Our County, Our Story

Portage County, Wisconsin


Author: Malcolm Leviatt Rosholt

Publisher: N.A


Category: Portage County (Wis.)

Page: 600

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A Primer on Ugaritic

Language, Culture and Literature


Author: William M. Schniedewind,Joel H. Hunt

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139466984

Category: Religion

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A Primer on Ugaritic is an introduction to the language of the ancient city of Ugarit, a city that flourished in the second millennium BCE on the Lebanese coast, placed in the context of the culture, literature, and religion of this ancient Semitic culture. The Ugaritic language and literature was a precursor to Canaanite and serves as one of our most important resources for understanding the Old Testament and the Hebrew language. Special emphasis is placed on contextualization of the Ugaritic language and comparison to ancient Hebrew as well as Akkadian. The book begins with a general introduction to ancient Ugarit, and the introduction to the various genres of Ugaritic literature is placed in the context of this introduction. The language is introduced by genre, beginning with prose and letters, proceeding to administrative, and finally introducing the classic examples of Ugaritic epic. A summary of the grammar, a glossary, and a bibliography round out the volume.

Proud to be Flesh

A Mute Magazine Anthology of Cultural Politics After the Net


Author: Josephine Berry Slater,Pauline Van Mourik Broekman

Publisher: Mute Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1906496285

Category: Art

Page: 572

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Dedicated to an analysis of culture and politics after the net, Mute magazine has, since its inception in 1994, consistently challenged the grandiose claims of the digital revolution. This anthology offers an expansive collection of some of Mute's finest articles and is thematically organised around key contemporary issues: Direct Democracy and its Demons; Net Art to Conceptual Art and Back; I, Cyborg - Reinventing the Human; of Commoners and Criminals; Organising Horizontally; Art and/against Business; Under the Net - City and Camp; Class and Immaterial Labour; The Open Work. The result is both an impressive overview and an invaluable sourcebook of contemporary culture in its widest sense

CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology


Author: Boris Ildusovich Kharisov,Oxana Vasilievna Kharissova,Ubaldo Ortiz-Mendez

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1466580895

Category: Science

Page: 1186

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The CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology sets the standard against which all other references of this nature are measured. As such, it is a major resource for both skilled professionals and novices to nanotechnology. The book examines the design, application, and utilization of devices, techniques, and technologies critical to research at the atomic, molecular, and macromolecular levels ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers. More than three dozen specific topics are examined, including nanomaterials, nanocatalysts, nanoceramics, nanocrystals, carbon nanotubes, drug delivery, nanopolymers, nanoparticles, nanocoatings, and nanomedicine. The material is presented in a concise manner and has been updated to reflect the latest applications and research findings. Entries are organized alphabetically, making information easy to find. While coverage is comprehensive, each topic is presented concisely with a wealth of illustrative material and an accompanying eBook providing full-color figures and images.

Gold Warriors

America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold


Author: Sterling Seagrave,Peggy Seagrave

Publisher: Verso

ISBN: 9781859845424

Category: History

Page: 332

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In 1945, US Intelligence officers in Manila discovered that the Japanese had hidden large quantities of gold bullion and other looted treasure in the Philippines. President Truman decided to recover the gold but to keep its riches secret. These would be combined with treasure recovered inside Japan during the US occupation, and with Nazi loot recovered in Europe, to create a worldwide American political action fund to fight communism. Overseen by General MacArthur, President Truman, and John Foster Dulles, this 'Black Gold' gave Washington virtually limitless, unaccountable funds, providing an asset base to reinforce the treasuries of America's allies, to bribe political and military leaders, and to manipulate elections in foreign countries for more than fifty years. Drawing on a vast range of original documents and thousands of hours of interviews, Gold Warriors exposes one of the great state secrets of the twentieth century.

Lake of the Long Sun


Author: Gene Wolfe

Publisher: Tor Science Fiction

ISBN: 1429966203

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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It is the far future, and the giant spaceship, The Whorl, has travelled for forgotten generation towards its destination. Lit inside by the artificial Long Sun, The Whorl is so huge that you can see whole cities in the sky. And now the gods of The Whorl begin to intervene in human affairs. A god speaks to Patera Silk, a clergyman at work in the schoolyard of his church. Silk must go on a quest to save his church and his people. "Stylistic excellence and topnotch storytelling."--Library Journal At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Devil's Briar


Author: Amy Cross

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781521900321


Page: 600

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When Paula Mitchell follows her husband Bill into the remote Colorado wilderness, she never expects them to stumble upon a deserted ghost town. Devil's Briar has been abandoned for many decades, but it soon becomes clear that the town harbors some dark secrets. What happened to the people of Devil's Briar, and why are both Paula and Bill starting to see and hear strange things as they explore the town? Meanwhile, back in 1925, the people of Devil's Briar welcome a new arrival. Thomas Paternoster is a secretive scientist who immediately becomes a central figure in the community. However, just as it seems that Devil's Briar is poised to achieve greatness, the true extent of Paternoster's plan becomes apparent, setting in chain a series of events that will have terrible repercussions not only for the townsfolk, but also for Paula and Bill almost a century later. Please note: This book contains violence and adult language. Not suitable for children.

Box Boats

How Container Ships Changed the World


Author: Brian J. Cudahy

Publisher: Fordham Univ Press

ISBN: 9780823225682

Category: History

Page: 338

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Fifty years ago-on April 26, 1956-the freighter Ideal X steamed from Berth 26 in Port Newark, New Jersey. Flying the flag of the Pan-Atlantic Steamship Company, she set out for Houston with an unusual cargo: 58 trailer trucks lashed to her top deck.But they weren't trucks-they were steel containers removed from their running gear, waiting to be lifted onto empty truck beds when Ideal X reached Texas. She docked safely, and a revolution was launched-not only in shipping, but in the way the world trades. Today, the more than 200 million containers shipped every year are the lifeblood of the new global economy. They sit stacked on thousands of box boatsthat grow more massive every year. In this fascinating book, transportation expert Brian Cudahy provides a vivid, fast-paced account of the container-ship revolution-from the maiden voyage of the Ideal X to the entrepreneurial vision and technological breakthroughs that make it possible to ship more goods more cheaply than every before.Cudahy tells this complex story easily, starting with Malcom McLean, Pan-Atlantic's owner who first thought about loading his trucks on board. His line grew into the container giant Sea-Land Services, and Cudahy chartsits dramatic evolution into Maersk Sealand, the largest container line in the world. Along the way, he provides a concise, colorful history of world shipping-from freighter types to the fortunes of steamship lines-and explores the spectacular growth of global trade fueled by the mammoth ships and new seaborne lifelines connecting Asia, Europe, and the Americas.Masterful maritime history, Box Boats shows how fleets of these ungainly ships make the modern world possible-with both positive and negative effects. It's also a tale of an historic home port, New York, where old piers lie silent while 40-foot steel boxes of toys and televisions come ashore by the thousands, across the bay in New Jersey.

Handbook of Polymers


Author: George Wypych

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1927885116

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 712

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Handbook of Polymers, Second Edition, presents normalized, up-to-date polymer data in a consistent and easily referenceable layout. This new edition represents an update of the available data, including new values for many commercially available products, verification of existing data, and removal of older data where it is no longer useful. The book includes data on all major polymeric materials used by the plastics industry and all branches of the chemical industry, as well as specialty polymers used in the electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, and space fields. The entire scope of the data is divided into sections to make data comparison and search easy, including synthesis, physical, mechanical, and rheological properties, chemical resistance, toxicity and environmental impact, and more. The data enables engineers and materials scientists to solve practical problems, be that in applications, research and development, or legislation. The most current grades of materials have been selected to provide readers with information that is characteristic of currently available products. Includes practical data on the most widely used polymers for engineers and materials scientists in design, manufacture, and applications research Presents data on polymer synthesis, properties, chemical resistance, processing, and their related environmental impacts Provides a comprehensive update to the data, including new information and the verification of existing datasets

Chronicles of the Armstrongs


Author: James Lewis Armstrong

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781974325887


Page: 640

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In compiling this work the writer has had the advantage of not only visiting the most prominent localities mentioned, but of having lived in them. The main chain of facts in the history is based upon chronicles and records of acknowledged validity, while other sources of information have been fitly used to supplement and illustrate the narrative. I have endeavored to give the sources of information in almost every instance. It would have been impracticable and unnecessary to have given every record found pertaining to the Armstrongs; those presented are the most important ones, and sufficient to act as landmarks to the descent of this remarkable race.

Grand River and Joy


Author: Susan Messer

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472034294

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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"With unsparing candor, Susan Messer thrusts us into a time when racial tensions sundered friends and neighbors and turned families upside down. The confrontations in Grand River and Joy are complex, challenging, bitterly funny, and---painful though it is to acknowledge it---spot-on accurate." ---Rosellen Brown, author of Before and After and Half a Heart "Grand River and Joy is a rare novel of insight and inspiration. It's impossible not to like a book this well-written and meaningful---not to mention as historically significant, humorous, and meditative." ---Laura Kasischke, author of The Life Before Her Eyes and Be Mine Halloween morning 1966, Harry Levine arrives at his wholesale shoe warehouse to find an ethnic slur soaped on the front window. As he scavenges around the sprawling warehouse basement, looking for the supplies he needs to clean the window, he makes more unsettling discoveries: a stash of Black Power literature; marijuana; a new phone line running off his own; and a makeshift living room, arranged by Alvin, the teenaged tenant who lives with his father, Curtis, above the warehouse. Accustomed to sloughing off fears about Detroit's troubled inner-city neighborhood, Harry dismisses the soaped window as a Halloween prank and gradually dismantles “Alvin's lounge” in a silent conversation with the teenaged tenant. Still, these events and discoveries draw him more deeply into the frustrations and fissures permeating his city in the months leading up to the Detroit riots. Grand River and Joy, named after a landmark intersection in Detroit, follows Harry through the intersections of his life and the history of his city. It's a work of fiction set in a world that is anything but fictional, a novel about the intersections between races, classes and religions exploding in the long, hot summers of Detroit in the 1960s. Grand River and Joy is a powerful and moving exploration of one of the most difficult chapters of Michigan history. Susan Messer's fiction and nonfiction have appeared in numerous publications, including Glimmer Train Stories, North American Review, and Colorado Review. She received an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship in prose, an Illinois Arts Council literary award for creative nonfiction, and a prize in the Jewish Cultural Writing Competition of the Dora Teitelboim Center for Yiddish Culture. Cover photograph copyright © Bill Rauhauser and Rauhauser Photographic Trust

Richard Artschwager

texts and interviews


Author: Richard Artschwager,Dieter Schwarz

Publisher: Richter Verlag


Category: Art

Page: 142

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Edited by Dieter Schwarz.

A History of the County of Staffordshire

Audley, Keele, and Trentham


Author: Nigel J. Tringham

Publisher: Victoria County History

ISBN: 9781904356417

Category: History

Page: 320

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Comprehensive and authoritative history of north-west Staffordshire, including Keele, Trentham and Audley.

The Mermaid's Revenge


Author: Amy Cross

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781976757778


Page: 346

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Terrified of the world, Sylvia lives with her mother in a luxury penthouse apartment. For Sylvia, everything is a cause for fear and panic. Isolated and friendless, she has no interest in the outside world at all. And then, one day, her mother unveils her latest purchase. A mermaid. A real, live mermaid, captured and placed in a water tank. For Sylvia, the mermaid is both terrifying and fascinating. Repulsive and beautiful. Soon, however, Sylvia discovers that the mermaid hasn't just been brought to London so it can be put on display. And as the mermaid makes plans to escape its terrible fate, Sylvia is thrown into a horrific battle for survival. The Mermaid's Revenge is the story of a scared little girl who comes face to face with the true horrors of the natural world.



Author: Amy Cross

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781499744736

Category: Fiction

Page: 440

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With her career on the line following a botched murder investigation, Detective Laura Foster is assigned to investigate the deaths of several homeless people who were living on the streets of London. A murderer is on the loose, killing people seemingly at random. Just when she thinks she might never break the case, however, Laura meets an enigmatic young homeless girl who might just have some of the answers in her notebook.