The Little Book of Fashion Law


Author: Ursula Furi-Perry

Publisher: Amer Bar Assn

ISBN: 9781627221115

Category: Law

Page: 195

View: 2915

Divided into four seasons and discussing more than 30 cases concerning some of the most recognizable names in the business, The Little Book of Fashion Law looks at the many issues of this fascinating legal arena, including Fashion Law and Intellectual Property, Business, Trade, Litigation, Consumer Protection and more! Explore the glamour and grit of the fashion world in this fun look at the stories behind the dresses, sunglasses, perfumes, and handbags.

The Little Book of Coffee Law


Author: Carol Robertson

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781604429855

Category: Law

Page: 272

View: 4888

"The history and the business of coffee are the stories that this book will tell, through the lens of the law--that is, through legal cases involving the production, distribution, marketing, and sale of coffee in the Americas during a brief moment in coffee history--from the early days of the new Republic of the United States to the present"--Introduction, p. xiii.

The Little Book of Basketball Law


Author: Melissa Altman Linsky

Publisher: Amer Bar Assn

ISBN: 9781614389439

Category: Law

Page: 183

View: 4148

Dr. Naismith never could have foreseen the skill, popularity, and financial rise of the game called basketball, that he inadvertently created. And of course, with prominence and money come interesting legal dilemmas. Explore 13 fascinating cases that have arisen at all levels of the game in this fascinating book. It's the perfect addition to any lawyer/sport fan's library!

Fashion Law

A Guide for Designers, Fashion Executives, and Attorneys


Author: Guillermo C. Jimenez

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1609018958

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 416

View: 8514

In todays' highly competitive global market, fashion designers, entrepreneurs and executives need state, federal, and international laws to protect their intellectual property-their brands and the products by which their customers recognize them. Fashion Law provides a concise and practical guide to the full range of legal issues faced by a fashion company as it grows from infancy to international stature. Updated to reflect recent legal decisions and regulatory developments, this revised edition covers such a vital issues as intellectual property protection and litigation, licensing, anti-counterfeiting, start-ups and finance, commercial transactions, retail property leasing, employment regulations, advertising and marketing, celebrity endorsements, international trade. Features of the text help to make legal concepts accessible to the lay reader. More than 25 leading attorneys practicing in the emerging legal specialty of fashion law contributed the chapters for this authoritative text, and their expertise provides a foundation for fashion professionals and their legal advisors to work together effectively. New to this Edition~Expanded section on Intellectual Property protection, including an all new Chapter 6 on Litigation~All new Chapter 10 on Fashion Finance Features~Box Features provide real-life examples that demonstrate the role that law plays in the fashion business, including landmark court cases and current events~Practice Tips discuss legal issues that should be considered as fashion designers and executives establish procedures for conducting their business~Sample Clauses familiarize readers with the legal language that covers the rights and responsibilities of the parties to agreements. Instructor's Guide and PowerPoint presentations available.

The Little Book of Movie Law


Author: Carol Robertson

Publisher: Amer Bar Assn

ISBN: 9781614384700

Category: Law

Page: 447

View: 2904

Grab your popcorn, sit back, relax, and get ready for this captivating look at the legal world of the silver screen. From Edison and the dawn of motion pictures, to the Transformers and the big-business movie industry today, this book has a fascinating selection of the best cases involving the legal side of the movies. There are 30 "reels" in all, each featuring a separate case that made headlines and changed movies forever.

The Little Book of Cowboy Law


Author: Cecil C. Kuhne

Publisher: Amer Bar Assn

ISBN: 9781614385103

Category: Law

Page: 164

View: 9332

This collection is a captivating look at the subset of American jurisprudence that illustrates the unique character of cowboy culture. But even with the freedom and relative lawlessness we associate with them, the cowboy — like the rest of society — was never far from the courthouse, and the book you have before you contains some fascinating legal disputes that have made their way to the bench.

The Little White Book of Baseball Law


Author: John H. Minan,Kevin Cole

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781604421002

Category: Law

Page: 239

View: 9332

The game of baseball has often resulted in brawls, both on the field and in the courtroom, and from the 1890's on, much of what baseball is today has been shaped by the law. In eighteen chapters, this eye-opening book discusses cases that involved rules of the game, new stadium construction, ownership of baseball memorabilia, injured spectators, television contracts, and much more.

The Little Book of Music Law


Author: Amber Nicole Shavers

Publisher: Amer Bar Assn

ISBN: 9781627221474

Category: Law

Page: 349

View: 9738

Enjoyment and creation of music is such a part of being human--and because it has such revenue potential it is an art that is very contentious. This fascinating new addition to the ABA Little Book library discusses the history and cases surrounding the music business from the early 20th century through today, including cases involving some overwhelming talents within the music industry, like: Enrico Caruso Frank Sinatra The Beatles 2 Live Crew and Eminem and many, more! Thrill to the over 350 pages of legal issues and developments that are fascinating, and yet astonishingly varied. This book is perfect for anyone interested in working in the music business, wanting a better understanding of it, or just enjoying an intriguing glimpse of this entertaining look at this most ubiquitous of arts."

Dressing Constitutionally

Hierarchy, Sexuality, and Democracy from our Hairstyles to our Shoes


Author: Ruthann Robson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107244226

Category: Law

Page: 264

View: 1213

This book examines how the intertwining of clothes and the United States Constitution raises fundamental questions of hierarchy, sexuality and democracy. Constitutional considerations both constrain and confirm daily choices. In turn, appearances provide multilayered perspectives on the Constitution and its interpretations. Garments often raise First Amendment issues of expression or religion, but they also prompt questions of equality on the basis of gender, race and sexuality. At work, in court, in schools, in prisons and on the streets, clothes and grooming provoke constitutional controversies. Additionally, the production, trade and consumption of apparel implicates constitutional concerns including colonial sumptuary laws, slavery, wage and hour laws, and current notions of free trade. The regulation of what we wear - or do not - is ubiquitous. From a noted constitutional scholar and commentator, this book examines the rights to expression and equality, as well as the restraints on government power, as they both limit and allow control of our most personal choices of attire and grooming.

The Little Red Book of Wine Law

A Case of Legal Issues


Author: Carol Robertson

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590319888

Category: Cooking

Page: 165

View: 8598

Following on the success of The Little Green Book of Golf Law, this fascinating book takes a look at how the world of wine, vineyards and wine drinking has intersected with the law. Modeled after a case of wine, this book contains 12 chapters each examining a specific topic. The book broadens anyone's appreciation of the wine industry, and will be a welcome addition to any wine enthusiasts or lawyers library.

Space Law


Author: Francis Lyall,Paul B. Larsen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317051971

Category: Law

Page: 598

View: 5727

The opening of space to exploration and use has had profound effects on society. Remote sensing by satellite has improved meteorology, land use and the monitoring of the environment. Satellite television immediately informs us visually of events in formerly remote locations, as well as providing many entertainment channels. World telecommunication facilities have been revolutionised. Global positioning has improved transport. This book examines the varied elements of public law that lie behind and regulate the use of space. It also makes suggestions for the development and improvement of the law, particularly as private enterprise plays an increasing role in space.

Fashion Law and Business

Brands & Retailers


Author: Lois F. Herzeca,Howard S. Hogan

Publisher: Practising Law Inst

ISBN: 9781402420511

Category: Law

Page: 847

View: 5487

FASHION LAW AND BUSINESS unravels the complexity and provides clear guidance on the wide range of legal and business issues faced by fashion industry participants, including designers, suppliers, manufacturers of apparel and accessories, and retailers. Topics include: The considerations involved in starting a company in the fashion industry, including developing a business plan, determining the form and structure of the legal entity, and obtaining financing; How patent, trademark, and copyright law have been applied to the fashion industry and their impact in such areas as gray market goods and counterfeiting. The dynamics of retail sales in the apparel industry, including a discussion of e-commerce and mobile commerce. FASHION LAW AND BUSINESS provides you with an integrated, comprehensive guide to the issues affecting the fashion industry today.

The Little Book of BBQ Law


Author: Cecil C. Kuhne, III,Cecil C. Kuhne (III)

Publisher: Amer Bar Assn

ISBN: 9781614389453

Category: Law

Page: 137

View: 1992

Everyone has their favorite barbecue joint. However you spell it, this delicious fare is clearly an American institution. But barbecue also has a serious legal side, and a significant amount of litigation has sprung forth from these smoky flames. This fascinating book contains stories about stolen secret barbecue sauce recipes, tax issues, and property rights involving some of the most delicious names in the barbecue business.

The Little Green Book of Golf Law

The Real Rules of the Game of Golf


Author: John H. Minan

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590318454

Category: Law

Page: 154

View: 3376

Golfers and lawyers alike will enjoy this insightful look at law and golf. Not concerned about the rules of golf, each chapter of this book examines an actual case where law and golf have come together. Read about a wide array of legal issues, including Tiger Woods' right of publicity, personal injury and product liability cases, contract disputes involving hole-in-one contests, IRS litigation over tax deductions for golf expenses, equipment patent disputes, and much more. It's the perfect book to share with the golfer or lawyer looking for a new perspective on the game!

Fashion Law

Cases and Materials


Author: Guillermo Jimenez,Barbara Kolsun

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781611634891


Page: N.A

View: 4868

This casebook is the first to cover the new and rapidly growing field of Fashion Law. The fashion industry (a $1 trillion-plus global sector) is twice as large as all entertainment sectors added together and generates a high volume of unique and complex legal issues. First among these are intellectual property issues, which are examined and analyzed here in depth. Fashion licensing, anti-counterfeiting, international trade and business operations are also covered. Authors Guillermo C. Jimenez (Fashion Institute of Technology, NYU Stern School of Business) and Barbara Kolsun (General Counsel -- Stuart Weitzman, Cardozo Law School, NYU Law School) were founding pioneers of fashion law, creating the world's first committee on Fashion Law in 2005 and authoring the first American legal handbook on the topic in 2010.

The Laws of Style

Sartorial Excellence for the Professional Gentleman


Author: Douglas Hand

Publisher: Ankerwycke

ISBN: 9781634258968

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 296

View: 6318

"Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly." -- EpictetusWhen it comes to clothing, business norms are changing: "Casual Friday" has given way in many offices to the full-time casual workplace. With so many options you need advice. As presented in this to-the-point, clever, and creative guide by attorney Douglas A. Hand, "The Laws of Style" are just that--clear rules for sartorial presentation through the very practical viewpoint of the office reality of the service professional (lawyer, banker, accountant, consultant), and yet the Laws are so much more.Witty, bright, charming, and informative, The Laws of Style is at the same time a striking visual resource with more than 40 illustrations created by renowned fashion illustrator Rodrigo Saldana. In addition to the author's 54 "laws of style," the book includes short introductions to highlighted designers relevant to each Law. More than just a simple dress-for-success guide, author Hand's erudite, creative, elegant, and whimsical narrative style is a fitting tribute to the laws he has created to assist you in establishing and elevating your own style--both professional as well as personal.

Wine in America

Law and Policy


Author: Richard Mendelson

Publisher: Aspen Law & Business

ISBN: 9780735599741

Category: Law

Page: 468

View: 7092

Richard P. Mendelson deftly explains the federal, state, and local laws that govern wine production, taxation, marketing, distribution, and sales. Wine Law in America: Law and Policy exemplifies and sheds light on Commerce Clause and 21st Amendment issues, as well as matters of public health and social responsibility. Complementing a variety of courses, Wine Law in America: Law and Policy, features: lucid explanations of the federal, state, and local laws governing wine production, taxation, marketing, distribution, and sales discussion of Commerce Clause and 21st Amendment issues case law that addresses interstate trade in wine coverage of intellectual property concerns regarding wine labeling and advertising matters of public health and social responsibility for wine industry members and wine consumers how to establish and operate a wineryincluding grape sourcing, vineyard leases, and licensing and permitting descriptions of key international institutions and agreements that regulate the global wine industry

Loose Balls


Author: Terry Pluto

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439127520

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 464

View: 8453

What do Julius Erving, Larry Brown, Moses Malone, Bob Costas, the Indiana Pacers, the San Antonio Spurs and the Slam Dunk Contest have in common? They all got their professional starts in the American Basketball Association. What do Julius Erving, Larry Brown, Moses Malone, Bob Costas, the Indiana Pacers, the San Antonio Spurs and the Slam Dunk Contest have in common? They all got their professional starts in the American Basketball Association. The NBA may have won the financial battle, but the ABA won the artistic war. With its stress on wide-open individual play, the adoption of the 3-point shot and pressing defense, and the encouragement of flashy moves and flying dunks, today's NBA is still—decades later —just the ABA without the red, white and blue ball. Loose Balls is, after all these years, the definitive and most widely respected history of the ABA. It's a wild ride through some of the wackiest, funniest, strangest times ever to hit pro sports—told entirely through the (often incredible) words of those who played, wrote and connived their way through the league's nine seasons.

The Indigo Book


Author: Christopher Jon Sprigman


ISBN: 1892628023

Category: Citation of legal authorities

Page: 201

View: 9974

This public domain book is an open and compatible implementation of the Uniform System of Citation.

Fundamentals of Space Law and Policy


Author: Fabio Tronchetti

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461478707

Category: Law

Page: 107

View: 2716

Presents and addresses key space law and policy issues for the benefit of wider informed audiences that wish to acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of the space law field. This brief analyzes in a concise manner the combined influence of space law and policy on international space activities. Read in conjunction with the other books in the Springer ‘Space Development’ series, it supports a broader understanding of the business, economics, engineering, legal, and procedural aspects of space activities. This book will also give the casual reader as well as experts in the field insight on present and future space law and policy trends, challenges and opportunities.