Toward a New Civilization

Why We Must Tame Our Instincts to Save Our World


Author: Arthur Blech

Publisher: Prometheus Books

ISBN: 1615927115

Category: History

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Civilization is a term used by literary circles, historians, and publicists to describe a superior level of accomplishments of certain nations. After many later attempts to refine the definition, references are made to the difficulty posed by the physical environment and nature's physical challenges, which had to be overcome because they presented a danger to the human race.Astonishingly, ignored was the importance of morality and the influence it exercised on the way humans treat each other within the framework of a social setting.For the actions of men and women, if unhindered in the struggle for self-preservation and seeking material prosperity to attain the desired level of creature comforts, give rise to self-made obstacles in their quest to defy the natural order. We humans are the cause of hazards to our existence created by overpopulation, environmental degradation, and injecting various toxic substances into the food supply; we are the designers of an unbalanced economy whose stratification favors the well-to-do to the detriment of the disadvantaged, keeping most in a state of turmoil; we are the contrivers of religious systems, some of which are responsible for the most unnatural crimes committed by humans against humans; last but not least, we are the instigators of mass slaughters resulting from wars fought in anger, causing ever increasing casualties and destruction reaching totally destabilizing magnitudes. These acts bode ill for civilization.Humanity, that flawed creation of a flawed nature, in bondage to survival instincts and a virtual slave to circumstances beyond its control, nevertheless possesses the capacity to free itself from some of the burdens imposed by the natural order to rise above the gravitational pull confining all living species. We must discover that our welfare and that of society depend on the rejection of the natural order, so as to be freed, however moderately, from nature's evolutionary competition and the struggle for the survival of the fittest, an order totally in conflict with morality. For the aims of morality are antithetical to nature's imposed scheme of things, reflecting the conflict between our aims and nature's designs.-From the IntroductionArthur Blech (Los Angeles, CA), a commercial real estate investor and cattle rancher, is the author of The Causes of Anti-Semitism: A Critique of the Bible.

The Contrapuntal Civilization

Essays Toward a New Understanding of the American Experience


Author: Michael G. Kammen

Publisher: N.A


Category: National characteristics, American

Page: 312

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Design, When Everybody Designs

An Introduction to Design for Social Innovation


Author: Ezio Manzini,Rachel Coad

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262028603

Category: Design

Page: 256

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The role of design, both expert and nonexpert, in the ongoing wave of social innovation toward sustainability.

Toward a New Enlightenment

The Philosophy of Paul Kurtz


Author: Paul Kurtz

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412840170

Category: Social Science

Page: 401

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Paul Kurtz has been the dominant voice of secular humanism over the past thirty years. This compilation of his work reveals the scope of his thinking on the basic topics of our time and his many and varied contributions to the cause of free thought. It focuses on the central issues that have concerned Kurtz throughout his career: ethics, politics, education, religion, science, and pseudoscience. The chapters are linked by a common theme: the need for a new enlightenment, one committed to the use of rationality and skepticism, but also devoted to realizing the highest values of humanist culture. Many writings included here were first published in magazines and journals long unavailable. Some of the essays have never before been published. They now appear as a coherent whole for the first time. Also included is an extensive bibliography of Kurtz's writings. "Toward a New Enlightenment "is essential for those who know and admire Paul Kurtz's work. It will also be an important resource for students of philosophy, political science, ethics, and religion. Among the chapters are: "Humanist Ethics: Eating the Forbidden Fruit"; "Relevance of Science to Ethics"; "Democracy without Theology"; "Misuses of Civil Disobedience"; "The Limits of Tolerance"; "Skepticism about the Paranormal: Legitimate and Illegitimate"; "Militant Atheism vs. Freedom of Conscience"; "Promethean Love: Unbound"; "The Case for Euthanasia"; and "The New Inquisition in the Schools."

The New Agrarian Mind

The Movement Toward Decentralist Thought in Twentieth-Century America


Author: Allan Carlson

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412837965

Category: History

Page: 232

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The self-sufficiency and regional outlook of farm life characterized the United States until the Civil War period. With the triumph of the industrial North over the rural South, the expansion of urbanism, and the closing of the frontier, the agrarian sector became an economic and cultural minority. The social benefits of rural life--a sense of independence, commitment to democracy, an abundance of children, stable community life--were threatened. This volume examines the rise of a distinctive agrarian intellectual movement to combat these trends. The New Agrarian Mind, now in paperback, synthesizes the thought of twentieth-century agrarian writers. It weaves together discussions of major representative figures, such as Liberty Hyde Bailey, Carle Zimmerman, and Wendell Berry, with myth-shattering analyses of the movement's cultural diversity, intellectual influence, and ideological complexity. Collectively labeled the New Agrarians to distinguish them from the simpler Jeffersonianism of the nineteenth century, they shared a coherent set of goals that were at once socially conservative and economically radical.

High Plains Horticulture

A History


Author: John F. Freeman

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9780870819834

Category: History

Page: 296

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High Plains Horticulture explores the significant, civilizing role that horticulture has played in the development of farmsteads and rural and urban communities on the High Plains portions of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming, drawing on both the science and the application of science practiced since 1840. Freeman explores early efforts to supplement native and imported foodstuffs, state and local encouragement to plant trees, the practice of horticulture at the Union Colony of Greeley, the pioneering activities of economic botanists Charles Bessey (in Nebraska) and Aven Nelson (in Wyoming), and the shift from food production to community beautification as the High Plains were permanently settled and became more urbanized. In approaching the history of horticulture from the perspective of local and unofficial history, Freeman pays tribute to the tempered idealism, learned pragmatism, and perseverance of individuals from all walks of life seeking to create livable places out of the vast, seemingly inhospitable High Plains. He also suggests that, slowly but surely, those that inhabit them have been learning to adjust to the limits of that fragile land. High Plains Horticulture will appeal to not only scientists and professionals but also gardening enthusiasts interested in the history of their hobby on the High Plains.

Judaism as a Civilization

Toward a Reconstruction of American-Jewish Life


Author: Mordecai M. Kaplan

Publisher: Jewish Publication Society

ISBN: 0827610505

Category: Religion

Page: 661

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A transformative work on modern Judaism

Reading Migration and Culture

The World of East African Indian Literature


Author: D. Ojwang

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137262966

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 245

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This book uses the uniquely positioned culture of East African Asians to reflect upon the most vexing issues in postcolonial literary studies today. By examining the local histories and discourses that underpin East African Asian literature, it opens up and reflects upon issues of alienation, modernity, migration, diaspora, memory and nationalism.

Who Is Fit to Rule America in the Twenty-First Century and Beyond?

The Twenty-First Century and Beyond American Enlightenment


Author: Vinep Kankam-da-costa

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479739642

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 308

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Whenever a society stands bold enough to tackle controversial issues and inspire the people collectively to solve problems, it makes a far reaching positive impact on the stability, growth, and development of a nation.

Historical Dictionary of the Enlightenment


Author: Harvey Chisick

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810865488

Category: History

Page: 552

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The Enlightenment Movement changed society forever, driving it forward through new and fresh ways of thinking about science, religion, history, politics, and culture. This dictionary offers a balanced overview and helps us to understand and appreciate the Enlightenment through its coverage of the basic assumptions and values that structured the movement; explanation of how these ideas were articulated; the paths of communication they followed; how its key ideas grew, developed and were refracted; and how new problems grew out of what were advanced as solutions to older problems. An engaging introductory essay along with hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries defines the significant persons, places, events, institutions, and literary works of the movement. A chronological table charts the progression of the movement by indicating the date, the main figures involved, the political or society events, and the science, arts, or letters that resulted. The comprehensive bibliography, with an introductory essay to the literature, categorized by subject complements this reference that will be valued by all seeking basic details about this important period.

Birthing A New Civilization

Transition to the New Golden Age in 2032


Author: Diana Cooper

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1844098745

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

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In Birthing a New Civilization Diana Cooper takes stock of where humanity stands in its evolutionary development looking at the current transition towards 2032. This fascinating forecast highlights the new spiritual energies entering the planet and bringing shifts to economic, political, and climatic arenas. Further predictions are offered for individual countries and include a time frame for this massive transition, anticipated to last until the Earth moves fully into the fifth-dimensional frequency in 2032. From what to expect to how to prepare, this exciting exploration serves as guidance for the next 20 years, allowing readers to attune themselves to the spiritual forces on the horizon and prepare themselves to ascend into the 5th dimension.

Student Activism and Civil Rights in Mississippi

Protest Politics and the Struggle for Racial Justice, 1960-1965


Author: Robert W. Fogel

Publisher: LSU Press

ISBN: 9780807131992

Category: Political Science

Page: 112

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Robert William Fogel was in the vanguard of those revisionists who in the mid--twentieth century challenged the prevailing historical canon on American slavery. The "slavery debates" encompassed a reexamination of almost every aspect of American slavery and became one front in a battle waged over the place of cliometrics -- the use of quantitative data and statistical methods to analyze historical problems. Fogel and Stanley Engerman's 1974 groundbreaking book, Time on the Cross, applied cliometrics to the study of slavery, revealing it to be a profitable and efficient labor system, and their book remains a fiercely debated work. Now, in an enlightening memoir, Fogel chronicles the controversies surrounding American slavery over four decades and the emergence of a new generation of intellectual and political historians who questioned the progressive synthesis. The Slavery Debates is an informative summary of the literature on the economics of American slavery, offering a valuable glimpse into one of the most interesting chapters of the historical profession.

Towards a New Era

Economic, Social and Political Reforms


Author: M. L. Sondhi

Publisher: Har-Anand Publications

ISBN: 9788124108000

Category: India

Page: 688

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Towards a New Millenium [sic]

Ten Years of the Indigenous Movement in Russia


Author: Thomas Köhler,Kathrin Wessendorf

Publisher: IWGIA

ISBN: 9788790730529

Category: History

Page: 292

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After the collapse of the Soviet Union, indigenous peoples in Russia started to organize and a movement emerged that has achieved many developments. The indigenous umbrella organization in Russia, the Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North (RAIPON), celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2000, an occasion for looking back at its work during its 10-year history and at the same time looking forward to the new millennium. Many leaders of indigenous peoples of the North gathered in Moscow for the anniversary celebration and met with people from all over the world, who were invited to join this special event. For this occasion, RAIPON produced a book with articles by indigenous leaders and politicians from all parts of Russia, who outlined the history, events, and conditions of the recent decade. This book is the translation of the original Russian version and an attempt to strengthen the awareness outside the country of the struggle of indigenous peoples in Russia. Even though this English version is published two years after the important event of RAIPON's tenth anniversary, many statements and articles have not lost their topicality. The book contains articles by representatives of different ages, gender and background, from various regions. Many of the problems described will be familiar to indigenous peoples in other parts of the world. Discrimination of indigenous peoples is part of everyday life in Russia. The fight for land rights and environmental protection is common to all indigenous peoples of the Arctic and not a specific Russian phenomenon. The conflict between .the greens. (the so-called environmnetal parties) and the indigenous peoples that has dominated the debates in the Western part of the Arctic has, however not occurred in Russia; rather, the conflict between industry and indigenous peoples has a long history. So have all the social problems. Thomas G. Khler has a graduate degree in Russian and political science. He works as a project consultant (TGK Consult) with indigenous peoples in Russia since 1999. Kathrin Wessendorf is an anthropologist working for the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA) as coordinator for the Arctic region.

Toward a New Socialism


Author: Anatole Anton,Richard Schmitt

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739118627

Category: Philosophy

Page: 520

View: 5025

Toward a New Socialism offers a critical analysis of capitalism's failings and the imminent need for socialism as an alternative form of government. Dr. Richard Schmitt joins with Dr. Anatole Anton to compile a volume of essays exploring the benefits and consequences of a socialist system as an avenue of increased human solidarity and ethical principle.

Toward a New Psychology of Gender


Author: Mary M. Gergen,Sara N. Davis

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415913089

Category: Psychology

Page: 626

View: 4119

Drawn from a brilliant array of voices primarily from psychology, but also from other social sciences and humanities, this unique reader of creative and intellectually provocative essays investigates the social construction of gender. For the past several decades, those involved with the study of the psychology of women and gender have been struggling for recognition within the framework of psychology. This volume brings together the writings from psychology, philosophy, psychoanalysis, history, women's studies, education and sociology that critique mainstream thinking and exemplify new ways of creating inquiry.

Towards a New Catholic Church in Advanced Modernity

Transformations, Visions, Tensions


Author: Staf Hellemans,Jozef Wissink

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3643902042

Category: Religion

Page: 277

View: 1264

A new Catholic Church is emerging in the West, one that is very different from the Church before 1960. This book describes the new Church-in-the-making - its new position in society, its new structuring and workings, and its new frame of mind. The book also looks in a prospective way at some basic issues the Church has to deal with, such as imagining the Church in advanced modernity, attracting both youth and adults, rebuilding local communities, refashioning liturgy, and rethinking pastoral guidance. The book is the result of an interdisciplinary endeavor by philosophers, sociologists, and theologians. (Series: Tilburg Theological Studies / Tilburger Theologische Studien - Vol. 5)

Escape from Destruction

How to Survive in the Atomic Age


Author: Raymond W. Bernard

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 9780787311582


Page: 35

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1956 How to survive in an atomic age. Escape into space, escape underground, South America as an atomic refuge. the basic theme of this book is that the increased frequency of nuclear explosions will in time lead to a radioactive catastrophe, or the po.