The Practice of the Presence of God and The Spiritual Maxims


Author: Brother Lawrence

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486112535

Category: Religion

Page: 80

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This simply written little book about prayer and Christian life combines two classics in one — each a primer of practical Christian devotion that beautifully conveys the thoughts of a 17th-century Carmelite monk.

The Practice of the Presence of God


Author: Brother Lawrence

Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers

ISBN: 1598566733

Category: Religion

Page: 132

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An affordable combination of the paperback edition of Pilgrim's Progress and MP3 Audio on 1 DVD-Rom disc, containing a fresh, new audio version of the complete text by renowned narrator Stephen Johnston. Value Price stickered edition.

The Practice of the Presence of God


Author: Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection OCD

Publisher: ICS Publications

ISBN: 0935216219

Category: Religion

Page: 250

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The only English translation of the French critical edition, this volume includes a general introduction, bibliography, and testimonies about Brother Lawrence by those who knew him. With 5 photos and illustrations. More Information The third centenary of the death of Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection inspired the Belgian Discalced Carmelite Conrad De Meester to present this new critical edition of Brother Lawrence's classic on the Practice of the Presence of God, including all of his letters, maxims, and conversations. This book also contains a detailed general introduction to the life and works of Brother Lawrence, as well as the testimonies of his biographer.

Practicing the Presence of God

Learn to Live Moment-by-Moment


Author: Tony Jones,Brother Lawrence

Publisher: Paraclete Press

ISBN: 1557257698

Category: Religion

Page: 140

View: 3472

This edition of a timeless classic--enhanced by Emergent leader Tony Jones--will appeal to college students, readers new to Christian classics, and anyone else who desires to learn how to make spirituality a moment-by-moment way of life. Brother Lawrence's Practice of the Presence of God has stood the test of time because it chronicles the life of a very ordinary person who became an extraordinary Christian. Through a life of humility and service, Brother Lawrence achieved something that many Christians aspire to: he was so concentrated on God that God became a part of his every breath. Whether deep in prayer or peeling potatos in the kitchen, he knew God's presence. This readable translation, replete with enlightening background notes, will appeal to today's reader in ways that no other edition has been able to do.

The Brother Lawrence Collection


Author: Brother Lawrence

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1625586434

Category: Religion

Page: 83

View: 1400

Included in this collection are two different translations of The Practice and Presence of God, The Spiritual Maxims of Brother Lawrence, and a short Biography of Brother Lawrence. The Practice and Presence of God is one of the most beautiful and touching stories of Christian devotion ever written. Brother Lawrence was a Carmelite Brother known for his profound peace and deep relationship with God; many came to seek spiritual guidance from him. The wisdom that he passed on to them, in conversations and in letters, would later become the basis for the book. These two translations will help the reader find a more complete understanding of this wonderful and enduring story. The Spiritual Maxims of Brother Lawrence are beautifully spiritual teachings that can help anyone have a closer relationship with God. And the short biography that closes out the books offer a fascinating glimpse into the life of Brother Lawrence.

Practicing His Presence


Author: Brother Lawrence,Frank C. Laubach

Publisher: Christian Books Publishing House

ISBN: 9780940232013

Category: Religion

Page: 110

View: 5709

If you wish to know your Lord in a deeper way, your are invited to join the numerous Christians who, over three centuries, have turned to this book in order to begin that journey to the depths of Christ.

Regaining Your Spiritual Poise

How Christians Can Regain Balance and Meaning in Their Lives through the Practice of Retreat and Christian Spirituality


Author: Rob Wingerter

Publisher: WestBowPress

ISBN: 1490820787

Category: Religion

Page: 214

View: 6412

Despite the best of intentions, many Christians fail to lead the type of committed spiritual life that they desire. The pace of life and cultural pressures drive them to be over-committed. They lack space and time in their lives to regain their spiritual poise. This book reviews the historical practice of personal spiritual retreat and demonstrates that it has as much applicability to the modern Christian as it has had to countless others over the centuries. Not only is there historical precedent, but biblical as well. Besides presenting the theological arguments for experiencing retreat, the book also gives practical insights into the timing, location, and activities in which to engage while on a personal spiritual retreat. There is also a discussion on how to keep the spirit of retreat alive throughout the year so that ultimately the retreat benefits not only the individual Christian but also the world in which they live.

God Drops In

Enjoying the Presence of God


Author: Dale L. Bates

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1480811882

Category: Religion

Page: 122

View: 4637

God Drops In: Enjoying the Presence of God gathers together a collection of poems that serves as a guide for individuals seeking to come to know God more intimately. Dale L. Bates, resting upon the experiences and insights gained over a life that spans almost eighty years, including fifty-five years of marriage, offers the lessons he has learned through his varied vocations and his pursuit of spiritual learning. A prologue sketches out the character of the poet’s search. In particular, its discussion of the writings of Brother Lawrence on the presence of God provides background and context for the collection’s poetry. The collection then speaks to a variety of topics, including love, fear, forgiveness, respect, aging, death, hope, and God. One poem, typifying the collection’s mix of everyday details and spiritual insight, observes, “Hope stands in the middle of chaos and directs / the traffic toward peace and order.” If you find your life calling you to seek out the times and places where God may touch you, then God Drops In, with its unpretentious approach to seeking the presence of God in Christ amid the details of daily life, will serve as your guide.

How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude on the Night Shift


Author: Teresa Flowers,Jeanne DeFazio

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1498207766

Category: Religion

Page: 36

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This simple, accessible little devotional should be taken like a medicine in daily dosages: repeat as necessary until your spirit is heartened. I was moved in my spirit and heartened in my commitment to act by contemplating these lives and these prayers. I trust you will be, too. Expect to be sobered, nourished, uplifted, and spurred to responsive action. In short, expect to be blessed and edified. --Dr. William David Spencer

The Problems of Philosophy


Author: Bertrand Russell

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 048612116X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 128

View: 709

Accessible, thought-provoking study by Nobel Prize-winner considers distinction between appearance and reality, existence and nature of matter, idealism, inductive logic, intuitive knowledge, many other stimulating subjects.

Spiritual Maxims of Brother Lawrence


Author: Brother Lawrence

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1625588933

Category: Religion

Page: 11

View: 6177

Here is a small book with the Maxims of Brother Lawrence. The book is set up so that you can absorb these maxims with short, easy readings each day over the course of one month, allowing you ample time to reflect and meditate upon each maxim.

Libro della divina dottrina Dialogo della divina provvidenza


Author: Catherine of Siena,of Siena Catherine (Saint)

Publisher: Tredition Classics

ISBN: 9783849124595


Page: 564

View: 2466

Quest'opera (edizione rilegata) fa parte della collana di libri TREDITION CLASSICS. La casa editrice tredition di Amburgo pubblica nell'ambito della collana TREDITION CLASSICS opere datate piu di 2000 anni. Queste opere erano in gran parte esaurite o reperibili solo come pezzi d'antiquariato. La serie di libri contribuise a preservare la letteratura e a promuovere la cultura. Essa aiuta inoltre ad evitare che migliaia di opere cadano nel dimenticatoio. L'obiettivo della serie e di ripubblicare migliaia di classici della letteratura mondiale in diverse lingue... in tutto il mondo!

The Kitchen Saint and the Heritage of Islam

Incorporating the Practice of the Presence of God


Author: Brother Lawrence

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1556350031

Category: Religion

Page: 84

View: 4827

Translation of: Pratique de la presence de Dieu.

Practicing God's Presence

Brother Lawrence for Today's Reader


Author: Robert Elmer

Publisher: Tyndale House

ISBN: 1615214771

Category: Religion

Page: 112

View: 4508

For centuries, the sayings of Brother Lawrence, a seventeenth-century monk, have shown believers how to follow and live like Christ. Now a new generation can discover the joy of practicing the presence of God with this updated version.


A Study in the Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness


Author: Evelyn Underhill

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486123707

Category: Philosophy

Page: 544

View: 4106

DIVClassic introduction to mysticism and mystical consciousness: awakening of the self, purification, voices and visions, ecstasy and rapture, dark night of the soul, much more. /div

A Year of Biblical Womanhood

How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband "master"


Author: Rachel Held Evans

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

ISBN: 1595553673

Category: Religion

Page: 321

View: 9378

A strong Christian woman embarks on a radical life experiment-a year of biblical womanhood. Strong and committed in her faith-but frustrated by the inconsistencies she saw in her evangelical culture's view of women-Rachel Held Evans became an independent woman. But, intrigued by the traditionalist resurgence that led many of her friends to abandon their careers to assume traditional gender roles in the home, Evans had a crazy idea:What if I took "biblical womanhood" literally for a full year? In the next twelve months Rachel: Wore a scarf over her head to pray Called her husband "master" and stood on the roadside with a sign that said "Dan is Awesome" Adopted a computerized baby Perched on the roof for an afternoon of penance for gossiping Camped out in her front yard during her period Visited an Amish schoolhouse, a pig farm in Bolivia, and a Benedictine monastery Took up baking and knitting Interviewed a polygamist, a Quiverfull daughter, and a courtship couple With just the right mixture of humor and insight, Evans takes readers along with her on a lively adventure. In the process she discovers that the journey itself leads her right to the heart of God.

Are You Ready to Succeed?

Unconventional Strategies to Achieving Personal Mastery in Business and Life


Author: Srikumar S. Rao

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1401383661

Category: Self-Help

Page: 272

View: 6833

The premise is simple: A person's ideal life, especially their career, can be carefully conceived and crafted. Based on Dr. Rao's popular course "Creativity and Personal Mastery" at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business, this book offers a series of readings, exercises, and lessons drawn from both spiritual and commercial situations that enable you to reconstruct and improve your professional world. This transformation will turn your life around and help you become exponentially more effective in your chosen career, and thereby flourish in all aspects of your life. Whether you are questioning the value of money or the core values of your life, this book is a powerful tool that will help you to "discover the purpose that can suffuse your life and bring stars to your eyes."