The Powerscore GMAT Reading Comprehension Bible


Author: David M. Killoran,Steven G. Stein

Publisher: Powerscore Pub.

ISBN: 9780984658381

Category: Graduate Management Admission Test

Page: 306

View: 9522

The PowerScore GMAT Reading Comprehension Bible is the definitive guide to the Reading Comprehension portion of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), featuring passages, questions, and concept drills, complete with explanation and analysis. This book will provide you with a powerful and comprehensive system for breaking down any passage and attacking any Reading Comprehension question that you may encounter on the GMAT. The concepts presented in this publication are representative of the techniques and approaches that have been tested in PowerScore's live GMAT preparation courses and have consistently been proven effective for countless students. In order to develop a strong foundation in Reading Comprehension, this book contains substantial discussions of how to deconstruct reading passages, how to identify and attack the various question types that commonly accompany GMAT passages, and how to successfully avoid traps set by the test makers.

Graduate Management Admission Test Critical Reasoning Bible


Author: David M. Killoran

Publisher: Powerscore Pub

ISBN: 9780972129633

Category: Study Aids

Page: 304

View: 2739

The PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible is a comprehensive how-to manual that teaches you how to solve every type of GMAT Critical Reasoning question. Featuring dozens of questions with detailed explanations, the Bible is the ultimate resource for improving your GMAT Critical Reasoning performance.

LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible


Author: David M. Killoran,Steven G. Stein,Nicolay I. Siclunov

Publisher: Powerscore LSAT Bible

ISBN: 9780984658350

Category: Study Aids

Page: 254

View: 7521

The PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible WorkbookTM is the ideal companion to the renowned PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible and is designed specifically to allow you to practice the application of our methods and techniques. This book contains eight complete reading comprehension passages, reproduced in their entirety from actual past LSATs, ten individual passages, and multiple drills that focus on reinforcing the skills you need to effectively attack the Reading Comprehension section. The answer key provides an extensive breakdown and analysis of each passage, and each question and answer choice is explained. While The PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible provides the conceptual basis for understanding and applying general strategies, The LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible Workbook is specifically designed to test and reinforce these techniques and strategies. This is not a how-to manual, but rather a traditional workbook filled with drills designed to reinforce and improve upon the specific techniques and approaches that will enable you to master the reading comprehension section of the LSAT. No Reading Comprehension question or drill in this book was used in the LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible.

GMAT Verbal Bible

A Comprehensive System for Attacking GMAT Verbal Questions


Author: David M. Killoran,Steven G. Stein,Victoria Wood

Publisher: Powerscore Pub

ISBN: 9780980178265

Category: Study Aids

Page: 462

View: 4174

The PowerScore GMAT Verbal Bible is a comprehensive guide to the entire verbal section of the GMAT. In addition to in-depth discussion of the verbal concepts tested on every GMAT, the book provides hundreds of practice questions, with problem sets, conceptual drills, and extensive analysis of test questions and answer choices. With expansive sections on Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Correction, the GMAT Verbal Bible provides effective approaches to every question type in the GMAT verbal section.

Uncanny Avengers 3 - Ultrons Rckkehr


Author: Gerry Duggan

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

ISBN: 3736728921

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 100

View: 4182

Das geniale, tot geglaubte Avengers-Gründungsmitglied Hank Pym ist mit seiner boshaften Schöpfung Ultron verschmolzen. Als er aus dem Weltall auf die Erde zurückkehrt, begegnet ihm die Unity Squad um Deadpool mit großer Skepsis. Hanks Ex-Frau Janet soll klären, ob man diesem neuen Ultron trauen kann...




Author: Paula Daly

Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

ISBN: 3641215404

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 9126

Seit eine Auseinandersetzung mit ihrer Stiefmutter Karen eskalierte, gilt die sechzehnjährige Verity als emotional instabil. Karen ignoriert sie seit dem Vorfall und legt all ihre Aufmerksamkeit auf ihre jüngere Tochter Brontë. Deren Tage sind vollgepackt mit Klavierunterricht und Nachhilfe – was immer es braucht, um sie zu neuen Höchstleistungen zu treiben. Denn Karen lässt nichts außer Perfektion gelten. Eines Tages entschließt Verity impulsiv, ihrer kleinen Schwester eine Auszeit zu gönnen, und geht mit ihr auf den Spielplatz. Doch der Ausflug wird zum Alptraum, als in einem kurzen unbeobachteten Moment Brontë spurlos verschwindet ...

The Powerscore LSAT Deconstructed Series Volume 66: The June 2012 LSAT


Author: David M. Killoran,Steven G. Stein,Nicolay I. Siclunov

Publisher: Powerscore Pub

ISBN: 9780988758605

Category: Education

Page: 201

View: 497

The PowerScore LSAT Deconstructed Series Volume 66: The June 2012 LSAT is a comprehensive, question-by-question analysis of every question and answer choice in the official June 2012 Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Studying the logic behind each question will enable you to recognize patterns present within the LSAT, and significantly increase your ability to perform well on the LSAT.

The LSAT Deconstructed Series, Volume 44

The October 2004 LSAT


Author: David M. Killoran,Steven G. Stein

Publisher: Powerscore Pub.

ISBN: 9780972129688


Page: 183

View: 1307

This book includes the October 2004 LSAT, practice score sheets, and complete explanations for each question, including the optimum logic games setups. General LSAT tips are also included.