The Science of Self

Man, God, and the Mathematical Language of Nature


Author: Supreme Understanding,C'BS Alife Allah

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781935721673

Category: Black Muslims

Page: 368

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THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE SCIENCE The Science of Self is a dynamic tour of reality, covering the formation of our universe, the development of life, and the laws that govern these processes and personify themselves as Man. The book introduces readers to hundreds of scientific fields, peering into what quantum mechanics, genetics, anthropology, mathematics, and archaeology have to say about the past, present, and future of Black and brown people. As the first of a five-volume series, this text ventures beyond superficial ideas about history, science, and metaphysics, plunging into questions about the mathematical language that connects, man, God, and the laws of nature. THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE HISTORY Based on over 28 years of combined research, with over 360 references, and a dozen reviewers, this book is history in the making. No other nonfiction text has attempted to cover nearly 14 billion years of Black history. How could all that possibly be Black history? You'll have to read the book to understand. THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE REALITY What is the origin of Blackness? Why is melanin found in space? How did life evolve from one ancestor into the diversity we see today? What does quantum physics tell us about consciousness and reality? How did the Black man shape the Earth long before he built the pyramids? What is the mathematical blueprint that is hard-wired into our consciousness? Is there a difference between the mind and the brain? What does it mean to be the Original Man and Woman? All of these questions, and hundreds more, are answered within these pages.

Knowledge of Self

A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life


Author: Supreme Understanding Allah, Dr.,Supreme Understanding,C'BS Alife Allah,Sunez Allah

Publisher: Supreme Design Publishing

ISBN: 9780981617022

Category: Education

Page: 256

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An anthology of over 50 authors representing the culture of the Five Percent (also known as the Nation of Gods and Earths). Includes thought-provoking stories and perspectives from all walks of life, including Nation elders, media celebrities, and international contributors.

Knowledge of Self

A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life


Author: Supreme Understanding,Sunez Allah,C'BS Alife Allah

Publisher: Supreme Design Publishing


Category: Education

Page: 256

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Do you know who - and what - you are? Do you know who you're meant to be? Do you know how to find the answers to questions like these? Knowledge of Self is the result of a process of self-discovery, but few of us know where to begin when we're ready to start looking deeper. Although self-actualization is the highest of all human needs, it is said that only 5% of people ever attain this goal. In the culture of the Nation of Gods and Earths, commonly known as the Five Percent, students are instructed that they must first learn themselves, then their worlds, and then what they must do in order to transform their world for the better. This often intense process has produced thousands of revolutionary thinkers in otherwise desperate environments, where poverty and hopelessness dominate. Until now, few mainstream publications have captured the brilliant yet practical perspectives of these luminary men and women. Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Writings on the Science of Everything in Life presents the thoughts of Five Percenters, both young and old, male and female, from all over the globe, in their own words. Through essays, poems, and even how-to articles, this anthology presents readers with an accurate portrait of what the Five Percent study and teach, as well as sound direction on how to answer timeless questions like: Who am I, and why am I here? Why is there so much injustice in the world, and what can be done about it? Who is God and where on Earth is he? How do I improve myself without losing myself? Why are people of color in the situations they're in? What can we do about the global problems of racism and poverty?

The Science of Self-Control


Author: Howard RACHLIN

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674042514

Category: Psychology

Page: 240

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This book proposes a new science of self-control based on the principles of behavioral psychology and economics. Claiming that insight and self-knowledge are insufficient for controlling one's behavior, Howard Rachlin argues that the only way to achieve such control--and ultimately happiness--is through the development of harmonious patterns of behavior. Most personal problems with self-control arise because people have difficulty delaying immediate gratification for a better future reward. To avoid those problems, the author presents a strategy of "soft commitment," consisting of the development of valuable patterns of behavior that bridge over individual temptations.

The Science of Self-Realization


Author: His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Publisher: The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust

ISBN: 9171495398

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

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This collection of articles by Srila Prabhupada from Back to Godhead magazine covers knowledge of the soul and the practice of bhakti-yoga. These interviews, lectures, and essays cover topics such as the goal of human life, seeking a true spiritual teacher, reincarnation, super-consciousness, Krishna and Christ, and spiritual solutions to today's social and economic problems.

The Science of Self-report

Implications for Research and Practice


Author: Arthur A. Stone,Christine A. Bachrach,Jared B. Jobe,Howard S. Kurtzman,Virginia S. Cain

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1135677417

Category: Psychology

Page: 392

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Rigorous methodological techniques have been developed in the last decade to improve the reliability and accuracy of self reports from research volunteers and patients about their pain, mood, substance abuse history, or dietary habits. This book presents cutting-edge research on optimal methods for obtaining self-reported information for use in the evaluation of scientific hypothesis, in therapeutic interventions, and in the development of prognostic indicators. ALTERNATE BLURB: Self-reports constitute critically important data for research and practice in many fields. As the chapters in this volume document, psychological and social processes influence the storage and recall of self-report information. There are conditions under which self-reports should be readily accepted by the clinician or researcher, and other conditions where healthy scepticism is required. The chapters demonstrate methods for improving the accuracy of self-reports, ranging from fine-tuning interviews and questionnaires to employing emerging technologies to collect data in ways that minimize bias and encourage accurate reporting. Representing a diverse group of disciplines including sociology, law, psychology, and medicine, the distinguished authors offer crucial food for thought to all those whose work depends on the accurate self-reports of others.

From Existence To Life: The Science Of Self-Consciousness


Author: James Porter Mills

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

ISBN: 3849630048


Page: 382

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There has been a growing feeling in my mind that "Health" is too small a title with which to introduce a book that sets forth the noblest science that can possibly be formulated. Although health is one of the most desirable conditions in personal life, and one of the most essential, yet it is but one of the ways of Life that are set forth in the book. It appears to me that, "From Existence to Life; the Science of Self-Consciousness" exactly covers the whole field of that which is herein formulated. It is a science for all-round use, health being but one of the many modes of the Principle of All-Knowledge; and, so far as man is concerned, the science of self-consciousness, formulated correctly, and made use of intelligently, should satisfy the mind and comfort the heart in all the emergencies of self-conscious life, enabling a man to "hold on his way and grow stronger and stronger."

Living Consciously: the Science of Self


Author: John Morris Dorsey,Walter Henry Seegers

Publisher: Wayne State University Press


Category: Psychoanalytic interpretation

Page: 174

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The Science of Self-Organization


Author: WenJun Zhang

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814699500

Category: Mathematics

Page: 300

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This invaluable book is the first of its kind on "selforganizology", the science of self-organization. It covers a wide range of topics, such as the theory, principle and methodology of selforganizology, agent-based modelling, intelligence basis, ant colony optimization, fish/particle swarm optimization, cellular automata, spatial diffusion models, evolutionary algorithms, self-adaptation and control systems, self-organizing neural networks, catastrophe theory and methods, and self-organization of biological communities, etc. Readers will have an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of selforganizology, with detailed background information provided for those who wish to delve deeper into the subject and explore research literature. This book is a valuable reference for research scientists, university teachers, graduate students and high-level undergraduates in the areas of computational science, artificial intelligence, applied mathematics, engineering science, social science and life sciences. Contents:Organization and Organizational TheorySelforganizology: The Science of Self-organizationAgent-based ModelingIntelligence PrinciplesCatastrophe Theory and MethodsSelf-adaptation and Control SystemsCellular Automata and Spatial Diffusion ModelsArtificial Neural NetworksAnt Colony OptimizationFish and Particle Swarm OptimizationSynergy, Coevolution, and Evolutionary AlgorithmsSynergy: Correlation AnalysisCommunity Succession and AssemblyMathematical Foundations Readership: Research scientists, university teachers, graduate students and high-level undergraduates in the areas of computational science, artificial intelligence, applied mathematics, engineering science, social science and life sciences. Key Features:This book is the first monograph on "selforganizology" in the world, with no competing titlesThe author is a prominent scientist, who is the editor-in-chief of six international journals, including SelforganizologyKeywords:Selforganizology;Self-organization;Agent-based Modeling;Algorithms;Computational Intelligence;Ant Colony Optimization;Evolutionary Algorithms;Cellular Automata;Particle Swarm Optimization;Catastrophe Theory

How Nature Works

the science of self-organized criticality


Author: Per Bak

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1475754264

Category: Mathematics

Page: 212

View: 4381

Self-organized criticality, the spontaneous development of systems to a critical state, is the first general theory of complex systems with a firm mathematical basis. This theory describes how many seemingly desperate aspects of the world, from stock market crashes to mass extinctions, avalanches to solar flares, all share a set of simple, easily described properties. "...a'must read'...Bak writes with such ease and lucidity, and his ideas are so intriguing...essential reading for those interested in complex will reward a sufficiently skeptical reader." -NATURE "...presents the theory (self-organized criticality) in a form easily absorbed by the non-mathematically inclined reader." -BOSTON BOOK REVIEW "I picture Bak as a kind of scientific musketeer; flamboyant, touchy, full of swagger and ready to join every fray... His book is written with panache. The style is brisk, the content stimulating. I recommend it as a bracing experience." -NEW SCIENTIST

I Heart Me

The Science of Self-Love


Author: David Hamilton

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 1781802203

Category: Self-Help

Page: 264

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How much love do you have for yourself? Not the narcissistic 'Aren't I wonderful' kind of love, but the essential regard for self that empowers you and helps you navigate through life. The type of love that enables you to feel safe and secure in who you are and inspires you to make choices that are good for your authentic self. When scientist David Hamilton realized that his own lack of self-love was sabotaging him in hundreds of subtle ways and more than a handful of major ways, he devised an experiment using himself as the guinea pig. For more than a year David studied the latest research into brain chemistry, neuroscience, and psychotherapeutic and personal development techniques. He realized that self-love was as much about biology as psychology - that self-worth is in our genes, but trained out of us. The biological drive to seek connection with others often leads us to try to be 'someone else' to win love and approval. But the brain can be reprogrammed, and David devised 27 powerful exercises that he tested on himself and presents in the book to help you: • Increase your own level of self-worth • Connect powerfully with your authentic self • Attain a greater sense of happiness and general wellbeing • Create stronger and more real connections with others

Me, Myself, and Why

Searching for the Science of Self


Author: Jennifer Ouellette

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101613645

Category: Science

Page: 368

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As diverse as people appear to be, all of our genes and brains are nearly identical. In Me, Myself, and Why, Jennifer Ouellette dives into the miniscule ranges of variation to understand just what sets us apart. She draws on cutting-edge research in genetics, neuroscience, and psychology-enlivened as always with her signature sense of humor-to explore the mysteries of human identity and behavior. Readers follow her own surprising journey of self-discovery as she has her genome sequenced, her brain mapped, her personality typed, and even samples a popular hallucinogen. Bringing together everything from Mendel's famous pea plant experiments and mutations in The X-Men to our taste for cilantro and our relationships with virtual avatars, Ouellette takes us on an endlessly thrilling and illuminating trip into the science of ourselves

The Science of Self

A Treatise on Human Nature and Self-culture


Author: David Wheaton

Publisher: N.A


Category: Conduct of life

Page: 742

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Author: Vasant Lad

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishe

ISBN: 9788120818392

Category: Alternative medicine

Page: 175

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For the first time a book is available which clearly explains the principles and practical applications of Ayurveda, the oldest healing system in the world. The beautifully illustrated text thoroughly explains the following: History & Philosophy--Basic Principles Diagnostic Techniques--Treatment Diet--Medicinal Usage of Kitchen Herbs & Spices First Aid--Food Antidotes--And Much More. More than 50 concise charts, diagrams and tables are included, as well as a glossary and index in order to further clarify the text. For the first time a book is available which clearly explains the principles and practical applications of Ayurveda the oldest healing system in the world. The Beautifully illustrated text thoroughly explains the following: History & Philosophy Basic Principles Diagnostic Techniques Treatment Diet Medicinal Usage of Kitchen Herbs & Spices First Aid Food Antidotes


The Science of Self-Nonself Discrimination


Author: Jan Klein

Publisher: Wiley-Interscience

ISBN: 9780471807629


Page: 688

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The Science of Self Discipline

Control Your Thoughts, Develop Self Confidence and Mental Toughness to Achieve Your Goals


Author: Quawsi Samuel

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781717401151


Page: 56

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Do you have goals but unsure of the necessary steps to get it done? Are you having problems finishing what you start? Would you like the secrets of the successful entrepreneurs that'll help you achieve your goals today? Well you'll learn all the key steps necessary to achieve all your goals, 5 of which you will not find anywhere else. You'll also receive an outline of the tools necessary that have been yet to be revealed until now to finishing all the projects that you started. You will also get a few "behind the scene" secrets of some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs that will take you to another level as you achieve your goals today. Many people may assume that success comes from natural talent or pure luck, but the truth is successful people openly attest to achieving their success through having proper Self-Discipline. Self-discipline is the catalyst to making your dreams a reality in which many successful people recognize that success is not a fantasy its formula that can be learned. You will recognize this too. In The Science of Self Discipline, you'll discover proven concepts used by many successful people over the past few decades which many people bypass and there are also hidden ideas which many successful people would have also love to know which is written in this book. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... The importance of setting goals shown in a way you never saw before How accountability and transparency works together and how you were doing it wrong The Essential tools to prepare you for the journey ahead that can help decrease your rate of failure by at least 90% To identify challenges and create relevant goals that are against the norm to overcome those challenges Developing mental and emotional strength as you come to a full understand of how this can impact your success Make a vision board that'll will both challenge and motivate you to see your vision be 100% fulfilled A practical way to start taking massive action from day 1 Unique and effective methods for making a conscious decision Much, much more! The the first step to your ultimate self-discipline start by scrolling to the top of the page to get your copy today!

The Science of Self Talk

How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence and Stop Getting in Your Own Way


Author: Ian Tuhovsky

Publisher: Positive Psychology Coaching

ISBN: 9781728688299

Category: Psychology

Page: 86

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Talking to ourselves - and learning to listen We all speak to ourselves on a daily basis. Whether it's out loud or an internal (or infernal) commentary, we all practice self-talk and, how we speak to ourselves can have a significant effect on our emotions and subsequent actions. Some people's self-talk is mostly about the future while, for others, it's an internal dialogue about the past. Some self-talk is positive and upbeat, while other self-talk is harsh, critical or defeatist. Self-talk can focus on other people but, more often than not, it is about ourselves - and is often negative. If you listen carefully, you'll notice that your inner conversation reflects thoughts and emotions. Self-talk isn't random. It exhibits patterns that repeat themselves. And everyone has their own characteristic self-talk that is uniquely theirs. In The Science Of Self-Talk mindfulness expert, Ian Tuhovsky, explains how we can re-write the script when it comes to our internal communication. Through a series of simple exercises for use in daily life, you can understand your own self-talk in order to change the conversation. Learn how you can listen to and understand your internal dialogue in order to change it. Many of us practice negative self-talk by default - how many times have you called yourself an idiot or chastised yourself for not being good enough? Negative self-talk is a harmful habit which can lead to anxiety, depression and helplessness and, yet, this is something that most of us do on a regular basis. For many people, this is learned behaviour whereby caution against boasting leads to self-criticism or self deprecation. For others, this is a natural reflection of the self and one that can slowly corrode self esteem. This unique book covers: ●Constructive self-talk and dysfunctional self-talk - and knowing the difference.●The impact of negative self-talk●Learned helplessness●Positive self-talk - challenge or threat?●The Pareto Principle which says that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.●Creating the right circumstances for motivation●Getting to know yourself●Loving yourself - emotional intelligence●Turning down the volume on your self-talkIn the past, people who engaged in negative self-talk or self-criticism were often labelled 'perfectionists', insinuating that it's actually a positive thing but it's so much more damaging than that. Learning to identify our negative self-talk behaviour is the first step toward freeing us from its grip. With the right tools, we can change our internal dialogue, opening ourselves up to new opportunities, increased self-esteem and confidence. More than just a self-help manual, The Science of Self-Talk is a Positive Psychology Coaching Series which explains the roots of self-talk, or, intrapersonal communication. The book explains that these are the thoughts that we 'hear' with the auditory part of our brain and which add a kind of commentary to our daily life. Self talk is a little like turning on the director's commentary on a movie. You can simply watch the movie or you can add in commentary about what's happening in it - this is, in a nutshell, what most of us do in our daily lives. The Science Of Self Talk can help you to re-write the script of your movie and improve the way that you - and others - see yourself.