The Mixture as Before

A contemporary family saga


Author: Rosie Harris

Publisher: Severn House Publishers Ltd

ISBN: 1780106920

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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An emotionally compelling family saga about second chances and regaining one’s spirit. Newly widowed after a forty-year marriage, Margaret Wright is finding it hard to adjust to independence, having been stifled for so long by her overbearing, controlling husband. Is she up to the challenge? Margaret’s decision to make a fresh start by redecorating her home has unexpected consequences when talented interior designer Jason Parker enters her life. Her growing closeness to a man twenty years younger than herself causes increasing tension among her family and friends. But having only just attained her longed-for freedom, is Margaret falling into another trap? If she rushes headlong into a new relationship, is she in danger of making the same mistakes all over again?

Polen und die deutsche Ostpolitik 1945-1990


Author: Katarzyna Stokłosa

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 352530000X

Category: History

Page: 606

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English summary: This study uses the insights drawn from newly-discovered archival material from Moscow, Warsaw, Berlin, London and Washington D.C. to reconstruct the contemporary perceptions of West German Ostpolitik in Poland, the GDR, the Soviet Union, Great Britain and the USA. German text. German description: Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg, der Westverschiebung Polens und den Vertreibungen der Deutschen aus diesen Gebieten, schien das Verhaltnis zwischen Polen und Deutschland als bleibend feindselig definiert. Entsprechend schwierig gestalteten sich die Beziehungen zwischen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und der Volksrepublik Polen. Erst mit Willy Brandts Neuer Ostpolitik seit 1969, die auf Aussohnung mit den Volkern Ostmitteleuropas abzielte, anderten sich die Verhaltnisse grundlegend. Etwas besser entwickelten sich zunachst die Beziehungen zwischen der DDR und Polen. Der Gorlitzer Vertrag von 1950, in dem sie dem Nachbarn die Unverletzlichkeit der Oder-Neisse-Grenze zusicherte, schuf eine stabile Basis fur annehmbare bilaterale Kontakte. Mit Hilfe neuer Archivfunde aus Moskau, Warschau, Berlin, London und Washington D.C. zeichnet Katarzyna Stokfosa ein neues Bild der deutschen Ostpolitik.

The Complete Book on Organic Farming and Production of Organic Compost


Author: NPCS Board of Consultants & Engineers


ISBN: 8178331152


Page: 448

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India is an agro based country. It ranks 2nd in agricultural products manufacturing in the world. So organic farming plays an important role in agro field. India has many natural resources of various organic compounds and so it is an excellent opportunity to produce sufficient quantity of organic foods to meet the global demand. There is a bright future for organic farming to export its quality product. Organic farming is a form of agriculture that excludes the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, plant growth regulators, livestock feed additives, and genetically modified organisms. This type of farming is not new to Indian farming community. Several forms of organic farming are being successfully practiced in diverse climate, particularly in rain fed, tribal, mountains and hill areas of the country. The popularity of organic farming is gradually increasing and now organic agriculture is practiced in almost all countries of the world, and its share of agricultural land and farms is growing. The present book contains the organic farming management, production and uses of various organic compounds, which are well known and also for agriculture for their worldwide use. Compost serves as a growing medium, or a porous, absorbent material that holds moisture and soluble minerals, providing the support and nutrients in which most plants will flourish. Use of organic manure is extremely essential for better crop productivity and maintaining the fertility of soil to ensure sustainable production. This book basically deals with Indian agriculture before the green revolution, characteristics of sustainable agriculture, essential characteristics of organic farming, objectives of organic and conventional farming, livestock and human wastes, organic farming in rice, important regulations for organic farming, production of organic compost, effect of organic fertilizers in pongamia pinnata, significance of azospirillum and pseudomontas on growth of elucine crocana, chemical composition of banana, effect of azospirillum and phosphate solubilizing culture on quality of sugarcane, industrial wastes as sources of plant nutrients, role of organic fertilizer in upland crop production etc. The book provides you with comprehensive information on organic farming and related methods of farming. The book aims to provide you with many other profitable information about the method of obtaining sustainable agricultural and organic farming.

Dictionarium Polygraphicum

Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested ... Adorned with Proper Sculptures, Curiously Engraven on More Than Fifty Copper Plates ...


Author: John Barrow

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: N.A

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Spectrochemical Analysis Using Infrared Multichannel Detectors


Author: Rohit Bhargava,Ira W. Levin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470994126

Category: Science

Page: 328

View: 6143

This book provides a state-of-the-art review of a major recent technology which has now reached a level of maturity. The editors have pioneered the development and application of these techniques and technologies, and the chapter authors are leading practitioners in their subject areas. The volume encompasses methods and instrumentation across a range of applications. It is directed at researchers and professionals in vibrational spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, materials science, biomedicine, food science and combinatorial chemistry.

The Gastronomic Regenerator

a Simplified and Entirely New System of Cookery, with nearly Two Thousand Practical Receipts suited to the income of all Classes


Author: Alexis Soyer




Page: 336

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At the request of several persons of distinction, who have visited the Reform Club,—particularly the ladies, to whom I have always made it a rule never to refuse anything in my power, for indeed it must have been the fair sex who have had the majority in this domestic argument to gain this gastronomical election,—Why do you not write and publish a Cookery-book? was a question continually put to me. For a considerable time this scientific word caused a thrill of horror to pervade my frame, and brought back to my mind that one day, being in a most superb library in the midst of a splendid baronial hall, by chance I met with one of Milton’s allegorical works, the profound ideas of Locke, and several chefs-d’œuvre of one of the noblest champions of literature, Shakspeare; when all at once my attention was attracted by the nineteenth edition of a voluminous work: such an immense success of publication caused me to say, “Oh! you celebrated man, posterity counts every hour of fame upon your regretted ashes!” Opening this work with intense curiosity, to my great disappointment what did I see,—a receipt for Ox-tail Soup! The terrifying effect produced upon me by this succulent volume made me determine that my few ideas, whether culinary or domestic, should never encumber a sanctuary which should be entirely devoted to works worthy of a place in the Temple of the Muses. But you must acknowledge, respected readers, how changeable and uncertain are our feeble ideas through life; to keep the promise above mentioned, I have been drawn into a thousand gastronomic reflections, which have involved me in the necessity of deviating entirely from my former opinion, and have induced me to bring before the public the present volume, under the title of ‘The Gastronomic Regenerator,’ throughout which I have closely followed the plain rules of simplicity, so that every receipt can not only clearly be understood, but easily executed. I now sincerely hope, Ladies, that I have not only kept my promise, but to your satisfaction paid tribute to your wishes. You have not forgotten, dear reader, the effect that monstrous volume, the said nineteenth edition, produced upon me, therefore I now sincerely beg of you to put my book in a place suited to its little merit, and not with Milton’s sublime Paradise, for there it certainly would be doubly lost.

The Intuitive Sources of Probabilistic Thinking in Children


Author: H. Fischbein

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401018588

Category: Psychology

Page: 210

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About a year ago I promised my friend Fischbein a preface to his book of which I knew the French manuscript. Now with the printer's proofs under my eyes I like the book even better than I did then, because of, and influenced by, new experiences in the meantime, and fresh thoughts that crossed my mind. Have I been influenced by what I remembered from the manuscript? If so, it must have happened unconsciously. But of course, what struck me in this work a year ago, struck a responsive chord in my own mind. In the past, mathematics teaching theory has strongly been influenced by a view on mathematics as a heap of concepts, and on learning mathematics as concepts attainment. Mathematics teaching practice has been jeopardised by this theoretical approach, which in its most dangerous form expresses itself as a radical atomism. To concepts attainment Fischbein opposes acquisition of intuitions. In my own publications I avoided the word "intuition" because of the variety of its meanings across languages. For some time I have used the term "constitution of mathematical objects", which I think means the same as Fischbein's "acquisition of intuitions" - indeed as I view it, constituting a mental object precedes its conceptualising, and under this viewpoint I tried to observe mathematical activities of young children.

A New and Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences

Including the Latest Improvement and Discovery and the Present States of Every Branch of Human Knowledge


Author: George Gregory

Publisher: N.A


Category: Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Page: N.A

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Elements of Chemistry

--designed for the Use of Schools and Academies


Author: John Lee Comstock

Publisher: N.A


Category: Chemistry

Page: 356

View: 1334

ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA; Or, A DICTIONARY of Arts and Sciences, Compiled Upon a New Plan. In Wich the Different Science and Arts are Digested Into Distinct Treatises Or Systems; and The Various Technical Terms, ... are Explained as They Occur in the Order of the Alphabet. Illustrated with One Hundred and Sixty Copperplates, by a Society of Gentlemen in Scotland. IN THREE VOLUMES. Edinburgh: Printed for A. Bell and C. Macfarquhar; and Fold by Colin Macfarquhar, at this Printing-office, Nicolson Street. M.D.CC.LXXI.

2: [CAB-LYT].


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A



Page: 1009

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