The Nature of Vermont

Introduction and Guide to a New England Environment


Author: Charles W. Johnson

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 1611681316

Category: Nature

Page: 372

View: 4257

An up-to-date overview of Vermont's geological, natural, and land use histories, in the context of past, present, and future human interactions with the landscape

Natural history of Vermont

An address delivered at Boston, before the Boston society of natural history, June, 1850


Author: Zadock Thompson

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 32

View: 1986

Wetland, Woodland, Wildland

A Guide to the Natural Communities of Vermont


Author: Elizabeth H. Thompson,Eric R. Sorenson

Publisher: Middlebury College Press


Category: Nature

Page: 456

View: 5866

The first field guide to all of Vermont's natural communities

Dazzle Gradually

Reflections on the Nature of Nature


Author: Lynn Margulis,Dorion Sagan

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 1603581367

Category: Science

Page: 259

View: 8540

At the crossroads of philosophy and science, the sometimes-dry topics of evolution and ecology come alive in this new collection of essays--many never before anthologized. Learn how technology may be a sort of second nature, how the systemic human fungus Candida albicans can lead to cravings for carrot cake and beer, how the presence of life may be why there's water on Earth, and many other fascinating facts. The essay "Metametazoa" presents perspectives on biology in a philosophical context, demonstrating how the intellectual librarian, pornographer, and political agitator Georges Bataille was influenced by Russian mineralogist Vladimir Vernadsky and how this led to his notion of the absence of meaning in the face of the sun--which later influenced Jacques Derrida, thereby establishing a causal chain of influence from the hard sciences to topics as abstract as deconstruction and post-modernism. In "Spirochetes Awake" the bizarre connection between syphilis and genius in the life of Friedrich Nietzsche is traced. The astonishing similarities of the Acquired-Immune-Deficiency-Syndrome symptoms with those of chronic spirochete infection, it is argued, contrast sharply with the lack of evidence that "HIV is the cause of AIDS". Throughout these readings we are dazzled by the intimacy and necessity of relationships between us and our other planetmates. In our ignorance as "civilized" people we dismiss, disdain, and deny our kinship with the only productive life forms that sustain this living planet.


The Nature, the History, and the Uses of an Astonishing Substance


Author: Mariana Gosnell

Publisher: Knopf

ISBN: 0307791467

Category: Nature

Page: 576

View: 3484

Like the adventurer who circled an iceberg to see it on all sides, Mariana Gosnell, former Newsweek reporter and author of Zero Three Bravo, a book about flying a small plane around the United States, explores ice in all its complexity, grandeur, and significance.More brittle than glass, at times stronger than steel, at other times flowing like molasses, ice covers 10 percent of the earth’s land and 7 percent of its oceans. In nature it is found in myriad forms, from the delicate needle ice that crunches underfoot in a winter meadow to the massive, centuries-old ice that forms the world’s glaciers. Scientists theorize that icy comets delivered to Earth the molecules needed to get life started, and ice ages have shaped much of the land as we know it.Here is the whole world of ice, from the freezing of Pleasant Lake in New Hampshire to the breakup of a Vermont river at the onset of spring, from the frozen Antarctic landscape that emperor penguins inhabit to the cold, watery route bowhead whales take between Arctic ice floes. Mariana Gosnell writes about frostbite and about the recently discovered 5,000-year-old body of a man preserved in an Alpine glacier. She discusses the work of scientists who extract cylinders of Greenland ice to study the history of the earth’s climate and try to predict its future. She examines ice in plants, icebergs, icicles, and hail; sea ice and permafrost; ice on Mars and in the rings of Saturn; and several new forms of ice developed in labs. She writes of the many uses humans make of ice, including ice-skating, ice fishing, iceboating, and ice climbing; building ice roads and seeding clouds; making ice castles, ice cubes, and iced desserts. Ice is a sparkling illumination of the natural phenomenon whose ebbs and flows over time have helped form the world we live in. It is a pleasure to read, and important to read—for its natural science and revelations about ice’s influence on our everyday lives, and for what it has to tell us about our environment today and in the future. From the Hardcover edition.

Reading the Forested Landscape

A Natural History of New England


Author: Tom Wessels

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780881504200

Category: Nature

Page: 199

View: 7597

Chronicles the forest in New England from the Ice Age to current challenges

The Nature of Gold

An Environmental History of the Klondike Gold Rush


Author: Kathryn Taylor Morse

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 0295983302

Category: History

Page: 290

View: 8557

In this first environmental history of the gold rush, Kathryn Morse describes how the miners got to the Klondike, the mining technologies they employed, and the complex networks by which they obtained food, clothing, and tools. She looks at the political and economic debates surrounding the valuation of gold and the emerging industrial economy that exploited its extraction in Alaska, and explores the ways in which a web of connections among America's transportation, supply, and marketing industries linked miners to other industrial and agricultural laborers across the country. The profound economic and cultural transformations that supported the Alaska-Yukon gold rush ultimately reverberate to modern times.

Nature Guide to the Northern Forest

Exploring the Ecology of the Forests of New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine


Author: Peter J. Marchand

Publisher: Appalachian Mountain Club

ISBN: 9781934028421

Category: Nature

Page: 173

View: 3910

"Part field guide, part natural history narrative, this full-color guide from the Appalachian Mountain Club will help you identify and understand the complex influences that shape the flora and fauna of northern New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine."-back cover.

Vermont Wildlife Viewing Guide


Author: Cindy Kilgore Brown

Publisher: Falcon Guides

ISBN: 9781560442912

Category: Nature

Page: 63

View: 5852

Where-to guide to 50 viewing sites of the best locations to watch wildlife including mammals and birds in their natural environment. Offical field guide of the Watchable Wildlife Series.

The Beauty of Vermont


Author: Tom Slayton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780936896595

Category: Photography

Page: 96

View: 9964

Vermont is one of the most cherished and beautiful places on earth, and no publication captures its character as does award-winning Vermont Life Magazine. This stunning book brings together the best, the most colorful, and the most beautiful photographs that have graced the magazine over the past decade. The display is by season, from the rebirth of spring through the glories of summer, the colors of autumn, and the crystalline beauty of winter. Essays and introduction by Vermont Life Editor Tom Slayton offer a season-by-season appreciation of Vermont's landscape based on his commentaries for Vermont Public Radio.

Radio Free Vermont

A Fable of Resistance


Author: Bill McKibben

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0735219877

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 3721

“I hope no one secedes, but I also hope that Americans figure out creative ways to resist injustice and create communities where everybody counts. We've got a long history of resistance in Vermont and this book is testimony to that fact.” –Bernie Sanders A book that's also the beginning of a movement, Bill McKibben's debut novel Radio Free Vermont follows a band of Vermont patriots who decide that their state might be better off as its own republic. As the host of Radio Free Vermont--"underground, underpowered, and underfoot"--seventy-two-year-old Vern Barclay is currently broadcasting from an "undisclosed and double-secret location." With the help of a young computer prodigy named Perry Alterson, Vern uses his radio show to advocate for a simple yet radical idea: an independent Vermont, one where the state secedes from the United States and operates under a free local economy. But for now, he and his radio show must remain untraceable, because in addition to being a lifelong Vermonter and concerned citizen, Vern Barclay is also a fugitive from the law. In Radio Free Vermont, Bill McKibben entertains and expands upon an idea that's become more popular than ever--seceding from the United States. Along with Vern and Perry, McKibben imagines an eccentric group of activists who carry out their own version of guerilla warfare, which includes dismissing local middle school children early in honor of 'Ethan Allen Day' and hijacking a Coors Light truck and replacing the stock with local brew. Witty, biting, and terrifyingly timely, Radio Free Vermont is Bill McKibben's fictional response to the burgeoning resistance movement.

Folk Medicine


Author: D. C. Jarvis

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 1473385504

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 188

View: 9640

This book takes a deep look into the folk medicine of Vermont. Written by a formally trained doctor who realised the local folk medicine was not only tradition but imperative to the way of life and the health of fellow Vermonters. This little guide provides knowledge and understanding of the nature and long successful uses of fold medicine and will be invaluable to anyone interested in daily increased vitality from childhood through maturity to satisfyingly active old age.

Bogs of the Northeast


Author: Charles W. Johnson

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 1611681677

Category: Nature

Page: 289

View: 367

The first popular book to deal with bogs in a comprehensive yet authoritative manner

AMC's Best Day Hikes in Vermont

Four-Season Guide to 60 of the Best Trails in the Green Mountain State


Author: Jen Lamphere Roberts

Publisher: AMC's Best Day Hikes

ISBN: 9781628420784

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 304

View: 1706

With hundreds of miles of hiking trails stretching from the shores of Lake Champlain to the peaks of the spectacular Green Mountains to the southern woodlands, the picturesque state of Vermont is made for hikers. Expertly curated and field-tested, this guide features 60 of the best day hikes the state has to offer, for all skill levels. Whether you're looking to explore high summits such as Camel's Hump or Mount Mansfield, hike sections of the Long Trail or the Appalachian Trail, or set off on a day trip through fertile valleys, rivers, and ponds, this must-have resource is a must-have in your pack. A comprehensive revision of the previous edition, this title also includes new hikes, such as Bald Mountain, Bromley Mountain, Haystack Mountain, Branch and Bourn ponds, Barr Hill, Belvidere Mountain, and Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge. All descriptions of previously featured trails have been updated to reflect the most recent expansions and reroutings, highlighting the best hikes statewide.

Natural Wonders of Vermont

A Guide to Parks, Preserves and Wild Places


Author: Barbara Radcliffe Rogers,Stillman Rogers

Publisher: Country Roads Press

ISBN: 9780658007163

Category: Travel

Page: 144

View: 6085

Outdoor enthusiasts and families will find abundant opportunities to learn about nature in these guides to wild things and wild places. Each title highlights more than 50 unspoiled state and national parks, forests, and reserves. They include all the information needed to enjoy these national treasures.

Naturally Curious

A Photographic Field Guide and Month-By-Month Journey Through the Fields, Woods, and Marshes of New England


Author: Mary Holland

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books

ISBN: 1570769117

Category: Nature

Page: N.A

View: 4255

2011 National Outdoor Book Award for Nature Guidebook Are you ready for a black fly bite to get graphic, for a barred owl's call to take on new meaning, and for the life cycle of the eastern newt to suddenly seem complex, beautiful, and intricately bound to the subtle patterns of mysterious underwater landscapes and damp forest floors? Naturalist Mary Holland's new book Naturally Curious promises a walk in the woods will never be the same. Holland leads you through the New England seasons out-of-doors—through the sun, rain, and snow; along roadsides and wetlands; above underground burrows and under treetop nesting sites. With just a turn of the page you'll suddenly know more about the creatures that frequent your backyard or the pond you visit every summer than you ever thought possible. Naturally Curious perfectly melds practical field guide with informal nature literature, providing you the remarkable opportunity to sit back, relax, and learn something fascinating about the natural world around you.