappear in different chapters and looks at important new voices in social theory. The treatment of individual theories and theorists is balanced with the development of key themes and ideas about social life.