The Wild Trees

A Story of Passion and Daring with the World's Last True Explorers


Author: Richard Preston

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141918802

Category: Nature

Page: 320

View: 6294

When Steve Sillett was 19 years old, he free-climbed – with no safety equipment and no training – one of the tallest trees on earth, in the redwood forests of Prairie Creek, California. 30 storeys above the ground he glimpsed an undiscovered ecosystem, and his passion for that astonishing world would transform the rest of his life. Over the next twenty years, Sillett and a close group of friends charted this system, discovering mosses and lichen never seen before, and travelling among branches so densely interwoven they form incredible sky-high walkways. There are only twenty people on earth who have climbed the world’s tallest trees and who know their location. In writing The Wild Trees, Richard Preston not only managed to gain access to this group, but began to climb these hidden giants himself, putting his life in danger in order to understand the powerful connection between the massive trees and the world’s last great explorers.

Das geheime Leben der Bäume

Was sie fühlen, wie sie kommunizieren - die Entdeckung einer verborgenen Welt


Author: Peter Wohlleben

Publisher: Ludwig

ISBN: 3641114004

Category: Nature

Page: 224

View: 6771

Ein neuer Blick auf alte Freunde Erstaunliche Dinge geschehen im Wald: Bäume, die miteinander kommunizieren. Bäume, die ihren Nachwuchs, aber auch alte und kranke Nachbarn liebevoll umsorgen und pflegen. Bäume, die Empfindungen haben, Gefühle, ein Gedächtnis. Unglaublich? Aber wahr! – Der Förster Peter Wohlleben erzählt faszinierende Geschichten über die ungeahnten und höchst erstaunlichen Fähigkeiten der Bäume. Dazu zieht er die neuesten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse ebenso heran wie seine eigenen unmittelbaren Erfahrungen mit dem Wald und schafft so eine aufregend neue Begegnung für die Leser: Wir schließen Bekanntschaft mit einem Lebewesen, das uns vertraut schien, uns aber hier erstmals in seiner ganzen Lebendigkeit vor Augen tritt. Und wir betreten eine völlig neue Welt ...

Eating on the Wild Side

The Missing Link to Optimum Health


Author: Jo Robinson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0316227951

Category: Social Science

Page: 416

View: 2495

Winner of the 2014 IACP Cookbook Award in the category of "Food Matters." The next stage in the food revolution--a radical way to select fruits and vegetables and reclaim the flavor and nutrients we've lost. Ever since farmers first planted seeds 10,000 years ago, humans have been destroying the nutritional value of their fruits and vegetables. Unwittingly, we've been selecting plants that are high in starch and sugar and low in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants for more than 400 generations. EATING ON THE WILD SIDE reveals the solution--choosing modern varieties that approach the nutritional content of wild plants but that also please the modern palate. Jo Robinson explains that many of these newly identified varieties can be found in supermarkets and farmer's market, and introduces simple, scientifically proven methods of preparation that enhance their flavor and nutrition. Based on years of scientific research and filled with food history and practical advice, EATING ON THE WILD SIDE will forever change the way we think about food.

Olive Odyssey

Searching for the Secrets of the Fruit That Seduced the World


Author: Julie Angus

Publisher: Greystone Books

ISBN: 1771000066

Category: Cooking

Page: 344

View: 7527

When Julie Angus visits her relatives in Syria, where they continue a centuries-old tradition of making olive oil, she understands that the olive is at the very core of who they are. Her curiosity piqued, she begins to wonder about the origins and history of this fruit that has meant so much to them. Angus, her husband, and their ten-month-old son embark on a Mediterranean voyage to retrace the route of the Phoenicians and discover who ate the first olive and learned to make oil from it, why it became such an influential commodity for many of the greatest civilizations, and how it expanded from its earliest roots in the Middle East. As they sail the dazzling waters of the Mediterranean, Angus and her husband collect samples from ancient trees, testing them to determine where the first olive tree originated. They also feast on inky black tapenades in Cassis, nibble on codfish and chickpeas creamed in olive oil in Sardinia, witness the harvesting of olives in Greece, and visit perhaps the oldest olive tree in the world, on Crete.

Olive Propagation Manual


Author: Andrea G. Fabbri,Giorgio Bartolini,Maurizio Lambardi

Publisher: Landlinks Press

ISBN: 9780643066762

Category: Science

Page: 141

View: 915

This practical manual is an authoritative guide to olive propagation, providing extended information on seed germination, rooting of cuttings, grafting and micropropagation. The authors describe each topic in detail and discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of each procedure. The Olive Propagation Manual has been developed to take into account the future demand for olive oil, which is expected to increase to three million tons annually over the next 10 years. Such volumes will require active farming programs and olive trees for new orchards and the replacement of olive trees in existing orchards. As the olive industry moves from traditional manual methods to mechanised operations, planting stock will need to be developed to meet future challenges. Varietal selection will need to be directed to clones that are early bearing, disease resistant, able to be mechanically harvested, and produce quality fruit and oil. Each of these issues are addressed throughout this book. The Olive Propagation Manual explores historical perspectives, traditional methods and state-of-the-art olive propagation including theoretical explanations and all practical aspects.

Supping at God's Table

A Handbook for the Domestication of Wild Trees for Food And Fodder


Author: Elaine M. Solowey

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780978556518

Category: Science

Page: 254

View: 4363

Supping At God's Table is a practical guide to the domestication of wild trees for the purpose of bringing them into the continuum of human use. The various pathways to domestication are discussed. The value of wild trees in agroforestry and as boundary plants is described. Grafting, propagation, and plant breeding for wild plants is explained in the book as are the challenges of interdependent horticultural problems, sustainble cultivation, harvesting and marketing.

Das Wunder der wilden Insel


Author: Peter Brown

Publisher: cbt Verlag

ISBN: 3641194466

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 288

View: 3235

Preisgekrönt und bezaubernd: ein moderner Klassiker Als das Robotermädchen Roz erstmals die Augen öffnet, findet sie sich auf einer wilden, einsamen Insel wieder. Wie sie dorthin gekommen ist und warum, weiß sie nicht. Das Wetter und ein wilder Bär setzen ihr übel zu, und Roz begreift, dass sie sich ihrer Umgebung anpassen muss, wenn sie überleben will. Also beobachtet sie, erlernt die Sprache der Tiere und entdeckt, dass Freundlichkeit und Hilfsbereitschaft sie weiterbringen. Viele würden das Blechmonster zwar am liebsten verjagen, aber Roz gibt nicht auf. Sie zieht ein Gänseküken auf, und endlich fassen die Tiere Vertrauen. Als Roz dann in großer Gefahr schwebt, stehen sie ihr als Freunde bei.


tödliche Viren aus den Geheimlabors ; ein Tatsachen-Thriller


Author: Richard Preston

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783430175623


Page: 367

View: 1947

Der große Trip

Tausend Meilen durch die Wildnis zu mir selbst


Author: Cheryl Strayed

Publisher: Kailash Verlag

ISBN: 3641046025

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

View: 4614

EAT, PRAY, LOVE meets Hape Kerkeling Gerade 26 geworden, hat Cheryl Strayed das Gefühl, alles verloren zu haben. Drogen und Männer trösten sie über den Tod ihrer Mutter und das Scheitern ihrer Ehe hinweg. Als ihr ein Outdoor-Führer über den Pacific Crest Trail in die Hände fällt, trifft sie die folgenreichste Entscheidung ihres Lebens: mehr als tausend Meilen zu wandern. Die berührende Geschichte einer Selbstfindung – voller Witz, Weisheit und Intensität, mit einer respektlosen Heldin, die man lieben muss.

The Wild Garden

Expanded Edition


Author: William Robinson

Publisher: Timber Press

ISBN: 9781604691313

Category: Gardening

Page: 356

View: 4582

First published in 1870, The Wild Garden challenged the prevailing garden style of the day and advocated a naturalistic style, in which hardy plants, both native and exotic, are arranged in groupings that mimic wild landscapes. Thanks to Robinson’s passionate advocacy, the naturalistic style triumphed, and Robinson's urgent message continues to resonate today. For this newly designed edition, Rick Darke has written an introductory essay that not only underscores Robinson’s importance in the evolution of garden design and ecology, but also explains his relevance for today’s gardeners, designers, and landscape professionals. The book contains over 100 stunning photographs taken by Darke, including images of Gravetye and of modern “wild” gardens.



Author: Michael Crichton,Richard Preston

Publisher: Karl Blessing Verlag

ISBN: 3641074207

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

View: 8354

Eine Handvoll Studenten, ausgesetzt im Regenwald, auf der Flucht vor technisch veränderten Organismen: ein hintergründiges und hochaktuelles Actionszenario Honolulu, Hawaii. Drei Männer liegen tot auf dem Fußboden eines verschlossenen Büros – keine Anzeichen eines Kampfes, keine Einbruchsspuren, keine Tatwaffe. Nur die extrem feinen, rasiermesserscharfen Schnitte, die die Leichen überziehen, liefern einen ebenso grausigen wie rätselhaften Hinweis auf die Todesursache. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, wird eine Handvoll Studenten, die sich durch besondere Fähigkeiten hervortun, von einem Unternehmen für den Einsatz an der Front der Mikrobiologie rekrutiert. Die streng geheime, höchst profitable Arbeit von Nanigen Micro Technologies führt die Forschungstalente nach Hawaii. Doch hier, weit entfernt von der Sicherheit ihrer Labors, plötzlich sich selbst überlassen im Dschungel, sehen sich die Studenten nicht nur einer erbarmungslosen Natur, sondern auch einer radikalen neuen Technik gegenüber, die die Gruppe schnell beherrschen lernen muss, will sie nicht für immer in den undurchdringlichen Wäldern Oahus verschwinden ...

Christianity and the Outsider

A Lawyer Looks at Justice and Justification


Author: James W. Geiger

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621894568

Category: Religion

Page: 214

View: 5256

What does Christianity have to say about the salvation of the African tribesman who died before the missionaries arrived, and the "great sorrow" of the Messianic Jew who grieves for family and friends who did not or will not acknowledge his Jesus as their Messiah? C. S. Lewis said these outsiders represent the "scandal of exclusivity." Jim Geiger is a Christian insider and fully committed to the exclusivity of Christ's atonement. However, he is suggesting an expanded Christology where: - The constant speed of light in E = mc2 corroborates the constant Christ of Heb 13:8. - Special and general relativity model special and general revelation. - The Christ of general revelation represents the hope of salvation for some of Christianity's outsiders.

The Silviculture of Trees Used in British Forestry


Author: Peter S. Savill

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 1780640269

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 280

View: 2144

Fully updated throughout, this new edition describes the silvicultural characteristics of trees commonly grown in the UK, including all important native species and a selection of some of the most significant exotics. With details of climatic zones, soils, productivity, pests and diseases, this book provides concise but detailed information regarding the establishment and management of forests. Detailed drawings of leaves and fruits are also provided to aid with identification, making this a useful resource for students and forestry professionals.